AWD #190: Unexpected Lunch
Unexpected Lunch
Summary: Mahasti comes looking for a pilot, finds a knuckledragger.
Date: 15/Jul/2013
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Mahasti Toby 
Hangar Bay, Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Each hangar deck is divided into five one-hundred yard sections, each divided from the others by massive blast doors that close vertically from the floor and overhead. Each hangar section houses all of the Vipers, Raptors, and Predators that the wing operates as well as the vital work areas to support and maintain these fighting platforms. Each bay is large enough to accommodate one of these frames and still get heavy work done, though the fore- and aft-most sections are dedicated to overhauls and major work to be done. The bays along the center section are located across from launch tubes and elevators in order to provide scramble and Alert-Five capabilities. The second-to-aft bay provides major elevator and transport access to the starboard bay as well as the major manufacturing facility. Due to the nature of the work, the hangar decks are major hubs of activity at all hours of the day and all but four hours overnight.
AWD #190

Mahasti is quiet, slipping in, careful to stay out of deck hands' way. She's got a basket with big thermos, cheddar biscuits, and a smaller thermos, the dainty doctor is also likely sporting cutlery and mugs or something in there too. Likely she's looking for someone on their lunch break. She's kind of boring like that. Exciting stuff. Although she looks sort of out of sorts for some reason.

The deck is, as usual, a hub of noise and activity. There are vipers, raptors and predators being worked on and the calls back forth echo along with the noise of tools and equipment leading to what is likely one of the noisiest working environments on the ship. As such, Toby is using his eyes to try and spot CPO Rutlii, since calling out her name would do precisely bugger all. Heading down a row of raptors he glances left and right at each bird that's being worked on but so far, no luck.

Mahasti spots Toby, of course, "Shackleton! When do you go on lunch?" she calls out, towards him, waiting to see if he heard her before waving cheerfully. She is always careful not to get in the way. Apparently whoever she was looking for is running late and she's not in the mood to wait for them. "If you tell me what you are looking for I might be able to help you?" she half shouts. Surprisingly she's pretty good at being loud.

Toby spots Mahasti before he gets within hearing range, although that might have something to do with the ear protectors he has in. Interpreting the wave as a beckoning he heads over, pulling the plugs out of his ears as he does so. "What can I do for you Doc?" he asks, guiding her a few paces back towards the relative quiet nearer the door, "No trouble I hope?" Not that she looks like she's hear on a medical emergency, but you never know. "Looking for? Oh, I could just do with a word with one of the CPOs, she's likely crawling around inside something though so might have to wait til later."

Mahasti smiles "I got ditched for lunch and Sam won't eat food that is 'unnatural'. When you get a lunch break, would you like some? I'd be really pissed off if it goes to waste." she offers with a grin, she doesn't seem too bothered by the noise - after all the sickbay can be pretty chaotic and noisy too. "I promise its edible." she waves a hand dismissively. She seems to look around "I've had that problem, except the CMO is usually wrist deep in someone. same concept." she offers with a shrug.

"Unnatural?" Toby asks, raising an eyebrow slightly, "what does she class as unnatural, or do I not want to know?" He gives the closest birds a quick scan but there appears to be no sign of Sera so he just shrugs and gives his whole attention to Mahasti. "I've got a few hours to go til I'm done," he then states, getting round to answering her questions eventually, "but I can take fifteen minutes or so if that works? Should be able to grab a seat over by the lockers if you don't mind slumming it with the enlisted a bit." He smiles a little at that then something occurs to him and he gestures towards said lockers, "besides, while I think on it, there's something I could do with picking your brain on."

Mahasti smiles "Yeah that sounds agreeable, I made a potato soup with bacon, cheddar biscuits, and some Leonese Verveine tea. I really don't care about all that, Toby. Food is food and shouldn't be wasted." she gestures to lead, "Then I'm here on pleasant business and feeding you. Clearly your diet is lacking in vitamin uh.. cheese. yes." she jokes, smiling a bit. "I suspect the person I was looking for got busy chasing some other skirt." she offers with a shrug.

"Vitamin cheese eh?" Toby replies, raising an eyebrow slightly, "well, if the Chief gets on my back for slacking off then I'll send him your way eh?" Not that it looks like he's objecting to the plan mind, although the suggest of cheese and bacon biscuits does earn another puzzled expression. "You weren't planning on lunching with a pilot were you?" he then asks, noting the comment about skirt, "not sure how I feel about playing seconds to a flyboy."

Mahasti snorts "I was, but you are better company anyways, Toby. I don't have to yell at you to behave yourself or slap you in front of your commanding officer." she comments, calmly, it isn't a joke clearly. "Besides, don't waste food, I don't normally have time to cook." She takes out two mugs, pouring soup in it, carefully "Sam won't eat potato soup because the taters float." she eye rolls just slightly before smiling as soon as she's close enough to sit down near those lockers, handing a cup to him first before pouring some for herself. It smells edible and likely is just a little salty but better than the normal mess slop. "Tea?" she asks, taking the thermos up to pour off a mug for herself, setting said mug between her feet for now.

