AWD #242: Waking Up
Waking Up
Summary: Marines are coming to in the sickbay on board the Orion after the Picon SABER Assault. Knox stops by to check on them.
Date: 05/09/2013 (OOC Date)
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Sickbay, Battlestar Orion
Serving as the ship's primary care facility, the Medical Center is a rather large, single room structure that has the same load-bearing structures to the walls that the halls do, as well as the same heavy hatch. There is a desk at the entrance staffed by a nurse as well as a small locker for single dose drugs like aspirin. Beds are lined up along each wall with EKG's and hangers for IVs in case of triage. Large cabinets at the rear provide ready access to lifesaving medicines and gear, as well as a ready supply of defibrillators. Not far from the primary entrance is the Chief Medical Officer's office and on the other side is a small hatch to the recovery ward. Towards the rear is a sectioned-off examination area. Opposite the hatch to recovery is a sealed doorway leading down a hallway to the ship's morgue.
September 5th, 2005

Mahasti follows Brina's eyes "She better be fine or she's getting put in a bed too." she offers with a smile "Alright, your left leg is fine." she offers, taking her time to check Brina's right leg with the most concern, gently touching over it with her feather light fingertips. Brina seems to be getting checked over carefully "Minimal blood loss, I'm going to sign you up for another transfsion. Your abdomen looks fantastic, your chest looks fantastic, your right arm is going to be okay. Your left arm and right leg look worse for wear though."

Brandy glances back behind her, having given that very important wall the loving it so rightly deserves. At first she expects the woman is talking to the sleep deprived doctor. When she gets the indication though it is her and not another person she speaks up, "Me, right as rain, but you should have seen the Chrome." She offers turning back to Brina and Mahasti and starting back over a little if the coast is clear not to be oggling the purple heart type. "Is that so Doc? Well if you pass a mirror I expect you will judge the same, and I promise to bring you pudding pop when you wake up next week." She says with a casual smile.

Lleufer lies whereever he was put. The very groggy Marine opens his eyes but doesn't move, only lies still. Voices. Clean, bright ceiling. No smell of blood, burning fuel, exploded munitions or super heated steel. No sound of gunfire, or earth shattering explosions. Somewhere in his head he can dimly still hear these things, like a ringing behind his ears.

The news of what is hurt and how badly is nodded to, it all taken in with as much emotion as Brina can muster which really is not very much. Something might be said about her injuries but then she catches someone waking up out of the corner of her eye, that drawing Brina's attention to Lleufer. "Hey, look at that, Doc. Sleeping Beauty is awake." A hand is lifted and she waves Brandy over, smiling groggily as she does. "I don't bite much, I promise. Don't need to hang over there."

Mahasti eyes Brandy "Darling pilot. The CMO is aware of my sleep problems. The CMO also knows that I am going to do my job and do it well." she reaches to pat Brandy ont he shoulder "A nurse will be by for food.". She gets waved at by a nurse and a more critical patient needs her attention. Lleufer is given a gentle squeeze on his ankle as she zips past to do her job.

Where is he? Slowly his brain is trying to sort and track. Voices he knows. Quiet, not shouting, muffled. Something or someone touches his leg, drawing his eyes to focus on Mahasti. He knows her, watches her keep on walking. Other voices turn his head to look over towards Brina. Who's that other woman? The Marine Sergeant doesn't say anything.

"That is daring, without the 'l.'" Brandy replies to the disapppering and likely unhearing doctor. She steps back over to the first marine, sisterhood of blondes and all that. "That sounded mostly good." She comment before glancing to the other marine. "It is the infirmary, Tartarus probably doesn't have that anticeptic smell, Marine." She says to him before looking back to the female one. "Hopefully, you are right handed."

"Yeah, I am right handed, thankfully." Would be fraking wonderful if she wasn't or was shot in her right hand instead. Almost nothing serves as good of a reminder of an injury like having to use an injured hand to do things with. Stretching, Brina eyes Lleufer again, concern marring her brow in the form of several heavy creases. "How are you doing, Sarge?"

Lleufer as much tries to read Brina's lips as hear her but she sounds far away, muffled. A moment to think about it before he replies, "I dunno. Alive." A beat, "You." He smiles a little. Morpha is frak'n wonderful. Moment by moment his head is clearing except for that persistant ringing. His hearing isn't fully recovered. Patches of his skin on his face where the helmet or goggles didn't protect his face or neck are red as if from a bad sunburn. There's a cut on the right side of his face from some little piece of shrapnel. Otherwise everything else is beneath his sheet. Pale eyes focus on Brandy, "Who's she?"

