AWD #079: Understandings
Summary: Beckett calls in Knox so that he understands things.
Date: 26/03/2013 (OOC Date)
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Beckett Knox 
Battalion HQ
The headquarters of Third Battalion, Eighth Marines is the primary command location for all Marines associated with Task Force NOMAD. The walls and desks are covered with maps, photos, and satellite imagery. Secure phones are bolted to each bulkhead, and for added insurance, each desk possesses its own encrypted wireless unit with its own independent wiring. The small room is always manned by a wireless operator and a duty sergeant, though it tends to explode with activity during duty hours.
AWD #79

He waited until it would be a light watch, likely to not cause as much rufus and to have an excuse to have the HQ to himself. A general call was put out for the JTAC, Cooper Knox-which is not out of the ordinary considering the ground theatre opening up. All the same, the Duty Sergeant is out, leaving the Major alone in the room with a couple of maps. And of course the ever present cigarette. If the Cylons do not kill Beckett, these likely have a shot at it.

Rumors among some Marines have already begin spreading about Coop being a skinjob. Something about a rather public and intense few minutes in Sickbay where /Stone/ was arrested. Knox is keeping a low profile, though, but the man enters the room looking pissed. Even that scar across his head looks angrier than usual. He's in his duty uniform without a combat vest, but the Sergeant is wearing a sidearm on his belt with several extra magazines. Enlisted aren't supposed to be going around armed, but apparently nobody has either convinced him to give it up or he just refuses to. He looks around at the empty room and goes to parade rest. "Sir." Its a flat word with zero emotion.

"Sergeant.." And there the Major looks up. His soft Aerilon accent barely pulsed as he continues on. "Steady on." and there the Major reaches down and pulls something up from his side-and sets it on the table. It is his own side arm. "If you'd be kind, Lock the door then put your gun with mind, so we're dead on even. No drawn' and shit. Once we're done talking, you can take yours and go, I promise." which means the Major's not really concerned about the marine before him carrying a gun right now. But, perhaps given the situation- who knows.

"I think, son, it's about time you and I, had an honest opening here." and there his brows tick down. "Which I mean t' say that you haven't been dishonest with me before. Nor have y' been truly honest, am I right?"

Knox stands there, eyes flicking to the gun, then back to Beckett. "I cannot set my sidearm down anywhere, sir. The Colonel wants myself and Captain Garrido armed at all times. And yes, sir, I do intend on sleeping with it." He turns, shutting the door and locking it, and looks back to Beckett. Nothing seems to bother him until the last remark where that expression tightens a bit. "Sir, I will request that in the interest of this discussion, that my integrity not be questioned. You want an answer, sir, I will give one to the best of my ability. There are some things, however, that I will hold back for now in the interest of simplying the situation, Major."
You paged Morgan with 'Cool.'

Beckett snorts there, before he is looking back towards Knox. 'Well if the Colonel ordered it, I won't make you disarm." he adds middy before he is motioning to the chair opposite of him. "Have a seat son." even as Knox rattles about the rest, Beckett doesn't seem to rise. Instead he just nods. "I am not going to ask you to give me classified shit-simmer." he adds before he is staring at Knox. "I will open this up with, that I wish you thought you could trust me. But knowing the situation, you likely made sound choices in whom to confide in." he adds. "Right now, I want to know, how you're doing and feeling son-minus the fact some frakker is looking' for you."

Knox moves for the chair and sits down carefully. Everything about this guy is rolled up tighter than a spring. He's ready to explode. He only blinks at 'simmer'. "I told only those that were required, sir. I kept my partner anonymous as long as possible, even from the highest echelons. They trusted that my vouching for her was good enough. Part of it is my interest in protecting those closest to myself and my sister, as well as those who did not know. Your remaining in the dark protects you from fallout and I knew that I wouldn't do anything to betray the trust, Major. Like Petra told me time and again, just be the same Marine you always have been. I took it as orders, sir. As for how I'm doing?" Coop shakes his head. "I am extremely frakking pissed-off, sir. One of them came out here to try and kill us. For good. And ended up killing ten perfectly innocent and valuable people in the process. If I find this frak, I will beat his skull with my fists until everything above the next has been reduced to a fine red mist. If he finds me, good. It means I'll have the opportunity." Say what you want, the guy has the attitude of a Marine.

The Major for his part is silent, before he is offering a brief nod, and eyes close as he reaches for his cigarette and takes in a deep toke. Once there, and held, he releases with a quick, blown out breath. A beat. "I understand. In that way-I understand." And with that he is looking back to Knox. "As am I. Pissed, off I mean. Pissed off that someone came looking, and all they did was shoot up good, frakkin' people." And there his edge eases off. "Now, let me give you some assurances. If you think I am going to brig you now, or frak you over, rest easy. The only way I'd frak you, is if you'd bought me dinner, and regs were done away with." not to mention a litany of other things-but that's not the focus. "I need good marines, and as it is. You're as good as they come, no matter what you are-you're a marine. That means I am going to do my damnedest to keep you alive, as I do with all my men. And if someone gives you shit-they give it to us all. Copy?" Cyrus will wait before pushing on there.

