AWD #012: Wagers, the Old Guard and Wescott
Wagers, the Old Guard, and Wescott
Summary: A long chat between the two higher pieces of brass on Orion
Date: 18/Jan/2013 (OOC Date)
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Mess Hall - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The Crew Mess on the Orion is one of the larger rooms meant for occupation. The room is far longer than it is wide with the classic stainless steel tables that can be seen anywhere else on the ship, standard to all navy ships. Most of the chairs match, their padding on the seats worn down after several years. Towards the rear of the room is the food prep area and serving lines. During the time in between meals the Mess will serve midrats, or 'mid-shift rations', such as sandwiches and drinks. Coffee pots are left to run at all hours to keep people going as needed.
18 January 2005

Sitting at one of the table with a binder and a map, Zachary is making notes and glancing at the map on occassion. It's a navigation map of one of the Asteroid systems on closer inspection and he seems to be plotting times and durations for scans of the system. Every once in a while he pulls out a calculator to make a few equations and writes them down as well, a mug of coffee sitting nearby with a half-eaten danish.

Coming free of the line is another member of the Colonial armed forces. Dressed down in his blacks, one could easily see that he was on CIC for some small period of time. Likely serving as officer of the Watch or giving some sort of briefing. A small folder is held under a plain metallic tray that has breakfast stuff heaped upon it, while his free hand is occupied with a mug of steaming joe. The tray itself comes in for a clatter of a landing, before the big marine is easing himself down at the officer's table across from the DCAG

"Mornin' Shepherd." the Aerilon tang comes out before Beckett is taking a sip of his coffee. Eyes slide to the nearby maps and brows raise. "Getting, ready I see."

Glancing up from his map, Sheperd offers a nod. "Morning, Beckett. The danishes are stale, so stick with the muffins." the warning given, he turns his attention to the map. "Yeah, I want to make sure I have the search grids before we start groping around like a virgin in a brothel. I know the Ouranous Asteroid Belt pretty well. I think the no fly zone and mines may prove to be a tempting place for some scared drivers to park their ships and wait for rescue." he admits. "I'm putting a note out for other pilots that may have experience in the Acheron, Erebos, and Aeolus belts. It's a long term project, so I'm starting with places that might be big enough to hide several ships."

"Ain't got a stomach for Danishes." Beckett reports over the rim of his mug, before setting it down. "I can drink and smoke, eat sausages and all other manner of hell. But, not danishes." That meaty fist of his reaches for the fork, and begins coddling the eggs around before he's got himself a forkful. Once that is accomplished he's chomping down, before he's setting for fork down in favor of some salt in pepper to be liberally dispensed. "Hell, if I was a pilot I'd hide there. Likely the Cylons wouldn't come close to it- though I spect there will be some debris." Cyrus says with a look up. There, eggs and potatoes taken care of, he's reaching for his fork again.

"Hopefully we can find enough military personnel out there as well. Adding to our numbers only helps in the long game." And there, he is eating down his eggs, apparently satisfied in the taste now. "Your boys and girls ready for the sim next week?"

"My biggest worry is some scared pilot worried about basestars on his six plowing into the mine field and making things worse for anyone that's already in there." Zachary admits as he takes a draw off of his coffee. Beckett's appetite is amazing to the man, who could only scarf down a couple of eggs and some bacon and the aforementioned danish. "Takes a lot to keep a well-running machine maintained." he chuckles as he sets down his mug.

"They better be ready, I'm giving them a week to prepare - a week longer than a real attack would allow. If they get overrun in five minutes, I believe I will be very cross with them."

Beckett grunts, as that is about the extent of knowledge he has on trying to fly undetected, but still he nods. "That'd make shit hotter in a hurry." he comments idly before reaching for his Virgon muffin. "Doesn't it son?" a grin there "I'll run on this and do my reps, hit lunch and still be starving." Fine metabolism for his age, apparently.

"That's good. I have Sergeant Knox tapped to walk them through evasion tactics. Giving them a week is plenty of time for the course and practice before it is put into praxis." the marine adds on before reaching for his coffee again. "I'd be disappointed if my boys don't give them a fight. I've told them not to be light on your kids."