Brandy looks around, there are two marines awake, and some of the nurses are starting to give the ensign the stick-eye like she might be making an otherwise relaxing shift more difficult for keeping them that way. "Well, I hope you pull through soon Marine." She comments, and just gives the man a brief look, since well, she wasn't asked who she was. "I should leave you two be though." She comments as she looks to the door and turns to start that way.

There's a shake of Brina's head, that an answer to Lleufer's question about who Brandy is. "Oh… uh, alright. But give us your name first, please?" There's a little wrinkle of Brie's nose just before she reaches up, trying to stave off the urge to sneeze. She's almost successful but the sneeze still happens, leaving her groaning when doing so causes the injured bits to be made to move in very uncomfortable ways. Groaning, she bites her lower lip. Owie.

The Aerilon Sergeant doesn't have much to say. Lleu lies there and watches the woman he doesn't know as Brandy starts to leave. His gaze slides back to Brina, baritone quite low, "You did well, Lance Corporal. Covered my ass .. just like I asked."

"Ensign Brandy Aphrodeen." The pilot says as she she looks back at Brina again on her way over in the direction of the door. "Get well soon." She adds as she pauses long enough to refill her coffee and starts back on out to let the two chat.

"Ah. Nice meeting you, sir. Hopefully the next time we meet it'll be under better circumstances." Brandy's allowed to exit the infirmary without anymore interruption from Brina who is now addressing the Sergeant. "For what good that did, huh? For as much as I tried, you still got hurt." Lleufer did manage to get the explosives deployed and set off so it wasn't a failed mission but Brie feels like she failed him by not keeping him free from harm.

Electra arrives from the Fore Corridor.

Lleufer has not stirred in his bed more than turning his head and speaking low. He smiles a little to Brina, "If you hadn't come with me, /all/ of them would have been gunn'n for my ass, O'Connell. No way would I have lived to get those charges planted without your cover fire." A pause though now his head is slowly clearing and they've given him whole blood to replace what he'd lost, Lleu's not in as bad a shape as Brina herself. "I went in there expecting to be killed. Gett'n hurt is part of our job."

Brandy leaves, heading toward the Fore Corridor [FC].

Wearing scrubs and not the regular uniform of the medical staff of the Colonial forces, Electra arrives for another day in the battlestar. A civilian nurse and physical therapist, most of her work takes place in recovery and in the fitness center and pool, so she's rarely in the actualy sick bay. Seeing the number of patients, she looks a little taken aback but promptly offers a cheerful smile. "Good morning."

Not having been as badly hurt as the two MPs, Amos appears to have been allowed out of bed to go do some of those things that need doing. Under appropriate supervision of course. He looks to have cleaned up and shaved at least, although that does seem to just heighten the contrast between those bits of his skin that were protected from the heatblast and those that weren't. It seems the back of his neck got the worst of it, which doesn't make moving his head around particularly fun, but then moving in general isn't the most fun if truth be told. Given both MPs seems to be awake as he returns to his bed he offers them a simple nod of acknowledgement, along with a slightly pained, "Marines."

"I am glad you think I did my job, Sarge. But I still feel like I should make it up to you. Perhaps you'll let me buy you a few drinks somewhere or something." The motion of the others coming in has Brina twisting slightly so she can look at them both, Amos being someone she knows while Elektra might know her if she was around when the blonde Marine was a coma patient recovering here. "Hey… how goes it, guys?" Unlike Lleufer and Amos who have visible burns her own is concealed, hidden as her hair is down and hiding the charred flesh at the back of her neck.

There's one of his previous physical therapists even now. The Sergeant offers Electra a faint smile, "Doc." He doesn't actually know if she's a full doctor or not. "Is it morn'n?" Amos moving around and his voice draws Lleufer's attention next. He watches the other man from where he lays, "Oo-rah, Captain." Skip a beat, "We did it, didn't we sir?" Pale eyes flick back to Brina and he tries to smile, "Can I have one of those drinks now? I'd like an Aerilon Scotch or three." Yeah, right. Haven't seen any of that stuff around since warday.

Knox arrives from the Fore Corridor.

