AWD #077: Event - Treason
Summary: A mass-shooting in the Mess. The target, the "treasonous Nine."
Date: 24/03/2013 (OOC Date)
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Mess Hall — Deck 3 — Battlestar Orion
The Crew Mess on the Orion is one of the larger rooms meant for occupation. The room is far longer than it is wide with the classic stainless steel tables that can be seen anywhere else on the ship, standard to all navy ships. Most of the chairs match, their padding on the seats worn down after several years. Towards the rear of the room is the food prep area and serving lines. During the time in between meals the Mess will serve midrats, or 'mid-shift rations', such as sandwiches and drinks. Coffee pots are left to run at all hours to keep people going as needed.
AWD #77

It's that time of the day, right after shift change when a lot of those coming off CAP or various other duties are squirreling their way into the mess hall for chow. Already beating most of the rush, Ceres takes a spot up with a group of pilots, one of which includes 'Dropout' or Ward. She's sitting next to him, smiling faintly at the rest and a few are teasing her about her new last name.

"Right, right, thanks for not coming…by the way." But this is said back at one who likely could not attend because of duties. The Captain leans into the table, focusing on her food as the rest are busy chattering away. As per usual, she's the quiet one in the bunch, just watching them as her flightsuit lays tied around her waist and dogtags accompanied by a coin of Zeus can be seen. The ring on her left hand as been reforged so that she can wear it with all the webbing burn marks that trail her skin.

Phin is getting himself a sandwich and coffee from the show line, which doesn't take him long. He's dressed down in sweats, for his part. Perhaps fresh from PT. He looks about for a place to sit and spots Ceres, heading in that direction. "Hey, Redux. You mind?" Chin nod toward an empty seat.

Ygraine yawns as she comes in. She's just off Alert Five, and when it's over and nothing's happened, she's generally hungry and and wants to nap, even if she started the day with a full amount of rack time. Like Ceres, she has her flightsuit on, but zipped down, the arms tied around her waist. She helps herself to food, piling it on. Healthy appetite on that girl.

Sometime between her post-shift visit to medbay and dinner, Sera took the time to shower. Thank the gods. (Nobody likes the smell of tylium fuel over the dinner table. Seriously.) This is evidenced not only be the fact that she's devoid of her usual smudges and smears of grease, but by the fact that her hair, which has been tied up in a bun, is still practically dripping wet and smelling like peach shampoo. She shoves her hands into the pockets of her hoodie as she steps into the room, taking a quick survey of who is at the tables and what they may be serving.

After leaving the fitness center, Maia had hit the head and is now dressed in her off duties. Her hair is still damp as she steps through the line and gets a sandwich and water. Looking around, she sees the other pilots and naturally gravitates towards them. "Hey, hey, looks like a party. Mind if I join?"

Morgan arrives from the Fore Corridor.

Pilots celebrating pilot things- Diomedes sat with his food, a coffee, and a book. As so many others, he was only recently off duty. Unlike some of the others, he wore his coveralls as a single piece of clothing, not pulling it down or wearing it half-on, half off. The sleeves, however, had been rolled up- the Tauron's tattoos on clear display as he lazily ate a sandwich, and sipped coffee. The book? Some rather dense bit of classic literature.

Perhaps Dell bathed recently. It is not out of the question as she does not smell like sweat or grease, but she is also devoid of the scents of fruit, soap, or even the familiar drip of water. Instead, the staff sergeant is dressed in her fatigues, not a hair or crease out of placde, and heading toward the mess line with a long, purposeful stride that appears much slower and more stately than it actually is. She presses her lips together, forming a faint line across her featues which makes her seem thoughtful and terse without needing to say or do anything at all. It seems to be a constant affectation.

Taking her first few bites, Ceres is about to down some of it with her water when Dolly comes up close. Without a word while her mouth is full, she pushes the seat out with the tip of her boot and makes a motion with a nod of her head at the seat. Finally able to talk, she smiles, "Sure thing…thanks by the way. Good to have you at the wedding." She nods her head in his direction and then looks up to see Centerfold. Table is getting packed and she shoulders in closer to Ward to make room, pulling Dolly with her so that more seats can be brought over. Her tray gets turned so that the long way is pointed in.

Not far behind the others is Luc. WAndering along and finding a sandwich along with juice. Always juice Looking around at all the people gathering here before moving towards the air wing table. "Hey folks." He offers with grin and falling down in a seat. "Room for more, I hope?"

Agrippa had decided to delay heading to the pool after some of the others decided to hit the Mess Hall first after their sparring session. So he steps into the Mess Hall with his swmiming trunks and robe, deciding not to change out of it. He had gotten some stuff ready for the shower afterward swimming through, since he had a little time to kill when the others were grabbing a quick shower. Following Maia to the line where the food is, Agrippa grabs a sandwhich and glass of water as well, and of course his favored square of brownie as well.

Making his way in not long after Maia, and also looking like he's just grabbed a quick shower, Jason looks around the room, getting hold of a sandwich and something to drink as he moves over to join the other pilots. "Room for yet another?" he asks, grinning a bit now.

Oh, there's a Dolly. Once Ygraine spots him, she'll head in that direction. BFFs always make room for each other, right? "Shove over." she says cheerfully to him as she sit down, willy nilly.

Toby is still finding his feet onboard and attempting to settle into the whole military lifestyle but food is very much still food, especially after a long shift spent paying close attention to everything. Physically he's doing fine but menally he's exhausted, thankfully though, the meal time routine is starting to become familiar enough that he can manage it almost on auto-pilot. Tray in hand he joins Diomedes at his table, given that the man is one of the few he actually recognises. It's just a vague grunt in greetng though, given the man is reading and he himself is tired.

