AWD #075: Unhappily Ever After
Unhappily Ever After
Summary: A brief meeting at the pool leads to another talk in the Raptor Squadron bunk area.
Date: 22/03/2013 (OOC Date)
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Maia Luc Tasha 
The floors of the whole room — including the bottom of the pool — are made of poured concrete, and the pool itself is designed to accommodate barriers and other obstacles used to simulate operations in high-pressure environments. A large sign on the aft bulkhead warns visitors that no lifeguards are available, and that swimming is done at each person's own risk.
AWD #75

With it being very late for some and very early for others it is most likely early for Luc. The night having short for him this day and there for the next day starts early. The pool and fitness center were both empty as he had entered and he had dove into the water some time ago and started a few laps back and forth. Taking it easy as he swims. For now just floating upon his back in the middle of the pool.

Not one for sleep and an early riser to begin with, Tasha walks into the pool while opting to swim a few laps for her morning physical training… While turning her head, the viper jock takes note of another body floating casually in the pool with a raised brow before a smirk graces upon her lips causing the blond to shake her head in amusement.
Rather than break the silence outside of the padding fall of her bare feet for now, Tasha walks over to the edge of the pool and sets her standard issue towel aside before raising an arm over her head to touch her back and stretch to the side… Just a little warm up while letting Luc enjoy the pool alone before others begin filing in for their own routines.

Very early for Maia as well, she had a fitful nights rest and now also makes her way to the pool maybe for a good swim before hitting the machines in the fitness center. She walks in wearing her sweats over her swimsuit, leaning down, she unties her shoes and tosses them beside a chair. Next on the agenda are her tank tops and she's doing it rather slow also, having noticed others at the pool area at the moment. Lurking in silence, she continues undressing, laying her towel over the back of the chair.

Luc doesn't seem to notice the others just yet as he float around and is stretched out in the water. Swimming around and just spinning around in the water a bit. Enjoying the feel of water upon his skin and the harmony of it all.

Bringing the other arm across and over her head to stretch the other way, Tasha turns her head to the side and smiles as she notes Maia walking into the pool area, " Hey you… Been missing you since's Phin's promotion… How are things?" Pausing to drop her arms, she walks away from where she was warming up to approach Maia while wearing naught but the one piece standard issue swim suit. Coming up to the other woman, both hands hang loosely at her sides while shfting her weight to one hip…

Shucking her sweat pants now, Maia tosses them on the heap in the chair and turns at the voice, offering a friendly smile. "Hiya, Tasha. Yeah, guess I've been so busy with missions. CAP and training I've forgotten there's a world outside duty." Now she is wearing nothing but her military issue suit as well and she reaches up to tug the band from her hair and take the pony tail down, allowing her hair to fall in loose tumbles around her shoulders. "I've been.. fair." Just a minimal of hesitation in her words. "How've you been?"

Finally close glances towards the women. Perhaps having heard the voices echoing or something similar. Watching them and raising a brow. Keeping in place in the water. Not really expecting people to show up and especially not them. Even less likely at the same time. Keeping an eye on them but not sure what they are saying. At least not all of it. If they watch he will wave to them both.

A hand comes up to rest upon her own hip as the other brushes through the platinum length of unbound hair falling about her features before Tasha nods in sympathy, " Yeah pretty much the same.. I think we are on opposite CAP rotations or something. " With a shift in position, she steps to the side and glances towards the pool catching site of Luc starring and the weak wave he offers before her lips part in an amused manner, " Hey there…" She lifts a hand and then looks back to Maia. " I'm fair I guess… Came off CAP at the end of teh dance and conescration of the new temple… Helped old boy there back to his bunk when it was all said and done. What about you?"

"Definitely has to be the opposite CAP rotation because I definitely don't see you as often as I'd like to." Glancing over when Tasha speaks of Luc, Maia also offers a brief wave in return. "Oh yeah? Glad he had someone to help him home. I know Superstar needed a little help himself. My night ended after Jason landed on me in his drunken stumbling state. Wasn't so bad. Grippa helped me back to my bunk. Glad you made the dance, for sure."

Luc smiles to them both, "Hi." Comes his lone word. Starting to swim over towards them both. "So, what are we talking about?" He asks with a grin as he glances between them. Letting them talk about the dance while he moves to sit on the edge. Leaning backwards to look at them from below and his feet dangling in the water.