With her cheerful smile not dimming at all, Ellie approaches one of the familiar faces, that of Lleu, and gently shakes her head. "I think you like spending time in sick bay because of Mahasti's coffee. Has she been around yet for her rounds?" Amos and Brina, the other Marines. Being civilian, she's not really in the know of the missions or anything but since they seem to be in a celebratory mood, it rubs off. "No scotch in the sickbay," the quick chide, while teasing, holds a hint of firmness in it.

"We did it Sergeant," Amos confirms, once he's settled again. There some faint grumblings as it takes a moment for him ot get as comfortable as he's going to be but then he glances towards the MPs once more. "Sounds like a fine idea to me, mine's a cognac," he chips in before Electra gives her ruling and he's forced to surrender the idea. With the handy medic being right there though he asks, "how are the others? Corpral Fischer, Lance Corporal Jast and Private Mallas." Not that he's particuarly concerned about the last two, they didn't seem to take much in the way of lead, but Erik at least did.

Lleufer's eyebrows are … partly gone. His goggles didn't fully cover them, shifted around when he'd been running and sweating. His skin burns are patches where goggles, helmet or clothing didn't cover. Mostly they all look a little funny that way, like an overly long day at the beach roasting marshmellows that blew up in their faces like some bad cartoon. He faintly nods, "Yeah, Nasreen went off as I was wak'n up." The MP Sergeant rolls his eyes, "I'm already tired of physical therapy, Doc." Ooih, his poor frakked up arm. A bullet hole will heal up a lot faster and cleaner than being ripped up by direwolves though. Ah well, no Aerilon scotch to be found out here anyway. Lleu's gaze slips back to Amos.

"I'll find you something to drink when the time comes, Sarge. You too, Cap." Brina is reclined a bit, propped up into a semi-upright position with the back of the bed but the position is wearing her out and she finds herself seeking out the button to lower herself down a bit. Lleufer is watched the most closely but the lady and Amos are also observed, her eyes slowly closing for a second.

Can ya blame the guy? He's worried about Marines that got shot up. Knox makes his way into sickbay wearing his off-duty duds and whispers something to a nurse. She smiles easily and directs him towards the wounded Marines. He sticks his hands into his pockets, approaching the group with a lazy smile. Everyone made it back alive so why look so down? He heads towards Lleufer first. "You spend more time on your back than a Scorpian hooker, Lleu. I hope you're being tipped well."

Of all the names mentioned, Ellie recognizes a few of them. When the talk continues of drinking, she laughs. "I think Checkpoint Charlie's is your best bet when it comes to something good to drink." Though they all do look different with the burns and the hair gone, she doesn't mention it. She does address the physical therapy though. "We'll try different things this time to break the monotony of it. We can go to both the torture chamber and the pool." When Knox approaches, she takes a casual step backwards away from the Marine grouping. "I'll come back around a little later, probably closer to the time you're ready for therapy. See you all later."

"Athenia's perky nipples, Knox." Lleufer turns his head and actually smiles at his fellow Sergeant Jarhead, "I'd rather be getting laid." Promises of drinks he can't have yet are glossed over by the arrival of this particular Six. He's flat on his back, not propped up, so it's not realy easy to watch people from that position. Wait, what? Torture chamber? Lleu glances to Ellie, "Fun. Thanks, Doc."

Amos knows there's a Six aboard, it's not a surprise, but that doesn't mean he was fully prepared for Knox's appearance right here and now. He takes his cue from the medical staff though, and since they seem happy to let him though then chances are it's their Six and not a hostile who's managed to infiltrate the ship. That and LLeufer's reaction too. Both Brina and Ellie get a brief nod of acknowledgement but then the captain drops quiet, seemingly intent on mere observation of the sergeants for now.

Ellie is definitely a civilian. Torture chamber means Fitness center and the Mess hall is the cafeteria and she's lost on ranks completely. The talk of getting laid though draws a bubble of laughter despite there being a six standing nearby. From the furtive looks she keeps giving him, she's doesn't hate or despise him, but she does look a little scared of him. "See you later Mr. Ynyr." Yep, a civilian.

Even /Lleu/ did twitch a little at first glance towards Knox. Probably a little flash back there. Hard not to do that when you were nearly frakk'n obliterated by some sixes only the night before. Luckily he's still kind of groggy and in Morpha land which is making him pretty mellow right now.

