AWD #086: Unit Coherency
Unit Coherency
Summary: Petty squabbling between individuals from Deck and Air then a more heated discussion on the chain of command.
Date: 02/04/2013
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Fitness Centre, Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Smelling of sweat and grease, the Fitness Center is a place where individuals can come to work out or just work off stress. The area closest to the entrance is taken up by two very large sparring pads with a pathway down the center, each pad removable to reveal a Pyramid court beneath. The walls beside the pads hold lockers for everything from pugilist sticks to boxing gloves to rubber guns, though deadly weapons are strictly prohibited in here except by authorized personnel such as on-duty Military Police. Standing goalposts for Pyramid are also kept against the wall. Past the pads are a vast number of nautilus machines as well as free weights to lift. At the back of the room are workout bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, and stairclimbers. There is an entrance to the pool at the rear as well as a locker room to the side.
AWD #86

The fitness center is seeing some action as several people are around. As is Luc. After having spent the whole day in the brig the day before he has finally gotten released and found himself over at the punching bag. That part being a bit less populated.

With the way that his hands are wrapped it's fairly obvious that Toby's plan for his work out had been to do exactly what Luc is doing, punch a punching bag for a bit. As he enters the fitness centre his line of sight to the pilot is initially blocked and so it's not until he's almost there that he notes just who it is that's working out. That gives him pause for thought as he halts a few steps short and eyes the pilot a moment before glancing round the rest of the centre.

Focused on his workout to a start and therefore not noticing Toby. It is not until the deckie is standing and glancing around that he looks over and nods to him. Then again he never has been one for grudges. A hand lifted and waved to Toby before stopping his workout more fully and focusing on the deckie. "Recruit." His expression holding a rather neutral look but with a small smile.

Toby isn't entirely sure how to take that smile, if it's a friendly gesture or the same mocking smirk as the day before. As such his response is civil, but decidedly cool, "Lieutenant." Nor is he entirely sure how to take the fact that the man has now stopped and turned towards him so he tenses slightly just in case, watching the pilot carefully to see what his next move will be.

Luc grins as he sees the tensing. "At ease." He offers with a wink. "No grudges." He offers and takes a step closer and offers his hand. His smile confident but not mocking for once. "Apologies. I suppose we both were out of line. I need my viper to be whole and you need a viper to repair. It's better that we help out I say. Do you agree?"

Toby eyes Luc for a moment, the initial comment and the following wink are not well received and his frown deepens a little as a good indication of that. He seems less sure about the rest though, not knowing the pilot well enough either in person or by reputation to judge is this is genuine or some form of elaborate trick to put him off his guard. "Apology accepted," he replies, still with a hint of caution in his voice, he doesn't reach out to take the hand though.

Luc sighs and takes back his hand. "So. All good? Do send word to your superior as well. And I could find her as well." Running his hand through his hair. Stepping back and over to the punching bag again. Letting Toby join if he wishes. "What do you do down on deck anyhow?"

"PO Rutlii? You'll find her on the deck most likely," Toby replies, still watching the man in front of him like a hawk. "I'm not your errand boy though Lieutenant so if you want word passing you'll have to do it yourself." As Luc steps back he relaxes a little, although he still hasn't decided if he's going to work on one of the other bags or change his plans and go do something else instead. The question is innocent enough though and so he replies succinctly, "survival systems."

Another day aboard the Orion, Maia has altogether skipped the mess hall for any meals that have passed today and opted for the fitness center. In her workout clothing consisting of the sweats everyone was issued, she steps through the hatch only to see the Tauran and Luc. "Should I send for the MP's now?" The Raptor pilot jokes with a half grin. "Anyone up for a spar?" Heading for the locker to gear up, just in case someone wants to.

Luc grins and shakes his head a bit. "Fine. I will find her. Could you at least say that I am looking for her if you see her?" He asks and runs his hand through his hair. Focusing on the bag again. "Ah, I see. So… I would had found myself without an ejection seat?" He asks with a grin. "Good to know." Turning to spot Maia and roll his eyes. "Since when do I hold a grudge, Cara?" He asks with a grin. He does turn and seems ready to spar though. But he gestures for Toby to get a spar with her. "She is fierce. Though a good sparring partner."

Toby appears to have left his sense of humour in the birthings today for Maia's jest about the MPs meets a decidedly icly reaction. "No," he replies, "not unless you or your fellow Lieutenant here are planning anything." Speaking of Luc he turns back to the man and offers shortly, "I do ejector seats yes, also your parachutes, oxygen systems, fire suppression and other things." He's careful with his phrasing though, so no one can later interpret it as a direct threat. Just in case.

