AWD #094: Verbal Sparring
Verbal Sparring
Summary: Dio and Augie get into a verbal altercation while Kingsbury looks on.
Date: 10 April 2013
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Mess Hall
The Crew Mess on the Orion is one of the larger rooms meant for occupation. The room is far longer than it is wide with the classic stainless steel tables that can be seen anywhere else on the ship, standard to all navy ships. Most of the chairs match, their padding on the seats worn down after several years. Towards the rear of the room is the food prep area and serving lines. During the time in between meals the Mess will serve midrats, or 'mid-shift rations', such as sandwiches and drinks. Coffee pots are left to run at all hours to keep people going as needed.
AWD #94

Recently off duty, Diomedes sat with tray and coffee. On that tray? Food. Whatever mystery meat the Mess was serving, along with bread and some vegetable side- something mashed. Carrots and peas rounded it out- all of it being scooped into those pieces of bread to form a make-shift half-sandwich that Dio happily destroyed one bite at a time. A sip of coffee. Another bite of food. Dio nodding to himself. "Not so bad, today."

Another one coming off duty from his work in the bowels of the ship and inspection of the engines, Augustus gets in line to start to load up his own plate. Any stern looks are returned with a stony stare, as he grabs a glass of water as he turns to take a seat at a table near Diomedes without realizing it. "Frakking slop." he mutters as he starts to dig in, using the bread to wrap up the meat and start to chew on it.

Kingsbury is also coming off duty, getting in line a few people behind Augie. He takes his time choosing food, not like there's much choice, and then looks for somewhere to sit. He spots Dio and steps over. "Mind company?" he asks, but he doesn't wait for an answer. He settles in at the table.

Dio's eyes follow Augie. A quiet smirk on his face as he watches the man, just giving a nod to KB as he comes close. "No, not at all- take a seat, Kaybee." he says, before stating perhaps a touch loud: "Frakkin' slop is what Deck's taken to callin' that wife of yours."

"That's funny." Augustus says with a snort. "At least she's doin some work instead of thinking up commentary while ya polish yer own prick in the head…" and then he adds, with empathsis, "Boy."

Kingsbury falls silent, watching Augie and Dio. The 'boy' comment gets a raised eyebrow, but he eats silently. Royal knows a fight when one's brewin', and he has no desire to get into this one.

"Hey, at least its a human hand polishin' my prick. I don't need no robo-suck-job to slather oil all over my manbits. How's that feel, by the way? Can she suck the chrome off a hitch? I bet she can." Dio says with a quiet chuckle, "Bein' a boy ain't so bad. Least a boy becomes a man- you. Well. You stopped me a man when you stuck in a tin-can."

"Did it take you a week to think up that one?" Augustus asks. "Did you piss yer pants like a little girl when you saw a Cylon? Wait. Ya ain't seen one. Until ya do? Shut the frak up, ya worthless piece of deck trash." he says simply as he continues to eat.

Kingsbury hates being non-confrontational, but he keeps silent, eyes darting between the two. An awkward kid all the sudden, KB feels like he did when his parents fought—helpless and upset. He genuinely likes Dio, but this razzing really doesn't sit well with him.

"Funny how you think you know me, old man." Diomedes says, still grinning cocky, he turns on his seat and gives Augustus a wink, along a smoochy face. Mwah! "That the best you got? I'm right frakin' here." Dio just sits there, that smirking grin widening. Everyone knows Dio's the crazy bastard who attacked a Skinjob with a *lunch tray*. "Frakin' coward. You got tons of words, but I see you for what you is. A frakin' coward. A pissy, grumpy old man who gets his knob polished by a frakin' machine." Dio raises his hand, middle finger extended. "Spin on it, Toaster-Lover."

Augie smirrrks widely. "Y'all'd love that. Me to take the first swing, so ya can feel justified. Me? I had time to stew on it." he says as he rises up. "See. Way I've seen it - I've got the holes in me to prove I'm a man. Like most of the Marines on this boat. Ya? Yer in your little hole all day and think because you twiddle your thumbs, yer better than anyone else. I've seen a Cylon. Put in axe in it's head. Watched it died. I've done missions. You? You ain't shit. You ain't worth the brig time. And ya ain't worth the breath." With that, he puts the tray away to start to walk off.

