AWD #043: Visiting the Janitor
Visiting the Janitor
Summary: Cole recovers. Various gawkers come in to wish him reasonably well.
Date: 18/02/2013 (OOC Date)
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Cole Iphigenia Phin 
Recovery Ward — Deck 3 — Battlestar Orion
About half the size of the Medical Center, the Recovery Ward has fewer beds to allow space for those who are going through recovery. Rather than the drab gray of most of the center, the walls in here have been done in a neutral creme color. The beds are a little thicker and the blankets are actually present. There are a few clocks and the only other decoration are a couple of flatscreens that show muted movies from the ship's library. A couple stacks of old magazines are available near the door for nurses to pass around, too.
Mon Feb 18

Phin strolls into Sickbay, magazine in one hand. So he comes bearing gifts, if very modest and really out-of-date ones. He stops to chat with a nurse, and is shown back to wherever Cole is caged.

The recovery ward lacks the hustle of the main bay, but not the bustle. At least things are quiet in here, just the muted beeps of the monitors and the quiet conversation of nurses and doctors as they make their rounds to their various patients. The little curtained section that Cole is in means he's no longer in critical condition, and visitors are allowed to linger judging by the pair of chairs that are next to his bedside. One looks recently abandoned, with a blanket shirked off and hung over the back. Ari is awake, but just staring at the bulkhead.

"Hey, Janitor," Phin says, when he nears the man's bed, so his presence won't be a shock. The greeting is somewhat tentative. He's not sure how drugged up the older pilot still is.

The answer is: VERY. Ari tilts his head slightly, looking like he's just come to from another round of blissful blackness and is disappointed at being awake. He hasn't been shaved yet, and his hair is looking a little shaggy around the bandage that encircles his forehead. "Max Powah," is said with little enthusiasm, but he does lift an IV stinted hand for a fist bump.

"I haven't quite gotten that one to stick yet," Phin says wry, making a fist and bumping Cole's. He offers the other man the magazine. It's the 'latest' (pre-holocaust of humanity) issue of Muses, a Caprican music/pop culture mag. This one features a cover story on a tattooed pop starlet that's not quite 'men's' magazine level, but close enough. It also promises a (no doubt very sad attempt to be hip) interview with President Adar, and a story on the rise of Scorpian dubstep. "Thought you might be getting bored. Y'know, if you want it."

Ari mms noncommittally, but takes the magazine and lays it on his bare chest. Over the edge of the blanket that's been pulled up to his armpits, there are thick green bruises criss-crossing his tattooed skin. "As soon as I can stop seeing double, I'll give it a read. Unless your brother is here with you."

Phin takes a seat, flipping the chair around so he can sit on it backwards. Arms folded on the back of it. He snorts a laugh. "Nope. Just one of me at the moment, man. Sorry to say. You're just frakked up." It's said with a half-smile, though. "There anything you do want us to bring you? From the berths or whatever?"

There's a coarse laugh from Ari, "Sounds about par for the course. But really, stop sugar coating it." He tries once to prop himself up by his own accord, but then has to opt for the mechanical aid of the bed by hitting a button that does it for him. "You mean all my belongings haven't already been pieced out to the highest bidder?"

"Nope. Major Sheperd and Storm kept insisting you were coming back." How sure Phin was about that was unclear. "Should all be where you left it. Mostly. Some assholes might've raided it for porn or whatever." He's probably joking. Probably.

Iphigenia arrives from the Sickbay.

"Man, I bet they were sorely disappointed." Cole has recently woken up since Iphigenia went to the Head, and for once since coming back on board the Orion, he actually seems a little bit lucid. He's in a slightly seated position, by benefit of the bed's incline. Phin occupies one chair, but the other that was housing a sleeping priestess is where she left it. "I'm fine. Don't want anything, thanks though." Ari doesn't ask for a single creature comfort from his bunk, but then again, Janitor's bunk was always pretty devoid of those sort of things.

Phin is sitting backwards in his chair, legs over the side, arms folded on the top of it. "OK. Cool. Holler if you change your mind." A pause and he says, "Storm's been heading up the Strikes since you were out. He's keeping things together so…no worries, y'know?"