Offering a slight shrug, Tasha lets out a mild sigh and crosses her arms lightly under her breast, " Yeah two songs and then bust but it was better than not showing up at all. I think you would have liked my dress… Backless silk one piece with a mid thigh slit… If you ever want to borrow it let me know." A sly wink is given at that as she chews her lip in thought and turns more to the side while taking a half step towards the pool as it preparing to get in.
"I've been hearing alot about the missions but I keep drawing the short straw since someone has to stay behind and maintain coverage in case of an emergency. Last mission was pretty harry I was told and Storm almost didn't make it. " Letting out a long sigh, Tasha's cool blue eyes hold a depth of worry for possibly lost friends and those that have already passed. " Rumor has it Milkshake had him tied up for at least an hour after they got back." The smile returns with mischievious intent though at the mention of the two locking the other members of the flight out of the bunks.
Hearing Luc, Tasja smirks taking a step into the shallow end of the pool along the steps themselves while still maintaining one foot out to chat with Maia while responding to Luc, " YOur dance technique of course Romeo…. What else? " Teasing…. her tone holds a depth of amusement at Luc's expense before she takes anotehr step down letting the cool chlorine rich water move up to her knees. " Why am I not suprised to find you here anyway Luc?"

"Sounds gorgeous. Mine was a strapless black one with matching gloves that came to here." Using her finger to form a line across her arm above her elbow. "I'll keep that in mind, maybe next time we can switch it up. Definitely two dances are better than one." Her smile is warm as she walks over to the pool with the other woman. Her look turns solemn at the mention of Storm. "Yeah his Viper exploded, luckily he ejected before it could. Squire tugged him into our Raptor while Stand-up and his crew gathered Dolly when he had to eject too." When they get to the pool, Maia looks down at Luc and smirks somewhat, trying to keep the peace. "Defintiely your dance moves, Crater. I think everyone loves that breakdancing. You can thank me for that now." Laughing, she glances to Tasha and shakes her head, "He's quite the entertainer." Without another word she turns and dives into the water, disappearing beneath the surface.

"Woah! Don't step on my head." Luc tells Tasha as she takes a step backwards towards the edge. Even if it is not really close to where he is laying. "Hey, my dancing is superb. You were the one bumping around." He teases in return and grins before looking to Maia. "Well, thanks then." He offers to her with a grin. Trying to keep himself normal as well. Which comes easy enough compared to two days ago At the last of Tasha's questions, he does offer a small shrug, "Suppose I am always here."

Standing at mid-thigh in the water, Tasha lips remain pressed in an easy smirk of amusment as she looks from Luc to Maia and tilts her head to the side, " Breakdancing huh? Didn't see that other than a bit of the clumsy stumbling at the end due to some drink I'm sure." And then Maia is diving into the water as Tasha follows the movement with a turn of her head to look at Luc and gives him a light laugh. " How you feeling today? " Not pressing anything, she leaves the question open ended at that for the man to answer….
"Wandering hands tend to throw off any girls game when she is trying to be a sensual dancer I assure you. " Tasha's smirk turns into a full on smile as the water comes up past her hips and she fans her hands out to either side of her body just touching the water with the tips of each finger. " I think your part fish but despite that you should still look into giving some water survival training and scuba lessons to some of the pilots and marines here. Rumor has it your the best in the water and well I am sure there alot of poeple who don't swim very well."

Surfacing a short distance away, Maia swims back over and leans against the side in waist high water. "Breakdancing, he does this handstand thing." Shaking her had, her blonde locks now wet dance around her features in soaked tendrils. "So.." Looking between them a moment, her grin remains in place. "What's up?"

"Feeling better." Luc offers to Tasha with an easy smile. As for his breakdancing not showing, he just chuckles. Though wandering hands he will agree to. "Well, drinking usually does that." As for the swimming, he nods, "I do swim well underwater. Not sure if I am fastest above." Raising a bit of a brow to Maia at her question, "What do you mean?"

Standing about mid way in the shallowest portion of the large pool, Tasha continues to keep her arms extended with finger tips gliding over the water as the cool water seeps into her suit and her body makes the adjustment from warm to cool enough to move a bit deeper with only a slight hiss of breath. " One hand huh? You should see my pole dance routine." Bringing one hand up a finger is pressed to full lips as she makes a, "Shhhhh… don't tell anyone though. Mom ran with some seedy friends and I picked up a few things." Hand falling once more to the water, she laughs warmly and then tilts her head to the side, " Nothing much really… " Blinking and then looking to Luc and rolling her eyes as if it should be obvious really, Tasha simply blinks. " I think what she means is if you are seeing me… and the answer is no to clear the air. Just friends." Winking at Maia, the viper stick turns in place and lets her head roll to the side on her shoulders. " I know you have things to work out and well your both to cool for me to get in between anything."