"I don't expect your kids to be light on them. If they lose, they need a good ass kicking to remind them of it. I've been considering a few light punishment options if they do lose, like scrubbing the Marine billets for a week or something. Live as a team, die as a team." Zachary shrugs his shoulder and nods. "Knox going to be on your side for the fight or do I get him as a resource?" A grin at that as he considers. "They may be stick jockeys and backseaters, but I have faith in them. Enough to drop a friendly wager, if you're interested."

Beckett rubs his chin for a moment. "Hadn't thought on that. Ideally, I'd like to keep him with my kids, though, likely I suspect he would be a good resource for you-specially once your simmed air would come online." he adds with a faint grin. "Lemme think on it." meaning he will likely think-then ask Knox his preference. Though at the mention of a friendly wager, brows pique. "Go on?"

"Well, if Knox is training them, gives you an unfair advantage if I give him back." Zachary grins at that as he leans back in his chair, asiding his notes as he considers the tabled subject. "Well, I was thinking, if we win.. I sure would like to hear the Marines serenade the Wings with the Alma Mata of the Air Academy." he says with a grin. "And maybe some detailing of the flight's birds."

"How much detailing?" he asks, as a brow raises up. Beckett is being cautious- or so the look might indicate. "Such as what are you looking for. I know they'll be sore enough to be singing that damned song." the grin showing is enough to show that he's only somewhat serious. "Still…if we accept that, what do you think is fair in return?"

"Maybe just a good buffing and waxing of the Raptors and Vipers of the defending pilots." Not the whole wing, thankfully. Zachary considers, and looks towards Beckett. "I saw some of the Marines drooling when I was up here baking the cakes for the Party at Charlies." he comments as he lifts a finger to his chin to tap it thoughtfully. "How long has it been since you and your kids have had a home-cooked meal?"

"I'd spect for most of em, since they first took this job. Even the halters had to come into Picon before deployment." Beckett adds, before he is taking another bite of muffin, followed by the remainder of his potatoes. Apparently he is going to chew for a moment. "Alright. Howabout this. Of the marines that participate, you and yours cook and serve. Maybe throw in the CMC Hymn at the end of the night?" A raise of his brow there.

"So, let me make sure I have it right. We win, you and yours wash and wax the birds of the winners and give us the Academy Alma Mata. You win, and we serve you a meal planetside of BBQ'd boar, fresh salad, vegetables, fresh baked bread and desserts and at the end of service, we give a CMC Hymn. Correct?" Zachary says simply, and glances towards Beckett for confirmation of the wager.

Beckett nods before he is setting down his fork. And he is offering his hand over. "Correct." a half grin there. "And I'll throw in one of my prized Scorpian cigars, just for you, Major should ya'll win." Otherwise, the Major will likely smoke it himself. At a later date.

A firm grip of Beckett's hand and a shake is from Zachary. "Agreed." he chuckles. "And I'll make you your favorite meal if you win." he adds the secondary condition, "Even if I have to get my wife to help me forage for the ingredients."

Firm grip is met by an equally firm grip and two quick pumps from the Major. "Hot damn. This'll be fun.." he adds as he releases the other officer's hand. "Hell, if I win and you're willing to forage. I'll help you. No need to burn you on your wife." he adds, before chuckling. "Mine would have skinned me, if I made her go hunting with me." Beckett adds with a sigh.

Zachary falls quiet for a few seconds. Sometimes he forgets still. "I'm sorry, Cyrus." it's offered genuinely. He knows he's one of the lucky ones. "Where was she?" The assumption that she was on one of the colonies made.

Beckett pauses for a moment, before he's chuckling softly. "Oh, it's alright, Zach. It really is." he adds with another shake of his head. Quiet for a mount he reaches for his mug. "She died some years ago, cancer." he adds with a look back to the DCAG. "We were on Aerilon then, right before that big cock up.." meaning the feud that turned into a civil war. "We didn't see it come-or I didn't..It was quick." he adds somberly for a moment. "But.." he says clearing his throat. "She was from Sagitarron, originally. Dark skinned..Beautiful.."

"Oh." Zachary says and listens to the Marine XO go on about her. "Got a pic?" he asks as he's already digging for his own wallet. "Mine's an Aquilian. Fair skinned, gorgeous blue eyes. She hated being on the ice ball though, became a dirt digger instead. Which is why she'd be fine with helping me forage for fresh vegetables and fruit, she eats that stuff up. Runs the Ag Center planetside. We're going to see about expanding it, since we're going to need a sustainable food supply sooner or later. Rats won't last forever."

