AWD #086: Walls Breached
Walls Breached
Summary: Another meal time. Maia apologizes to Diomedes. And a mental wall is breached.
Date: 02/04/2013 (OOC Date)
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Mess Hall - Deck 3
The Crew Mess on the Orion is one of the larger rooms meant for occupation. The room is far longer than it is wide with the classic stainless steel tables that can be seen anywhere else on the ship, standard to all navy ships. Most of the chairs match, their padding on the seats worn down after several years. Towards the rear of the room is the food prep area and serving lines. During the time in between meals the Mess will serve midrats, or 'mid-shift rations', such as sandwiches and drinks. Coffee pots are left to run at all hours to keep people going as needed.
AWD #86

Maia has made her way to the mess hall… you'd think she would learn! At least this time it's nice and quiet, between rushes and stuff. Sitting alone at a table by the wall, in the corner is the Raptor pilot and she's flipping through a book while halfway eating what looks like macaroni and cheese with hot dogs cut up in it.

Luc is off near the corner and chewing on some bread. Reading a magazine. Seems he got his hand on an old magazine about all different kind of media. From movies to games and music. Even books. Being quite mesmerized by it and not yet having noticed Maia who is not too far from him. Sipping from his juice as well.

Just lazing her way through the meal this time, Maia idly flips through the pages of the manual, stifling a yawn. Indeed the blonde looks weary and it shows in her slightly slumped shoulders. She spears a hot dog section and eats it with not much enthusiasm.

Stepping in from the corridor outside, Jason looks like he's been out on CAP or something like that. Dressed in his flight suit, he approaches the food line, with slow and heavy steps. He pauses for a few moments to stretch a bit, before he moves onwards again now, muttering something under his breath.

Dell enters with her usual perfect attention to protocol, down to leading with the correct foot, a pressed uniform, the placement of her hands at her sides, and a stoic expression fixed into a stare forward. The last might be more the result of brooding than the strictest adherence to marching protocol. She makes it all the way to the mess line before she glances around the room briefly, blue eyes eventually coming to rest on Maia. She watches the Raptor pilot for a moment while she waits for the line to progress, starting to frown faintly.

Morgan's luck with the mess hall is probably on par with Maia's. He usually waits in line, collects helpings of everything that looks safe, and leaves without eating due to some interruption that falls under the very wide umbrella of security. Still, he is persistent. One day, the cycle will break and he will be able to eat. He steps into line behind Dell and checks his watch. Then he looks up from it. He notes the neatly pressed marine fatigues,, and the slight frame of the wearer of that ensemble, and he nods to himself. "Good day, Sergeant," he greets, keeping his voice low to avoid startling her.

The yawn does catch Luc's attention as he looks up from the magazine and blinks. "Oh, hi there Maia. How long have you been there?" He asks and gestures her towards his table. Eyes shifting to the line as well and give the fellow pilot a wave before it shifts to be to Dell. So far it does seem that the mess hall spells bad luck for everyone currently. With Luc having ended up either at Sickbay or brig at least one at each spot. Then he finally notices Morgan as he moves to talk to the staff sergeant. Letting the two marines talk, though a nod is given to them both.

Maia definitely hasn't finished or even got to start a meal in several days, living off the few snacks she'd traded for and the lovely vitamins she'd gotten from the Doctor. Gah it's been a rough few days and the Raptor pilots definitely is feeling and looking it. Turning another page in her manual, she tries to concentrate but the words keep running together so she lifts a thumb and forefinger to her eyes and rubs them gently. Man, she was worn out. Hearing her name though has her lifting her head and looking around, seeing several familiar faces, first Jason, she nods, then Dell, she smiles somewhat wearily, but she puts effort into it, then Morgan whom gets a somewhat friendly somewhat wary nod, but all are ruled out to owning the voice. Finally, she notices Luc and looks blank at his question. "Half an hour maybe?" She'd lost track of time. Instead of moving, which decidedly would take more energy than she possesses at the moment, she gestures at her own table.

Having gotten to get hold of some food, Jason shakes his head a little bit. "And this, they call food. You know, at meal times, I wonder why I even bother to stay alive anymore," he comments, a bit loudly, before he starts making his way over in the direction of the tables, trying to find a place to seat himself now.

"Lieutenant," Dell responds to Morgan in a tone that isn't quite dismissive so much as it is perfunctory. "How are you today?" She's just reaching the front of the line and the meal is being laid out in front of her. Briefly, even Adelphi wrinkles her nose at the repaste with which she has been provided, but then she thanks the person serving her and steps out of line. She turns her gaze onto Maia again, silent for a second, then finally shrugs and heads for one of the empty tables toward the edge of the room furthest from both the door and food counter.