"Stripper pole?" Amused, she chuckles, "Sounds like a great work out." Though her expression turns serious at the counter question from Luc. Maia waves off her own question in regards to Luc. If he's going to be deliberately obtuse, she'll not press it with him. Instead she'll focus on Tasha, "He's a helluva guy, Tasha, deserves every happiness and I just want you to know the divorce is going through, so there won't be any hard feelings between you and I should you decide to go that route." Glad that the other woman had understood and not shied away from it. She'll offer a wink to her friend then and go back to ignoring Luc like she's been doing the past couple of days anyway. Since he had sabotaged the divorce.

Luc chuckles and nodss, "It sounds intereesting." He admits about her dance routine. As for what Maia asked, he just ahs and shrugs. "Well, as she said. Just friends. I thought you meant right now." He explains before shrugging. Noticing her ignoring him and just rolling his eyes. "You got a package. IT's over at my towel." He tells Maia and he does glance to Tasha. Though currently he is just enjoying himself. Not really trying to think too much about it all. "You only got a few days to wait now anyhow." He assures Maia since she always do seem to be in such a rush.

Both arms come up from the water… finger tips dripping water as she clasps both hands behind her head as Tasha then arches her back and gives Maia a warm smile, " I'm patient and besides… Not looking really. I just go where the wind blows and yeah…" She gives Luc a sideways glance and puckets to blow him a playful kiss in a teasing manner. " He is a Helluva guy. We'll see what happens." Dropping the distracting pose as it was intentionally made to distract the male ego anyway, Tasha suddenly dips down into the water letting it resst at her shoulders so that her hair fans out about her.
"Akward….." Tasha intones at the package mention while raising a brow at Luc and then grinning. " I'm sure that can wait till after the third party has gone." Sticking her tongue out, she pushes into the deeper water while still keeping her head above and dry for now to look to Maia. " If it does go that way I'll let you know up front… I'm not one for akward silences in the hall especially when I'ms till wanting to raid your closet when I start to run short on clothing options."

They hadn't been together in four years. They could manage friends, right? Watching the interaction between the two, as if testing herself and her words, Maia realized it was all going to be okay. He was a helluva guy and just seeing him happy was good enough, whether it was her that put the smile there or someone else. "Awkward?" Looking towards the package, her eyes widen then she looks at Luc and tries to speak but is unable to emit more than a squeak of thanks. She looks back at Tasha and offers a grateful smile. "Thank you," her voice much firmer now, avoiding Luc's all together for the moment. "I've got to get on with the rest of my workout," turning, she lifts herself out rather easily. "See you both later." She pads over to her gear, grabs it all in a bundle, eyes the package, collects it then heads on out.

Luc hadn't mind the pose and does chuckle at the playful offered blown kiss. Starting to chuckle at Tasha's words. "Nah, no nee to leave, Tasha." He assures her with a smile. The package being an envelope. The same that Maia ahd offered the day before. Nodding as she heads on out. "See you around, Maia." Looking a bit between both with a grin. "That went well." Not at all awkward…

Leaning back, Tasha finally dips her head so as to soak her hair and then lifts back up while treading water lightly in the deeper end to watch Maia begin moving to collect her things, " Okay but take it easy and hit me up later… We can share some burnt coffee in the mess and talk boys and things okay?" Feeling like Maia has been run off a little, Tasha doesn't push it to make it weirder for now and simply turns in the water to glance over at Luc and rolls her eyes while trying not to grin to much at how most men pick the wrong times for things. "Sooooooooooo…. You over there… Man child…. No pouting or this may become an all male zone rather quickly for your lack of delicate sensitivity to the fairer gender."

Pausing at the exit, Maia looks back and smiles warmly at Tasha, "Sure thing, I'd like that. Any time you want to raid my wardrobe you're welcome to. Milkshake and I got to go down and do some trading before the dance it was a lot of fun, got some things. Got /you/ something. I'll leave it on your bunk later if I don't see you around." Her gaze flicks over Luc, "Yep, see ya around." Then makes her exit, with the envelope in hand.

Luc just raises a brow before shrugging, "Can't say that I mind either way. I just don't want to be keeping either of you." Rolling his eyes a bit. Nodding to Maia as well but not really seeing why she would be upset when she keeps ignoring him anyhow. He sighs and swims away from both for now. He hadn't really had anything in mind anyhow.

