AWD #519: Unexpected Assistance
AWD #519: Unexpected Assistance
Summary: Gray and Randy report to the TACCO on separate cases of unexpected assistance.
Date: 22/11/2016 (OOC Date)
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Map Room
Dominating the room is the large bottom-lit map table in the very center. Ten feet across and eight feet the other way, the table can gather a large number of people around it while still accommodating enlisted and support personnel in the small riser seating behind the table. The risers are done in single-piece desk sections that run the width of the seating area and have small reporting displays built into them along with communications ports for headphones. At the head of the room are two very large LED displays that can have almost anything put on them, including projections of what is on the map table. A single computer at the support seating controls this and in the rear of the room is a large, locked case that holds maps and table models.
Fri Jun 09 2006 AWD #519

The Map Room is a busy place these days — with operational planning in full swing, Tactical, Air, and the Marines all their share of time in the space. But there's a lull on dog watch, and it is then that Corporal Anderson's message is answered with orders to report to Major Gray there, on the double. Even during a lull there are a few other staff officers and enlisted personnel using the riser-desks to work, while Elias himself is laying temporary claim to the central map table. Seated with a stack of reports in front of him, the TACCO is smoking a cigarette and frowning at the page in his hand. The thin haze around him makes it look as if he's been there a while.

With everything in full sway down on Pireaus, Randy has been down there helping load and unload and load and unload. Making her way from the Security Hub to the Map Room, she runs into Gray along the way, who seems to be heading in the same direction, so she stalks him all the way to the Map Room, where she stands outside, letting Anderson initiate the whole song and dance. She nods to him.

And dog watch would be one of those times that Gray has become rather used to since it's a better time to get work done on the radios. Thus, when an appointment with Major Gray is scheduled then, Gray simply shuffles one of his radio shifts around so he can make it. He's got his notepad from Piraeus in hand, as well as one of his notebooks. "Sir, I recieved orders you wanted to see me? Or, rather, us?" he asks, nodding to Randy (who somehow attached herself to him since they were going to the same place.

Elias looks up at the Marine, brows raised questioningly. Then he peers at Gray's nameplate and it dawns on him who the man is. "Corporal Anderson. Your message about Leonis — I'll need the details." Pushing himself into a more upright seated posture, the Major doesn't offer the Marine a seat. From the sound of it he doesn't seem to think this will take long, or perhaps that he hope it won't. There's a brief pause while he takes a hit from his cigarette and eyes Gray's notebook. "Also, turn over a copy of any notes you have to Lieutenant Kaxiras in Intel, later. She may want to do a debreifing."

"I didn't know I was summoned," Randy admits, stepping forward. "I came about an emergent matter after talking with Captain al Yamoha down on Pireaus, but it can wait a few minutes I'm sure." She glances towards Gray and then quiets back up, awaiting Elias' determination of how he would like things to proceed.

Gray nods. "Will do, sir." He pulls the field notebook from Leonis and flips to the page with the coordinates and description of the facility, offering it to Elias. For the record, in the last two months I've been involved in meetings for the Galactica Study Group…" Or whatever the frak the official name for that unofficial group is. "…been in the bunker on Piraeus for that discovery, had this meeting, and then got to very briefly meet with the Ghost Captain…al Yamoha…the other night. I have decent notes regarding all of these incidents except the last." Which he has not had a chance to process, though there was really only one little nugget there. "What do you want me to provide copies of? Or should I confer with Lieutenant Kaxiras?" And then his eyes go to Randy and he can't help but mutter a couple of oaths apparently involving various and sundry reproductive acts when he hears what she's here for, if only because this whole pot just keeps getting stirred with every new item.

Only after Randy steps up does Elias turn his attention to the Sergeant. The phrases 'Emergent matter' and 'Captain al Yamoha' don't seem to be well received, as the young Major's mouth compresses into a thin line. "Stand by, Sergeant," he says, holding up a hand to Randy. Then he turns his attention back to Gray, listening. Interestingly, the Major doesn't even write down the coordinates that are given, and the Corporal's question is answered rather tersely. "Yes. Report to your own chain of command and the Intel Officer." Elias is much more interested in the source for those coordinates. "You say this Seven you met knew details of what was on those 'Twin Rocks?' Where is he now?"

Randy nods and steps to the side almost silently. She keeps quiet as Major Gray speaks to Anderson, this time not turning on the dumb Marine trick that helps her ignore useful information as easily as she ignores the useless. Nope. She's listening, her eyes pricked with the slightest of curiosity.

Gray nods in response to the question and sighs. "We brought him…Rance, by the name he gave us…back with us from Leonis. I am not aware of where he is at this moment or what Lieutenant Petropoulos did with him once we got back, but I can endeavour to find out." The look on his face is very much of the 'please don't shoot the messenger, I'm just a poor dumb lower enlisted' variety.

