AWD #031: Visiting Hours
Visiting Hours
Summary: Ekho drops in to chat with Augie and they have what is for them, a deep talk.
Date: 07/02/2013 (OOC Date)
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Recovery Ward - Battlestar Orion
About half the size of the Medical Center, the Recovery Ward has fewer beds to allow space for those who are going through recovery. Rather than the drab gray of most of the center, the walls in here have been done in a neutral creme color. The beds are a little thicker and the blankets are actually present. There are a few clocks and the only other decoration are a couple of flatscreens that show muted movies from the ship's library. A couple stacks of old magazines are available near the door for nurses to pass around, too.
07 February 2005

Settled on one of the medbeds, Augustus has seen better days, but at least he has Ceres curled up next to him on the bed. His neck is wrapped in bandages, and more bandages cover his chest and upper right arm and lower left arm where a spray of three bullets tore through him. He's currently up and just staring at the cieling bored out of his skull.

"I just can't leave you alone for a blessed minute, Augustus. Didn't I tell you not to go off with those pilots? Wet behind the ears, all of them." Ekho takes hold of the privacy curtain pulling it back to clear the way for her entry into the roo, "But no…off you go and look at you. You know how much builder's putty I had to set aside down on deck four for you?"

"Was wonderin' when ya were gonna pull yer ass out of the labs to come see me." Augustus offers to the doctor as she comes in. His hand that isn't on Ceres reaches up to catch hers for a moment for a fond and friendly squeeze. "What ya got building puddy for me fer?" he asks curiously. "And I was with the Marines. They needed to be shown how to kick ass properly."

"To fill in all the holes and scrapes and gouges and all. Contrary to what the medical staff tells you, a lot of that stuff doesn't actually grow back. But we have ways of rebuilding you, back where you belong." Ekho's free hand returns the squeeze, before she sets down the box of cigars on Augie's chest. "I don't think you did that great of a job. Next time, bring the industrial sized axe."

"How about I give ya a gift in return." Augie says as he passes over the head of the cylon he actually hit and grins. "Happy late Saturnalia." he offers to her with a chuckle. "Thanks fer the cigar. So, ya want the universe shattering news?" he asks her.

Ekho accepts the head like a child getting the best present they ever imagined, "We're going to have so much fun with you, oh yes we are…" She tucks the head away under her arm, before she shifts her attention back to the man lying on the bed, "Lay it on me. It can't be anymore universe shattering than what I've already heard."

"His name's Bobinoid." Augie offers with a grin and squeezes Ekho's hand before he lets go and his smile slips to a fond and stupid thing she hasn't seen in years. "…I'm getting married, Lin." he says quietly, proudly. "Soon as we're done building the temple dirtside. I want ya there. Yer about the only thing on this damn boat I can call my best man, even if yer tits say otherwise."

Ekho's smile isn't quite as soppy as Augie's, but then, she's not the one getting married. But it's happy, there's no denying that, "I'd be honoured." She does look down at her chest. She's not exactly flat chested, but in a pinch, she uses her hands to smoosh her breasts against her chest, "I'm sure I can tape them into submission." She looks back to the man, "I'm really so happy for you, Augustus."

"Considering that I saw them after ya had the kids, they're still pretty damn impressive." Augie teases her with a chuckle. "It's so stupid, I had to wait for everything to go to hell to finally find the one that wanted me back." he shakes his head. "So damned complicated and stupid. Why didn't I ever have it easy, Ekho?"

Ekho sighs, dramatically, "I know right? I had the most epic tits and then they stopped nursing and bam back to nothin'. Frakkin kids, all they do is get your hopes up. Galen was going to let me get a boob job for my next birthday, or whenever we could get medical to sign off on it, but it looks like I'll spend the rest of my life with small titties again." Not that she isn't paying attention, or thinking seriously, this is, just…the way she is. But the answer is serious enough, "Because you wouldn't have trusted it, if it had been easy. And maybe because you had to go to the brink, to see what was in your face the whole time."