The main hatchway into the Mess is filled with a larger man in his early forties or so with salt and pepper, balding hair and a similarly-colored goatee. He's a bit on the bulky side but carries himself like a Marine. He's been around, but mostly on the surface, for a couple weeks. His dress is a bit warm for the weather down there with a heavy sweatshirt and a long coat, but people have odd habits. Hawk-live eyes survey the room as he takes a few steps in, slowly walking towards the line for food up the center of the room.

Looking up to see Shake, Ceres nods behind a mouthful of food and leans in to say something to Ward. She gives him a smile and then glances over to Dolly. "Been a long time since I hit the sims with you, hands getting better. What do you say we line up some time?" She starts to ask, turning her attention back to her tray and then up to watch those that flow into the mess hall. But its that salt and pepper that gets her attention and she freezes. Staring hard and long at him, her brows furrow, knitting together as her fork hits her tray.

Morgan leaves, heading toward the Fore Corridor [FC].

Once more room has been made, Maia has a seat with the wing, scooting over as much as she can to make room for the others. "Hey Shake, how's you?" Leaning forward, she offers Ceres a smile. "The wedding was beautiful, thanks for letting me come." Without another word though, she's already reaching for her sandwich. Mmm food. On a ship this size, you learn faces, places and people. Seeing the new arrival, who definitely doesn't look immediately familiar, her gaze rakes over him, but doesn't linger. Visitor? Looking back to Ceres, she sees her reaction and looks back to the man now, paying closer attention. "What's up?" Said to Ceres, who may or may not hear, gauging by her reaction.

Phin sits at Ceres table, taking a few drinks of his coffee before digging into his sandwich. "Was honored to be invited, Redux. And congratulations, by the way. Glad you two are happy. And yeah. We should do a turn in the sims, soon. I'm down this week." He scoots to make more room for more chairs, offering a wave to Maia and Agrippa. And dutifully shoving over for Ygraine, of course. "Hey, Yggs. Off Alert Five? Gods, I feel like my brain goes numb during those shifts."

Putting his tray down with the other Air Wing members and next to Maia, Agrippa drops down onto the empty seat and takes a long drink from his glass of water before unwrapping the sandwich that he had gotten. The larger man who had entered from the main hatchway is more or less ignored now, just another member on board the Orion, Punchdrunk's sandwich more important right now.

"Is a shift what they give you when you have something to do other than work?" With a wry smile, Dell gives a few of he people gathered brief nods, though she remains standing with perfect posture and her attention on the frotn of the line. The Staff Sergenat is proceeding through it fairly quickly, hands folded behind her back. Briefly Dell's eyes find the older man just walking into the mess hall, but he doesn't seem to resonate with her and her gaze moves onward.

Luc's hair does seem a bit damp as well. Most likely having been part of those coming from the head. Waving to those around. Studying Ceres expression and his eyes shift to the man as well. Studying him for some time. Though soon look back to the others. Grinning a bit still. "Indeed. IT was quite the thing, Redux." He offers to her as well, about the wedding. Who already had sit down as there was room. Watching the others and letting his mouth be busy by food.

Moving into another of those empty seats now, Jason offers a bit of a smile to Ceres. "Sorry I wasn't able to come to the wedding. Duty called," he offers, before he adds, "Congratulations." Looking around for a few moments as he starts eating his food, gaze stopping on the man entering very briefly, but he soon looks back to the other pilots.

"Gods yes, Alert Five sucks all around, and I always want to curl up and nap when it's over." Ygraine complains, adding, "Gotta be done, though. S'matter, Redux?"

The man steps on, boots falling heavily as he moves. Those eyes sweep carefully across each table as if he were searching out a face. But as his eyes move across the room and over the table of mostly aircrew, his expression radically changes and rage ignites like a nuclear weapon. He sweeps back his coat and in a lightning draw, out comes a sidearm. Its lifted up and aimed at the crowded table. "WHERE IS HE, NINE?!" the man roars at the top of his lungs as the other hand comes up into a professional shooters grip. One more foot falls, his direction changing as he starts walking to the table and then the gun barks. One, twice, three- The rapid gunfire blasts through the hall as bullets, blood, and flesh starts flying. Most of the magazine is gone before the first shellcasing hits the deck plating. He just keeps firing, the insurmountable hate in his eyes burning withthe intensity of a supernova.

Sera makes a beeline to the counter and takes a place in line. She pokes her tongue into her cheek, taking stock of what's powedered and reconstituted from the stores and what's been taken fresh from Piraeus and turned into something vaguely familiar, with an obvious preference for the latter whenever possible. Omnomnom, fried golden nugget potatoes. Once her tray has been loaded up, she heads over to where Dio is sitting and tilts her head to one side to check out the title of his book. "Hey, man. Do you want to borrow my copy o—-", she cuts off, as the screaming and the bullets start. One second of staring, then another, as shock sets in before combat instinct. Then she's got the sense to duck behind the table.

Toby pays little attention to the comings and goings at the door, if he turned to glance at every unfamiliar face it'd look like he was at a tennis match. Until the yelling starts that is, that sets the man apart easy enough and of course, if it hadn't then there always the gun. And the firing. It's amazing how quickly food can be forgotten and before his dropped folm has a chance to hit his tray on the way down he's sliding off his chair to get under the table for cover.