"I'm fine," Morgan answers with a nod to Dell. "When you have a moment, I'd like to talk to you." Knowing that those words might bring concern when they come from an MP, he quickly follows by explaining, "It's about the people coming from Picon." When Maia nods to him, he returns it but goes a step further by adding a friendly smile. He offers the same to Luc and Jason when he sees them. He moves along after Dell, cautiously eyeing each offered item and before accepting or declining it. Then he heads for the counter where the coffee pots sit. Again, he joins a line to wait for his turn for a cup of caffeine.

"Staff Sergeant," Maia calls, since in uniform she performs a brisk salute but it's accompanied by a warm smile, "You're welcome to join me." Jason's words get her attention and she is amused, softly laughing as she motions towards one of the free seats. She was sitting all alone after all so there were plenty of places to sit around. "I could sure use the company and friends right about now, if you all don't mind joining."

"Well, I'm available to talk now really," Dell states shortly. She is about halfway to toward her destination in Loner's Land when Maia invites her to the table. Dell pauses in midstride and turns again, brows furrowing as she does. There's a brief nod and then soon she is standing beside Maia's table. "I think Lieutenant Morgan will be joining us for a moment, from the sound of things," she states quietly then,. "How are you holding up? At a guess I'd say you're sleeping about as much as I was last week." Dell looks tired as well, her eyes slightly red and a few new lines worn into her face, but it's likely she got at least some sleep in the last twenty-four hours.

Jason shakes his head a little bit as he hears what's being said, but moves over to join the others. "Sleep? What's that? I feel that the only time I've been well rested lately was when I was passed out in Sickbay," he offers to the two, before he adds, "Aside from that, it's never any more than just dozing." Dropping down in a seat now, he shakes his head a little bit as he starts eating some of his food. "You know, I might have forgiven the people in the kitchens for their crimes against cooking if it at least tasted something."

Morgan inclines his head to Maia, "If you don't mind, that is," he adds. "In spite of what you might think," he notes, with a nod to his MP's brassard, "I don't like to intrude on people, and I do appreciate the time that you gave me for business yesterday." He glances to Dell, and then continues, "I wanted to talk to the sergeant at some point about our efforts to help the civilians who will be coming from Picon, but that can wait. I'd like to see if I finish a meal in here without trouble overtaking me."

"Of course, please," Maia gestures to the table for all three of them then retakes her seat, lacking the grace as usual as she drops heavily into it. "I've had better days. And better nights." Better weeks. "I think I forgot what rest was. I can drop off to sleep at the drop of a hat, but I can't rest for shit." There's a quick nod to Jason at the mention of sleep. "Careful Superstar, you'll end up in Sickbay again getting all the rest you need." Nodding to Morgan she offers a smile finally. "You're welcome, sorry I couldn't be more helpful."

"Well, what can I do for you, Lieutenant?" Dell slides into the seat next to Maia now, looking up at Morgan as she does so. There's another slow nod in response to Maia, however, and her expression shifts slightly, though it remains largely unreadable. "Rest is more important than sleep. Maybe we should both take a moment and unwind." Dell's voice is unusually gentle and then she is reaching for her fork to begin eating.

Jason shrugs a little at Maia's words now, offering her a bit of a smile. "Maybe. If it happens, it happens. Nothing I worry too much about." Eating some more of that food as he listens to the others now, leaning a bit further forward.

Sitting at a table near where the end of the food line ends, Maia and Dell and Jason are looking tired while they eat random foods. The time of day is somewhere between midday meal and evening one. The macaroni and cheese with hot dogs sliced into it isn't touched much on Maia's plate, but the manual beside her plate decidedly is. When Dell and Jason join, bringing along Morgan who suddenly got called away for something brief, the chatter begins on how tired they all are. Luc was at a corner table but had something come up as well. "My schedule has become so busy lately, I don't remember what sleep is. The vitamins I got from the Doc help a lot though."

Holtz enters the mess hall, several books and binders tucked under his arm, a purposeful expression on his face as he bypasses the food line and heads straight for the seating area. When he catches sight of Maia, he changes course to intercept. The pile in his hands is plopped down onto the table next to her plate. "Ain't about to get better for you, Lieutenant," he says to Maia with a toothy smile. "Brought some things for ya. Still had most of my training materials from Nike." And indeed, the binders are marked with both the insignia of the Colonial Fleet as well as that of CFAB Nike's Flight School. The sticker on the inside covers all read, "LT K. HOLTZ", and the books look to be Viper technical manuals and the like.