Maia doesn't blink an eye as she continues gearing up listening to the carefully worded spiel he offers Luc. Shaking her head she heads out to the mat. "You all just don't know.." not finishing, she goes for something else instead. "C'mon Toby, how about a spar, we can get our frustrations out here. You gonna back down from a challenge?" Oh yeah the dare is there now.

"You got no sense of humor. Come on, lighten up. We need each other. Besides, we are better off helping each other." Luc offers before looking to Maia. Moving to join her in a spar. Nodding about the equipment that Toby deals with. "And I cover your ass in return. Sounds like a good deal." Though as she calls for Toby, he just grins and moves to the side. "I'll take on the winner then." Keeping his eyes on Maia though, with that unfinished sentence.

Toby just shakes his head once towards Maia, "Sorry Lieutenant, I only spar with people I can trust'll keep their gun in their holster should they lose." As Luc moves over to join her he stays put at the bags, taking a moment to stip off his sweats jacket and drop it to the floor beside him before starting a few warm up exercises for his arms and shoulders.

"You've got a mouth on you, Deckie. I gave my deposition yesterday and conveniently left your name out." Clearly Maia is unarmed in her sweats and workout gear, but she gets the general gist of it all. Waving him off now, she opts to speak with Luc, "When did you get out of the brig? Someone send you a file?" There's a flash of a grin.

Luc sighs and again briefly showing annoyance at his attack on Maia before just shrugging. "Your loss." This time at least coming to his senses. Grinning as Maia speaks to him. "This morning. Stayed there for twenty four hours. Luckily no files." He offers with a wink. "So. Want to face me instead?" Only offering a brief glance over at Toby for now.

It seems this is the right time between the shifts for everyone and their dog to come to the Fitness Center. So with two pilots, there surely should be two deckhands present. And they are a contrast-where as Toby is lean, the newly arrived deck hand is thick. And once he's hit the gym there's a jerk of his hooded jacket, which is tossed over towards the weight machine. This reveals inked arms and chest, which is barely hidden by the standard double tank that Navy personnel wear. In fact, the PO only has one thing that is non regs and that would be the soma braid worn on his left wrist.

"And I ain't mentioned your's either, so don't start trying to claim I owe you," Toby retorts, rolling his shoulders a few times to ensure they're loose. "Least I know to shut it in front of a Captain, unlike your boyfriend there." Cheap shot definitely, but Luc's response annoyed him. That said he's about to focus in on the punchbag in front of him and leave the rest of 'em to it when he hears Ajax's voice and glances to the man. Returning the hand-tap salute he offers and all together friendlier, "hey man."

"Doesn't matter, Toby. Someone mentioned mine and I had to give the depo. If I had realized it was so unimportant to you, I'd have given it, but…" Honor. Gods damned honor. "Frak it, never mind." Not even correcting him on the boyfriend part. Instead, Maia walks over to the locker and begins removing her gear, stowing it back inside.

Luc shrugs as he hears Toby. "Relax." He tells Toby with his eyes on him. Voice a bit stern. "The captain did what she thought was right. Despite it being police issue." He offers and rolls his shoulders. Noticing Maia getting rid of her gear and he just sighs as he looks between the two. Offering a nod to Ajax as well. "Want to head for a swim?" He asks to Maia, since she did not seem up for a spar any longer.

"Shacks." Shack house, whatever. Still the tall Sagitarran is sitting down once he's gotten himself all weighted as he likes. There's a brief look over towards Maia, and then over towards Luc, one brow is raised but he's shrugging before he is placing his hands on the bar and begins the accustomary grunts placed, as he starts lifting. It's easy fluid motions, as he counts off his repetitions-before coming to a stopping point. And even it just seems like a rest as he's remaining in the machine, and his hands on their grips. Ajax looks back over towards Toby. "How's it shakin'?" which might sound funny in his own backwater accent.

Toby had started throwing a few warm up punches at the bag but Luc's reply brings him up short. "What she thought was right?" he queries, "you just got out of the brig for insubordination and you're questioning her judgement again? Frakking hell man you must'a really liked it in here." With the pilots potentially moving off and Ajax calling him he takes his cue to ignore them and turn to he can converse with his fellow while he's working at the bag. "Not bad man, got to have a go on some Viper systems earlier. Definitely different to the Raptor but I reckon they shouldn't bee too hard to get my head round."

"No thanks, Gabe. I think I'm going to go get some training in since I'm off duty, on the SIMS. Still have so many hours to go on this cross training bit. See you around." Once her gear is deposited in the locker, she turns and looks at Toby. "So much bitterness and hate inside you. I feel sorry for you if you allow it to control you all the time." Lifting her shoulders in a shrug, she nods to Ajax, "Hiya." But then she doesn't linger, from her appearance. she's just not in the mood for controversy at the moment.