The first shot hits Ceres square in the chest and her eyes widen as she tries to scramble down. There is little time to react other than that Ward is moving and pushing Ceres down with him. Whether he's hit or not has yet to be seen but the two go down, slumping back in her chair as blood begins to spill haphazardly across the floor. Its dripping down the chair and the Captain is staring and trying to grab at the ECO laying across her, trying to pull him down to the floor and out of sight beneath the table. She is having trouble breathing, wheezing as she winces and then suddenly hauls Ward almost impossibly off of her and to the floor.

"Yeah. I mean, I get that it's important, if we have to scramble, but…" Phin is in the process of bitching about Alert Five when all that happens. Gunfire. Oh, dear. "What the frak…!" Not that he wastes a ton of time pondering what is going on, or swearing. He tries to hit the floor, reaching out an arm to drag Ygraine down with him. He might spill his coffee on her in the process. It's not that hot, at least.

Once the sandwich is freed, Agrippa has a triumphant look on his face and appears to be ready to take a nice, large bite from it when the yelling begins. Before he could look up, the young Viper stick hears the roar of a sidearm going off, the sound unmistakeable and instead of just staring like a deer in headlights, his own training kicks on. Grabbing the person next to him, Maia, he quickly tries to drag her down, not even knowing if he has been shot or anyone else nearby. React first, assess second.

"GunGunGun—argh!" Ygraine is dragging at Phin even as he's trying to pull her down, but a passing bullet grazes her along the shoulder, and the momentum puts her flat on her back. At least she's behind the table.

Whatever makes a bullet miss one and pass over others while grazing yet another, Maia will never know. What she is aware of is none of this was ever expected. As the flesh is torn and the blood flies with the penetration of the angry fire, she is already taking cover under the table, tugging Shake and Agrippa down with her if she can manage, since they are on each side of her. Realizing she wasn't hit, but now concerned for who /was/ she searches the others on the ground. "Frak! Redux!" Gods.. Crawling over or around, she's trying to get to her. "Put pressure on there! Stop the bleeding!"

Halfway through his sandwich as he hears the gun going off, Jason for some reason starts getting to his feet, slumping back into his seat as a bullet hits him in the side. "What…" he begins, looking to himself in shock as he throws himself to the floor now, landing next to the half-eaten sandwich. "What the…" he begins again, looking between the others as a hand reaches for where he's bleeding now.

Dell has just grabbed her lunch when the bullets start to fly. The tray hits the ground, flips ,splattering its contents across the mess hall floor and skittering away while the staff sergeant goes to ground. Now she's looking at the man, keeping her head down, almost on one knee and moving toward one of the nearby tables. She might be watching to see if she can get close- unarmed and unarmored, however, it seems as though this plan is discarded in favor of keeping from being shot. Jason goes down not too far away, so Dell heads there.

Redux is focusing in and out, powering through the rush of pain and the sudden inability to breathe fully. Its like dragging in water through her mouth. But its Ward that rolls to the ground, that is clutching at his neck, trying to keep pressure on his own wound. She manages to wheeze out, "Medic…MEDIC!" The sound of her voice is intermittent with the sound of her rasping before she starts to slump to her side, squashing her hand to the one that Ward has over his neck. Ceres looks down enough to notice the thick wet blood plastering her tanks to her stomach.

Phin lets out a "Frak!" as he hits the floor, hunching under the table as the bullets fly around. For a beat he just lays there next to Ygraine, wind knocked out of him, breathing heavy. A ricochet winged across his sleeve before he manages to hit the ground, though it does little more than tear the fabric of his uniform. And the skin underneath, of course, but it's fairly shallow. "Redux? Dropout? Frak. Medic!" Not that it needed extra emphasis, but he might as well also yell it.

People are hit, and theonly thing Agrippa can do next after feeling that Maia is still able to move and going to assist Ceres, he would try to tip the table over if it isn't bolted down onto the ground, to act as makeshift cover for now. "Medic!" He echos out the words that Ceres was trying to gasp out, sounding like she may be almost drowning in blood and hoping that it is not true. For now, Punchdrunk is shifting to the second stage, assessing the situation. Are there any sidearms nearby that someone may have discarded and also trying ot discern just where the shooter is.

Having been on the opposite side of the trio of Ygrain,e Agripa and Maia is Luc. Eyes widening at that brief sound before he tries to pull himself down. Most managing without being shot. Though it's hard to tell as all happens quickly. Though even under the table he is somewhat in the line of fire, with the man having been behind him. So he does move his back to cover the others under the table. "Everyone alright?" He asks as he is turning to try and bring up his own sidearm. Hearing the calls for medic, he just echoes it. "Medic!" Not really being any good with that and just gesturing for anyone that believes to have the necessary skills.

The firing stops, mercifully, but the respite is oh so horribly brief. He just keeps walking towards the table. But the magazine drops out of the handgun and bounces off his boot while his freehand is deftly taking out a new magazine from his jacket pocket. "Treasonous bitch," he spits. Brass is still clattering around on the floor. The new magazine clapped into the mag well hard enough that the slide catches and racks forward on its own. The son of a bitch is reloading. And then he's firing. More. Round after round pounds into the steel table, some punching right through and others find support legs and ricochet off in other directions. Round after round after round. Its probably an eternity to everyone under fire. But finally, with the thunderous sound of gunfire echoing, there is one other sound.. and its the sound of an empty trigger pull. He lowers the sidearm, performing another fast reload as he comes to a stop. The man hawks a loogie and spits over towards the group of pilots, hitting a lifeless body on the ground. The next magazine is slammed home into the gun and it racks again. He takes his time to calmly look around at the chaos, snorts through a smirk, shakes his head once and turns to begin running for the hatch. He's not going to stick around.

