AWD #093: Trusting The Unknown
Trusting the Unknown
Summary: JAG and CPO discuss the safety and trust of having skinjobs on board.
Date: 9/4/2013 (OOC Date)
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Fairfax Rhonwen 
Mess Hall
The Crew Mess on the Orion is one of the larger rooms meant for occupation. The room is far longer than it is wide with the classic stainless steel tables that can be seen anywhere else on the ship, standard to all navy ships. Most of the chairs match, their padding on the seats worn down after several years. Towards the rear of the room is the food prep area and serving lines. During the time in between meals the Mess will serve midrats, or 'mid-shift rations', such as sandwiches and drinks. Coffee pots are left to run at all hours to keep people going as needed.
AWD #93

Stashed away at the back of the mess hall at a small corner table, CPO Fairfax is paying attention to a readout in front of her on a clipboard, making quick notations in scraggly handwriting. A forkful of something green is put in her mouth before the tines of the utensil are lazily rested against the tray itself. A glance up at a few passing crew members and she looks back down, quickly drifting back to her work. A brush of her hand settles her hair back behind her ear to clear her face before another bite is taken.

A tall woman in uniform who's appearance is as neat a pin steps from the line with a tray of food. She moves quietly to the back trying not to be noticed. Once in the back she spots a table near Fairfax. Taking a seat she meticulously sets out her utensils. While she does this she casts a look in Fairfax's direction. "Working Chief?" She asks her voice is full of curiosity.

The question causes Fairfax to look up and around, hesitating as she realizes that the Chief was meant for her. She swallows the rest of her food and looks to Rhonwen, "Sure am, Captain." The woman's face is not familiar and so the Chief hesitates, studying her. "You one of the fortunate pick ups?" The slight lilt in her accent carries an air of an educated woman. "Just considering how to build proper water storage on Piraeus, perhaps start working on creating a good filter for it as well. Also want to see about building up some satellites to throw out for early warning."

"Fortunate pick up?" Rhonwen's words are laced with a Libran accent. "Some would say unfortunate or it is Seer's loss and Orion's gain. Then again it would depend on who you spoke to. Funny how that works! Now that is a good project to be working on." A warm smile lights up her face and eyes and she appears to be a slightly amused a thought. Then the amusement is gone. "It is a pleasure, and I would say that what you are working on is a good very and needed thing."

"I still say fortunate. There are a lot worse places to be than here, sir," Fairfax chimes and sets her fork down, but continuing to write and do quick equations. "With other such fortunates arriving in what seems like a daily fashion we are going to need to considerate something larger and far more permanent than what is there currently. It may be a war, but the only way for people to feel themselves is to offer them the comforts they had before. We have limited space right now, but that is easily fixed versus readying for needs like water…food." SHe pauses, hesitating as she looks over the woman's uniform, patches. "A JAG. I bet you have a headache with those skinjobs lurking about."

"I would not say a headache Chief." Rhonwen says in a gentle manner. "It is what it is." She adds. "I was in one of those worse places." She points out to her. "Well water is out of the question? Or are you thinking of something else?" She asks. The she pauses and she studies the other woman thoughtfully. "Many of them will just be happy to not be in the constant threat of being killed and happy that their children are as safe as they can be."

"Water is not out of the question, no," Fairfax states but then she tilts her head and considers, "The food tough, that will run out. I am not a hunter myself but it would seem Piraeus is teeming with life. THat is not my area of concern though, I will leave that to the scientists on the ground, the greenhouse etcetera." A movement of her hand means she's waving it off and continues into a fluid motion of making a few more notes. WIthout looking up, she asks. "How is it not a headache? I am curious though, what is your take on them?"

"Mine is not important as I follow in footsteps of Lady Justice. It is not a headache, instead let me put it to you this way; it is just the tip of the iceberg. Now my question to you is this what is your understanding of the situation?" Rhonwen asks her. The JAG officers pale green eyes remain on Chief. She has yet to touch her food.

The question offered back to her causes the Chief to consider, setting her pen down and sitting up a bit straighter. The unreadable expression on her face steadies as she returns that long look offered to her. She lets out a breath and then devotes herself to her answer, "Well, Captain, I see it like this. We are at war and many of the crews' lives have been devastated. The loss of homes, family, the life they once knew. Gone. Changed forever in an instant. Now from what I understand two of these once enemies, now allies that are said to look like us revealed themselves and command has put their support behind them. Now as a member this crew I will respect my orders and put my head down. Do my job and attempt to help the survivors that are brought in. But it makes me worried, perhaps a bit skeptical of why command thinks this is a …good idea. THey may eventually convince the crew, and the others on board but as we bring in survivors? These people are looking to us to make good decisions, keep them safe. What faith will they have in us if they find out that skinjobs and once Cylon agents are now part of this crew? Protected and supported?" She pauses, making a motion with her hand. "It is a recipe for problems, as we have seen already. I do not have the knowledge of whether or not these skinjobs are true to their word, I have met neither as my work takes me no where near them. I have heard there are others, too. More of them and each time we bring new people on, there is going to be paranoia for the next face that could be a threat. It makes it all rather…uncertain again. Especially here, where there is hope. A crew functions on trust and hope, especially in war. They are soldiers, they will do their jobs, but as humans? Well we all have a breaking point."

"The reason we have the civilization that we have today is because chances were taken. Sometimes you have to take leap of faith. Hopes wings are always going to be battered, after all we are the ones that opened Pandora's Box." Rhonwen says in that same gentle manner. "Think on this, if the first generation of Cylons went Rouge against us, who is to say that their children are not going to go rouge against them. If those children have done that then they would be a good asset and ally. We need all the help we can get at the moment. We are a dying breed." Rhonwen points out. "It is just a thought, nothing more than that."

"I do not say there is not a merit in chances, Captain," Fairfax admits, "It's more the reactions to that chance. Not everyone cares for it, I will admit to being opposed to giving them so much freedom. In the end it could likewise be a trick. The question is, is the risk worth the gain? Furthermore…what happens if we are wrong? Its not minor losses, it is not money…these are lives, Captain. True and honest people and likely what will be left of humanity that will be wiped out and destroyed. There is a need for wariness. I want to live and I am sure you do too."

"Well then I should get back to work, so that you may live another day." Rhonwen says to her as she picks up her tray. "It has been a pleasure talking with you Chief. I hope the rest of your evening goes well. Take that leap of Faith Chief." She holds her tray and then she moves to hand it to someone in line so the food will not get wasted.

"I do, daily. With my techies," Fairfax offers a tight smile, but a genuine one nonetheless. "Take care, Captain. It was a pleasure." She nods her head to the officer and then sits back a bit, looking down at her work with a sigh before she rubs at her face and then down along her jaw. Pen touches paper again and she is once more back to work.

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