AWD #633: Twenty Four Hours
Twenty Four Hours
Summary: Elias gives Toby a choice, and twenty fours hours in which to make it.
Date: 16/03/2017
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Toby Elias 
Combat Information Center - Deck 2 - Battlestar Orion
The Combat Information Center is the tactical heart of the ship. This CIC is designed in a circular formation, the original Admiral apparently a fan of the classical set-up. Dead center are a set of large monitors suspended from the ceiling with DRADIS readings as well as other vital shipboard information. Under this is a small map table outlining current plots and positions. The table has a built-in phone as well as smaller displays relating to critical damage reports. Both port and starboard watch stations are set at all times, in two rows of tiers like stadium seating, one above the other. Each station has a purpose — Helm, Weapons, Communications, Electronic Warfare, Damage Control, and further tactical monitoring. More displays and banks of computer monitors line the walls. This area is heavily guarded by armed Marines at all hours of the day and night.
AWD #633

Having been released from the brig less than an hour ago Toby had just made it to the bay and changed into his coveralls when the word came down from on high that he was summoned. It's not exactly endearing him any more to an already livid deck chief, but when the TACCO calls there's not all that much you can do. He's left his helmet down in the bay, but he's still in his bright orange work gear as he steps through the hatch of the map room, looking almost warily for the Major.

The Cease Fire went into effect over twelve hours ago, and rumor has it that it is holding. The Fleet isn't taking any chances though, and the Orion remains on Condition Two. As a result, the atmosphere in the Combat Information Center is a little strange, with some crewman on edge and others looking more relaxed. Elias looks to be in the former group, standing by the plotting table and studying the DRADIS, which shows nothing but green contacts in formation around Caprica. The colony itself is visible on screen, with sunlight and clouds over the blue-green world.

Toby takes in his surroundings from the hatchway, and the display on both the map table and DRADIS. He doesn't seem minded to delay more than a moment or two though, and so after a quick glance moves over towards Elias at an almost purposeful pace. "You wanted to see me Major?" he asks by way of introduction and greeting, forcing himself to look at the younger man rather than the screens.

Elias' initial expression is distracted, but the sight of Toby reminds him of the task at hand, and his mouth tightens. "Crewman." There's a quick glance around the compartment before the TACCO lowers his voice to continue. "Wanted to? No. But the Admiral has asked me to deal with this before there are formal charges." As usual, the young Major doesn't beat around the bush. "You have two options, Shackleton. You can face Court Martial and defend yourself against whatever charges the JAG thinks are necessary, or you can accept a dishonorable discharge, effective immediately."

With his mind half on just what he needs to prioritise when he gets back to the bay, Toby is almost entirely blindsided by Elias' reply. He reels, quite clearly, at the jump from nothing to full on and takes a moment to gather his thoughts from where they've scattered to the winds. The option but so bluntly is almost crushing, but then he recalls a conversation from the dim and distant past which offers at least the chance of a brief respite. "I think.." he starts a little shakily, but getting firmer as he goes along, "I think I want to discuss that with someone from the JAG office before I make a decision. I don't even know what the charges might be yet, so can not make an informed decision at this time." Well, he knows about headbutting Ynyr is likely going to be serious, but other than that he's entirely in the dark.

Elias is patient, if a bit grim-faced, as he gives Toby a moment to process the choice before him. "Mmm," he acknowledges the Deckie's reply with a quick nod. "Understood. Give me your answer within twenty four hours, Mr. Shackleton." He's never been a warm one, but this is all very formal and business-like even for Elias. "That will be all."

The breathing space is a bit of relief, even if it's only temporary. It doesn't leave Toby with any particular desire to stick around though and he gives a quick nod at the dismissal before turning and heading out without saying another word.

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