Dio looks up towards Sera as she begins to speak- and then blood, guts and gunfire. "Sonofa!" Life on the streets is hard- Diomedes was always just a little bit harder. Taking his tray, and climbing on the table he took the direct route towards the shooter- no one was on those tables. It allowed a hard run, followed by a flying jump, with Tray in both hands. If he could, he'd bring that impromptu weapon down edge first, and hard, on the back of that man's skull. "I WAS TRYING TO EAT YOU SACK OF SHIT!"

The second set of rounds hit the table and go through, punching another hole in Ward and one bouncing clips Ceres in the shoulder near her own neck. She turns her head with the impact of the bullet and lets out a sound. Wincing, she pushes herself up and the sound of the clip on her gun holster seems to echo in her ears. Everything is muffled and her vision is going to a pinprick as she tries to push herself up. She sways, that long dark braid moving in a sort of slow motion as she lifts her gun. Impossibly focused and its only Diomedes goes flying towards the man who's trying to make his escape that she holds her fire for a clear shot.

Ygraine spends 1 luck points on Shoot the frakkin' Cylon..

<FS3> Ygraine rolls Firearms: Good Success.

Starting to lift his head above the table to see what's going on as the first clip is emptied, Toby rapidly thinks better of it as the firing starts up once more. Making himself as small as possible, with his arms over his head in a manner that will in no way stop a bullet he mutters a brief prayer under his breath and then another in thanks when the noise stops again. Witht he sound of running boots though he then untucks his head and glances in the direction of the pilot's table, where all the shouts for a medic had come from. Not that he's a medic mind, but he can at least provide an extra pair of hands to add pressue to wounds and takes advantage of the apparent pause to make a ducking run towards the injured to do just that.

Having been crawling and making her way to Redux, when the next magazine is unloaded, Maia finds herself backing away with the live rounds flying all around her. She hits the ground as near the table as she can get, using her arms and legs to crawl over on her belly towards Redux and Ward. "Frak, frak! MEDIC!" Repeating the cry of everyone else as if it's a mantra.

<FS3> Diomedes rolls Melee: Great Success.

Ygraine still has her flight suit on, and once she's on the ground, she makes a very unhappy, pain-filled sound as she forces herself to at least sit up behind the table. Drawing her gun, another pain filled sound is made as she sets up onto her knees, uses the table as cover as best she can, and fires back at the retreating figure, lacking the wherewithall to have caught Dio's own direct assault.

Luc was not on duty earlier, but he was going to. Which is why he never dressed into his swim trunks like some had seemed to do. But into his on duty gear as he only had a brief moment for his sandwich and juice. Holding his sidearm on the ready. Taking aim to bring the man down. His unused shoulder gettting hit and it makes him frown. Hearing others seemingly having the same thought as him.

Phin came from the fitness center, so he's lacking for firearms. Which is probably good gym etiquette, but not so great right now. Mostly he gets out of Ygraine's way while she starts shooting. He does crane up a little from behind the table as bullets fly, to see what he can of the situation. "Redux?" He crawls toward her, a little behind Maia, wincing as he attempts crawling on his grazed arm. "Shit…" That just muttered to himself.

As more rounds roar out, Agrippa ducks further behind the table that is beginning to be riddled with bullets, hearing metal being impacted and sometimes tearing through. "Frak!" Keeping low on the ground, he also begins to crawl to those that he knows are wounded and scoots after Maia, "Keep your head down, Centerfold!" He doesn't see that the man who was doing the shooting is already trying to make his escape.

Attempting to pull himself up by the help of the chair he vacated as the shooter starts to leave, Jason mutters something darkly under his breath. He gets at least partway up, before the chair starts to move, and it's with quite an effort that he manages to avoid falling to the floor again. Hand held by his side, where he was hit. "Shoot…" he lets out to the ones drawing their weapons now.

<FS3> Luc rolls Firearms: Good Success.

Dell doesn't bother to join in screaming for the medic, busy crouching over the fallen Jason and moving to check out the wound he has suffered in his side. "Let me take a look at that… Pressure on the wound, stop trying to get to your feet, hey?" Dell is already looking Jason over as hse comes into place beside him. She's fine, other than a bit of sweat, but the staff sergeant is no medic and at the moment it's obvious. "It's not so bad." That is uttered, of course, regardless of whether it is or not.

Ygraine's shot impacts the man center of mass as he approaches the door and he staggers a bit, Luc's follow-up shot hitting him a bit lower in the back but the shooter doesn't go down. It looks more like someone just hit him with something heavy than a bullet went through him. Dio's attack to his head, though, catches him offguard and he staggers forward through the hatch. The gun still in his hand, its seen to aim back out behind him towards Diomedes and he fires a single round at the Deck member at very short range. The last round booms heavily and the man vanishes back down the halls.

There is a short list of people who run toward the sound of weapons fire. Soldiers - especially marines, are at the top of the list. Somewhere on that list are medical personnel, field medics and .. surgeons. Ok, running toward the sound of gunfire is actually no where on Nadir's list, in fact, if there's a list of things she'd never run toward, the sound of weapons fire is definitely top of that, right before the sound of someone shouting out the word 'shark!' while swimming. But the call had been made and she along with a pair of nurses, and anyone else who's running toward the mess hall, grab crash first aid kits and run flat out through the ship. Ironically they don't have to run far and the sound of shouts for a Medic and help are loud enough as they draw near that it's almost painful to listen to. Nadir skids to a halt a few feet away from the hatch into the mess hall, pressing herself flat against the wall to the outside of the door, waves her nurses back and with almost screamingly obvious reluctance she eases to the side and tries to look around the door frame - this move in time to see a man being shot, staggering and right past them.

