Virgil Everest
Virgil2.jpg Everest, Virgil
None Civilian
Station Sheridan, Piraeus
Position Bartender/Cook/Baker
Age Sex
48 M
Hair Eyes
Blonde Blue


Entrepreneur. Skilled with bartending and cooking. Lost wife two years ago. Lost his kids as the war broke loose. Found in the ruins of one of his restaurants and brought to Orion. Now works at Charlie's. Children Suzanne and Kyle. Ex-wife, Pamela. Trying to turn things around and get the food and bread working on the planet more effectively. Hopefully getting things more functional.


  • Born December 3rd, 1956
  • First restaurant, 1985
  • Married Pamela, 1992
  • First child, Suzanne, born in October 30th, 1993
  • Second child, Kyle, born in January 15th, 1998
  • Wife died, 2003
  • Kids died after warday, 2005
  • Working at Charlie's on Piraeus since April 2005.


File Image Name Position Notes
No File N/A Former Co-owner/Best Friend The best friend of Virgil's. Location unknown. They started their chain of restaurants and pubs before warday. Since they have not been able to keep contact and it is unknown if he is alive or not.


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