AWD #328: Twelve to One
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Summary: Major Gray 'interviews' the latest guest in the Orion's brig, a Twelve.
Date: 15/05/2016 (OOC Date)
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Elias Dropkickst 
The Brig
Where the brigands are.
AWD #328

After getting back to the ship, the skinjob was loaded into the brig and left there. Fairfax and several other people made rounds through to make sure he was secured while word spread through the fleet. With the picture out right away and search started through the database, several 12's were found through the pre-war fleet - but none attached to the original Orion mission. The 12 in front of them was a recent transfer from Picon, 'Lieutenant Miles Charles' (Engineering Officer), that brought Petty Officer 3rd Class Sheila Naughton (Engineering M&R) with him. They arrived to the Linten the morning it jumped away to begin recon over The Line.

For now the skinjob is resting on the bed. He's got three sets of shackles on his wrists and two on his feet. He's also been changed into an orange engineering jumpsuit. High visibility and all that. Once the two Marine guards are inside the small holding cellblock with Elias, the door is wheeled shut and the Twelve creaks an eye open to peak up, just barely lifting his head. "Can I stop pretending to be asleep now?"

Elias has brought a chair, an ashtray, and a clipboard for this interview. He gestures the Marines to keep back from the cell while he makes his way relatively close to the bars, if still safely beyond the Twelve's reach. At least as long as those bars hold. The Intel officer settles into his seat, pulling out a cigarette and getting ready to light up. "Yes," is his simply response to the skinjob's question. "I'd apologize for the restraints, but I assume you understand why they're still necessary." And then he has a question of his own. "Would you care for a cigarette?"

The Twelve groans as he sits up, hands moving to his head and rubbing his temples with his fingers. "It's been a long time since I've had a hangover like this," he mutters. Meanwhile the cameras in the room record everything, even a live feed to the Admiral's Quarters. "If you're offering a smoke, I'd love one. Been months." He swings his legs over the side of the bed and cracks his neck. "I would expect the restraints will be on my limb for the duration of the stay. I'm a pragmatist, Major. In your position, I would do the same."

"Pragmatism will hopefully make this easier. For all concerned." Despite the fact that he offered, Elias parts with one of his cigarettes reluctantly. First he lights one cigarette, puffing it to life. Then he pulls a second from his pack and flips it around, lighting it off the end of his own. "So. You had a plan?" He leans forward and reaches his left hand well past the bars, offering the smoke to the shackled Twelve.

"That's the hope, Major." The Twelve watches the cigarettes get lit but doesn't move. "Yeah. I did. It was supposed to be my buy-in chip so that I could purchase good will towards speaking to you all." He looks to the guards as the cigarette is offered within the bars. That rear leaves the bed verrry slowly and he makes sure he uses his whole arm's length to reach out and take it. Once done, he lifts it a bit. "Cheers." He then sits back down on the bed and puffs on it twice, sighing in pleasure with the exhale. "The plan was for Sheila to install the code onto the Linten to broadcast those jump coordinates to the Corvettes, then follow me right afterwards to the Pulse High, where she would install them again. My plan was to wait until she had installed them, then kill her. I should have had several days. Once she was dead, I'd have the command staff run a diagnostic. They would have found the problem and fixed it. Then I would have returned to the Linten and fixed it there as well. At which point I was to give myself up and request a meeting with your Command. Of course I was never going to mention that I was complicit with any of it, only that I had found it. Sheila would have floated away with the trash. It was my suggestion to the Linten's CO that we have a liaison between the ships so I could assist if things went poorly." He takes another drag. "Sheila didn't show up until just before it was all to come off. I couldn't get transport back to Linten. I asked the Captain to let me know as soon as she arrived. Too late." He shakes his head. "A dangerous gambit that I lost. Many hundreds paid the price. I will face my own judiciary for it with my own line should I return to them."

Quiet and attentive, Elias listens as the Twelve describes his plan, filling his own silence with a few deep drags on his smoke. "I see." There's a moment of contemplation as he watches the smoke swirl away, then he looks back to the man behind the bars. "And how did you come up with those particular jump coordinates?"