"You're going to fail your cross training if you keep it up. You already know the duty roster, but learning… You need to be awake. Keep up with the vitamins, I guess, but…" Dell clicks her tongue against the roof of the mouth then and takes another bite of her food. She's shaking her head slowly at this, her gaze focused downward at the tray. "I want to see you down here for meals more regularly. Otherwise I'm going to track you down and drag you out of training kicking and screaming. You do realize you're verging on legally intoxicated, right? You can ask Lieutenant Morgan about it."

Keeping quiet as he spots Holtz on his approach, Jason doesn't make a comment, except for a brief nod to the Viper pilot. He remains quiet as those things are handed over, just watching a bit quietly, expression rather blank. As he hears Dell's words, he studies the woman for a few moments, but he doesn't say anything. Looking around the room, he looks like he's about to say something, but doesn't.

"Oh I won't fail the cross training, it's very important to me." With a tired smile she nods. "I got off duty not too long ago, maybe that's why I am so tired." Idly she pushes at the food on her plate and forces herself to eat another bite. "I'll be here…" she says after chewing and swallowing. "Wait, what? Legally intoxicated?" Then Holtz shows and as tired as she is, Maia doesn't see the extra workload as something bad, no no… When Holtz brings it over and piles it beside her plate, the tray is pushed aside and she brightens right up while reaching for one of the binders. "Aww yeah!" Flipping it open, she treats it with the reverence it deserves, flattening her hand over the front page and looking up, catching the toothy smile she offers an eager grin instead. "I'll take care of them, Sir."

"See that you do," Holtz says sternly. "Not sure I can replace 'em, they get frakked up… and I've a feelin' I'll be needin' 'em again afore too long." The comment about legal intoxication gets a browraise from the burly captain, but no comment. "We'll start formal trainin' here soonish, Lieutenant, once things calm down a bit."

As if on cue, Morgan returns to the mess, shaking his head and weaving his way through the tables toward the one where he left Maia and her friends. "I'm sorry," He apologizes. "There's nothing quite like an ensign panicking because he needs someone to sign a form." He sighs and plops into the seat. At least his meal is there. Whether it has improved with age is anyone's guess. He glances to Dell when she speaks about unwinding, and nods. "She's right," he concurs. "Rest and sleep are two different things, lieutenant. Find a way, /make/ a way, to have downtime."

For her birthday, Ygraine did not get cake. Nope, she drew double CAP. So today she got a late sleep in, and is only now making it into put something into her gullet after hibernating for an extra long time. Rubbing her face, she heads for the chow line.

"I will, Sir. Thank you." Hearing the stern voice Maia lifts her brows and looks up. "I won't let them get messed up, Sir. Anytime you're ready to begin I'll be ready." As Morgan rejoins the group gathered at the single table near the end of the food line that includes Maia, Dell, Jason and now Holtz and an armload of books, the Raptor pilot looks confused. "What does working hard have to do with intoxication? I haven't drank anything since the party on the Pyramid courts." Looking back down at the book, she traces a picture of a Viper with her forefinger.

"Lack of rest. You look like you're going to faceplant in your food. Overwork and exhaustion. They've done studies on it." Dell gives a shrug at this and then looks up to offer Maia another of her faint smiles. "I used to get this speech from the doctor on base every week," she continues. "Problem is retention. If you're too tired you're going to forget things… We should go over your schedule. Maybe I can help you out a little bit."

Looking between the various people present, Jason keeps quiet for the moment, eating his food. Up to one point, at least, as he pushes the entire tray off to the side, over the edge of the table. "Why?" he mutters, after a few moments, shaking his head a little bit now as he leans heavily towards where the tray was. Taking a few deep breaths as he shakes his head a little, before he offers a ghost of a grin over at Dell. "Wouldn't that require something that could be called food?"

Morgan nods again to Dell and then explains to Maia, "No one is saying that you /are/ intoxicated. They're saying that with little sleep, you begin to show symptoms that mirror those of intoxication." He begins to tick on his fingers. "Blurry vision, slow response time, fatigue, difficulty with processing complex problems - those are all indicators. If you're suffering from them, then you need rest." He urges. He toys with the macaroni and hot dog medallions, but shakes his head. "This ship needs a garden. Then we could grow fresh vegetables and put some of this stuff to good use as compost."

As ever, Ygraine loads up on her protein, with a lot of sandwiches and a bottle of something is too hyper-purple to actually be anything made of real grapes. She drops her tray on the portion of the table that has a seat next to Holtz's, and as she sits, she remarks to Morgan, "We have an entire planet full of a garden down there, ya know. It's not like they don't send stuff up." She eyes Maia's books, wags her finger. "Defector." she says with a grin - she's kidding - well, mostly, and pops the top of her juice bottle. "Hey, all."

