AWD #043: Visiting Hours Are 9 to 5
Visiting Hours Are 9 to 5
Summary: Cole receives visitors inquiring after his health; Iphigenia's vigil is disrupted in a most unexpected way.
Date: 18/02/2013
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Recovery Ward
About half the size of the Medical Center, the Recovery Ward has fewer beds to allow space for those who are going through recovery. Rather than the drab gray of most of the center, the walls in here have been done in a neutral creme color. The beds are a little thicker and the blankets are actually present. There are a few clocks and the only other decoration are a couple of flatscreens that show muted movies from the ship's library. A couple stacks of old magazines are available near the door for nurses to pass around, too.
AWD #43

When the curtain goes sailing closed on the rails, Ari waits until the material settles fully before his glassy eyes shift to Iphigenia's face. With a little effort, he sets the cup aside on the tray and nudges it out of the way. "Will you come here. Please." The last word is almost too difficult to form, but he shifts aside his thigh to indicate he'd like her to sit on the edge of the bed.

There's a pause as she marks the page in her book by bending a corner before setting it to the side. Rising from her seat, she moves to sit on the bed where indicated. She regards him attentively, but not fawningly; studying his face with a solemn expression, she murmurs, "I'm here."

Zachary arrives from the Sickbay.

When the priestess' weight makes a divot of the mattress, there is a long exhale from the pilot. Then, without a spec of warning, he moves faster than he should be able to given his condition. His hand flies to her throat with a squeeze of fingers, and with a roll of his weight he's dragging her over the top of him to crush her between his chest and the safety railing on the opposing side. His IV line is stretched, and the monitor connected to his heart rate beeps a little faster. "I hate you." He hisses at the woman, probably not heard past the curtain he asked Phin to close just prior to his departure. With that little confession made, his lips come pressing down hard on Iphigenia's.

There's a slight gasp of breath when he grabs her by the throat, and hisses his declaration to her. There are two elements are play here, the part of Iphigenia that knows, via her training that he's taking everything ugly about what he's experienced and putting it on her because he knows she'll carry it and this is just acting out, but there's the id, responding to that brutal crush of lips. Indulged for perhaps three long, insane, heart-pounding seconds before she tries to pull away.

The footfalls may announce the coming of the rounds, but the brief shadow that falls upon the curtain before it's pulled aside announces that Cole indeed has another visitor. "Ari, sorry I've taken a while to get down here, I had to file the reports and run a sim this morning and wanted to make sure you had a proper get well basket." the CAG offers as Zachary slips into the area.

It's cookies. Sugar cookies, shaped like various cleaning instruments. Mops, brooms, buckets, sponges, and in the middle is a cookie decorated up to look like a janitory with a 'Wet Floor' sign that instead reads 'Get Well Soon'. He glances in, and notices that Cole has company. "Sister Arden." he offers, no comment given on what he may or may not have seen as he moves to set the basket down next to the bed. "If you require privacy, I can gladly return later." He's been married for a while, he gets it. Really.

Kelsey arrives from the Sickbay.

Cassie arrives from the Sickbay.

Iphigenia will likely have to do an indecent scrambling to get out of the position he's put her in, but Cole doesn't stop the priestess from retreating. He stays in that position on his side, his sweat dampened forehead pressed into the pillow and one injured arm layered on top of the other. "I hate the way I thought about you every day on that godsforsaken planet. I hate the way the weight of that shell on my chest gave me hope. I hate the way your lips…" The curtains part, and Zachary's voice carries through the void. A sigh. "Come in." The resigned man mutters at his pillow.

Another person comes in although this one holds off on saying anything at first, taking time to look and see if Cole's up for visitors. He seems like he's out of it, making Cassie feel bad for having come. Maybe she should have waited a couple more days. Positioning herself near the others without being intrusive, or so she hopes. The recent rescuee is given a nod but she remains quiet, giving him or someone else the chance to frak off if they would rather she come back some other time.

Iphigenia is sitting on Cole's bed. The angle is awkward, like she was just leaning on the bed with Cole, her hair is mussed, and her eyes are a bit wild, lips parting as Cole speaks. Those eyes lift to process the new arrival, and she swallows, lifting her chin and with great effort and hundreds of years of breeding to carry her, lifts her chin and allows a calm, if not precisely serene repose to cross her face.

After setting down the basket of frosted sugar cookies (for the late comers, they're shaped like various janitor tools with a single 'Wet Floor' sign redecorated to read 'Get Well Soon'), Zachary smiles faintly at the pair. "Well, hopefully you will be back on your feet and back on the flight line soon." Again, decorum and posture are well kept and he only offers a warm smile to Iphigenia. "As promised, one Captain Cole, returned a little worse for the wear. Make sure you thank Milkshake and Centerfold, they handled the ex-fil. Though Centerfold will probably be in here shortly, apparently she went to tangle with Lieutenant Garrido and it went poorly."

