AWD #376: Unfriendly Fight
Unfriendly Fight
Summary: Lleufer wants information from Toby but accidentally offends him deeply.
Date: 02/07/2016
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Lleufer Toby 
Library - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The metal stacks of books start near the door and run the entire length of the room, which is almost forty meters. The room is twice as wide and there are several corridors that lead down the rows. Near the door is a desk clerk manned by a Crewman from Supply, but farther back, in the quiet of the room, are generally several other people milling about. Towards the rear are several seating areas with tables and chairs. There are sections covering a broad topics and individuals can also look at maps, rent videos, and even games.
AWD #376

Having gotten a message that Toby would come speak with him, Ynyr suggested the Library. No one would question if they spoke in low voices in here, and perhaps accessed some of the ships records. Lleufer has arrived in his off duty tanks and tags. He goes on to the back and finds one of the privacy cubicles where people can watch vid if it's turned down low. While he waits, Ynyr digs up some footage on Piraeus and queues it up, original survey stuff with narration. Right up Doctor Thanos's alley, even if it predates her arrival by more than a little. When that's ready, Lleu sits so he can keep an eye on the rest of the library, what he can see of it from his restricted view out of the cubicle, and waits for Shackleton. He's chosen one on the end against the bulkhead on two walls so only the cubicle on one side might get occupied as a near neighbor.

Toby is not entirely unknown in the library, but it is fair to say that it's not one of his more usual haunts. Not unless he has a project. He finds Lleufer with little trouble though, and settles himself down into a chair beside him, expression as neutral as he can make it. "Sergeant," he offers quietly, "you mind explaining what this is all about? You were very cryptic on the deck."

Lleufer gives Toby an upnod and waits for the other man to settle himself. "I didn't mean to be. I didn't know if it was a topic you might be sensitive about discussing somewhere public. I also thought that if I asked you by message to come speak with me, you'd probably find reasons not to. You and I used to get along fairly well but I'm not so dense not to have noticed that you don't like me." Ynyr draws a slow breath and keeps his voice down. He reaches over to turn the vid on play, then with the sound to help buffer their own discussion, he ignores the playback to focus on Toby instead, "I have some questions. I don't know if you can, or are willing to help me find some answers, but I'd like to tell you what I think I've found out so far and then you can think about it."

"You'll have to tell me what the topic is first," Toby replies, "beofre I can tell you if it's sensitive or not. But I'm a mere Crewman, you know they don't trust me the juicy stuff right?" Leaning back in the chair he folds his hands together over his chest and flatly ignores the plee about once being friends, that can wait for another time as far as he is concerned. "Fill me in then, and ask your questions. No idea if I'll be able to help you or not though, so lets start from teh beginning and I'll see what you've got."

The Marine smiles thinly, "You had recognition for the symbol I had drawn and shown to you. That is the topic." Lleu eyes the Crewman, "And you are Tauran, so if a Jarhead like me can dig up a little bit about what that symbol represents, then I know damn well you'll know at least a little about it. So no point in playing dumb." Ynyr thins his mouth, keeps half an eye out in the event anyone else comes to take the cubicle next to them. The folded up drawing is dug out of his pants and smoothed out on the table between them, "Recently I saw this symbol on Pireaus. The 'ghosts' like Captain Yamoha wear it as a patch on their uniform sleeves." Pale grey eyes flick back to Toby before he continues, "I knew I'd seen it somewhere before, but … since Santos Ridge, I … have memory gaps. Dropped some stuff I can't remember anymore. But I went looking."

Toby keeps his expression carefully neutral as Lleufer starts his reply. It darkens faintly as the Marine accuses him of playing dumb, even if he is guilty as charged on that one, then, at the mention of the 'ghosts' there's a twitch up by his eye that he can't quite control in time to stop. "I don't recall seeing it on them," he notes, "nor anywhere else downbelow, but go on." He's listening carefully now though, even more so than before.

Lleu is willing to leave it there. "I checked with the Chaplain first, then I went through religious texts we have on board. Nothing. On a whim I went through Colonial CMC records seeking any mention of religious beliefs, and that's where I found it. You see, the worship of Mithras used to be very popular in the Colonial military and many of the CMC's core values are based on same. Strength, loyalty, honor, faithfulness, and so forth. Truth, and a cleaving to the importance of keeping oaths." Lleufer Ynyr keeps his baritone very low and speaks slowly, because he still has some trouble with some words. "I traced it further, originating on Tauron as a Mono-the-ist religion. Now I'm not going to claim to know much more about the religion than what I just summed up. Because I don't. I'm not going to ask if you, or anyone you know, is Mithran. It happens to have a really strong appeal to me, personally, even though I've never much been religious before in my life." Ynyr grimaces, "A lot of … weird shit has been going on that's making me rethink that. Still, there's one more thing."

"So you think the 'ghosts' are Mithrian?" Toby asks, his tone still flat and neutral, "but if you say it originated on Tauron then how could they be? It doesn't look like an overly complex symbol, perhaps the similarity is a mere co-incidence? Given the time scales invovled I'm not sure there's a way there could be a link. But go on, what else do you have?"