"I'll let you know, but be ready, yeah?" Holtz claps Maia roughly on the shoulder before raising an eyebrow at Morgan. He's not seated, but rather standing at the table between Maia and the formerly empty chair now occupied by a Yggy. "A garden? Where the frak you gonna put a garden on this boat? Besides — " Ygraine says basically what he was about to say, so he cuts himself off. No use repeating it. He just shrugs. "Oughta set up a farm or somethin' down there, give those godsdamn civvies somethin' to do."

Maia says, "I'll work on it. I just want to make sure I get everything done. It's all good." Indeed Maia is more awake with the arrival of the books and manuals. "How about if I cut fifteen minutes from sparring and rest instead?" Her gaze flickers over Jason and she laughs. "Hey we eat what we gotta, yeah?" Suddenly serious though as she looks back at Morgan. "Sounds about right. I'll get more sleep." When Ygraine joins she offers a bit of a weary smile. "Shake, hey, how's it going?" After another bite, she looks back at Holtz and nods while she chews, saving time. "I'll be ready, Sir. I'm ready now.""

"Why don't you cut every other sparring session until you're on a schedule that permits you time to rest, Maia?" Dell responds in a somewhat dry tone. "With all the work you're doing your conditioning is actually unlikely to suffer much. You can pick up the slack when you have free time again. Fifteen minutes a day is a start, though…" Dell shakes her head and returns to her food as she replies to Jason as well. "Well, if you only count stuff that looks like food I think we're all in trouble. Apparently it's vaguely edible, so I suppose that'll have to be good ennough."

"The question I'm the most interested in," Jason begins, shrugging a little as he looks between all of the others. "Is why." He glances to the tray he pushed away, now down on the floor, shaking his head a little. "What's the point of it?"

"But there is a farm down there. Buzzkill's wife is a horticulturist, and we didn't rustle all of those castle t'have them roam Piraeus unchecked." Ygraine points out." Milkshake reminds, saying to Maia, "Well enough." Jason's question is considered, and with a shrug, she starts wolfing down her food.

"We'll see," Holtz replies to Maia with a smirk. "For now? Don't push yourself too hard. You're gonna need every bit of your strength later." He snorts at Ygraine. "A horticulturist and a few cattle don't make a farm, hon. Not one worth mentioning, anyway. Need equipment, people to work the land. Don'

"We'll see," Holtz replies to Maia with a smirk. "For now? Don't push yourself too hard. You're gonna need every bit of your strength later." He snorts at Ygraine. "A horticulturist and a few cattle don't make a farm, hon. Not one worth mentioning, anyway. Need equipment, people to work the land. Not that I should have to tell you that." An eyebrow is raised at Jason. "What's the point of what?"

Morgan nods to the captain. "Exactly, sir," he agrees. Again, his eyes survey the group and he explains, "We have a handful of people here now. Soon, there could be many more. Our plan is for them to feed themselves, not because we don't want to help them, but because something could happen that forces us to leave orbit. Beside that, these people will need a purpose, and farms and ranches will help to provide that sense of purpose. They'll know that they are helping each other."

"The point of it all Superstar? The same as any war. It's not to die, but to make the other bastards die." Maia smirks, tipping her head to the side to regard Dell. "Every other sparring session?" Ohhh that's a tough one. "I like sparring. But you have a point. I suppose I could do that." There's a few more forkfuls eaten before she pushes her tray away again. "I won't push myself any harder than I have bene lately. I've been getting SIMS time and reading everything I can." There's a quick glance between Holtz and Ygraine, along with a silly grin. "You guys look good together. There, see Superstar? That. That's what we do it for."

"It all, really. If we're living and fighting just for revenge, doesn't that make us as much of robots as them?" Jason replies, before he adds, "I mean, we already seem to have become organic robots. Work, sleep, eat, die…" He shakes his head a little again now, before he looks to Morgan. "Well, the biggest reason for something like that would probably be because the Cylons have found us, and then they'd just nuke everyone down there," he points out. Another pause as he hears Maia, before he shrugs, "That's only an illusion. Sooner or later, someone fraks up, and things only become painful. They always do."

Oh, Storm. Ygraine's expression grows increasingly more droll as he talks, and by the time he's admitting things at the end, she manages a wide eyed, "Gosh, Stormy. Tell me again about these things called…farms." before cracking up lauging and giving the Tauron's leg an absent pat before she bites down on more food. She wriggles her freckled nose at Maia in thanks, and notes, "I realize Eden's only one person, but she's one of many. They are growing food down there, and raisin' animals. They're not producin' enough to feed the settlement and us with regularity, but some of it makes it up here. The fishin' is pretty good, but it's nowhere close to bein' industrialized. I don't think there's been any real analysis of th'sea life. Or what th'range of climates has t'offer, edibly speakin'." Tangental Yggy is on a tangent, so she stops it with another bite of food. She peers sidelong at Jason. "Maybe you're an 'organic robot, but I ain't. And if there ain't pain, how do ya know what joy is? Can't have one without th'other. The opposite's what makes the other important. Cut yourself off from one, and ya sacrifice th'other. That's what makes someone an organic robot." Nom nom.