"I do." he says before he is reaching back out and around to nab out his wallet. Once done, he's putting the picture on the table. "That, was taken before Aerilon." he adds with a faint grin. "Hell I look older than her..But, we were on the same age. She was a doctor when I met her.." he adds a grin there. "Retired when we had kids. Had herself a small practice off base." And then, he reaches over to view The DCAG's wife, his own photo traded for now. "Well she's a beaut. Ya'll have any kids?"

Pictures traded, Zachary grins. "Nicely done, Cyrus." he comments at the picture of the doctor. "No, no kids yet. I was going to use the tour here and then retire and start a family. All we had before that were my younger sisters and a dog." he admits. "With it all gone to crap though, she's asked to go ahead and start a family now. I don't really have a reason to say no. I mean, I understand the feeling, totally." he pauses. "Where's your kids at?" he asks, hopeful that at least one or two of them may still be alive.

"Two were on Sagitarron." Beckett answers. "My boy, he is married with kids on Picon." he adds there a faint grin given. "He bussed out of the Marines as a Gunny. I think he was serving as a Game warden or a trooper on Picon.." he adds, before shaking his head. "I think of my three, he is likely the only one left-and hopefully his wife and kids are safe." he adds. "I was going to ask that Staff Sergeant if she knew a Luke Beckett, but I thought against it…No need to do that to myself, or make her feel guilty for not known' him or any stupid shit like that." The marine shrugs. "They are a blessing and a curse."

"Eden's ten years younger than I am. So she's finnally feeling the need for a family, this just spurred it on." Zachary says. "If you want to check when we return there, I can try to swing the flight over the perserve, if you know where it's at. I'd like to have answers for someone at least. Everyone that's asked me so far, it feels so helpless just to say I don't know."

"I wouldn't mind checking, or if they have me surveying you could check with someone.." He asks of Zach quietly. "I figure that when we're down there, I'll likely be looking at the situation to determine if we can help the ground efforts." Hell taking back Picon would be a step in the right direction. a BIG step. There's a look back over to the pilot and Beckett offers his own tired grin. "I understand you.." he offers out in his soft Aerilon drawl. "But, it's alright to not have answers. Hell I'd almost expect it. But you know what-you can tell them there's hope, because you've seen the conditions. That's better than shit."

Through the people in and out is the auburn-haired deckie in the orange jumpsuit. The uniform looks a bit cleaner than it has in the past few days and her boots even look to have gotten a bit of a shine. She isn't quite smiling, but she isn't looking sad or withdrawn anymore. The gal heads for the line and just snags out a hotdog and a big cup of bug juice with her silverware.

"Agreed. PO Wescott came to me a while back and I shared what I knew on Picon. Thought it would cheer her up, instead I think it just upset her more." Zachary says with a shrug, and then considers. "Say, Cyrus? Have you given out any accolades from the extraction at Avery Hall?" he asks as he considers the Major. The two pieces of brass are sitting at a table together, a map of one of the asteroid belts set out with question marks drawn in the no fly zone and a few notes 'Check here first'. 'Active Pinging'? 'Check Civilian Emergency Bands'. 'Beware the Mines'."

"Anyway, I wanted to talk to you about one of your men. McBride? He saved our asses on the ground during the load up, for sure." he comments to Beckett. "Knocked down a flier with a missile launcher. Damnest thing I ever saw, but I was a sitting duck during the load up. If you haven't yet, can you put him in for at least a Fleet Achievement Medal?"

Beckett shrugs. "You never know how it'll go down when you tell folks stuff." he adds, before he is looking back towards Zachary. "Negative." meaning he has not yet. "I plan to at our next briefing. We'll keep it quick, as I want to make sure to give out a few things." And then he is looking back his food. " Bearstar?" yes, he just used Bear's full name. "I know him, A Sergeant. Heavy weeps." he adds around a mouthful of food. There's a glance up, before he is nodding. "I can." he adds after a gulp. "I figure he earned it..I didn't see the shot, but I did catch the after effects." a grin there.

