AWD #027: View From the Ground
View From the Ground
Summary: Phin visits Knox, on the D-CAG's orders, to get some info on the situation on Aerilon. They discuss that, speculate on Cylon manufacturing methods and relay communications, and other things.
Date: 02/02/2013 (OOC Date)
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Knox Phin 
Recovery Ward — Battlestar Orion
Beds and stuff.
Sat Feb 02 2005

Every one of the troops that went on that little side mission ended up wounded somehow and Knox took the brunt of it. He's in a bed parked next to Ceres, who is currently sleeping. Knox is propped up and working at a yellow legal pad. He has half a dozen pages rung over the top and is still writing. Bandages cover the entire right side of his head and wrap around, down, and over his right eye. His right arm has a bandage along the length of his forearm and there's a bulge of bandage on his right calf. Rough few days. The nurse says he's probably in pain and to avoid banging gongs or snare drums near him, thanks.

Phin would've made an appointment, of sorts. As much as one can make with a man who's in Medical for the foreseeable future. Likely through Knox's primary doc, or some such. In any case, he's here, punctual to the time worked out for this. He's also carrying a notepad and pen, for scribbling purposes. "Hey, Sergeant," he offers to Knox as he strides in, pulling over a chair for himself. "Thanks for seeing me. I'll try not to take up too much of your time. Our D-CAG was just hoping to get some more reliable information about Aerilon that we could use for mission planning and stuff. Since given what happened…we kind of didn't have it, apparently." What with the clusterfrak that was that air support mission and all.

Coop looks up towards Phin as he walks over and gives him a slow smile. "Sir." Pen in hand, he sketches a slow salute. "No worries about it, sir. We're okay. I'm just going to be out and down for a good week or two. Bullet nearly gave me a brain vent." Coop's voice is far more quiet than normal. Just barely a whisper, but there's life there. He'll be fine. The pen is set down, though, and lifts the notepad he has. Technical specifications. A lot of them. "Next time you guys go out, I think you will have better luck. We were to get intel on those air defense sites. Mission accomplished, sir."

Phin returns the salute a little awkwardly, but with enough formality to get that sort of thing out of the way. It's still weird to get those from the senior enlisted. He winces, as to brain vents. "Damn. Looks like you're not doing too bad, considering." He leans forward, to eyeball the technical specs Knox has sketched. "Cool…" Ahem. More formally. "Yeah, the Major'll definitely be psyched to take a look at that. Thanks. I guess first off, just tell me your general impressions and take-aways you got from the surface."

"Oh, no, sir. It hurts like a bastard. I just don't /care/. Drugs are lovely. Writing helps distract me, though." Coop keeps that lopsided smile and settles the pad back on his lap. He takes a few moments to think on the request and his eye drifts back down to the pad in thought. "In the ten or so hours we were down there, we didn't put eyes on anyone except the enemy, sir. But we also avoided the towns and the one home we saw we skirted around and kept low. Its Summer down there, though, so its warm and humid during the day. The nights were very nice. But the terrain is generally flat with a few rocky ridgelines. Mobility isn't too tough if you're in any reasonable shape except butterball." He looks back to Phin, then, "Its also worth noting, sir, that someone used a shoulder-fired missile to shoot down a Raider, sir. Saved our asses. It was probably about to strafe us."

"So you figure there are friendlies in the area, even if they're staying out of sight?" Phin nods. "Wish we had a better way to communicate with the humans left down there. Especially with Captain Cole still MIA." But that's not his purview, so he just shrugs. "How much damage do you think we did to their air defenses? And do they have any additional stuff down there that we didn't know about, before we went in? Or that they didn't have a chance to throw at us."

"There's definitely friendlies, sir. They're all over the radios. I tried to rustle up some artillery but no luck." Coop keeps his slow, steady pace of speaking. "Sorry to hear about the Captain, sir. Wish we had known. We'd have gone looking." He swallows during a pause. "No way to know what you all did. But the Staff Sergeant on our team brought some demo. She insisted we blow up the vehicles. I wasn't exactly protesting, though." Coop smirks a little. "Talk to Milkshake, sir? I thought I heard the Major order her to make a scan of the area. I could be wrong, though."

Phin crooks a half-smile, as to the demo. "Nice." As for Cole, he shrugs. "No fault of yours, Sergeant. Anyway. I'm told we're still looking for ways to extract him so…wait and see, I guess." It's hard to tell how confident he is about those efforts, though mention of it makes his smile fade. As to the Raptor data, he nods. "It's probably downloaded into the archives already. Wasn't sure how close you guys came down to the bombing site. Speaking of. That basestar, that jumped in on us. Do you know if it stuck around, after we were gone, or if it just bailed once the King's Bay was out of that section of space?"

"Wish there was more I could do. But I'm on enforced R and R." Yeah, real relaxing that pain is. Coop does acknowledge the jest with another subtle smirk, though. "No idea about the basestar, though. Most of our time on the ground we were looking for local threats. But something occurred to me, sir…" He sighs heavily, slowing for a moment while a throb of pain crosses his head. "Irony. Lovely." His eye closes and then opens a moment later. "Sir, if they are shooting down all these Raiders, they've got to have be replacing the losses somehow. If they are jumping basestars in and out, or just the Raiders, there might be an advantage in there somewhere. Just a thought, though."

