AWD #025: Wake Up Call
Wake Up Call
Summary: Part 1 of Ari's Aerilon Adventure
Date: 04/Feb/2013 (OOC Date)
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Some where on the surface of Aerilon.
Jan 31, 2005

The rope swing creaks against the branch as the wooden planked pendulum lazily ticks back and forth, back and forth. The rest of the world is quiet, not even the chattering of a bird of the whisper of leaves to break up the hot afternoon.

“Tell me again how much you love me?” The brunette straddling Ari’s waist asks as she leans backwards, her hands fisted on the ropes just above the pilot’s.

Aristides digs his heel into the ground, giving the swing enough momentum to keep up the drowsy activity. “To Elysium and back, Magnola.” It’s not her birth name but it is now her legal name, changed when she became Mrs. Cole.

His wife’s eyes are ringed with her dark eye makeup that has smudged and smeared from tears long since dried. Now her smile is infectious as she visibly lights up at his answer. Passionate creature that she is, her expressions are transparent. “Then wake up, Stringbean.” She prods him in the ribs with her forefinger. Poke. “Wake up, Ari.” Poke. “WAKE UP!”

“WAKE UP MISTER!” A boy, not more than age nine, flings another stone. “Wake up!”

“Do you think he’s dead?” His dark-haired sister asks before she sticks her thumb back in her mouth. It’s a habit she’s not broken, despite being five years old and a self proclaimed ‘big girl’.

“Naw, he twitched. I saw him.” Another pea sized rock is loaded in the pocket of his slingshot, and aimed with wicked precision. It thwacks into the pilot’s flight-suited chest and this time the man groans and limply lifts a hand which falls heavily back to his side. The ropes of his parachute creak against the branch again.

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