Lieutenant Thomas Wake
thom.jpg Wake, Thomas
LT Tactical
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Intelligence Officer
Age Sex
35 M
Hair Eyes
Black brown


Thomas Wake, was considered a Hayseed. A seeder as they call them on Aerilon. From the Corpus Demetri area of the great farm planet, the boy knew more about hunting and farming than he did much else. Schooling was done in the traditional way-through the temple and even then, only till they hit harvest. After that. Back to work.

When he hit the age of 17 he took the Colonial Aptitude Test, and scored high. His cognitive skills were flat out brilliant, enough to earn him some offers from Aerilon's prestigious university Aerilon A&M (The Fighting Aggies, home of the 4th man.) Surprising his father, by not majoring in the fields of Animal Husbandry, or Agriculture-Thomas chose the major of psychology and the study of an animal of a different sort. Man.

He excelled at what he did, earning high marks and was saet to graduate magna cum laude from Aerilon A&M, if he kept on his current course. It was during this time, that Thomas was sought out and recruited by a member of the CIB. Apparently his own scores and apptitude at his courses. Also it helped that he came from backwoods country, where if someone did go looking for his family, or digging around they'd likely find nothing more, than a county full of similar last names.

Thomas, being young, and motivated-also not wishing to go back to the farm, gladly accepted.

Upon graduation, Thomas was whisked away to Maynard's Vineyard on Caprica-there he, like other hopeful controllers and field agents was trained and indoctrinated into the brotherhood of spies and counter agents of the CIB. The training was rough at first, but Thom's mind was quick to adapt, and with all the psycology he learned in college was pushed and expanded upon as he was pushed through the courses and intensive training. Given how he could read people, and showing a natural knack for languages, Thomas was moved into the counter intelligence and counter terrorist echelons of the shadowy institution. Starting as a field Agent, Thom was immersed in several different cultures, and used to work alongside covert agents in Sagittaron, and Gemenon at the outset of his career. His main duty was to help in putting away terrorist groups, seeking to undermind the Unification of the Colonies, as well as Religious Terrorist movements.

Thom was good at his job. He could break a man or woman, quickly and dissiminate the intel needed for each case. And as for his performance in the more gristly of acts-Though the young man took no pleasure in it, he performed his duty well. It was soon common fact, that the young man could be inserted in various cultures, and he woudl blend in-and in the times that raids needed to be performed on a certain group. He could be expected to suit up and join those going in as well.

The last time however he was inserted was during the pacification of Tauron. IN which he was used as an agent against what was considered a rogue government. What he did on the planet is indeed, classified. However, once down and a known agent and controller-a respected one at that Thomas Wake, resigned quietly.

The CIB obviously kept tabs on him, and when he applied to the fleet they offered great recommendations, without really commenting on what it was that Wake did. Wake quickly went through OCS, and then took the courses and schools needed to be an intelligence officer. His focus being SIGINT. However the Navy also took note of his already valuable skills in HUMINT and used him accordingly. He was bussed out as a Lieutenant JG at the age of 30, and was present on the ground at Valos, as Intel support-though his own unique set of skills were not needed, as the President executed things with a hard hand. Afterwards he was assigned to the Frigate Royal over Virgon space. He is even credited for his hand in ending what could be called a mutiny on board, though things never got to such drastic measures, based over fleet wages and conditions. After such he was quietly shuttled off to the Battlestar Artemis, and was simply not heard of.

That is until he was contacted about NOMAD and offered on the first cruise.

He took that. And he took the second as well.

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