Holtz does his best to look aggravated, but the facade cracks when Ygraine starts batting her eyelashes at him. Finally, he utters a snort of laughter and lightly swats her as he shakes his head. "Oh, shut up," he mutters. He can, however, admit to himself it was a little rich… a Tauron talking about farms. A nod goes Maia's way at the complement before he looks at Jason with another shrug. "Ain't just revenge, Stand-up. We're fightin' for the survival of our species. Machines don't have a sense of self-preservation. We do." His features contort slightly, the Tauron accent thickening slightly as he continues. "Not that I wouldn't be happy with a bit of vengeance."

"Nah, I'm not a robot. I have goals that don't include dying. It's not up to us, Superstar, to go on giving you a reason to keep breathing. It's up to you to find a reason in yourself, something important enough to you to matter. You wake in the morning and choose whether to be pissed off or happy. Sure there's a war, but there's friends about too, why see the negative?" Maia is unusually upbeat about things today and as she listens to Ygraine, she chuckles, some of her weariness melting away. "My newest statement of late is everybody needs someone.. be it a friend or a lover. Maybe find one or the other and take a load off, yeah?" Closing the book in front of her, she gingerly stacks it on top of the rest. "Vengeance would be good. Real good."

"Or maybe you are, and you haven't just gotten to realize it yet," Jason remarks, before he looks to Holtz again. "And why should we survive, as a species?" He shakes his head at Maia's words as well. "Keep on saying that when you see that one person vanish slowly, one day at the time. That is something far worse than people dying quicker, believe me." He shakes his head a little bit. "I still see that, every time I close my eyes…" He grimaces a little bit, placing his head in his hands, going silent again now.

Morgan opens his mouth to say something, but then he sees Jason's head sink into his hands, and the MP frowns darkly. He takes a slow, deep breath. In a quiet tone, he says, "If you're dealing with grief, perhaps talking to someone would help. It often does. You could talk to the chaplain. I believe that we still have psychiatrist aboard. If neither of those suite you, even a friend who'll take time to listen should help."

"Look, Standup," Ygraine says, "If nothing we do matters? Then all that matters is what we do. Lieutenant Morgan is right, man - you oughtta talk t'someone. Numb ain't a way to live." she sips her drink, "And it ain't a way t'fly."

"Yeah you gotta ECO in there depends on your will to live, Superstar." One day Maia will conform and call him the right name. "Maybe I've not seen someone I love die slowly, but you know there's so many people who lost someone on this ship. No one can judge what's hardest to others. It's all very personal. Chin up, keep fighting, and keep believing in the inherent goodness of humans. It's all we can do right now. Just don't let the bots win."

"Why the frak shouldn't we?" Holtz says at Jason with a scowl. "You got a death wish or some shit, Stand-up? Sing out if you do, ‘cause I sure as frak don't want to fly with someone who's lookin' to buy a plot." He shakes his head. "I know shit's tough, but you ain't the only one strugglin'. Way I see it, you got two choices. Fold under the pressure — which don't help no one — or give it the finger and keep goin' out there until the day you die with your teeth at a Cylon's throat." He produces a flask and takes a long pull from it. "I know which way I'm goin'."

Fresh from a short vacation in the brig and now in his snuggly sweat-pants, Diomedes seemed to have a pep in his step as he got into the chow-line to find himself some tucker.

"I don't know," Jason replies at Holtz, shrugging a little bit. "Would think that if I really had a death wish, wouldn't I have done something about that already. Like flown straight into that Heavy Raider on that recon at the Acheron belt?" A brief pause, before he admits, "I was considering at the time. But there were more important things to do." Listening to the others again, he lets out a bit of a breath as he looks between them. Gaze pausing on Ygraine, considering her words for a few moments. "You know what…" he begins, shaking his head a little now. "You're actually quite right there. Numb isn't a way to live. Unfortunately it's what I've gotten used to these last ten years or so." He smiles very briefly, "I'm sorry, everyone…"

After listening to Jason, she considers him a moment then frowns before allowing her gaze to roam around the room. Frak. Maia spots Dio and she looks between the others before rising. "Sir, will you uh.." Patting the pile of books. "Babysit a minute? I've got something to say to um.." Hitching a thumb over her shoulder in the general direction of the technician. "Him." And she definitely would rather say it quietly, her demeanor may seem to say.

