AWD #091: Unicorns are Stupid
Unicorns are Stupid
Summary: Ygraine meets Holtz's daughter.
Date: 07/04/13
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Viper Squadron Berthings
The berthings for the Orion's Air Wing are the same as what one would find on any other Mercury-class Battlestar, though they are distinctly different from the rest of the bunks on the ship. These bunks are separated not into sections of sixty, but by squadron. That means that there is a little more room to move around with only twenty to twenty-five pilots in one bunkhouse. Some officers have brought a small rug to sit in front of their bunks, but the tables and chairs are standard military issue. At the rear is a small couch that was probably new when the ship left anchorage and seems to have been kept carefully clean. The crest of the Lucky Strikes has been painted onto the wall behind the couch, as well.
AWD #91

The berths are generally quiet at this hour. But right now? The whole ship is alive with an energy unknown since before Warday. People are laughing louder, longer, and spirits are far higher. Morale is through the roof for so many people. But for some of the new arrivals, things aren't so easy. Holtz's daughter is laying down in his bunk, holding the photo of him, Allison, and his ex-wife. Just like the photos of her, she has his eyes. The girl, maybe ten or eleven, lays there in stone silence, looking around, with the picture held in her hands by her waist as she looks over his bunk.

There's a lot of people going through processing. It's entirely possible - even probable, that one or more of Yggy's brothers are on the boat, and just haven't been identified yet. But Ygraine simply doesn't have the energy to go look. Not right now, not after having watched Holtz's shoot flare open and sink down onto Picon. She quietly makes her way to his berth, intending to sleep there. Funny, she usually hates the smell of his cigarettes - he keeps trying to quit but doesn't quite make it, but now she'd be grateful for the stink. As she steps forward, her eyes go wide, and her hand goes to her mouth. "Oh m'gods." she says, staring at the little girl. "You're Ally."

The girl turns her head to see Ygraine and looks at her with a plain nod. "Sure am." She looks over Milk quickly and settles back into the bunk. She closes her eyes, turning her head to take in the smell of his pillow. She's missed her dad. "He got shot down. The Raptors couldn't get to him or something. So he got left on Picon. Dolphin says you guys are going to go get him, but the Raptor pilot didn't sound so sure." Her eyes open and she looks back at Yggy. "If you need him, leave a message at the tone: Beep."

"Frak that." Ygraine says matter-of-factly. "We are goin' t'get him. Sooner rather than later if I got any say." Which she doesn't, not really, but it feels goo to say. She walks closer to the younger girl and holds out her hand. "I'm Ygraine. Callsign's Milkshake. Some folk call me Yggy though, so if ya'd rather, that's alright too."

Allison just stares back at Ygraine. "Everyone is too busy celebrating what they got back. They ain't thinking about who else things might suck for. Guess I can't blame them. Bitches." She can still blame them. Her eyes drift back to the picture. "Nice to meet you, Yggy. But my dad is out there tonight with some canner bitch and she's probably trying to kill him. But I know my dad. I just hope the big metal things don't find him."

Ygraine keeps her hand held out. "I'm here." she states matter-of-factly. "And if there's one person that I know for damn sure will give all he has to survivin', it's Kurt Holtz. So. You gonna shake my hand? Either way, I'm parkin' my ass up there." She gestures to the mattress.

Allison finally looks away from the picture and to the hand. Its not until she says that she is coming up that Ally blinks and something settles in. "O- OH." Blink. She gives a small shake, not so sure of herself. Like any girl her age, its awkward. She sits up, scooting back to make room. "So you think he'll really be alright? I admit, I'm kinda scared," she whispers. Not something a Holtz is probably supposed to admit to. Ever.

Ygraine climbs up to join Allison, settling herself in. She sits close, but she doesn't touch the girl, or put her arm around her, or presume in any way. She answers the question with another question. "Can I tell ya a story? Not a fake one, but a true story. It's got your dad in it, but he doesn't really come in to the end."

The girl watches Ygraine as she sits close, but seems perfectly comfortable on her own. She looks over Ygraine with a careful assessment that might be something familiar enough with a Tauran, but also for Kurt. "Sure, stories are alright. As long as you don't try to give me unicorns or princesses. That's not cool." She sits indian style, picture held where her legs fold. Her eyes drift down to it, staring.

Ygraine snorts. "Unicorns are stupid, and princesses are only okay if they get dresses and swords." She waves a hand dismissively. "So, anyway.I was flyin' in a raptor, along with m'pilot - I'm an Electronic Countermeasures Officer, if ya don't know what that is, I'll explain another time. We were fightin' raiders, and th'raptor got hit real bad. We managed t'jump, came out just above this planet, and both me and th'pilot managed t'eject out. That was scary, but…kinda fun, too. And then me and th'pilot who was injured, we had to survive with nothin' but th'clothes on our backs for nearly two days. That was scary too, but still…kinda like campin'. Wasn't so bad. All we had t'do was wait. Just when the rescuer arrived, these giant wolves attacked us. And if ya think I'm makin' this up…" Ygraine holds out her arms, showing the claw marks, and tilts her head to show the bite scars so close to her artery there.

Unicorns are stupid and princesses need swords to accessorize. "You have my attention," Ally says carefully. She listens along and seems to have no idea what an ECO is, though. The part about ejecting has her look over Yggy one more time, but not as closely as when she shows off the scars. "Did you get those from getting shot down? Or from the wolves?" she asks quietly. Its always the same concern for her father. He may not have wolves, but he ejected.