You hear your name, you tend to zero in on the speaker. People are just vain like that. Kelsey is passing by the table when she hears that and she slows and stops by the two men. She clears her throat and nods to the two officers, but focuses on Zachary. No anger, not any fear either. The gal just waits to be recognized, but her eyes drift to the map and lingers there with some interest.

"You missed it then. It was a beautiful bloom of doom." Zachary chuckles, and then there's a young woman clearing her throat and the DCAG glances up. "Speak of someone and they show up. We should set our sights higher next time, Cyrus." the Major offers in amusement. "Afternoon, Wescott." he offers to the Petty Officer.

"I saw her the time I was more or less focused with what seemed like a platoon of centurions coming up our backside." the Major says with a laugh. Only then does he look over towards the PO who has shown right up. There's a brief raise of brows to the girl, before he is nodding slightly. "Sometimes, you can summon a devil, by thinking' it." Beckett muses.

Kelsey nods to Zachary in reply. "Hello, sir. I was just passing by and heard what you said." She wets her lips and looks to Beckett, then back to Zachary. "Sir, I just wanted you to know that hearing that did more for me than I could possibly explain. My home is fighting, sir. There's hope my family and daughter might still be alive someplace. I- I wasn't too healthy. I was not dealing with this all well. Maybe my family is gone, but I'm going to side with hope. You gave me more than can be properly explained, sir." And there, as she finishes, Kelsey smiles. For the first time in a long time, it returns and its warmly genuine. "Away from our discussion the other day, thank you very much for that Raptor ride, sir." A glance to Beckett and she says primly, "That is not the worst thing I have ever been likened to, but I have heard that before, sir." And there's even some humor with it.

"Good to know, Petty Officer." Zachary is still neutral with the woman, but doesn't use the kid gloves that she may have been used to with other officers in his situation. "And the offer is still there. You want to learn the seat, you do it the right way. I was hoping that what happened the other day over Piraeus would be a learning experience for you." he points out to her.

And then his attention returns to Beckett. "Next time I should try for that one girl.. you know, the burlesque dancer that was in the Morale Service? She always travelled with that comedian that reminded me of a weasel and made jokes about all the girls he hit the sack with." he shrugs his shoulders. "Not that it matters either way, I could go for a whole string of those stupid jokes just to know that this was all a bad dream."

Beckett snorts. "I don't know you well enough to classify you as anything PO." And he's looking back to the Major for a grin. "The feller with the squeaky voice?" trying to place the comedian will be hard for Beckett, but then he is shrugging his shoulders. "But I know you you're talking about.." the dancer. "Morale Morales, I believe…" or so the nickname was. And therm he is glancing back to Kelsey. "You wantin' to fly?"

"Thank you, sir." Kelsey glances to the map again and stares at it. "I didn't turn in the books, sir. I have them, still." A long breath is taken and she looks at Zachary. "I've thought about it. No decisions yet, Major. I have a job on the Deck that I need to make sure I'm doing. I've lost time away and need to reprove my place. Once I have done that, I'll look back into the books, sir. But my priorities need to be with what I'm tasked with right now, not what I might be." She clears her throat. "If I miss your deadline, that's on me, sir. I expect no quarter given. But I appreciate the opportunity, Major." Her gaze then turns back to Beckett and she bites her lip for a second. "I'm not positive, sir. Maybe. My life was a carefully planned set of goals. I'd started to learn before the bombs fell as sort of an extracurricular exercise. My brain is still settling and if I do decide I want to start, I prefer to go into it ready and committed. Major Shepard has made it clear that if I want it, I need to want it. And I don't like failure, sir."

"As long as you understand the rules and the guidelines." Zachary says and then notes Wescott's lunch. His nose wrinkles in mild disgust as he gestures towards the hot dog. "You know what's in there right. By-products. Things like lips and stomachs and tongues and stuff." he makes a face at it. "Should have gone with the soup."

He nods towards Beckett. "That's her. And her comedian, Wilcox Willie or something like that." he shrugs. "I heard we have a few singers and dancers on board, but one of them bought it at Avery."