"Mmm," Elias acknowledges Gray's news wordlessly, then sighs and settles back in his chair to take a long puff on his smoke. He looks more relieved than anything else, and sepnds a second considering. "Good," he finally decides. "I'll have a message for Marine HQ, so don't run off Corporal." Then he shifts his gaze toward Randy. Did he notice the interest with which she was listen in? It might seem so, given the pointed look the TACCO gives her. "All right, Sergeant. Go ahead."

"Sir, while down on Pireaus, I was approached by Captain al Yamoha. To make matters short Sir," Randy says as she steps forward, "She has given us four of her troops. And two crates of Piraean bodyarmor and AP rounds." She doesn't go into detail about how these are supposedly better than what the Marines currently have. That little detail she assumes is not as important and may be communicated upon request. "Sir, I brought them back with me onto the Orion. They are being held in the Security Hub after we checked in their weaponry. The Captain mentioned that they would not be able to return to Pireaus. Upon approval of Captain Ommanney as well, I would like to see to it that they are integrated as CMC sees fit. I do believe strongly that they should not be held in the brig." Normally, she'd be radioing up for permission to bring them aboard, but apparently this was a shoot first and ask for forgiveness…now. "Sir, I would also like to report that the Captain has rallied her troops, thousands of them to help with the effort down on Piraeus in loading and unloading." Which will, no doubt, keep their troops fresher.

Gray nods in acknowledgement. "Yes, sir." And with that he steps back to let Randy dump her information on Elias.

Elias gives nod to Gray, then arches a brow at Randy's news. "Four of her /soldiers/?" he asks, as if he's not sure he heard that correctly. There's an even longer pause here, as the TACCO stares at the Sergeant, takes a long drag on his cigarette, and exhales aside. "And they're already aboard."

"Yes Sir. They are being held at the Security Hub. I didn't want to distract the CIC guards from their duties. Yes. They are four from the Piraean special forces." That's right. Thousands of years of training under their belts…each.

Which raises…all sorts of questions in and of itself in its own ways. "I can confirm this; I was there when Captain al Yamoha detailed them to us." And blessed them and us, he declines to mention given the area of Elias' interest. He'd lost track of the four, but he knew they were sent up with him.

For whatever reason, the TACCO still does not look particularly happy about these unexpected reinforcements. "They're going to have to stay where they are, for now. This … will have to go up to the Admiral." Elias looks down for a moment, thinking and rubbing absently at his forward. After Gray chimes in to confirm, the Major looks up again and studies each of the two Marines. "It seems I now have two messages for Captain Ommaney," he says with a fatalistic tone. Reaching for pen and official message forms, he starts to write in a methodically neat hand. "Sergeant," he says off hand, without looking up, "the next time you're thinking of bringing ghost soldiers aboard the ship? Get clearance first." One message form is offered to each of them, even though they're both meant for Amos and thus bound for the same place.

"Yes Sir, I'll make sure to do that," as if there will ever be a next time for bringing ghost soldiers on board, but one never knows! Still, the once vibrant look is appropriately somber. The Sergeant is not an idiot. This was not a decision made out of some strange excitement for the offensive. No apologies though. She stands by what she did at least, regardless of whether she thinks it was the right move or not in the end. That is, she takes responsibility.

Randy's says "I'm told one of your Sergeants somehow brought four ghost soldiers from Piraeus up to the Orion. The Admiral will need to make the call on this. Use of Piraen equipment at your own discretion.""

Gray nods and accepts the form. "Yes, sir." He glances down at it (not opening it just yet; he'll peek when he's in the hall) and nods. "Is there anything else you need from either of us?" he asks, picking up the notebook that Elias clearly didn't give a rat's ass about.

Elias doesn't have to (or get to?) discipline Marines, so the worst Randy will likely face there is an unflattering report. And even if he were so inclined, it seems there are other things on his plate at the moment. So he contents himself with a long, pointed look at the Sergeant, followed by a slow shake of his head. Then he turns to respond to Gray. "No Corporal. You're both dismissed." There's a brief pause — not quite long enough for them to turn away, but long enough to think about doing so — and then he adds, "And good luck out there. Both of you."

Under Elias' scrutiny, Randy doesn't waver. She's steadfast in her position, simply taking Elias' long, pointed look. When dismissed, she starts to reply in thanks, but immediately cuts herself off as Elias wishes them good luck. "Thank you Sir. May luck be with all of us." Since the fate of humanity could very well be decided with a good or poor turn in the upcoming offensive. She turns to leave and heads directly to report and deliver her note to her Captain.

Gray offers a salute to Elias as he's dismissed. It was a detail that he somehow forgot on the way in, but he's not about to forget it twice. "Thank you, sir." And, presuming the salute is returned, he's heading back out the door with a note for his CO.

"Mmm," Elias makes another wordless acknowledgement for Randy's final point, then pauses to quickly return Gray's salute. Protocol doesn't seem to be something the young Major isn't too fussy about, however. And then he sits and watches them go, looking thoughtful and not entirely pleased.

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