Intent on getting to Redux and Ward, Maia keeps on crawling and as soon as she's there, she's ripping off a tank top and pressing it to the wound on his neck. "Dolly, Punchie, get Redux!" Ward looked bad, bad off. Trying to stop the blood flow, her fingers, her hands get covered in blood, "GODS!" she roars when it doesn't seem to be working. "OVER HERE! OVER HERE! CRITICAL!"

Not enough of a clear shot, Ceres' own bullet pings off the entrance to the mess, just shy of gunman. Her firearm lowers as she does, slowly going to her knees with the screams and cries for medic break through her thoughts. The woman hits her safety as if on autopilot and then turns to look down at Ward as Maia screams. Her hands start to shake and she slowly lowers down to get to him as well. She's bleeding out of her neck from a grazed shot and another in her chest that is making the black tanks cling to her body.

The woman slumps now, staring down at Ward's body as his eyes seem to be glazing over. "Hektor…" She reaches down, trying to move his arm lightly.

Toby makes it to what remains of the pilot's table without getting shot, a feat he'll probably think more on later, but for now, since Maia seems to be dealing with Ward, he goes for Ceres, largely mirroring her actions in that he also removes his top to act as a pressure pad. Kneeling beside the fallen pilot he blances slightly at the wounds then moves to try and staunch the flow of blood from her neck, muttering under his breath as he does so.

Luc get his shot off and into the back of the man. Before he can get another one off he is already staggering off after being hit by Dio. He does keep his eyes on his fellow man though. As there was one last shot towards him. Moving out from cover and Gesturing to those on the floor rahter than himself. Blood flowing a bit from his shoulder. "Are you alright, Dio?" He asks. Recognizing the man from at least C-day if nothing else. Trying to make sure if he is okay or not. Gesturing to Redux and Ward mainly though. But will see that someone goes to Dio as well. To make sure that he is alright. Not sure if he got shot or not, but from that range he does judge that it most likely was. Then he looks around for someone else as well. But the sounds seem to calm him a bit now. "Hell of a meal." He mutters to himself.

Ygraine turns her head to stare at Ceres, and of all things, the frazzled blonde turns her gun shakily, and points it Ceres. Her breath is ragged, and she doesn't fire, but it's like she doesn't know what else to do. It's not like Redux isn't bleeding out or going anywhere, she's just staring, pupils dialated.

Diomedes hits the ground, the tray broken in pieces as the shot comes by- "FRAK!" he shouts, clutching at his side- A clear hole in his jumpsuit. Both sides of his jumpsuit. He's bleeding from a wound across the ribs, rolling over a bit, "Hephaestus' limp dick!" he swears, as he rolls over to all fours- checking himself. Breathing heavily, as he tears open his own clothing to display his tattooed side- blood pouring from a wound on his side. Still breathing, still alive- Dio's eyes are wild and wide. "Fracker tried to shoot me!" Dio states, with a certain amount of disbelief. He'll certainly live- his was not the worst wound this day.

Augie arrives from the Fore Corridor.

"Redux, you're bleeding. Sit still," Phin says, trying to sound vaguely authoritative, finally managing to make it over to the area of very badly shot people. "Centerfold's got Dropout. No worries. It's going to be…" But it's clearly not going to be fine, so he just chokes on that. He does reach out and try to put an arm behind Ceres back, to steady her. "Hold still, we'll get you guys a medic. They're on their way."

She has no weapon on her. No sidearm. No tools. Nothing, nothing at all. Daring to peek over the table as the firing stops, Sera sucks her lower lip into her mouth for a moment, worrying at it with her teeth as she tries to take quick stock of the situation. It's the cries of "Medic!" that draw her out from behind, or rather over, the tabletops. "Dio! Dio you stupid sonuvabitch!," she cries out as she rushes violently towards him.

Nadir turns back to the nurse nearest her and says: "Go back, get everyone who isn't wrist deep in surgery and get them in here right now. Find some MP's or any able bodied crew member who can hold up the end of a stretcher and bring them in here as well." She steps through the door into the messhall and slowly surveys the chaos - the carnage. Her eyes land on Ygraine and the gun that she's holding - a gun that's aimed at Ceres. When Phin steps up she leaves that to PHin to handle and moves toward Maia and the scent of blood.

Word spreads fast on the ship. Especially when word gets out of a shooting on a ship. Even more so when the DCO hears that his new bride was shot. Storming into the messhall, Augustus starts to try to take in the scene around him. "Ceres!" he calls out, trying to grab the woman's attention.

Letting out a few deep breaths as he keeps the hand to his side, Jason takes a few deep breaths as he looks back to the others. Seeing Ygraine with the gun pointing at Ceres, he lets out a sigh. "No need for that now…" he offers, rather quietly, before he adds, "Nobody's going… anywhere… Get medic… and MPs?" Taking a few more deep breaths now, as he moves the hand from his side and up, replacing it with the other hand. Looking to his bloody hand, as he moves to find a chair again. Because standing takes effort.

Toby doesn't know the name of the woman's who's bleeding he's trying to stop or he'd indicate her location to the newly arrived DCO. Right now he's focusing on apply enough pressure to try and halt, or at least stem the blood, without cutting off the airflow while he's at it. "Stay with me," he mutters, "medics are coming, stay with me."