Kingsbury remains silent still, swallowing hard. He watches Augie go, eyes big.

"You keep talkin', but you're the one walkin' away." Dio says, "And you know what, fuck your axe. You keep barkin', coward. Old Dogs like you ain't worth shit. I punched your frakin' wife in the mouth, how's that feel. And frak you. You don't know me, you don't know where I been. You just remember, old man- I got all of Deck at my back. You ain't got no one but your toaster wife." Dio stands up, "Don't you worry none, Kaybee. He ain't got the balls. You heard him- he's a frakin' psychic. Thinks he knows what I been through. Just means one thing, ole boy is a frakin' coward. A toaster lover. And a frakin' traitor to his own kind. Even people in your own department think you're shit. I get nothin' but love showered on me- You, though, Augustus. You get cylon piss dribblin' from your lips."

Augustus just shakes his head. "Feel bigger yet? Cock hard? Go find someone else to stroke it off for you." he smiles thinly and steps out the door.

Kingsbury shakes his head, looking at Dio. "Frak, you are crazy," he breathes, eyes wide. "You gotta taunt people like that, man?"

Diomedes gives a shrug, "He's a piece of shit. You heard him barkin' about how he's been in fights and whatever. Frak that, and frak him." Dio says, "Anyways, I ain't tauntin' no one who don't deserve it. He just wants me to throw that first punch; like I'm some frakin' retard. He's an officer. And the /whole/ Mess just heard him. Way I see it, I don't know no better- chances are, that's how the big-ups would see it, too. Just a man who used to run with a bad crowd. Came from slums in Minos. Tryin' to live his life."

Kingsbury nods, thoughtful. "You're right, I guess. But… Man," he says, laughing at himself ruefully. "I can handle gunfire, but arguments really twist me up inside." He shakes his head. "My parents rarely fought. Never got used to the sound. Even my brothers and I were okay, most of the time."

"Fact is, how the military works- he should know better. I'm just an enlisted man. Old boy, he's got a commission. At least for now." Dio's smile turns dark. "I'm thinkin' next time I'm in a sparrin' mood. Take a little fall. Maybe break my own arm." Dio's eyes are dark. "And frak his career."

Kingsbury stares at Dio with a dropped jaw, mouth agape. "Remind me not to get on your frakkin' bad side, man," he mutters, shaking his head. "That's some scary stuff. I don't want involved. Don't tell me any more. Plausible deniability and that."

Diomedes just smiles quietly, "You're good, Kaybee. I ain't got no hate for you. Just them that want to sleep with the enemy." Diomedes finishes his meal slowly, "And don't you worry. I don't remember tellin' you a damn thing."

Kingsbury shakes his head and eats in silence, occasionally glancing up to look at Dio. He clears his throat. "So. Uh. What have you been reading?"

"Some virgon literature. A bit dense, and definitely on the list of classics, but.. I don't know. A lot of themes and apparent ideals in there I don't much agree with. I tend to over think that shit, though." Dio replies, "What about yourself?"

Kingsbury shrugs. "Something called The Madman. A book of poems. Really interesting stuff. I'm enjoying it, though, 'cause it's makin' me think."

Diomedes looks over to KB, smiling now- as he continues to eat. "What's it about? I mean, the book- The Madman?" he wonders quietly, steering the conversation away from previous violence.

Kingsbury nods, relaxing slowly. "It's poetry," he says again, with a small smile. "Parables, too. It's neat—talks about the human experience/condition a lot. I'm really enjoying it, taking a lot of notes. Maybe when things settle, I can find a copy to keep. I'd also like The Prophet, by the same guy."

Diomedes nods quietly, "Poetry is good." he agrees quietly. "Parables, too, I guess. You got a favorite poem?"

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