Augie laughs at that. "Ekho, sweetheart, I didn't say they were epic." he points out to her. "That one gal we saw at the Jiggle Hut, what was her name… Betty Battleship? I thought she needed walkers fer her knockers." he says with a smirk, and considers, a nod finally. "Yeah, as ya said.. Aphorodite gives us the love that we need when we need it. The love of a moment, the love of a momentary heart, and the love of forever. But what if yer forever love will love ya past forever?" he asks with a small sigh from his lips and looks up at her. "She wasn't in my face the whole time - she just.. had to come back to me."

"No, I said they were epic. I used to stand in the mirror and just admire myself. I'd say to myself, "Self, you are looking fantastic." She snorts at the recollection, "Hers were just enormous. I don't know how she managed not to break a rib." She considers that last question for a moment, "Then I suppose I have Galen to look forward to when I die." Clearly, whatever her bravado, Ekho isn't holding out much hope for the survival of her husband and children. "And I wasn't talking about Ceres. I was talking about your finally, maybe realizing that you were actually worth being loved."

"They found a survivor from Valkyrie a few days ago, Ekho." Augie knows he can't tell her not to give up hope, but he considers for a moment and looks down. "Ekho?" he asks her quietly. "Has someone given you Galen's coin yet to pay his fare?" His eyes search her face, as he moves to sit up. "If not.. I can give ya one." he promises her. "And.. I'm still having a time with that one. Hard to believe that she loves me the way she does."

"They're finding survivors every time they go out, whether they pick them up or not. But he was at CFAB on Caprica." A moving target versus ducks in a barrel. "I don't want it. Not yet. He wouldn't want to go ahead without me anyway. We promised we'd do everything together…the day we got married. He'd wait for me, I know it. What is time to the dead?" Ekho smiles, at the last, "You never really believe it, that's what makes it a miracle every time you think about it."

Something about what she says makes Augie consider for a moment. "Ekho? What if they weren't going to be waiting for you on the other side. Would you have married Galen if he didn't believe as you do?" he looks down at Ceres. "I always worry that when I go, I won't go to the right place. That I won't get the chance to wait for her. Would you still love Galen anyway?"

"Of course. Because none of us KNOW what the next world holds for us, or even if there IS one. We believe or we like to believe, but we don't know. We can't. But this world…this world IS real, this world we can know. And I wouldn't have missed a moment of the time I had with him, with Ava and Evek. But this world is also finite, which is why we shouldn't waste a moment of the time we do have. It doesn't do to dwell on the future and forget to live in the present."

There's a slow nod from Augustus as he considers her. "I agree." he murmurs. "So I should hold onto what I have as tight as I can for as long as I can." he says quietly. "You'd have done anything for him, right?" he asks her.

"That's all we can do. None of us know how long what we have will last. How long we will last. We have to live every day as if it is our only day. Get as much joy and happiness and fulfillment out of each day as we can." Ekho nods, looking down at her hand, at the simple band on her ring finger. "Of course. I still would."

The orderly comes around, and offers a thin set of lips. "Visiting hours are over, Doctor. The Lieutenant needs his rest." there's a glance towards the Captain, but the orderly shakes his head. "I am still waiting for the proof that she is Captain Garrido, Lieutenant." he comments to Augie.

Augustus snorts. "She's Ceres Garrido cause I said she was. Ya wanna keep arguin the point or try to wake her up so that she can argue the point?" he asks flatly, but relents. "Come back soon, Lin." he offers to her. "I may need ya to use some of that mud to make me a set of rings." a smile at that.

"Orderlies. No respect for rank anymore." Ekho rises, regardless, keeping the cylon head tucked under her arm, "My suggestion, orderly? Leave his wife where she is. Or it won't just be this cylon's head that looks like this." She shows it off before she heads towards the door, "I will. I might even bring some designs with me." Out she goes.

Augie lays back on the bed and curls against Ceres, quiet and thoughtful as he finally finds some fitful sleep.

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