Captain Vadim "Crapshoot" Ioselovich
vadim.jpg Ioselovich, Vadim
CPT Airwing
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Raptor Pilot
Age Sex
37 Male
Hair Eyes
Black Hazel


What's more or less known is that Captain Ioselovich(or Captain Io as he's known by)has been on the Orion since the mission first started. Not the kind of person who sticks out a great deal. Known for being the fair sort, but not exactly personable, tending to stay in the quarters whenever he's not on duty. Recently, that's begun to change. Barely. Whatever is known about him has usually been left up to rumor and supposition.


A son of miner's, all that's known is that they both passed away in a mining cave-in when Vadim was a teenager. After finishing school, he joined the military for the Academy shortly after.

He's served on various ships and stations up until volunteering for the Orion.

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