Luc raises his brow at Toby and shrugs. "There was a police there. They are meant to handle it. And I never said that she did wrong." He offers and shrugs. "Either way, it is what it is. And you should mind your own tongue as well." Keeping an eye on Toby. "We are not trying to cause issues with you, but you are trying to." He offers before nodding to Maia. "If you want any pointers then I will find you after my swim." He offers and deposits the gear into a locker before going to change into swim trunks. Not really staying for Toby to give any counter.

"Vipers are like cats." he says with a chuckle. "You think you know what you have all sleek, and deadly. But, they do not listen to you. You have to corner them and corral them in order to get them to do what you need. You respect the viper-you will get her to work for you. Only then." And there he leans against the harness for a moment. "A Raptor is much easier and much more widespread than a Viper. Not many civil vipers out there." Ajax adds before he is looking back to Maia for a moment and offers a nod. Though it's Luc's words that has him turning his head back to the Pilot. "Don't tell him to mind his tongue. He's said nothing rude." That comes out more of a bark than anything, but it's gruff and forceful. "If you don't like what he says, then don't talk to him." And with that he is looking back towards Toby as he lays back down to start working the iron once more.

Coming into the fitness center to get in some morning exercises, Zachary pauses as Luc passes by and then offers Maia up a smile as she starts to leave. "Got a moment, Centerfold? I want to make sure you're on the ball with the missions a go again." he states to her as he makes his way more fully into the training center.

Luc offers one last comment to Ajax, "You didn't hear him earlier." Then he is gone to get his swim trunks. Nodding in passing to Zach.

With Luc and Maia seemingly on their way out, Toby pays them little heed, although one of Luc's comments does cause a few mutterings in his native Tauran as he punches the bag in front of him. It's Ajax he replies to as he continues to punch away though, "I've got to admit I like the Raptors, good versatile piece of kit there. 'parantly Viper pilots need to breathe and object to their birds catching fire though so I gotta learn them too. Not seen the inside of a predator yet though, guess that'll come after they decide I can handle a viper."

Almost to the hatch, Maia turns back only to hear the other Deckie takes up for Toby. There's just a quick shake of her head in frustration. Hearing her callsign she turns her head in the direction of the source and her stiff and cool demeanor quickly changes. "Yes, sir." The smile she gives him is warm, friendly. "I have a lot of time, skipping my morning spar this morning.

"I'd offer to be your sparring partner, Maia, but you'd destroy me." Zachary offers with a chuckle. At least he seems - normal - today. "Come show this old man how to defend himself." There's a glance towards the two deckies and he clears his throat. "Gentlemen." he addresses them both. "Has the Master Chief passed down my orders to ensure that the birds we used are back to spec?"

"If you can fix a Raptor, you can fix a predator. The cockpit is like a viper, but her controls are all the same. I like preds." Ajax adds between grunts as he continues to lift weights. And there he comes down to another stopping point, before he is laying back with a sigh. one hand moving off the bar to rub an arm, before he is looking back to Toby. "The best place to learn is on one of our downed vipers-the older ones. Start there and then work your way up. Mind you, we probably don't have the time for it." Ajax says with a grin. "Also, you can read a schematics book. If you understand that-then you should be golden." Though when the Officer clears his throat Ajax sets up and comes out from under the bar with a grunt.

"Sir." Though the Sagitarran mechanic has yet to meet the CAG formally, he knows an officer when he sees one. As to the order there's a brief pause before Ajax is shaking his head. "We have a raptor whose gimble is stuck, and needs replacing before it can go out-and we're fixing a control issue on one of the vipers. Other than that it's general maintenance." And there's a look back towards Toby "Unless there is something I am forgetting? Are you needing to be kitted out to a specific run? If so, Sir we've not heard anything about that, yet."

Toby hadn't noticed the CAG's arrival but stops his workout and holds the bag to still it as the officer speaks. There's not actually a whole lot he can add to Ajax's answer but he gives his own anyway. "Haven't reported in yet this morning Sir so I couldn't say what requests are on the board. I think someone was talking about checking out one of Lieutenant McBride's thrusters though, if that's what you're referring to." His answer to Ajax regarding the Vipers will just have to wait until the matter is settled it seems.

"Desk jobs will do it," Maia offers with a playful smile. "Though I have to say that when we sparred before you held your own rather well." The deckies aren't addressed, in fact she doesn't even look over at them. When neither is forthcoming about the 'paintjob' she smirks, not surprised. "Maybe we should just all have numbers, hm?"

"Good good." Zachary says as he takes in the report. "I also want to make sure that Captain Garrido's viper gets its proper markings returned to it." he states simply. "And if it's not done, I expect it to be taken care of immediately." Something about his tone says he just gave an order without giving an order.