"If I recall correctly," Toby replies as he takes a seat, accepting the soup as he does so, "you were going to slap me in front of your CO, not mine." The amused look on his face indicates that his words are not a reprimand, just a witty retort. Yes, witty. Taking a taste of the soup he nods approvingly then offers, "Captain Nadir's loss." With the soup in one hand he debates the offer of tea then nods, "sure, so long as there's no sugar in it. Once you get used to the taste of tylium there's no going back."

Mahasti pours a second mug and hands it over "I slapped Warren pretty good in the shoulder in front of a number of pilots." she mumbles, face getting pink. She shrugs and smiles, offering a fluffy cheddar biscuit (not a cookie or sweet of any sort) to him "I know the meal is a little fatty but I'm still trying to gain weight, if you have a weigh in, I'm sorry." she offers, taking a big draw of her soup, enjoying the food "Again, I'm sorry for thinking so harshly of you." she offers, working her food down rapidly. "You had something bugging you medically? May I ask what?" she asks, looking around to make sure his privacy isn't compromised.

With a mug in each hand, Toby eyes the latest offering a moment, trying to work out how to solve the problem of three things and only two hands. Settling on putting the tea down on the deck he takes the biscuit sceptically and then dips it in the soup before trying it. "I think I've got a while yet before my next medical," he offers with a nod, "unless they spring one on us of course." He tilts his head quizzically a moment as she mentioned a medical issue, then his brain catches up and he shakes his head. "Ah, no. Not an issue as such, just with the war prep going on I figure it might be worth seeing if we ought to set up some kind of joint drills, Deck and Medical, make sure we know what each other is going to be doing and such."

Mahasti smiles "That sounds like an awful lot of initiative, Shackleton, I'll mention it to Dr. Nadir." she offers, smiling "We're always on call." she takes her biscuit to dip in the soup, taking a large bite, she smiles "I don't think its a bad idea at all." she comments, stretching her back a little as she ponders "In fact, its a very good idea." she comments, stuffing the whole biscuit in her mouth to chew in a less than dainty fashion, tugging out a note pad to eye around "Msoawwy." she mumbles with her mouthful, taking a pen from the spiral to pin the pad with her pinky and jot a note 'Shackleton - drills with deck. tell Nadir' for later before closing the pad and wriggling the pen in before shoving it in her belt.

"Just promise you won't tell the Chief it was me," Toby replies with a faint smile, "they might start expecting it all the time." Finishing what's left of his soup he sets the cup down and swaps it for the tea as she scribbles her note, then wipes his free hand on his coveralls. Which way the dirt transfer goes is unclear, but still, the effort has been made. "Don't worry about it Doc, just make sure you have a shower once you're done here, Tylium can get everywhere if you let it."

Mahasti makes a face "I have mystery marine marinade in my boots. Tylium can't be worse than that." she offers, taking her tea up to take a sip "Nah you get credit for your own damn ideas. Uhg so much work to do. I wonder if I'd get in trouble for sleeping between my desk and filing cabinet again." she mumbles, rubbing her face and yawning hugely. "You seem pretty okay overall, thanks for having lunch with me. Company makes the food taste better, you know." she chimes, "So how have you been over all, feeling healthy?"

"Mystery, marine, marinade?" Toby asks slowly before deciding that he doesn't want to know and shaking his head. More tea is drunk, although he's not yet through the whole mug and then he shrugs slightly, "you're the Doc, if you say you get enough sleep that way, who the frak am I to argue? Don't expect I'd recommend it though, cos even our bunks are better than the floor and you're an officer." As for the status of his health? That he just nods to, "fit and well so far as I can tell."

Mahasti laughs softly "I don't know, I don't much care for my bunk, it feels like a morgue cooler." she admits. She makes a face "My boots are going in a tub of disinfectant in the medbay supply closet. I'd ask for a new pair but you know someone would want to know why." she offers, laughing softly. Her expression is calm "I kind of like the floor sometimes if I'm feeling sore. I should probably get going, I wanted to get changed and get a shower before reading up on foot pain." she offers, grinning "Also I told you, I'm a doctor - its important you feel comfortable around me. All the rank crap doesn't mean shit to me."

With Mahasti indicating her desire to leave, Toby drains the remainder of his tea then hands the mug back across. "Thanks for the unexpected lunch," he offers as he pushes himself to his feet, "just give me a few hours to find the CPO and mention the drill idea to her too. Don't want it to seem like I'm going behind her back on it just because I saw you first." The comments about rank just get an amused shrug, "I don't make the rules Doc. Sorry."

Mahasti leans, patting his shoulder. "Just remember you can always count on me. If its something private, I'm still good." she grins "If you ever get to be an officer or a civvie, gimme a ring, we'll go out for drinks." she jokes, giving him a light pat and packing her things up to head off. "I'm going to be reading in the library after a shower and boot sanitizing session if you want to bullshit though." she offers with a shrug, grinning as she heads off, calmly.

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