Raptor Squadron
The berthings for the Orion's Air Wing are the same as what one would find on any other Mercury-class Battlestar, though they are distinctly different from the rest of the bunks on the ship. These bunks are separated not into sections of sixty, but by squadron. That means that there is a little more room to move around with only twenty to twenty-five pilots in one bunkhouse. Some officers have brought a small rug to sit in front of their bunks, but the tables and chairs are standard military issue. At the rear is a small couch that was probably new when the ship left anchorage and seems to have been kept carefully clean. The crest of the Gentlemen Ghosts has been painted onto the wall behind the couch, as well.
AWD #75

Maia is sitting on her bunk, leaning against the wall, her hair is still damp from her swim, she didn't bother to hit the fitness center yet, or the head. Her legs are extended, dainty bare feet crossed at her ankles, toenails painted a candy apple red. Beside her on the bed is an empty envelope and spread all around her are the contents of the folder. In her hand between her thumb and forefinger is a mens wedding band and her attention is on it. Also on her lap is a photo of Luc kneeling in front of her with his lips pressed to her belly where the baby would have been. On her cheeks there is the glisten of tears.

Having been on his way to the viper berthings after his talk with Tasha. Though he does glance inside the raptors area to see if Maia brought the envelope back or not. Seeing her and watching her from afar. His own feelings starting to dwell up and he just stands frozen for a moment. Not been able to keep those photos, not that he did not want. He just couldn't.

Maia doesn't know that Luc is there observing her, she closes her hand around the wedding ring and holds the picture in her free hand, the tears still falling. It was time to learn to grieve for what she had lost. Closing her eyes, she tilts her had back, leaning it against the berthing, her shoulders shaking with her sobs.

Luc watches her and sees her sobbing, his own tears sliding down and he does seem to place that she wasn't having it easier. Starting to move inside now. Eyes closed though and he does try to blink some of the tears away. "Maia. Got a moment?"

Alone in her misery, or so she had thought. Hearing the voice, Maia starts, almost bumping her head on the bunk above her. Hurriedly she wipes her cheeks, the photo of her and him kissing her stomach flutters to her lap again. "Uh.. sure, Gabriel. What's up?" Her hand still closed around his ring.

Luc smiles softly and weak to her as he takes a seat next to her. "Sorry. I just… I've had a hard time. Apparantly you didn't have as easy a time as I thought that you did." He says and leans to brush any tears from her. Not having touched his own tearstained cheeks. "I probably shouldn't ask. But were you keeping or sacrificing that pic." Since it was one that was missing. Not knowing about the result from the pregnacy test being her sacrifice. He does offer his hand to her though.

Maia looks over at him when he confesses having a hard time, and acknowledging that she had as well. When he reaches out and touches her cheeks to brush the tears away, she closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. She was not used to being so emotional at all. At the question she looks down, lifts the photo and offers it to him. "I made my sacrifice yesterday. You can have it.. I'm just.. trying to let go of the past, the guilt over the.." Baby. Still she doesn't say the word. When he offers his hand, she slips hers into it and tightens her grip.

Luc shakes his head. "I gave it to you to keep. Or do whay you wish. I especially haven't wanted to have them around now. Not that I do not like them or what they were. But constant reminder and seeing you with Agrippa. It was a bit much. I didn't mean to reject them. I just… You should have them. I know what my sacrifice is." Holding her hand and squeezing back. "Let it out. I am here. If only a friend." Starting to accept the change. IF that is whay she wants.

"Then I will keep it. I will keep them all." Unable to let go of them yet. Maybe someday. Maia begins putting them all back in the envelope, not looking at them as she does, unlike when she had withdrawn them all. Once that is done, she slips his ring into the tiny Ziploc bag with hers and deposits them as well, into the envelope. "Constant reminder of seeing me with Agrippa? You never see or hear of us doing anything improper. Do you ever see him being anything other than a gentleman?" Though that's not the point really. She gets back to the topic. "What is your sacrifice?"

Luc does have his smile falter a bit. "Well. Ignoring me. You both flirting in the showers. Naked. In front of me. Fine you were drunk that time, but still. Almost every time I look over your shoulder he is there." He explains before shrugging. "You'll see." He offers about the sacrifice. Since neither know each other's sacrifice.

As soon as the words turn accusatory and confrontational, Maia gently removes her hand from his and smiles sadly. "I.. see." So vulnerable right now, only just facing her grief for the loss of her baby, she looks back down at the envelope, withdrawing back into herself, resurrecting that wall she keeps around her so often. After a breath, she lifts her head again, this time her expression harder, no trace of tears in the glittering shards of her now icy blue eyes, she thins her lips and the softness from only moments ago is gone entirely. "You're right. I'll see in five days. You can go now." Shoving the envelope underneath the mattress of her cot before standing, leaving too.

Luc frowns as she pulls the wall up again and tries to get her to stay. "Please. Stop running from me." Though if she won't listen he can do nothing but rise. "What you do now, is up to you." Seeing as whenever he speaks his mind she just runs off.

Although she hurts, she does not allow it to show and when he asks her to stop running away, Maia turns back and looks at him. "I'm not running away. What I do now is definitely something I can finally do for myself." She walks away.

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