AAR: Tyllium Mine Strike


September 4, 2005

FR: LT Warren Smythe
TO: Major Atalanta Franklin
CC: Major Kurt Holtz, Captain Bennett St. Claire
RE: Cylon Tyllium Mine Strike


September 2nd, 2005

On September 2nd a mission was launched, beyond the armistice line, to strike at a Cylon Tyllium mine located on a isolated moon. Resistance was expected to come from the lone basestar, previously scouted, and known to be operating in orbit. The objectives of the mission were to bomb the Tyllium mine, in order to draw forces away from Picon in preparation of action in that theater, and if possible to destroy or cripple the basestar in orbit of the moon.

The King's Bay was the lead vessle asigned to the opperation, in support were several flak friggates. Along with these elements the Gentleman's Ghosts would jump along with the battle group and perform the bombing run, while the Lucky Strikes, launching from the King's Bay, would provide interdiction on any raiders who managed to break through the flak screen.

Major Phoenix Straton, the CAG, and Captain Emilia Hallick lead the bombing run against the Tyllium mine, while the Lucky Strikes interdicted the first wave of raiders to break through the flack screen. The Lucky Strikes were mostly successful in defeating the first wave of raiders, as all but one Raptor sustained minimal damage and all Raptors were able to continue on mission.

Sometime while a second group of raiders broke through the flack screen to engage the air group Major Straton's Raptor was hit. It is unknown by what, or whom but major damage was inflicted to the raptor and both crew were injured and presumably alive at the time. During this time the Strikes engaged the raiders that broke through, Major Hotlz's viper was hit, and Major Holtz was heavily wounded.

During this time it is believed that Captain Hallick expired, and Major Straton took control of his damaged Raptor. As the Vipers cleaned up the remaining raiders, and recovery operations commenced for Major Holtz, Major Straton piloted his damaged and barely functional raptor into the heart of the heavily damaged basestar causing a series of explosions which destroyed the basestar. At this time the cylindrical cylon ship, which had been hiding behind the basestar and had been previously identified as a cargo ship by intelligence, was destroyed by debris from the exploding Cylon basestar.

Major Holtz was successfully recovered, and brought to the Kings Bay for immediate emergency medical treatment, and later transferred back to the Orion for further care.




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