AWD #390: Wade Through
Wade Through
Summary: Medical gets an isolation room set up for Lleufer Ynyr and relocates him. Ynyr realizes he has to wade through recent events if he ever wants out.
Date: 16/07/2016 (OOC Date)
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Ariadne Lleufer 
Padded Isolation Cell
A small office on Deck 1 converted for emergency patient isolation, the walls have literally been padded. Medical staff and Deck have done the best they could on short notice. There is a window but as is standard on a Battlestar, it is nearly unbreakable safety glass. Outside of it a vid screen has been set up. Inside a plain cot with no bedding is bolted to the floor. A small table with two side benches is likewise bolted to the floor.
Tue Jan 31 16:04:20 2006

The isolation chamber has been setup gods know where and Ariadne has made it her new place of work for the time being. Unless there's an emergency like someone has gotten shot in the head, suddenly grew tumors on the back of their optic nerve, their back has been crunched by the loving hands of a centurion, or, gods forbid, someone else has a serious mental episode, Ariadne is /here/. The room is big enough for the furniture that's been bolted down within. There's a cot without a matress or sheets. The medical staff has to escort him to and from the bathroom, but it isn't that far away and apparently he's still on the Orion. There are the familiar trimmings, but Lleu has been allowed privacy throughout the process. When he wakes, he's free from his restraints and the sedation drugs have completely worn off by now. He should wake with some anti-anxiety meds coursing through his veins and an IV bag with clear fluid. Ariadne is sitting in the corner, leaning back against the white wall, a small pile of mags and a short stack of books at her feet. This. This certainly is nothing like the brig. She's brought in a foam cup for her tea and there is another cup with what looks like to be two trays of food from the mess hall of the latest meal. Her hands are resting gently in her lap, fingers wrapped around her cup as it steams upwards. Medical staff can be seen through the window on the door, watching, ready, grumbling at how much risk Ari has put herself in. The lights have been caged and recessed with shatterproof bulbs. The room is certainly well above Lleufer's head were he to stand up. Thankfully, the temperature seems well controlled.

Finally, they have let him up from that Gods awful confinement to the medical bed. Sergeant Lleufer Ynyr has been real quiet all these years about his claustrophobia and NEVER mentioned it to anyone for fear it might disqualify him from serving in the CMC. When he's been on Raptors he can suck it up for short periods. Other Marines and other people in there with him. Shiplife took getting used to and so, all these years it's never been a serious problem. Not until they strapped him down hand and foot to a bed and then, then he really started to sweat it.

The anxiety will have seem him tear his wrists up and bruise his ankles, trying to fight the straps by turns until the skin around his hands was getting ripped clean off. Bandages around his wrists and upper hands will deal with that problem now, but the important thing is he didn't get free of the restraints, despite his efforts yesterday.

Now he sits up on the cot and just looks around the room he's been put into. One shatterproof window, thank the Gods. Doctor Forrester is in here with him and Ynyr can finally draw a slow, deep breath and try to chill out. Maybe anti-anxiety drugs help now the sedation is wearing off.

Dr. Forrester has taken carefully timed cat naps since this whole ordeal began, slipping off always nearby enough to be roused and be right there in case of emergency. Dedication? She certainly doesn't falter, but then Sam has given her leave to clear everything for this. She straightens up a little when she hears some shifting coming from the bed. "Hey. I got us some food if you're feeling hungry." She hasn't talked about the note found in his pocket since that first time. She doesn't yet move from her spot though.

Lleufer looks at her, looks around the small room, takes in the details of the bolted down furniture. The first thing he does is causually reach over and rip out the needle stuck in his arm. Nope, not having that IV, thanks. Bye-bye. It bleeds a little at his forearm but Ynyr ignores it. "A padded room? Really? I'm downgraded to nutcase and put into solitary confinement?" But apparently without a straight jacket, thankfully.

Food. Lleufer gets up and walks on over to where Ariadne is sitting just a few steps away and he'll take a seat. Probably a bench at the small table, not a chair he could move around. He looks at her as if expecting some answer, interlacing the fingers of his hands that rest lightly on the table.

Ariadne listens to Lleufer's questions stonefaced and solemn. "You attacked someone, resisted detainment, and are clearly a danger to yourself and others. Would you have rather been thrown in the brig and been downgraded to a criminal?" she finally says calmly once he sits down. "There's protocol for for everything," she says with a tilt of her head as if she already expects him to know that. "I didn't want you to be sent off to the Kildare." She leans to the side to knock on the door. It opens. "Can you grab the IV bag please? Sergeant Ynyr is finished with it now. Water from now on when he needs it." Then she turns back to her patient, giving him the floor again.

The Marine scowls, "I was -provoked- by the same man who attacked myself recently. And of course I resisted, and resent, being dragged back here from Piraeus." Though he also at least half expected it. "At least if I was in the brig I'd have a better sense of what is going on. I am military police." Or hw was. Ariadne gets a blink out of him, "The Kildare?" What's that? Whoever comes in to fetch the IV gets an up nod from Lleu in thanks for removing it. "Bandaid would be all right." For his arm. He looks at the table to see what's on the trays and reaches over for one of them, as well as utensils if there are any.