Morgan shakes his head. "Don't be sorry. If you had not said anything, you wouldn't have heard the lieutenant's words that seem to have helped in some way." He nods to Ygraine. Refocusing on Jason, he urges, "Please, talk to someone. Do it soon."

Diomedes sang to himself as he moved along the line, a nonsense song. He stomped his feet to make a beat. "Yo! I be hangin' out, I be hangin' out. You kick it with yo homies- Ya'll be chillin' and kickin' with them homies and be chill, but I be hangin' out! Hangin' with them Taurons, hangin' with them Scorpia' an hangin' out!" Diomedes seems happy to ignore the Airwing party. He's got mystery meat, dried mashed potatoes and a piece of bread to enjoy.

Holtz' gaze is locked on Jason, but finally he nods to the Raptor pilot. "All right, I'll grant you that," he says, with some reluctance. "But don't just sit there and apologize. Do somethin' about it, yeah?" Storm looks over at Maia when she stands, nodding again. "Sure, Centerfold." His eyes follow her path until he notices Diomedes; he'll nod a third time, if his fellow Tauran happens to look in his direction.

"Sounds t'me like some part of ya doesn't want t'be numb anymore." Ygraine points out, "Or ya wouldn't bother mentionin' it. Or maybe your conscience dictated not killin' yourself and takin' your ECO with ya when they ain't ever asked for an early ferry ride. So let me ask y'all somethin'. We already know the chances of gettin' killed's a dice roll out there…but what if we make it? What if this war ends someday? What do we do then?" She then nods to Jason. "What Stormy said. Do somethin' about it. Even the act of tryin' to is a step in th'right direction."

"Not only some part," Jason admits, after a few moments of pause, before he nods a little. "I'll try speaking with someone." Another brief pause, before he shrugs at Ygraine's question. "You know, that's a good question. Mind if I take a few days or so to answer it?"

With the go ahead, Maia heads on over towards the man, it's unfortunate that he's in her fatigues but there's a time and a place. "Hey Dio, Gotta minute? I wanted to talk to you, won't take. long."

Dio's tattooed head nods up towards Holtz, a bit of Tauron solidarity there, eyes now scanning over the Wing-party that had found seats near the end of the chow line. Maia, though. She's there. And he's eyeing the woman a little warily. "Aight." he offers in his from the street manner. "I got a minute."

Once Maia has his agreement, she looks a little uncertain. Scuffing the toe of her boot on the floor a moment, she decides to just dive right in there. "I just wanted to apologize for drawing my weapon on you guys . I was outta line." Keeping her voice low, "I was uh.. scared. In a panic I guess. Either way, I was wrong."

<FS3> Morgan rolls Alertness: Success.

Morgan takes this lull in the conversation as a time to finish his alleged food. Then he curls his hand around the cup of coffee and lifts it for a sip. At that moment, Dio enters with all of the subtlety of a brick, but at least with rhythm. When Maia excuses herself and heads toward the newcomer, Morgan glances idly after her. He watches the interaction between the pair, including her apparent nervous behaviors. Then he hears her apology. He nods slightly. "Well done," he murmurs. "There is honor in seeking forgiveness." He takes another sip of coffee before he looks at his tray again as if he is surprised that he finally managed to finish a meal in here.

"Happy birthday, by the way," says Holtz quietly to Ygraine next to him. "Sorry CAG stuck you with double CAP." He shrugs lightly, as if to say It can't be helped. He looks back towards Maia as she talks quietly to Diomedes; he can't quite make out her words, but he does have some idea what she might be saying, and Morgan's murmur confirms it.

"Take all th'time ya want." Ygraine suggests to Jason, and eyes Holtz with a leer. "It's okay. I'll get a birthday present from ya later." Chugging some of her drink, she notes, "That was a question for th'table, by the way. Not just Stand Up. What happens if th'war ends, and we're victorious, and alive? What will ya do?"

Diomedes raises an eyebrow. A slow kind of thing as he just stared at Maia for a long moment in silence. "Bitch, you pulled a /gun/ on a bunch of unarmed knuckledraggers. We keep your skinny blonde ass in the air. We skin our knuckles, break our bones, and keep your shit hittin' hard against Cylons and I'd bet you don't even know all of our names. Most of us do it because we lost family, we lost our lives, we lost /everything/ and you're supposed to be the righteous frakin' blade of Justice to carry our names forward and you think you can just say you're sorry and shit'll be peachy keen? I don't give a hot shit. You defended a cylon over human beings. You defended a frakin' plug-in-the-wall machine over flesh and blood."

<FS3> Morgan rolls Alertness: Success.