Its been less than a minute since the last brass hit the deck plating and in piles a Marine fireteam. Rifles out, they process an entry on the Mess Hall, all four of them. Rifles up, they look around for a shooter. Their radios are screaming and there are a lot of orders flying around at once. "Where's the shooter," the team leader yells, looking around. The last guy on the team turns to face and cover the door.

It's obvious even to Maia's untrained eye that Dropout was definitely not going to be okay. Kneeling right beside Ceres, holding one of her tank tops over the wound in the pilots neck, her hands are shaking so badly she can't even feel them anymore from trying to steady them and hold pressure to stop the blood. Her hands are bloody, her tank is soaked through and the pool of blood around her bent knees is soaking through her pants. It's a blood bath. Wide eyed, she looks back and notices Ygraine aiming a gun at Redux and everything just becomes surreal. No more yelling for a medic from her as she can only stare between Redux then Ygraine. Finally the world spins again and she releases the neck of Ward and tries to tackle Ceres down away from the fire she thinks is coming from Ygraine.

Ceres just sets her own gun down, safety on as she stares down at the nonbreathing Dropout. There is a heavy swallow and her voice rasps as its Dolly's hand at her back that seems to break her focus on the man spread out on the ground beside her. Ygraine's gun trained on her is not noted either, not til Augustus' voice and then her turning head catches sight of Shake and she meets the young woman's gaze. Her hand presses to the wound at her chest and she doesn't move. That is until Centerfold forces her back in complete surprise as she hits the ground. For all that matters, the fight has gone out of her and she just lays there, likely pinning Phin's hand. "Let her do it.." Its muttered in a rasp.

Ygraine keeps her gun on Ceres, still on her knees, bleeding from a shoulder; the result of a graze. "Frak off, Stand-Up," she barks, the gun not wavering. She doesn't pull the trigger, but that gun isn't lowering. "Don't you get what just happened?!" Ygraine's eyes are huge with shock, her face pale. The shot still isn't fired, but it isn't put away when Maia moves to tackle her.

"Stand the frak down!" the DCO roars as he sees Ygraine standing there with a gun trained on Ceres, and noticing everything else. Oh. Frak. Augustus draws in a sharp breath and his large strides take him from the messhall to standing in front of Ygraine. "You want to shoot her. Yer gonna have ta shoot me first. Put the frakkin weapon /down/, Vashti."

Diomedes's leaning now against a chair- just holding his side as Sera runs at him like an angry mother Badger. "What?!" he says, looking towards her as she comes bull-rushing towards him. He just holds his side and grunts as he lifts himself up into the chair. He closes his eyes. "That frakin' shit-cannon ruined sammich time." he mumbles to himself, before pointing down the corridor for the Marine team. "He went that way, real ugly summabitch. SHould have a few pieces of plastic imbedded in his skull, along with a couple of bullets."

"People… Got shot…" Jason replies to Ygraine, as he leans back in the seat he's found now. "Brain's working overtime at the moment, sorry…" At least said brain has managed to tell him that.

Agrippa is off to the side, having no medical experience he isn't one of those that had rushed to the side of a wounded person, not wanting to get in the way of trained medical personnel. His attention is fully focused on Ygraine as she still has her weapon on Ceres, his mind working out what has happened. Cylons in their midst, unaccounted for. The young Viper jock doesn't know who to back at this point, not knowing if Redux is a skinjob or not.

Phin's hand is pinned under Ceres, not that he makes to move. Though Maia's tackling is definitely puzzling. It makes him look up. And see Ygraine with the gun. "Yggs?" He says it soft, confusion evident more than anything else. "Yggs, what're you doing? What's going on? Look at me, OK?" He tries to make eye contact, at least. "It's just Redux. She's hurt."

The arrival of the fire team is enough to make Nadir stop trying to divide her attention into segments. The body of Ward with the massive amount of blood loss is as obvious to Dr. Nadir as it is to even those who aren't medical professionals. Out of reflex she kneels long enough to set her gloved fingers against the side of his neck, tugs the tags around his neck free and mentally stamps the name and approximate time into her memory before moving on. The stand off between Augie, Ceres, Ygraine and with Phin in the mix has her moving in that direction - backtracking. "Enough," her voice is clear, crisp and all manner of abrupt. "Enough people are shot, at least one of you is dead," her eyes shift toward Ceres and the bleeding she can obviously see. "And she's wounded." She moves up to stand alongside Augustus, not having a clue what made everyone more specifically crazier than strictly necessary and not particularly caring, focusing on Ygraine once she's standing alongside Augustus.

Luc is moving towards Dio. Gesturing for medics to get over. His own shoulder still bleeding quite a bit but not as much as many others. Hearing the words from Augie makes him look over and move towards Ygraine, after having made sure that Dio would get treatment. "Shakes. Wait." He tells her. Perhaps guessing her thoughts. Or at least the two possible ones that he can think of. "Whatever is right or wrong, let's deal with it through the safer way." He says in a more ordering way. Wandering closer but starting to feel weaker.

Toby hadn't actually noticed the gun in Ygraine's hand until Maia's tackle alerts him to the fact that something else is going on besides bleeding. He glances between the pilots for a moment, looking a tad bewildered at events before sticking his head down out of the way and getting back to working on stopping the bleeding. Now is not the time to start asking stuid questions.