"The Kildare is the fleet's hospital ship. It's where I transferred from." Ariadne nods to the man who retrieves the IV and he returns about a half a minute later with a bandaid and fresh half of a cotton ball. "Hold still," the man says firmly, though he's rather quick and stealthy about getting Lleufer's IV wound taken care of. Then he's out the door again like a superhero waiting for every signal. Again, she leaves them both in silence until she says softly, "This isn't about your fight Lleufer. This is about your apparent suicide note."

Lleufer doesn't give any trouble about the swab and the bandaid, "Thanks." When the medical assistant is gone, Ynyr picks a little at the food, not sure if wants any of it or not. A faint nod about the Kildare and a thinning of his mouth. Until she mentions the note. He stops moving, pale grey eyes to flick up to Ariadne's face, then away. He shifts his jaw and is silent. A long pause of that. Then he licks his lips and says low, "I thought it best."

"You didn't even wait till after my nap Lleufer," Ariadne holds a faint wistful half-smile at her lips before the weariness sweeps them away. "In your letter, you mentioned that you transferred sensitive information to an eleven? My understanding is that projection takes from its base word. That they are merely projecting, I'm not thinking of a better word right now," she warns as if he can bet it won't change either, "what they want to your mind?"

Her nap? Vague confusion registers but nothing else. Lleu meets her eyes for a moment before he idly glances over the room. He had been messing with the food but now he isn't. He pushes the tray aside, no longer wanting it. A soft sigh before he says low, "I don't know." Ynyr looks back at her, "Doctor Nadir seems to think they can read us just as easily, if they touch us. She said she thinks Naomi could have read anything off of me, then shared it with her line .. and Gods know what others, when she downloaded." His throat is a little tight. Lleu swallows and licks his lips again, dropping his gaze to his hands. "I came to trust her, when I never should have."

"We have found no evidence to support that theory," Ariadne frowns slightly. She never breaks his gaze. "Even if we did have the slightest shred of evidence, there's nothing to suggest that Naomi would even know if she had, so trust her?" She reaches up to tuck some stray wisps behind her ear. She hasn't touched her food either yet. She tries to keep her tones even but there's a tenderness to her that she can't eradicate which has nothing to do with pity, though misinterpretations have been made before. "Maybe she deserved your trust regardless."

A muscle in Lleu's jaw tics, on the right side. He's watching Ariadne very closely. "Then … -why- would Doc Nadir tell me I had, if you really don't think that's likely? She made it sound like maybe I had done something really horrible." Ynyr breaks his gaze with Ariadne and is a little stressed again, brittle. "I trusted Samtara. Thought Nadir was my friend. Why would she do that?" A faint negative movement of his head and Lleu lifts a hand to rub his brow, "Shackleton, he's always on me about … sleeping with the enemy. That I'm some kind of traiter to humanity. Then Doc Nadir that that and …" Things just clicked. Suddenly it was real.

"You'll have to ask her that, but if I had to bet, she miscommunicated. It seems like to me she probably was thinking of the theory while she was communicating it and realizing possible implications all at once." Ariadne seems calm as ever. She shrugs. "She is your friend. She's been working non-stop for your well-being.-That guy sees the world in black and white. He doesn't like you, so he's going to pick at anything he can to get into your head. "

Lleufer shakes his head just a little, negatively. Trying to grasp things, make sense. "That's why I lost my temper and went after Shackleton. Always goading me. He sucker punched me in the library, a real solid hit that put me down. I don't like to feel helpless. I'm supposed to be a Gods damn Marine, and MP!" Yeah, some anger there, "And then it happened /again/ at the bar. This time I tried to punch him, but him and Sam dropped me, easy as you please. Everything's been like that lately, Doc. Frak'n up, can't even defend myself in a fist fight for God's sakes. Shot up like dumb ass piece of meat on a couple of missions in a row, and even screwed up our Killhouse exercise with Captain Ommanney." Lleu rubs a hand over his face, feeling like a pretty lousy frak up and what? He maybe screwed up his understanding of what Nadir had said to him too?

"You aren't helpless when you're in control. There's power in that which can't be stripped by winning or losing. In the meantime, Captain Saint Clair and the Six who calls himself Knox have both expressed interest in visiting with you." To put things mildly. Ariadne pushes up from her spot and says, "If you don't wish to take any visitors I'll keep them away. As far as they know you simply got your own private room," which in a way, he has. "After having to be sedated after a fist fight at Charlie's." She keeps his gaze as she reaches for the door, meaningful, she won't betray his real reason for being here frivolously. "I'll let you have some privacy and I'll be back later." Lleufer will find that Ariadne has gone to the Marines' Barracks to gather up some materials with which to keep himself occupied. After she leaves, she dims the lights so he can read or go to sleep without the light blaring in his eyes, should he wish to.

Ynyr doesn't say anything to that. He still looks pretty tired and miserable, tense, but trying to sort shit out. Doesn't trust her. Hell, he doesn't much trust anything right now. Certainly not himself. He'll sit at the table and eat a little of the food and pour himself some tea, then try to sleep. Time enough tomorrow to get bored and look at the various materials they have allowed him, and time to think about whether or not he is up to facing either Bennett or Knox. Gods help him.

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