Jason's gaze follows Maia over to Diomedes, but he doesn't say anything at the moment, expression a bit thoughtful. Nodding a little at what's being said around the table now, but he doesn't say anything at the moment.

It was no less than Maia had expected but it doesn't stop the flinching from each word thrown back at her. "It's up to you whether you accept the apology or not, but I had to offer it all the same. I didn't expect for everything to be better because of it, but I wanted you to know I regret my actions. If I could do it over again, things would have gone different. Just for the record, I wasn't defending her, I was just trying to end the violence." Standing there, she refuses to back down, clasping her hands behind her back as she regards him with an open expression. "I fully intend on apologizing to the rest, no matter the reception I get. Thanks for hearing me out."

Morgan's approving look darkens when Dio replies with loud and definite disdain for Maia's apology. He grimaces and shifts in his chair. He watches Maia standing her ground and he sighs. "Sandwiches to go. She's right. That's all."

"Heh." Holtz smirks at Ygraine's leer, but his smile quickly fades when he hears Diomedes' booming voice from the chow line. He's instantly wary, but when Maia doesn't retaliate in kind, he relaxes. Somewhat. Instead of injecting himself into their 'conversation', though, he instead turns back to Ygraine with a contemplative expression on his face. "Frak if I know. Never thought that far ahead." He can't completely tune out or ignore the back-and-forth between Dio and Maia, though, and when Morgan speaks, Storm frowns slightly.

"If you're sure, lieutenant." Ygraine replies. She can understand why he feels he has to leave, but she seems to want him to know he's welcome at the table. She too is distracted by the exchange, and while she bristles at how Dio addresses Maia, she doesn't move to defend her fellow Raptorette.

Dio takes a quiet step around Maia. "Yeah. You remember- you didn't point that gun at me, and this is how I reacted. I won't let them hurt no woman, but… I can't promise yo' skinny blonde ass they'll be any nicer." Diomedes just shakes his head and takes a step around her- moving towards a semi-private bit of table far from the Air Wing to stew and eat his meal.

Kelsey steps through the doorway to the Mess among other people, dressed in her off-duties. She waggles her fingers towards a couple enlisted but heads towards the table of pilots, namely Ygraine. Totally oblivious to any larger exchange. "Hey." Kelsey looks like she got a little sun today. "How goes?" A nod to Holtz with a smile. "Captain," she greets. Hands slip into her pockets.

Morgan turns to shake his head to Ygraine. "Even if I intended to leave, I can't now, not until I'm sure that tempers are reasonably even." Then he smiles. "It's simply that whenever I come here, something happens. If I were superstitious, I'd imagine that some dark spirit is following me. I'd think about grabbing a sandwich and leaving so that it wouldn't have time to strike." He chuckles. "Beside that, they might have more brownies." He looks toward the serving line as if he might check on that.

"I'm not looking for nice, I'm a big girl, I can handle someone not being nice to me. Not looking for a fan club." As he moves around her, Maia pivots on her heel and walks back to the table to Holtz. "Thanks for watching the books for me."

"Better to make the attempt than not, I suppose," Jason offers, a bit thoughtfully. Nodding a little as he sees how Maia doesn't retaliate now. Unable to hold back a chuckle as he hears Morgan. "Never underestimate how fast spirits strike, Lieutenant Morgan," he offers, before he adds, a bit more lightly. "Especially if they bring bad news." Offering a smile at Maia as she returns, "Good work," he offers.

"Pe — Ensign," Holtz almost greets Kelsey by her old rank, but he catches himself at the last second. There's a last flick of the eyes back in the direction of Dio and Maia, but when Dio stalks off, Holtz turns back to the table. "No problem," he says when Maia returns.

"Hey, Kelz Bellz." says Ygraine easily. "Did ya grab chow?" To Morgan, "It'll be alright. Look, she's already back and in one piece, ya see? So take a load off." Her gaze slides up to Holtz. "Stop loomin' an' sit. Ya look like a damn statue." Smirk.

Diomedes eats quickly, seeming to have no interest in sitting in the Mess any longer than required for the task at hand. Finishing quickly, he stood- took the tray to where he scraped it clean and left it for services to clean up. He's then moving towards the door, tattooed-hands in his pockets.

Kelsey shakes her head to Yggy. "Nah. Not really. I went down to P with the Colonel. We had cookies and relaxed. I think he needed the break." She rocks on her boots, forward and back, lazily. "Somethin goin on?" she asks casually, looking towards where Holtz had been giving The Eye to. Then over to Maia. "What's up Centers?" Just hangin out.