From her expression, Ygaine is completely unsurprised at Augie's choice of action, but turns her head to Jason, however briefly, "No shit, genius." Her gaze swivels to Phin, and she almost - almost drops the gun. "Are ya all frakkin' blind? Phin, dont ya get it?" she looks around. "Oh, I get it. Ya all talk a big game when it's shootin' raiders and centurions, but one of us turns out to be a FRAKKIN' SKIN JOB, y'all suddenly want t'throw yourselves in front of it." Her gun drops, and she looks like she wants to throw up. "Phin - " she says, and nothing else, she just sits there, defeated.

The Marines hear the answer from Diomedes and get on the radio, breaking in and reporting an updated position. The leader just looks around at the room. There are dead laying facedown in a few positions and others are slowly writhing in pain while people try to apply dressings. "We need everyone. Send everyone. EVERYbody." the Sergeant barks into his radio. "Shooter is on the move, last seen heading fore on Deck Three, Main Causeway. Securing the site."

Augustus uses his foot to grab the gun and pulls it towards him. Kneeling down, he picks it up and drops the magazine out of it. "Doctor Nadir. Please tend to my wife." he tells Samtara as he looks down at Ygraine and shakes his head for a moment. "Things are not always what you take them to be, Vashti." he says, blowing his breath out of the side of his mouth as he hands the weapon over to the nearest Marine. "And in combat, ya can see some crazy shit cause of adrenaline and crap."

"Skin…what?" Phin stares at Ygraine, paling. Then turns slow, to look at Ceres, and look at her blood that's now covering his sleeve. He shakes his head, mouth opening. Like he wants to protest, or say something. But it doesn't quite come out.

"Hold still," Sera barks at Diomedes, trying to get at his wound long enough to put pressure on the bleeding. Her hands are clumsy, fingers shaking — twice in two weeks now, she's been smack in the middle of gunfire. It's a bit much for someone who'd never seen combat before. As Ygraine shouts, "frakkin' skin job!", her head snaps around, turning towards the tangled mess of pilots and incoming personnel. "Sonuvbitch," she hisses, reaching for a sidearm that… isn't there.

"Centerfold, please…" Ceres is losing blood and skinjob or not, her focus is going. She looks up at the woman atop her and then barely hear what Phin has to say. Its all becoming muffled. She can recognize a few that speak but not all as she sucks in a breath and the blood coming from her chest wound is gleaming fresh still, each heart beat adding more to the lot that is soaking through her clothes.

Looking back, Maia sees the gun drop and she gets up off Ceres and looks between her and Ygraine. Then back to Ceres. "The frak?" Covered in blood now, she moves to get up, her boot slipping in the thick red mess making her fall back to her ass. Shaking now, she gets back up, careful not to slip and fall. Without another word, she gets out of that general vicinity, her boots leaving a trail of blood as she walks away, sticking to the floor, making that terrible sound.

Nadir is silent for a moment, before she turns and kneels alongside Ceres, "I need you to not be lying on top of my patient," she says quietly to Maia before reaching out and pressing one hand to the side of *Ceres's neck to slow or stop the bleeding if possible. "I need you to hold still," she says to Ceres as she opens her medkit with the other hand and eyes the contents for a moment. "This looks like a graze but your heart is pushing the blood out of the wound and I need that to not keep happening," she explains in a low voice and presses a bandage to the side of Ceres next to slow the bleeding. "Where else are you wounded?" she asks.

<FS3> Samtara rolls Medicine: Good Success.

Augustus watches the gun lower. And as Ygraine makes her accusation, he shakes his head. "Adrenaline makes you do crazy shit." he rumbles. With that, he waves a Marine over to disarm the ECO as he turns to make his way through the group to kneel down next to Ceres, and slips his hand into hers. "…hey. Ya ain't allowed to start sniping strings yet." he tells her worriedly, as he tries to catch the pilot's eyes with his. "Ya focus on me. I ain't goin anywhere." And with that, he looks towards Samtara. "Tell me what I can do to help."

"Ya knew?" Ygraine's brows lift as she stares at the large man. "Ya knew she was one of those things?" Her gaze narrows. "I hope they throw ya in the frakking brig." The idea that maybe Command knew too hasn't occurred to her. As for the marine, yah, no. She holsters it. "Frakkin' toaster-lover." she spits in the pair's direction. "I know what I saw. I know what I heard."

"Genius…" Jason shakes his head a little as he hears the rest of Ygraine's words. "Maybe… But are you sure?" A brief pause again, as he takes a few deep breaths. "I mean, absolutely, entirely sure?" Letting out a bit of a sigh as he looks between the others again now. "Marines' job now…" Starting to get to his feet, a bit shakily again.

Diomedes hisses in pain, "Another one?" he asks, as clumsy fingers press against the wound in his side. An inch more and that shot would have likely hit Dio's heart. "Ah… shit..that stings." he says towards Sera, as he leans back. "I'm fine, I'll live. I just freaked a minute there when that bullet hit." he says, trying to calm Sera as he winces. "Ah, shit, I'm not an engine coil woman!"

"What the frak…" That's all Phin can manage as he watches Maia get up and get out. Ygraine lowering her gun, Augie with Ceres. He's at least collected enough to get out of Samtara's way when she goes to work. He moves beside Ygraine, looking like he wants to say something. To her, or to Ceres, or to…someone. He still not so much managing that, though.

