virgon.png Virgon
Ancient Name: Virgo
Population: 4.3 billion
Patron God: Hestia
Capitol: Boskirk
Major Cities:
Boskirk, Blaustad, Hadrian
House of Parliament, Tower of Virgon, Petrus Palace, Virgon Universities
Pyramid Teams:
Virgon United, Boskirk All Reds

Current Status

Virgon broke up as a plantary body during the war and is beginning to stretch out into a new asteroid belt.

Hibernia has begun to depart the star system as a rogue planetoid.

Pre-Leap Status

Virgon's northern continent was turned into a dartboard for the 7th Fleet Anchorage. It hit the colony square on and detonated. Massively. The planet's plate tectonics were severely disrupted by the impact and all of the major fault lines in the northern hemisphere let go, sparking large amounts of volcanic and seismic activity. The northern hemisphere is currently being consumed by an ash cloud that is plunging global temperatures. This cloud is slowly moving south across the equator and Virgon is considered, long-term, to be a total loss. There is little to zero enemy activity in this area.
For more information, see: Colonial Conditions.

Custom Content
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Virgon's fading monarchy is accompanied by its equally declining aristocracy. Despite this, the noble class of Virgon has played a significant role in the history of the colony, with at least a superficial resemblance to early 20th century British nobility, particularly the set referred to as the peerage. The peerage hold hereditary titles passed down via male heirs, and usually own significantly sized estates which include a nearby town or village under its ownership.

Being a member of the hereditary peerage also entitles members to seats within the planetary parliament's House of Lords. A member of the House of Lords cannot also be a member of the House of Commons unless they decline their entitled seat and attempt to get elected to one in the House of Commons.

There is also another form of non-hereditary peerage known as the Virgon Honors System, in which the Crown accords "dignities" or "knighthoods" for significant contributions and achievements in the arts, sciences, government, and warfare. These dignities do not place the holder in any position of authority for any reason and their titles are strictly independent of Colonial titles such as rank. There is no such thing as 'Sir Lieutenant' or 'Sir Chief Petty Officer' and claiming them as such is forbidden under the UCMJ.

Special OOC Note: Player concepts as members of royal blood or status, including as current or former members of a House of Lords, are disallowed as PCs or NPCs under non-staff control. To explain further: Staff will not accept applications that will have the PC be placed in some kind of situation that will assert their supremacy to take the royal throne of Virgon or give any PC the 'right' to be in charge of all characters from Virgon. Nor is a player allowed to NPC someone who holds this capability. Additionally, what is allowed are sons and daughters of the membership of the House of Lords. However they have absolutely no heir to the position and using a background status to justify leadership is not allowed under Rule #1.


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