"One gave them to me. The intent is probably clear to you all. Capture positional data of Piraeus so that we could move en force to the planet and destroy the rest of the fleet. We all know you're out here. We just don't know where you are." It's explained very easily, but he still lacks a smug tone. Another drag is taken before he says more. "One gave me to coordinates but briefed Sheila separately. I'm assuming he gave her the instructions to wait until the last moment and then join me. Operational security, I suspect. The Ones and Twelves are not seeing eye to eye at the present. There's quite a bit of a dust-up in the ranks over some issues." There's the smug little grin. "The details of that I'll leave out for now, but I will say that your little Ceres has caused quite a bit of discussion with some of the lines. If possible, I'd like to speak with my brother Six. Peacefully, and at your desired location and situation of course." He tilts the cigarette and takes a drag.

"Mmm," is all of Elias' response to the Twelve's explanation, though it seems to satisfy the Major. "So … as far as One is concerned, his plan succeeded. And now he has no reason to suspect you acted against his interests. And you were able to make contact with us anyway." His lips press into a tight line. "I might consider that an optimal outcome, if I were in your shoes." As for chatting with Knox, Elias looks undecided, and in no rush to agree. "That may be possible," is his guarded response. "I'll discuss it with Sergeant Knox the next chance I get." A note to this effect is penned on the blank sheet of paper atop his clipboard. "In the meantime, I'm interested in what sort of information you're willing to give us."

The man shakes his head quickly. "No. Not optimal. The Corvettes and the Raptor jumped. That they were all destroyed is less than optimal, by a fair margin, Major." he takes another drag of the smoke and ashes it into the toilet. Blowing it to the ceiling, he shakes his head. "Let's not go down that path just yet. In time, perhaps. Now is not that time. The discussion I wish to have with you is more interesting than idle facts and meaningless gestures of cooperation. We've both been playing a game thus far. Let me tell you why I am here, right now." He flicks the butt again. "Libran. The Ones have locked it down. My line has found several unsavory things happening across a few of the colonies that we disagree with. Libran in particular. Most of the model lines have been banned from entry. Just him and those lines who are most loyal." He pops his brow, knowing what he just said. "We want to know why. Our own sources have gone quiet. There are murmurs he may soon do the same with Leonis, but we suspect that is due to the nature of the work on the planet and my line's objection. Ceres has made him paranoid. He's tried to box the Nines but there are those of us who are curious as to why. Some of us have begun seeking them out. Some of us are intrigued by what we have heard." He leans forward. "I would like to visit Piraeus for a few hours, as well. Ceres has some exquisite memories she's shared."

"Do you know what happened at the other end of those jump coordinates?" Elias asks the Twelve after he pronounces the Colonial vessels all lost. "Or are you assuming that outcome, based on the fact that the Orion hasn't been destroyed." As for the discussion the Twelve wants to have, the Intel Officer is all ears. He forgoes further questions of his own to sit back and listen. Libran? That earns a curious look from Elias, as well as a rather long pull on his cigarette as the skinjob continues. Not exactly what he expected, but the Major considers the matter. "You're hoping we can enlighten you about conditions on Libran? I'm not opposed to the idea, though I'd want to understand how you would use the information first." And then there's the mention of Piraeus, and Elias quirks a brow. "That may be possible as well. But why would you want to visit Piraeus?"

"Assumed. I admit I don't know facts. Some of my people do not believe that the Fleet would blow itself up to protect the location. They ignore evidence contrary and think of humanity, largely, as selfish and underdeveloped brutes. Twelve believes humanity would blow itself up first. One is too pompous to understand what Piraeus represents - a safe haven. Perhaps a hope for the future." Twelve shrugs a bit with it. He knows he isn't human and doesn't pretend to know these things for sure. He drags on the cigarette as he nods to the question of enlightenment. "My line wants to know what it is that Twelve is hiding. As do others. We want to know what it is that he's doing with the archives there. Only those models closest know what he is doing. Initially we simply suspected he was trying to locate your position. I cannot say why or what, but I can say we think he is also looking for something else. If confirmed, and he's banished us, it would be quite upsetting." Once again he ashes into the toilet. "I would like to visit Piraeus in order to stand in the light of the star. It is more a test than anything else. This planet is unique. We want to know why. And we want to know about that radiological dig you discovered just before the outbreak of the war. But I have no wish to visit that site. Anywhere on the planet would be acceptable."