Lleufer lifts a hand to rub at his brow like his head aches. "I don't know, Toby. It could be co-incidence. But it may not be and it's bugging the crap out of me." He lowers his hand to look at the Tauran, "I need somebody to talk to about this who might have something worth inputting. Or who might at least think about it so I'm not the only crazy bastard on this ship wondering if there are connections here." Ynyr grimaces and leans back in his chair to shove his good right hand down into his cargo pants pocket and pull out a vile. It looks like a prescription for pain meds. Using his not so great left hand that has freshly healed scar tissue, he opens it up and taps out two tablets. Lleu takes them dry before he closes it up and puts it back into the cargo pocket. "The third thing is the skinjobs. Did you know they have a mono-the-ist religion as well? I wanted to show the symbol to Naomi but she's not on ship anymore. They sent her down to Piraeus for her work, now she has civilian citizen status. Major Elias Gray recently updated his skinjob list to include the basis for each model among them. One is based on Strength, one on Honor, one on Loyalty, Faith, etc. Hitting on the /same/ core principles yet again. Co-inci-dence? Maybe. But maybe not." Lleu rubs his head a bit more and leans his brow against his hand as he watches Toby.

"Have you tried asking the 'ghosts'" is Toby's initial reply, flat, and devoid of anything other than a faint hint that he should be having to suggest this basic sort of things to a trained MP. "Honestly Sergeant," he starts, "I don't think I can help you, go back to your books, or leave it be, I don't care." He cares greatly. Starting to push himself up so he's standing again he stops as the third point is mentioned, and the suggestion of bringing Cylons into the investigation is raised. There's a pause, a heavy one, and a quite remarkable amount of tension appears in his shoulders. "I think, Sergeant," he replies slowly, clear gaps to make his point, "that you should do nothing of the sort. I'm sure I know how the temple would feel if you told them you though the Cylon God was a Lord or Lady, so why risk so deeply offending any Mithrians for such a fool’s errand." Rising to his feet he gestures towards the centre of the Marine's chest as he continues, "they're machines. They have no God. Or Gods. Just computer chips and sub-routines. You say the beliefs appeal to you? Then don't desecrate them so comprehensively at your next opportunity as you have this."

The Marine tips his head up to watch Toby, "No, I've only seen the ghosts the once. If I try to look at them, they disappear." He remains seated and watches Toby stand, hearing him out. Lleu's mouth thins a little, "-Are- the skinjobs machines? Are you really sure about that?" He grits his teeth for a second and shifts his weight in his chair, "They are awfully damned human like, both biologically, and once they start getting into the habit of thinking for themselves." Lleu folds up the scrap of paper and stuffs it back into his pants pocket, "I don't mean to offend anyone, Toby. I've got a lot of questions and damned few answers, if any. I'm not sure what to think. And no where to go to ask."

Now he's back on his feet, Toby has the advantage of being able to bend forward a little and properly loom over Lleu's seated form. "They're fraking machines Sergeant. Machines bent on killing every last one of us, or have you forgotten that? A year can be such a long time after all." That last bit is dripping with sarcasm and basically daring Lleufer to challenge him on it so he can let his fists loose. "Don't be fooled by their pretty faces, think with your head, not your fraking dick. Machines, that's what they are, and what they always will be." Not yet straightening up he grits his teeth and if anything leans in just a little more, "anything else, /sergeant/?"

Ynyr pushes up to his own feet and he not insubstantial height, "Centurions, aye. You think I -don't know- about them? You aren't the only ones to have your lives -written- into your flesh, Shackleton. Some of the skinjobs /are/ helping us and if you'd open your damn eyes, you'd see we may actually have a chance to -win- this war, /because/ of them. Damn Mithrans are supposed to be about courage, comradeship, and protection. Seems the ghosts on Piraeus take that more seriously than Taurans. Because to you it -only- applies to other Taurans, doesn't it?" Does Toby want to take a swing at him? Lleu looks him in the eye to dare him.

If Lleufer wants to square up, then Toby is perfectly happy to square up as well, sod everyone else who's trying to read quietly. "Humans," he spits back as a fist clenches quickly and thunders towards the marine, "thats where I draw the fraking line. Our own frakking species!"

<COMBAT> Lleufer passes.
<COMBAT> Toby attacks Lleufer with Unarmed - Moderate Stun wound to Chest.

There is only a little anger in Lleu, more coldness than heat. "I didn't say they were Human, but human like." Son of a bitch! Toby takes a swing at him and while Lleu starts to put up his left to block it, he's not fast enough and the Tauran nails him in the chest. "Son of a bitch!" Aerilon born, he's never been afraid to get into a scrap, MP or not. Ynyr doesn't even raise his voice but he is at once intent to defend himself and see if he can go toe to toe with Shackleton!

<COMBAT> Toby attacks Lleufer with Unarmed - Critical Stun wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Lleufer attacks Toby with Unarmed but Toby DODGES!

<COMBAT> Lleufer has been KO'd!

Toby doesn't really react to Lleufer's words once his arm is in motion, his mind is firmly in another mode, that of removing the source of his anger as quickly as he can. One solid strike, then another and the marine is falling back. Good. The threat is out of his face and the shoulders relax slightly. "Remember who's damn side you're supposed to be on," he spits at the fallen marine, then turns to leave.

Lleufer is no small fella and he can normally take some pretty hard hits - ask any Marine. But he's also gotten shot more than once in the past weeks. The first hit only made him bare his teeth the Toby's second first nails him square in the sternum and knocks Lleu back into the chairs where he stumbles and goes down, winded. He may also have knicked his head against the desk because despite his desire, there's no rushing back up onto his feet to go after Shackleton. His hands find the chair and the edge of the desk, trying to steady himself so he can sort his legs out, unsteady to rise, "Frak you, Shackleton. I know what side I'm on. I'll never betray my oaths to the Colonial Military." Toby's probably not a Mithran anyway, no help there either way. Ynyr picks himself up and quietly puts the library cubicle back together like nothing happened.

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