Gen spent the night in the recovery ward. She's taken brief breaks to freshen up and see to rounds, but any other time, she could be found sleeping or praying in a chair next to the captain's bed. She walks in to spot the new arrival, and favors him with a tired smile. "Hello, Phin. Glad to see you again." She moves to resume her seat, picking up the book that she'd been reading while keeping vigil. Perhaps surprisingly, it's not a copy of the Sacred Scrolls.

"She's like this shadow. If shadows could look both concerned and disapproving at the same time." Ari says to Phin without a trace of humor in his voice before he tries to rewet his lips with an equally dry tongue. "Water." He requests of Iphigenia without so much as a pretty please with the request.

Phin flits a look at Iphigenia's book. He brought Cole a magazine, a Caprican pop culture/music rag called Muses. The 'latest' issue from just before the destruction of humanity. Not that anyone prepared anything special in honor of it, judging from the cover with the tatted up pop starlet, and the cover promising a story on Scorpian dubstep. Among other things. "Hey, Sister. How's he doing?" Theoretically she'll be a more reliable source of this answer than Cole himself.

"Is wet." Iphigenia finishes smoothly for Ari, adding, "I told you before, if you want me to leave, I shall. But I have leave to keep vigil while you're in recovery unless you'd have otherwise." Iphigenia's book is actually a classic Virgon gothic novel, of the sort involving dark mansions set on fire by crazy hidden wives while lovelorn governesses wander about the equally dark moors catching chills. She looks then to Phin, giving him a small as she turns to pour the demanded water. "His infection is clearing up and they'v replaced the stitching on his forehead, which you can see. He could use a shave, though."

"I could use more Morpha." Ari tacks on to the end, making no mention of whether he wants Iphigenia here or not. He's not outright telling her to leave, but nor is he asking her to stay. Somewhere in the middle must lay the truth, but perhaps his brain is too cloudy to search for it. He lifts his dominant right hand making a gimme motion with his fingers, the bandage on his bicep wrinkling with the effort.

Phin switches a look between Iphigenia and Cole. Brows going up. But he's certainly not going to ask about whatever's going on there. He also has no comment on Cole's request for morpha. "You…must be pretty tired, man," he says. "I'll see you later. Glad you're back." That he means. "Uh, Sister, you still keeping like regular office hours? I had, like, some questions I wanted to run by you." That was vague and somewhat awkward.

"That's something you need to request from the nurse, not me." Gen replies smoothly. The water is placed, with a straw, in Cole's hand, and she seems at ease with Cole's curt demeanor. Looking up to Phin, she says promptly, "I'm not just now, but I'll gladly make time for you, Ensign McBride. Drop your available time in the next day or two over at the CMES admin office and we'll talk."

Cole shifts to try and drink from the glass, missing the straw on the first and second pass but is finally able to trap it between his lips on the third. Depth perception is a bitch. He drinks greedily, and doesn't stop until the rattling noise of insufficient suction occurs at the bottom of the cup. "It's perfectly normal. Happens to all men." Ari reassures Phin glibly, of course not knowing to what he young Ensign is referring to so vaguely.

"It's not, like, a formal question or anything," Phin says quickly. "I was just, like, curious about some kind of academic theological stuff. I guess. Kind of." In any case. "Doesn't have to be soon. But, yeah, I'll drop something by. Cool." Cole's 'assurance' gets a snort and eyeroll from him. "You're still kind of an asshole. You know that?" It's mostly fond. "Later, man." He raises his fist again, for parting bumping.

There is another 'mmm' from Cole, but certainly at least that statement is undeniable, especially currently. His cup wielding hand lifts to knock knuckles against Phin's. "Fly true, Max." Ari rests back against the pillows, requesting as the younger pilot leaves. "Close the curtain behind you, will you?"

"At your leisure." Iphigenia says easily to Phin. She does crack a faint smile, causing one corner of her mouth to lift. "So, so true." she murmurs, giving the young man a nod.

Phin offers Iphigenia a respectful parting nod, and bails. Closing the curtain behind him as requested.

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