Brina rouses again now that the medicine-induced nap is over and hey, it's just in time for the Six to put in his appearance. Knox isn't anyone she's met in the short time she was upright after waking up from her coma but she did see someone - three someones, actually - who look just like him save for the obvious markings and damage done to his face and all that- and she finds herself starting. Doesn't dawn on her that he's suppoed to be here, not even when she notices how Lleufer is being friendly with him and everyone else not batting an eye at his presence here. All she can do is choke out a startled sound that might've been a shout of alarm if her throat wasn't still parched and her hand goes instinctively to her hip in search for a gun that is not there.

Coop watches Ellie go and shrugs. He looks back to Lleu and chuckles at the comments. "Yeah, well, you keep pullin shit like this someone's eventually going to take pity on your ass. Though at the moment I suspect you're a little too busted so that'll probably have to wait. If you're lucky, you might finally get some for free. Damn, devil dog, what'd you take a drunken bet to jump through a bonfire?" Nothin like Marine shit-talking. His gaze travels over to Amos and he nods. "Sir." He doesn't really know the man, but he's obviously here and seemingly wounded with the rest. "How'd things go? Manage to knock out the site?" Brina's reaction, however, gets the lift of his hands from his pockets, held out in a small staying motion at his waist. "Friendly fire. You're safe here, Marine."

Taking that as her cue to live and survive, Ellie nods somewhat hesitantly to the Six and backs out of there. No way is she turning her back on it! As nonchalantly as she can, once she's far enough away, she scurries out of there, leaving sickbay far behind.

Electra leaves, heading toward the Fore Corridor [FC].

"Sergeant," Amos returns, with a nigh-on identical nod. Anything else that he might have said to the man is abandoned as Brina reacts though, his attention going to her instead. "Steady Marine," he calls over in a calm but firm tone, before flicking his eyes back to Knox briefly. "There were some of your.." theres a faint pause as he searches for the right word, 'brothers' is rejected as they're all marines here, 'twins' doesn't seem to fit and 'model' just sounds downright rude to be frank. "There were several Sixes present," he then states, as neutrally as he can, watching to see how the Wirelo reacts to that; quite evidentally testing the waters with the man.

Lleufer carefully moves his right hand, not too sure what will hurt or not. He finds a button on the side of his bed to slowly lever himself to a slightly sitting up position. Yeah, that's a lot better. He notices Brina jump and looks at her. Amos speaks up to quiet her and he watches her, "This one's Sergeant Cooper Knox. Not one of them … anymore." Another moment to make sure she's not going to leap out of her bed and only then does he look back to the Six. A slow nod, "Yeah, several sixes where there. Things were pretty hot." A slow breath to absorb what Knox said to him. Lleu manages a little smile, "We're Marines. Shit to do, we damned well do it. Ooorah." Or die trying.

Knox quirks a brow at Amos as he searches for the term. In the ends that little entertainment on his face fades and he makes an 'ahh' expression of understanding. "I hope you didn't take any prisoners, sir. I tell everyone I run into to kill any Six that doesn't have a scar like this." He lifts a hand to point to his head. "Or tat's like these." Each bicep has one, a Marines insignia on one and a Joint Terminal Air Controller tat on the other. Lleu makes the introductions and the Six nods slowly. "Due to my service and actions, I was awarded citizenship to the Colonies and I won a true place back with the Marines, in the same position, same rank. I can't deny what I am, but it doesn't have to define me. Marines take people from all walks and forge them into something harder and better." Back to Lleu, he gives an affirmative. "Oorah. Doesn't sound like you guys took any shit. Glad to hear. That'll make the wing-wipers pleased in their purty pink britches." A grin accompanies that.

Brina's body relaxes when Knox moves to show he isn't a threat and when Amos and Lleufer explain that he's on their side although that wary look in her eyes doesn't go away. "Sorry." Her teeth find her lower lip and she bites down upon it hard, her confusion obvious. "So uhm… how do you guys -" 'you guys' meaning the Sixes, "- uhm… I mean…" Cough. "Nevermind. I guess this is probably something best left alone until there's no haze in my fraking head to deal with."

"No prisoners," Amos confirms simply. He might have known about Knox and his standing, but that doesn't mean he's going to be immediately comfortable with the guy and his presence. "I expect my face is well enough known to them already Sergeant, but I'll take that onboard." Indeed, he does take a good long look at that scar, almost as if he's trying to burn it into his memory. Back to Brina he offers a slightly softer, "it's alright Marine, take as long as you need."