Once back at the table, Maia glances back at Dio briefly though she speaks to the table at large. "I shouldn't have taken things as far as I did. They all do have the right to be angry." Retaking her seat, she just then notices Kelsey joining and offers a smile. "Ohh looks like you've been sunning. Have a good day today?" the. she hears and offers a smile. "That does sound like fun." Lifting her own shoulders she gives a half smile. "Trying to right a wrong."

"Hm? Oh." Holtz was lost in thought for a moment, arms crossed and head bowed slightly, but Ygraine's voice jolts him back to the real world. "Ah, I wasn't lookin' to stay, actually," he says, unfolding his arms to point at a stack of binders and technical manuals next to Maia's tray. "Just came in lookin' for Centerfold, needed to drop those off." A look and a smile back to Ygraine, and one of Storm's eyebrows creeps slyly upwards. "See you later tonight, though?"

Ygraine looks faintly envious. "Man, if I don't cover up, oil up, or cream up? I turn into a lobster." Her gaze slides sidelong in an expression that is utterly pleased with herself, and presumably Holtz. "Oh, count on it. Ain't really a birthday if I don't get to blow out a…candle." HOLY CRAP, YGGY.

"You did what you did," Jason offers to Maia. "Right or wrong, it's done. Don't worry about if you did something wrong, or you'll end up like me, or something." That said a bit lightly, before he looks over to Kelsey as well, offering her a bit of a smile. "Good to see someone's having a good day," he remarks. Pausing a bit as he hears the conversation between Ygraine and Holtz, he shakes his head, a little but otherwise seems to manage to keep a mask in place for now.

Morgan looks once more to the serving counter, where, for the first time, no one is waiting. "I think that I will check on those brownies, if everyone will excuse me," he notes. Standing, he takes his tray to the conveyor that will ferry it to the underworld of dish-washing. He interrupts the workers chatting behind the counter just long enough to ask for a few items that they quickly gather into a paper bag for the lieutenant. After thanking them for the service, he heads for the door.

"Actually, yeah," Kelsey says to Maia. "Sat down there, enjoyed the sun, talked a lot about life and stuff. Relaxed. It was nice. Good on you, though. I went to see Luc last night, had a conversation about that." She shakes her head and looks to Yggy with a lofted brow. "Really? I saw some people sunning down on the tanks. We should cream you up and toss you on one like a griddle." She's about to say more to the birthday but chokes on her breath and coughs, looking down. Ahem. "Happy Birthday," she whispers. She nods a few times to Jason, too.

There's no control over it, the banter between Holtz and Ygraine is amusing enough but at the part of blowing out a candle, Maia laughs, glad of the lightened mood. "You guys are incorrigible. You know that right? I mean just so you know." That stack of books is eyed and she wraps her arms around it. "Looks like I better get busy learning." With a grateful smile to Jason, she gives him a brief wink. "Thanks, Jase. I'll remember that. But you're not so bad, you know." With a look back to Kelsey, there's a warm smile there. "He better be treating you right." Not a single awkward moment there at all. She truly seems good with it.

Holtz snickers, shaking his head at Ygraine even as he's clearly entertained by Kelsey's sudden discomfort. "See you." He leans down to peck her on the cheek. "Speakin' of Crater. Anyone sees him, let him know I'm lookin' for him, yeah?" Uh-oh, that can't be good. Holtz doesn't clarify any further, though, as he turns on his heel and heads for the hatch not long after Morgan.

Maia adds, "Happy birthday, Ygraine."

Ygraine looks terribly pleased with herself, tilting her head so Holtz can kiss her cheek and wriggling her nose at Maia. "Thanks." she says, and then looks between the two other women sharing her table. "Oh, good." she says with emphasis. "That's sorted."

Kelsey crosses her arms with the remark from Maia, but laughs. "Treating? Eh. Nobody is dating anyone. But if he were doing anything wrong?" She clicks her teeth. "Well, I wasn't banned from Charlie's because I sat there and took shit from anyone. And thanks, sorry that hasn't really.. come up.. until now." Whew. "Did I mention lately how much I love the Wing?" She grins and plops down at the table to look to Ygraine with a knowing smirk.

"So you guys keep telling me," Jason replies to Maia, rather lightly now. "If you're not careful, I might actually start to believe it at some point." Yes, his little breakdown seems to have put him in a better mood, after all.

Finally making his grand return to the mess hall. Who knows where he has been. Perhaps on CAP or something. Either way Luc is returning in much the same way he left, in off duty clothing. Letting his eyes glance around as he does return. Not fully sure where he wish to go.

At the words from Kelsey, Maia smiles. "Please, don't worry about it, really. We hadn't even seen each other in two years until meeting here again. We're just… Different people now." Trying for reassurance. Hefting the books, she smirks at the weight. "I better put these to use. See you all later." Nodding cause she can't wave she weaves her way through the tables to head out.

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