Beckett is quiet as he watches the exchange with Zachary, before he is looking back towards Kelsey. "Well PO. Believe it or not, failure is part of the game. If you don't fail, you never learn. So I wouldn't be too hard on myself. It's the ability to pick ones self up from failure-that's what defines an officer and a man or woman of the Colonial Military." A glance back towards Zachary before he is nodding. "That's that franker." he adds before he is shaking his head. "We did." And he slides his tray away, carefully.

"Cervantes, Madeline. One of my LC's. One of our JTACs." and there he is rubbing his jaw. "Too frakkin' young."

"I do, sir. If I do get time and I can find someone willing to volunteer, could I sit in the sims again? Major Duke took me up once in the sims and also for an incentive ride in a Predator. I'd like a chance to see if I can apply what I've studied in the past, sir." The rest gets a smirk as she looks at her tray. "And hooves, too, sir. I grew up with a bunch of cowboys. Spent some time eatin stuff like this that was rolled in dirt, too. Soup doesn't travel well." Her eyes drift back to Beckett and she nods. "Aye, sir. I've messed up pretty badly in my life so far, but I've worked to make it positive and productive. Like my dad says, 'Nothin in life worth doing is easy. If its easy, it ain't worth braggin about.'" The mention of Madeline has her look away, though, towards an empty seat.

"Get me your schedule of when you have free time, I'll see what I can do. But I will tell you this.." Zachary says, gesturing to the map. "I have a cubic ton of duties and things going on right now. I will not be able to hold your hand like Bumper did. Or offer to pay for an education. Or offer gifts that border on frat." There's a distinct frown at the rumors he has heard of the past DCAG's behavior. "The first thing I want you to do is find a mentor. I'd suggest one of the ECO officers, if that's what you want to do. Booboo is the most experienced, but Milkshake would probably be the most patient with you. Get one of them on board, and I'll let them handle you getting trained up." he comments. As the talk turns to Madeline, he doesn't know the girl from any other girl in the ranks. "Right, the one that did those commercials." he shrugs. "Sorry for the loss. Anyway, what I was getting at was that maybe we should consider letting them set up a little something to raise morale around the boat. Thought I doubt that big breasted doc down in medical would replace Morale Morales."

"The drunk one, or the other one with tits?" Leave it to Beckett to describe thing in the basest terms. Still, there's a chuckle before he is taking a sip of his coffee. A glance given over towards Wescott. "There you have it PO. You want that shit-you better get it." a glance though is spied further on in the room, and he's gathering his things up onto his tray. "Otherwise, that opportunity is likely to be frakkin' fleeting."

Kelsey purses her lips at the mention of the education and gifts. "I told Major Duke I did not want his offers of an education for myself or my daughter paid-for. I was raised better than that, sir. I have not worn his gifts, either." There is a defiant pride there. "If I wanted hand-outs I could have stayed home and applied for social care." Harumph. "But I will see about what you've suggested, sir. Thank you." Annnd discussion of boobs. Men. "I hear the drunk one has the best set on the ship. She should be pretty happy about that. Don't know why she boozes, sirs. Doesn't make sense to me." A shrug. That's mostly said to both of them.

"They aren't one in the same?" Zachary asks with a lift of his brow and then he shakes his head. "And just because they're the biggest, doesn't mean they're the best, Wescott. They could sag down to her knees when she's not crossing her heart." A cough at that as he raises up and starts to roll up his maps. "I need to get ready for a CAP. And then I'm going planetside. Eden wants me to come with her to check for a good location for expanding an Ag Farm. I'll see you around, Cyrus. Kelsey." See, he used her first name.

Beckett shrugs. "I haven't gone comparing, really." Beckett adds. "I see the ones I like, and I don't see the others." Which is a round about way to say that he goes around, but not overtly looking like some horned up corporal. "Or-" and the other major is jumping in on this. "You poke one with a pin and water'll come screaming out." a snort there, be is looking back towards the DCAG and he offers a brief nod. "Later, Zach." now on first name terms with the Air Wing Major. Score.

"Sir, you're talkin to a lady who has already had a kid. Don't have to tell me. Its a daily battle. Respect the girls or they'll let themselves down before their time." Kelsey is usually miss prim, right? She just nods with it, but the mention of her first name gets a brighter smile. "Be safe, Major Shepard." The remark about the pin gets an amused snort. She looks back to the Marine. "I'll get out of your hair if you like, sir. Kinda wanna scarf this down."

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