Despite himself, it's hard /not/ to like Knox if you can get past his being a skinjob Cylon. Man seems so … Marine. Sergeant Ynyr watches Brina before he replies back to Cooper, "She's recently from Picon. From Spree's resistance." As if that explains things a bit more. Lleu smiles at the purty pink britches part. Heh. He still can't hear well so he's trying to track on watching people's mouths. That damned ringing in his head lingers. His right hand he lifts to touch his own face, feeling the second degree burns very lightly, the strange puckering of the right side of his face where a small piece of shrapnal cut him, not deeply. "Captain here is from Major Jankovic's people, Caprica." For Knox, but then he asks, "I think I used to know you back on the Collins Peak, sir?" Lleu focuses on Amos.

Coop shakes his head to Brina. "No problem. Ask whatever question you want. Trust me, I'd rather hear tough question than deal with rumors and false information. Assuming, of course, you believe what I have to say. Some don't." There's a shrug with it, then to Amos, "If it is, I hope the Marines hang a medal on ya for it. If the skinnies hate your face, that only says good things. I've got a price on my head, I suspect, as well." Coop's hands go back into his pockets as he listens to Lleufer. "Ah, yeah. Picon. What a lovely place to visit." He nods to Brina, then looks to Amos. "Hot damn. A Marine from Caprica. You two plannin' on going back or are you stayin?"

"It'll keep, Sarge," Brie says to Knox with a slight smile. "I'd rather save conversations like that for when I am not stoned." As it is she's having to fight to get what she wants to say out in a manner that (she hopes) can be understood but even with her trying as hard as she does her words still come out slurred. And there's also a matter of her wanting to remember what has been said. Amos and Lleufer are watched again, her ability to focus on a single person not as good as it normally is.

Amos gives a brief nod in confirmation as Lleufer states his previous posting then gives a faintly satisfied smile at the mention of prices on heads, "oh I know I've got one on mine. You ever find out what your's is we can compare notes although I'll warn you, I've got a good solid chunk of Caprica real-estate already so you might need to play catchup a bit." He can only shrug though, carefully, at the question about what happens next, "I don't think I'm going anywhere terribly soon," he starts with, "although I ended up out here due to a med-evac so who knows." A glance to LLeufer again and offers a smile, "you lot left a load of pissed off canners in your wake, I can tell you that first hand." There's a brief pause as he then relises Lleufer had said soemthing else to him and he nods in agreement, "It's possibly, I did three years on her. We'll have to save the rememberances for later though I'm afraid Sergeant, I can feels the meds kicking in again so I'm likely to be dead to the world shortly." ANd indeed, in preperation for such he leans his head back and closes his eyes.

Oh yeah… Amos back on Caprica after his last mission before this one. Lleufer's not as doped up as Brina when he glances to her. Back to the Captain, the Aerilon jarhead nods, "Yeah, forgot you were among those who had to deal with fallout from our Adar mission." He listens to the talk between Knox and Amos but doesn't say anything about prices on heads. /If/ the canners ever ID'd him from the Caprica hit, Lleu'll be on their list too. Man has no idea.

"Sure thing. Just let me know," he tells Brina. Quiet voice, relaxed demeanor. He looks just like them but he seems like a twin that grew up with completely different parents. Looking back to Amos, Coop looks like he might laugh but stops himself. "They sent a One here to kill myself and the other skinnies this fleet has. Confidential information to fleet personnel only, but there are only two of us here. We had four of us. The other two are.. no longer with us." Watching the man head off to sleep, though, he looks back at Lleufer. "Next time you guys go out, I'm coming. With that Saber out of action, I can put my pack to use. Fly 'em up, cook 'em out."

Lleufer smiles at Knox, "Yeah, could have used your butt on the SABER site. I hear you are better at demolitions than I am and I was sweat'n it hard. Maybe show me a few things sometime, Sergeant." The whole conversation thing has worn him out. Lleu is starting to feel groggy again himself and tired. He lowesr his bed back down and closes his eyes, "Next time, better planning and air support. I thought Spree was providing … " But he was wrong. Too used to being only a grunt and doing what he's told, not taking part in the actual set up. That's got to change.

The blonde nods slowly, giving Knox a smile. "Yeah, I'll let you know. Thanks." Like the other injured Sergeant, Brina's also getting worn out by the conversation. "Think I'm going to get a nap. See you guys later." The blanket's drawn up under her chin and she immediately falls asleep, the world around her forgotten in a matter of seconds.

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