"From the wolves. And obviously we killed them wolves and shot 'em up good, and came back safe, but I didn't really know what bein' scared was 'til I got attacked by 'em. And even after it was over, even when we got back and was far away from 'em, I was still scared, ya know? And it was worse because I was ashamed that I was scared. I was supposed t'be strong. I'm an officer and a grown up and I'm supposed to be tough. Like your dad. Well one day, all the bein' scared got so big I couldn't handle it anymore. And your dad saw me, and he listened. I told him everythin' about what happened and I'll tell ya what he said t'me, right out of your dad's mouth: he told me it's okay t'be scared. That it's natural t'be scared. That it ain't bein' scared that oughtta make anyone ashamed, and bein' scared didn't make me any less tough or strong. He told me that th'only time there was somethin' wrong with bein' scared was when ya let it keep ya from doin' what needs doin', and if anyone tried t'make me feel ashamed for feelin' how I felt, he'd pop one right in th'nose." Ygraine nods firmly. "I do think he'll be alright, he's th'strongest man I know. And it's okay for ya t'be scared, as long as ya don't let it stop ya from doin' th'right thing when it needs doin'."

Ally looks at the photo while Yggy talks, but its clear she's looking at her dad in the photo and not the burned face of her mother. Its all tough to hear, though. "He talks to you?" she asks quietly and looks back to Ygraine. The to the bunk around Ygraine. Then back down to the photo. "I don't like being scared for him. He told me growing up that I'd never have to be worried for him because he'd kill all the monsters that ever came for me. That it was his job as my dad. That my job was to be adorable forever. Things are different now, though." She makes a face. "I don't know what I'm supposed to do. My school melted. So now that I know he's shot down someplace? Now I just sit here and be scared for him. Guess its good I don't have to do anything else, huh."

"He does." Ygraine admits. "All th'time. I don't like bein' scared for him either, but I know that he's got th'best chance of anyone I know." She huhs. "I wish I had an answer for ya. I don't. But I know when he comes back, he's gonna see ya, and he's gonna be so happy. And ya will be too. I hope I get t'see it."

"So then you're close with my dad. Are you guys boyfriend and girlfriend?" she asks quietly, lifting her eyes back. Direct. Forward. Yep, Kurt's kid. "Yeah. I know I'm going to be happy. But until then I just worry. Even then, I'm probably going to be scared for him when he comes home. Because this stuff happens. I mean, it happens, right? Is it normal? Have you been shot down a lot?"

"Yeah." Direct, forward. Ygraine doesn't flinch from the truth. "I ain't been shot down a whole lot, but I been shot at. Once I had t'take over for th'pilot I was with and land our bird myself. I was so nervous I threw up after, right there on th'deck." Yggy wriggles her nose in remembered dismay. "We're fightin' a war, and th'enemy wants t'kill us. So in as much as ya may call our lives normal now…it's normal. It's somethin' ya gotta learn t'live with. Th'thing I try t'think about is…if I wasn't out here doin' my job, if your dad wasn't out here doin' his…how many people who couldn't fight might not be saved? That's important t'remember when th'fear gets hard t'deal with."

Direct right back. This ECO knows how to speak to one of her family, apparently, because she nods to the confirmation and looks back down. No argument, no questions, it simply Is. "This normal sucks. I miss the old normal. I miss my phone and my friends. I miss fighting with my parents." First World Problems. But she doesn't shed any tears over it. Ally just stares at the photo. "So everyone who fights saves more people? I guess I get that. Like my dad protectin my from monsters and that stupid kids stuff. I'll try to remember that, though." She sniffs. "Is my mom dead? Does my dad know where she is?"

"I don't know." Ygraine admits. "About your mom, I mean. I know he thinks she is." She doesn't comment on the kid stuff. Only the very youngest children who won't remember this time when they grow old are really children now.

Ally continues looking at the photo and eventually puts it back on the wall. She fingers at the ashtray and the most recent addition in it before looking back towards Ygraine. "I'm sorry you got stuck with me, Ygraine. I'm guessing this isn't what you wanted out of my dad." She looks down to the covers. "But we got stuck with each other for now. I'll try to not get in the way like Ive seen some girls try and do in movies. If you make him happy, at least that's more than my mom was doing. So, you know, thanks. He's kinda grouchy."

Ygraine considers Ally a bit thoughtfully. "I reckon what would make your dad happiest would be for you an' me t'get along." she says frankly. "Now I don't know ya as a person very well yet, but what I can tell is that you're a lot like Kurt. I ain't sorry I'm stuck with ya, because I know how happy it'll make him. And he'll want t'spend as much time as he can with ya, and that ain't nothin' but good." Ygraine shifts and lays back, her head on the pillow and eyes drifting over to Ally. "You'll prolly be stick with me way longer than that. But we'll deal with it when it happens." She snickers. "Yeah, he's some kinda bad mood when he's in a strop, ain't he?"

"He's all I got left. You guys got this big, crazy ship. That?" She points at the photo. "That's the only picture I've seen of my mom since the bombs. Wish I had one." She looks back to Ygraine as she lays back. The words have her think and she looks down to the blanket, fingers playing with a fold in it. "I don't know what to say to that. Other than to agree about his moods. Right now I just want him back."

"You'll have more." Ygraine says softly. "You'll see, soon enough." Then, "Yeah. Me too."

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