"Speaking collectively of humanity is a risky proposition," Elias agrees after a moment's reflection. "Perhaps self-sacrifice is easier to consider when your species is teetering on the brink of destruction." A rather cold analysis, but there have also been no shortage of painful examples over the last year. "Or perhaps we are better than that." A contemplative moment with his cigarette, and then Elias crushes out the remaining stub in his ashtray. "A visit with Sergeant Knox, a trip to Piraeus, and whatever we can tell you about Libran? And what are you willing to give us in return, Twelve? Would you be willing to answer some basic questions about your people and their goals?"

Twelve nods verrry slowly to Elias. "Judgment upon all for the sins of a few is a foolish proposition that will only result in distress. Remember that, Major Gray. I represent a line, but as I am sure you have seen, some of us are also individuals. You, yourself, presided over and decided upon the legal humanity of a Six." The words are carefully chosen as if he were working to that point from a distant lead in. "Close. I want to know what One is doing on Libran. Not what you know right now." He doesn't pretend this is trivial. "Without that last part, my trip is for naught. My line will know the deception. If I do not return, this will be noted as well. As for what I can do?" The Twelve shakes his head and takes his last drag. The butt is dropped into the toilet while he exhales to the ceiling. "You have been heavily infiltrated, Major Gray. I don't mean this ship, I mean JTF Nomad and part of Blackjack. The Followers, those of humanity who have been returned, have been sent to you as replacement crew. They have arrived within the last two months, mostly from Picon." He looks directly at Elias. "Fifteen of them. Their mission is to establish trust and gain access to either the nuclear releases to a single ship or gain access to the navigational coordinates of Piraeus. One guess what they will do with either. They are zealots. 'Brainwashed' I believe is your term. I hope you are prepared to take notes because I'm going to give them to you now." And he does. One right after the other. He even makes sure he spells their names properly.

"I'm not interested in judging your line, or any other," Elias answers. "My personal opinion isn't particularly relevant." And though he might have said more, being reminded of his place on Knox's tribunal causes the young Major to go silent again for a few second's thought. His attention returns and he nods when the Twelve's clarifies, though it doesn't seem to fundamentally change Elias' view of the arrangement. "I understand." What the man offers in exchange causes the Major to sit up a little straighter, however. Yes, of course he's ready to take notes. Skeptical at first, Elias begins to write down the names he is given, mentally trying to match them against any he knows or has seen recently. "I'll need to verify this list," he says once it is copied down. "Assuming the names check out, I'll return to speak with you again, and we'll see what can be arranged." It's not as if he seems to doubt that will happen, but the Intel Officer is making no assumptions at this point. "In the meantime, if there's anything you need, have the guards send word to me." This last bit includes a nod to the Corporal of the Guard, to indicate they are to comply.

"Oh? Don't you blame us for the near genocide of your race?" Twelve doesn't sound particularly like he's expecting an answer. But with the names given, the guy seems satisfied. "They'll check out. And I'll let the guards know. Thank you for the discourse, Major Gray. Hopefully we can find a solution to this problem together." He sketches a little salute, slowly, and lays back down on the bed, moving his legs back up onto it.

"Should I?" Elias asks the Twelve. It is a completely honest question. As for the names, he makes no comment either way. "Who should I blame? I have a feeling you can answer that question for me. I wonder if you are willing to or not." He stands as the prisoner lies down, but pauses long enough to see if the skinjob cares to respond to that. When no such answer is forthcoming, Elias gives a curt nod. "Until next time."

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