Knox just stares back at Beckett with the same flat expression. His anger seems to have really taken over. "Thank you for saying so, sir. The Colonel and Ihave had some discussion about what should be done with me once my identity was discovered. Some options have been placement in the brig, others have included dropping me on Picon. I consider myself amenable to whatever the Colonel decides to have done with me, sir. That man has trusted me in ways I cannot accurately explain. He will decide what's best for the ship in regards to the Captain and I. Until such time as a decision is made, I will follow the legal orders given to me by the chain of command. As Staff Sergeant Kalivas mentioned, that they are coming after us means that we are doing something right." There's something like a sneer that twitches at his lips. "They've drawn their lines and made their opinions clear. They've lumped us in with humanity. You know something Major? I'd much rather live by the code of the Corps than serve their sick shit. I'm more than happy to be considered human and an enemy, sir. It simplifies things." Because, for one, the guy has no other place to go. He's dead any other way.

"As do I, that is why I will be listening to him, if he has any needs as to where you need to be stationed. As far, as I can see though? You're fine where you are. If I do move you to the brig-it'd likely be because I am trying to keep you from getting killed." Which means shit would have font to hell rather quickly. "I suspect you are. We're still flying- and we're all alive." So, that indeed means something. "It also means we're pissing them off enough. Taking out Bancroft likely means a more unified resistance than they've seen. And I am fine with that." teeth flashed. "Far as I know, Cooper Knox, is that you are human, even if you're not." Which is saying a lot from Beckett. "I want you to know now, you can trust me now. We're going to be heading back down to Picon soon and start moving the non coms out for Spree, so as to free up her theatre a bit more and get her focus on pushing back."

"Correct, sir. My original tasking with this fleet was to find out what the mission was and then terminate the entire battlegroup if possible. At a minimum, take out the Orion. As you can see, I felt those orders were… ah, in disagreement with my opinions on the matter and quite illegal according to the UCMJ." All said with the same flat expression and tone. At least he doesn't look /as/ pissed as when he walked through the door. Just a half measure down. After Beckett finishes, Coop sits in silence for about five or six seconds, then, "Sir, I ask for no special treatment. But if you brig me for any reason, get me a firearm. I must be allowed to defend myself. There is a plan. If I am on the verge of death, it is /imperative/ you get me back to the Colonies before I die, sir. I cannot stress this enough, Major. Please. Additionally, before you ask, I do not know the identities of my people but for five of us. These are the same five you are aware of. And sir, it is entirely possible that the man I am talking to could be one of my people. Its also entirely possible you would not even know it. I do not mean to incite paranoia, just stating a clear fact. If that helps to consider my point of view, think about it. If you woke up one day and realized you were one of my people, what would be your actions? I suspect you pray that you'd have the fortitude to stand your ground and fight like you always had."

"If you're in the brig, you're going to have a gods damned shot gun in there with you. Like shit I am going to leave you sitting there for a spacer mob to air lock you or worse." Beckett says with a rumble in his throat. And there he chews for a second, and finally nods, briefly. "I am not going to question you. Morgan might, but I doubt it. If anyone does, it will be Naval intel." And there the Major shifts and there is an almost sad look. Tired there, before he is nodding. "I swore an oath like you. Even if I started up wearing brass instead of stripes, I made a damned commitment and swore on sacred scrolls that I'd protect against all enemies foreign and domestic." And there he looks back to his gun, and reaches slowly before sliding it back into his holster with ease. "I don't think there's any middle room, even if I was a damned dog when I woke up."

"Thank you, sir," for the hope of a shotgun. "Morgan is welcome to question me if he'd like, Major. I told Petra that when I was discovered, I would cooperate fully no matter what happened short of being physically attacked. I'll hold up my end. But I've already cooperated with Naval Intel a bit. I had to dodge to protect myself a bit, but came clean when it counted." The last has Knox nod, though. "Exactly, sir. Free beings choosing to be what they want to be." And Knox appears to have chosen the side he had to figure was not going to be the winning team.

Beckett nods. "That's all I need to hear. You keep to your normal schedule-minus patrol times, I am going to see that your duty rotation is changed up, so someone can't get a pattern on you. I'll alert your Staff, and on up." he says easily. "I would recommend making sure you have someone you can trust with you, when you work. Whoever that is, I say pull them in now with you. Don't be alone." Simple wisdom there. And so he sizes up Knox with one glance. "Unless you have anything you wanna add on, you're free to go, Sergeant. I'll let you know when we're going down, as it'll be big and I'll need a JTAC."

"At this point sir, I have no idea who to trust." Blunt, but at least he is honest. "Staff Sergeant Kalivas has known since I took my headwound on Aerilon and kept her head. I'd say she is probably the best bet. However she is an outstanding Marine and I am loathe as hell to make a target out of her, sir." The Marine takes a long, frustrated breath, and stands. "Frak this whole godsdamned war, sir. I was sick of this shit four years ago." He shakes his head and just turns and heads for the door.

"Sergeant." And there Beckett stands up a little bit. "We've all been sick of this shit for some time. Hell, I hate war. Gadsdamn hate it." And there he watches the other man. "But sometimes you gotta stand in the line and frakkin' have it." And there he nods before letting the man go. 'Dismissed, son." And he will sit back down, to finish his paper work.

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