Undelivered Letters...
Undelivered Letters
Summary: The new Deputy CAG, Zachary Sheperd, starts his first day with one of the hardest duties of all…
Date: 09/01/2013 (OOC Date)
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09 January 2005

Opening the door to the CAG's office, Zachary took it in for the first time that his world had just changed again. The room was small, but provided all that he needed. He touched the light panel to illuminate the room and took in all the boxes marked 'Maj. Duke, Richard'. A frown crossed his features. Zachary was not sure what made the last Deputy CAG suddenly decide to step down, but he wasn't going to go hunting for the issue either.

He moved to the desk and set down the box he carried in his own arms. Eden was a little unhappy at the added responsibility and added hours and she made sure to pack plenty of personal items in the box despite his protests to the contrary. 'Just to remind you where your heart is, in case you forget.', she had teased him. Zachary moved aside as a pair of Marines finished removing the personal effects for Duke, and he reached into his own box and pulled out a picture of him and Eden standing on a beach on Leonis, dressed in their wedding atire and mugging it for the camera. He set it down on the desk and smiled fondly, rubbing his fingers over the frame before removing the next item. The one she said was a surprise. As he opened the box, his smile grew fond. She had promised that she would be close to him even if he was away from her.

The small seed garden was easy to assemble and sat unobtrusively on a shelf on the side of the room. Each of the plants had their scientific name written on them in Eden's beautiful script and challenged Zachary enough that he had to look up a few of them himself. Echinacea, Milk Thistle, Cayenne, Astragalus, Peppermint, Yarrow, Burdock, Fever Few, Lemon Balm, German Chamomile, St. Johnswort, and Valerian, he had finally figured out.

As he worked on setting out the pictures of him and Eden and the plaques granted to him from the different services he's performed and different units her served in, something caught his attention. He moved some papers out of the way and came across a small stack of files. On top was the file for Lieutenant Aios, Daniel 'Talkshow'. Zachary had heard of the pilot's death, and as he opened the file, he thumbed through the paperwork and he moved to sit down behind the desk.

Taking out a pen and tablet, he considered. How do you write a letter to someone that will never get it? How can you write something that will never be sent? Those questions only settled in his mind for a moment, before he began to write:

Master Jamey Aios,
My name is Major Zachary Sheperd. Most people call me Pie. I wish I was writing you under better circumstances. Your father was a brave man. He was a good pilot. I wish I had gotten to know him. He served under my predecesor - that means the man before I took over the squadron. Your father did something very brave and protected us all from an attack. He protected you and your mommy and your friends and his friends. And when he went to protect us, he did not come back. Words cannot express the sadness I feel that I lost such a brave man who talked well of you. I know that now you are with him, and he has taken you up in his arms, and will always be by your side.
May the gods guide your heart to his.
Major Zachary "Pie" Sheperd
CAG - BS Orion

With that, he slipped the note into the file and closed it to put it aside and opened up the next file to start over again:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Winthrope,
My name is Major Zachary Sheperd and I am the CAG for the Battlestar Orion. Your daughter, Elizabeth, was a brave pilot and it is my sad duty to inform you…

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