Kelsey is still in her flightsuit from earlier, but the arms are tied around her hips. This is probably a new look for her to Mister Cole. She saunters in, all smiles, with something wrapped in an official navy napkin. She comes to the edge of the bed just by Zach and looks over to the cookies. She frowns and glances up to the Major, then back to Cole. "Oh Captain, my Captain," she greets. "Your timing for vacation was atrocious. While you were gone, some crazed fool gave me a flightsuit."

Cole rolls back over onto the mattress, blinking at the ceiling a second before he pulls a hand down his scruffy face. A bit of a smile is forced to his features, but it's clearly a hard thing to muster. Maybe it's all the delicious medication he's on. "Can't wait to get back into the cockpit, sir." Cole says flatly, no enthusiasm coloring the words. He jabs a finger at the button that raises his head a notch or two more, stealing a glance to Iphigenia not unlike a guilty teenager. "Well. There goes the neighborhood." Is offered to Kelsey, his words sounding lighter and then he sees Cassie lurking. "Is that Milkshake doing CAP patterns back there?"

"Nope, hate to disappoint, sir. It's just me." A step or three brings her closer, her expression softening further. "Just wanted to come by, see how you're doing." The sister is given a fond smile which is then given to Zach and Kelsey, the way she does so speaking volumes of how relieved she is. "Dude. Just don't pull that shit again, huh? You had people beside themselves with worry. You've been missed."

Iphigenia silently gets off the bed, and moves to sit in the chair she's been sitting vigil in all night long. Without a word, she opens the novel she's been reading, but if the words are actually making sense to her at the moment, it would be a miracle. Still, she does her best to fade into the background, save to suggest to everyone, "Not too long, please. He needs to rest." in a soft voice before adding to Zachary, "They'll both be in my prayers of thanks."

"I just wanted to drop this off. I'll talk to him later." Zachary says, and offers a nod of his head. "You as well, Sister. You should get some rest as well." he comments before he turns. "By the way, Cassiopeia goes by Shoes now. And your callsign for me stuck. Congrats." he says as he turns to make his way out.

Kelsey nods slowly to agree with Cassie. "Seriously, sir. I'm going through OCS and I honestly don't think I can have a proper appreciation for officership without your sage opinions on fraternization. So the next time you want to take off, you should probably sign a couple forms first and get permission from me." Nodnod! She flashes him a thumbs up and settles the cookies with Zach's. He might recognize the donation. "I'll leave you be, though. Gotta fly tomorrow. Woo! Get better, Cap!" Kelsey -MWAH!-'s her hand and waves it off to Cole before turning to go.

Zachary leaves, heading toward the Sickbay [SB].

Zachary arrives from the Sickbay.

"The minute I'm cleared for solids, I'm devouring those." Janitor says of the little sanitation-esque cookies, and no doubt a nod to whatever Kelsey adds to the pile though he can't quite see what those are given their wrapping. "I think I forgot what food tastes like, that doesn't have that metallic can taste to it. Thank you. All. Really." He doesn't mean to sound ungrateful with his lack of enthusiasm, he just seems a bit…dull.

"Right, Sister. I'll leave Cole be and drop by sometime tomorrow or the day after." Cassie reaches out, gently pats Janitor's arm and then reaches out, this time going to tussle Kelsey's hair. "We should catch up sometime soon, Wescott. Been forever since we last chatted. Anyhow, take care, all. Cole, feel better soon. Sir, Sister." A polite dip of her chin is made with before she tucks herself between two bodies so she can let their friend rest.

Kelsey leaves, heading toward the Sickbay [SB].

"Come on, Shoes, you can help me check on Centerfold and maybe get her to explain why she tried to fight the DCO." Zachary says, grabbing Cassie's arm to drag her off. "I'll explain the other reasons why when you're older."

Cassie awws. "Alright, daaaad," she playwhines before letting herself be led off.

Iphigenia offers faint, kindly smiles to those departing, murmuring farewells. She watches Cole sidelong as they depart, before closing the book and letting it rest in her lap.

Zachary leaves, heading toward the Sickbay [SB].

Cassie leaves, heading toward the Sickbay [SB].

As everyone leaves, Cole rolls back over, pointedly away from Iphigenia. "NURSE." He calls as loudly as his lungs will allow him to bellow. "MORPHA GODSDAMMIT." His eyes close, willing the warmth of the blackness to return.

His holler makes her flinch, but she turns her head to watch him. "I'll call her." she says softly, her hand moving to reach for the button. She seems to be waiting for something. For him to tell her to leave.

Nothing more comes from Ari, no muttered apology or explanation nor any acknowledgement further given to the priestess or the nurse when she flutters in, checks his chart, and administers his next does of pain killers. Much the same way the day started is how it ends: like a lamb. Just ignore the lion bit in the middle.

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