Zachary adds, to Maia. "Yes, well, I can continue to use the exercise. Eden says I'm getting pudgy with paperwork." he comments in light amusement.

Ajax nods, briefly. "I am sure it's in the que sir." the Sagitarran replies with a glance to Toby. "And once we have the essentials taken care of, that the chief will see that someone gets it done." There that seems to be handled. And there the PO is looking back towards his Tauran friend and there's a roll of his shoulders. 'What part of the cockpit or controls is giving you trouble? Or is it something else?" He'll wait for Toby's answer there on the more specific. "If anything-I could request you on my crew and walk you through it once we get the big stuff done."

"I know I'm new here Sir," Toby replies, still holding onto the punch bag, "but I think I can categorically state that whatever work orders the Chief hands out will be completed swiftly and with all due diligence." His answer now done he turns away from the officer and back to Ajax, although he doesn't yet restart his exercises, "it's not the cockpit controls, there's just a weird integration of the oxygen supply systems with the fire suppression ones. It's all routed differently than on the Raptors so you can't just transfer what'll work on one across to the other."

"I beg your pardon." Zachary suddenly holds up a finger to Maia and then steps right up to Ajax. In his face. "Excuse me. What's your name and rank? Because I need to know who I'm about to put on head scrubbing duty for the next month. You will leave now. With me. And you will personally repair Captain Garrido's markings now. Or I will make your life hell from this day forward. By the way, in case you didn't know. I'm Lieutenant Colonel Zachary Sheperd, so you better rise to your frakking feet now, before I make sure the next time you get to work on anything, it will be with the tiny prick between your legs. Are we clear? NOW GET THE FRAK UP."

"I think you're definitely not, though if Eden says so, I'm sure she's much closer to the subject than I have ever been." Maia counters, but when she hears the deckies, she just gapes at them for a moment. She steps back and watches the CAG at work.

There is a look given back to the Colonel and when he is asked to stand up Ajax does comply with the order. "Sir." And there the Sagitarran straightens into the attention posture, and keeps his head up and eyes straight. "I am Petty Officer Second Class, Ajax Medvedev." Easily and calmly given despite the CAg being rather livid and in his face. "And pursuant my orders from Master Chief Rembrandt, I must complete my tasks and orders on the vipers and raptors that need repairs before I can be tasked out to do anything cosmetic, and only then if the Chief puts me on it, Sir." He does not look away, nor does he shrink from the Lieutenant Colonel. "I must follow those orders first, Sir. But once it is put in my queue I will make sure it is done. For all I know sir, the Chief might have someone on it right now."

Toby instinctively straightens a little as Zachary moves in on Ajax. Glancing between the pair of them as the situation nosedives. SHifting then to attention himself he adds, "With all due respect Sir, Petty Officer Medvedev is correct. We report to the Deck Chief and or orders regarding what work is to be done come direct from him. You have stated that you have submitted a request for work to be done so I am confident that it will be, as soon as he assigned it to someone, which of course, he may already have done."

"Petty Officer. The Master Chief and I have already had this talk and he understand unit coherency required from the 11th Air Wing." Zachary responds, his tone calm, but his eyes show that brewing storm. "And considering the weight that I carry with him, I doubt that either of you have any right to speak down to me in this manner. So. This is what we're going to do. We're going to forget that either of you are on your free time at this moment, and you're going to follow the orders of the Commander of the Air Group, get to your feet and go repair Garrido's viper now. And if you talk back or hide behind the Master Chief excuse again, I will have a talk about the insubordination of two of his deck hands to that same Master Chief. I doubt he will take too well to that, don't you?"

Maia, for her part, falls silent and remains in the background, no way is she interfering in this one. The situation is getting fairly volatile and she just remains as unobtrusive as possible.

"Sir. I am not on free time. This is part of my being cleared for duty. I have to take an hour of Physical training for the next two weeks." he adds before he looks back towards the Colonel. "And I do not doubt sir, that the Chief understands unit coherency. However, I cannot repaint the Captain's viper until I am put on it. The Master Chief has made it clear that I need to have my repairs done before I tackle another project." And there he looks back to the Colonel. "I can request it from the Chief sir, once I go in-which is after this. And I will make sure it is done today" Ajax is staying firm on his ground and he's not breaking.

Toby is sticking with his workmate on this one. "I am sorry Sir, but I am not yet cleared to work on Vipers, only Raptors. When I report in," he glances towards a handy time piece, "in a little under an hour I will take the work orders given me by the Chief. It is possible he'll sign me off to do a cosmetic job such as that and if he does then I shall complete it to the best of my abilities. As the Petty Officer says, we do not doubt that the Chief understands unit cohesion, nor the chain of command and will ensure that whatever tasks are assigned to us are handled appropriately."

Maia just quietly continues on making her way out, as she had intended before.

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