"You mean, like, they've got a factory somewhere?" Phin asks. "Makes sense. I mean, like Lieutenant Holtz has been saying, they've obviously upgraded the Raiders since the War. First War." He makes himself make that slight correction. "I wonder if they've got facilities across the Armistice Line. They must've been preparing for this somehow for the last forty years, to take us down so hard like they did. And now they could be using the resources on the colonies to churn out more toasters. I'm grew up on Scorpia. Between the ship yards and all the vessels that're usually in orbit for industrial, that'd make a hell of a place to harvest components for new bodies." Which doesn't sit well with him, plainly.

Coop thinks on that for a few moments. Silence lingers while he looks at his pad. "I wasn't thinking that far, actually. Shows the difference in thinking, though. But that makes sense, yes sir." He swallows again. "Everything's gotta come from somewhere. I was thinking about just ambushing them. But yeah, I don't think any friendlies have been deep behind the lines. But there could be serious stuff back there. Don't know if they would bother with taking stuff from here if they can build a massive fleet like they have."

"I've been thinking a lot about how they must communicate with the Cylons stationed near the other planets, since the…" Pause. Phin clears his throat, searching for the most diplomatic way to put it. "…since everything that happened over Aerilon. I mean, we jump in, no basestar. We drop a few bombs, boom, basestar. They must've called it from somewhere. Maybe they've got, like, a relay system established for reinforcements or something. That's just speculation, though. But, yeah. We'd have to have a closer look at what they were doing with the colonial industrial centers to say for sure if they're exploiting those or not. And gods know what's going on behind the Arm Line." He makes a few notes. "If we go back to Aerilon, Sergeant, what do you figure is the best way to approach it? Like, to avoid what happened from happening again."

Knox hears it all and once again needs a couple seconds to think on it. Drugs are drugs and he's a little foggy on the intake. "It could be anything, sir. It might have even been just sitting on the other side of the planet. But the relays are likely. Given the Colonial fleet comm nets and their relay stations? If I were a betting Marine, I would say they have been repurposed." The further discussion about going beyond the Arm Line has him now very slightly. "I think you have a winner of an idea, sir. We kill Cylons here, we are just cleaning up a flood with a mop. Somewhere there is a faucet, Ensign. As for Aerilon? No idea, sir. I'm just a ground pounder. I guess I would just look at where you are going. Talk to the command structure down there, sir."

"Like, they're using our own relays against us?" Phin frowns. Creepy thought, that. "Yeah. I mean…yeah. That'd make sense." He makes a few idle notes, really just taking a few seconds to let that thought settle in his brain. So creepy. "Right. You mentioned humans all over the radio, which is pretty encouraging. Being a wire-lo guy, what do you think is the best way to go about making, like, regular contact with them? Especially since Captain Cole…I mean, we're still looking for him, and they could probably help better than anyone. But for future ops, too."

"Aye, sir. They probably took the sites over and are using them. There's no reason to destroy them. They had to know they would wipe the fleet like they did. Why not just take them over? It wouldn't make sense to wipe them out or ignore them." The Sergeant just keeps his plodding pace of his words. Its evident he hurts, but this is important and he's determined. "Regular contact? Just get on the radio. But its a safe bet the Cylons are listening. They might try and hunt for a member from this battlegroup. Get their own intel. I'd probably just walk into a town and ask for help if there weren't any chromedomes prowling. Supposedly they aren't shooting people who are actively resisting their occupation."

Phin nods. "Yeah. Probably. I mean, we could use like Colonial codes and stuff. No idea how much they know about those, though. Or if, like, the civilians running the resistance stuff would even be up on them." He listens to the bit about how the Cylons are treating the populations. "So much of what they did still seems so weird. What planets they kind of spared, which ones they didn't, stuff like setting up the prison camps on Leonis but glassing like everybody on Tauron…" He trails off. "Sorry. Just kind of thinking outloud. Anyway. I'll let you go pretty soon. Don't want to keep you too long. Just one more thing. Like, about the drop itself, with you and your team. How do you figure that went, from your perspective? Anything we could've done different, maybe better, for next time we've got to put boots on the ground like that?"

"No idea, sir. We'd have to get someone on one of those relay stations to tell us anything like that." The Sergeant nods along, though, with a sigh. "Aye, sir. I don't like what it tells us. They're killing people who fight back and then leaving others? Unsettling, Ensign." To the rest, Coop shakes his head verrry slightly. "No. We took some anti-air on the ride in, caught shrapnel in the arm. But that's just bad luck. Delivery was good, sir. Thanks for asking."

Phin nods. "Cool. I mean, thanks very much, Sergeant. We really appreciate your time, especially given the condition you're in. D-CAG relays his thanks for what you all did on the ground." Whether he does or not, seems like a good thing to say. "Major Sheperd figured I should talk to the rest of your team as well, which I'll try and do in the next few days. And I'll get those sketches up to our senior officers ASAP."

Knox glances to his pad of paper. "Oh I've got another half dozen pages to write down here on these things." The Sergeant looks back, then, "The Staff Sergeant is a good lady. I've got respect for her, sir. She knows her beans. But no problem, sir. I didn't become a Marine because I enjoyed sitting on the sidelines." He lifts his hand again to sketch another salute. "Thanks for listening, sir. Be sure you pass that idea about the behind-the-lines stuff to your CO."

"Will do. He wants a report, and I figure I'll write something up after we're done here." Phin extends a hand to Knox, for shaking purposes. "Feel better, Sergeant."

Coop shakes the hand and gives another low smile. Not a lot of strength to him, though. "Good Hunting, sir."

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