"Blood type and allergies," Nadir says promptly to Augustus, "and any quirky religious issues she'd have against medical assistance?" she asks, continuing to work despite the words being said over her head. She has a job to do. "You," she fixes a look at Toby - whose name she does not know - "keep applying pressure to the side of her neck." She opens up another compartment of the kit, "You have a bullet somewhere in your chest. If I try to move you now you're going to bleed one hell of a lot between here and my surgery table. So we're going to do this here, and now. Anyone who can't stand blood needs to get back and stay out of my light," she says - louder this time - while shoving her sleeves up and swabbing a clean patch of skin on Ceres's left arm and setting her up with an injection that'll take the edge off of the pain.

Ygraine is ignored as Augustus looks towards Samtara. "A positive, no allergies, and no weird religious stuff, and even if there was, I'd tell you to ignore them." he says with a frown as he keeps that pressure on Ceres' hand. "Ya stay here. We're gonna get ya taken care of."

Toby had glanced sharply up at Ygraine's words, the basic thread of the conversation around him seeming to finally be punching through the adrenalin. Maia's sudden departure doesn't help either and the pressure he's applying starts to slacken off a little as his attention is drawn elsewhere, but the Doc's words snap his focus right back to the pilot infront of him and he just nods dumbly for a moment before shuffling his knees to one side a little to give her a little more room.

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"I know that," Sera snaps at Diomedes, in that extra special way that's usually reserved for moments of extreme stress. Or just nasty bitches. Them, too. "But apparently she is." The accusation is made with a violent wave of her arm towards the cluster of pilots and medical personnel. "Sonuvabitch. Son of a bitch." Freak out, much?

Ygraine looks up at Jason, as she slowly starts to calm down. She says only, "Think about what just happened." She starts to get to her feet, a bit wobbly, and lets herself be seen to by one of the medics who can afford to take time with a less critical patient to treat her graze. "Aww, shit. Dio? You alright, man?" she calls out. "Sera?" She is pointedly not looking toward the operation currently happening on Ceres.

"Doctor, whatever needs to be done," Ceres' voice spares nothing but what needs to be said, her expression oddly calm for the wound in her chest. She does wheeze though, as if whatever happened is giving her some pain or at least a harder time breathing. Glancing up at Augustus when he gets close, she offers him a wan smile. "You gotta help get that frakker, yeah. He got Dropout…he got …" He got a lot of people. She looks back over towards the others, noticing that many have vacated the area around her. There is a sort of acceptance to it all even as she squirms. "He's still alive, I think. Shake and someone else shot at him.."

"*What*?" Dio asked- he'd missed something. "There's another frakin' toaster over there and it ain't dead?!" he asks, confused- looking up again when he hears his name. "I'm fine, Shakes." he frowns, a he just takes Sera's hand and presses it hard against his wound. "Alright. Just press hard. Look at me. Nothin' we can do right now, just a couple of knuckledraggers."

Phin is nominally bleeding, so a medic will probably get around to him eventually. It's just a ping on his left forearm, though. A cleaning and dressing would do it for the moment. He is a low priority. He sits while that's done, trying to wrap his head around what he just saw. It's unclear what, if any, success he has.

Nadir nods once at Augustus but doesn't look up from the chest wound that she's preparing to do surgery on. The nurse that had made it inside with her is kneeling at her right, preparing to hand her what she needs as Nadir cuts away the front of Ceres's attire, the material already soaked with blood and heavy to the touch as she moves it aside. She speaks in a quiet voice to the nurse as they work, swabbing blood away from the site of the wound, speaking in medical short hand as she checks Ceres's pulse again. "Single GSW, looks like it's lodged in the pleural cavity, forceps," she says and for a moment she hears nothing but the sound of Ceres's breathing. "Augustus, you're going to hold her steady. You," she looks over to Toby, "help hold her down. If she lurches or flops about while I'm pulling the bullet out she'll bleed more," she warns/informs. "Don't move," she warns Ceres again. "I'm going to pull the bullet out and it's going to hurt," no soft talk from her at this point. "On the count of three," she warns, "One.." she breathes in, "two," exhales the word out and eases the tips of the forceps into the wound to follow the path that the bullet cut into Ceres's chest.

Luc moves along with his shoulder bleeding. Trying to catch Ygraine to whisper to her before she is with Dio. Then his eyes go to Ceres. "He is most likely in the halls. MArines should be after him by now." Knowing that it is best not to get in their way. His eyes then quickly search for others. Looking to Maia and making his way to her. "ARe you alright?" Finally letting others see to his own wound. Fall into a seat. His own gun put away. "Think I still need to go on duty?" He asks anyone around him. Trying to hold a somewhat light mood despite it all. He does seem quite uncertain though.

Sera nods mutely — to Ygraine, to Diomedes, to…. well, maybe she's just bobbing her head because it's something of a nervous tic, a thing to do to keep her focused, to pretend she's paying attention. She's got her hands on the Tauran's chest, pressing down hard, trying to keep them steady in the mess of blood. "I'm here," she answers the ECO, though she doesn't sound like it. Nope. Better to focus on the task at hand than try to process what she just took in.

Augustus clutches tighter to Ceres' hand as he looks down at her. "Marines will find him. For now, we tend to you." he growls slightly. "…I thought childbirth would be the time that ya would be crushin mah hand. Alright, we're going to get this bullet outta ya, and we're gonna add it to the chain. With the coin and the ring and everything else. Just frakkin hold on."

Jason nods a little bit at Ygraine's words. "Trying to. Who was that guy?" The shooter, that is. A quiet pause as he looks around at the others for the moment, moving slowly over to Maia, Luc and the others nearby. "I think the swim will have to be postponed for me, sorry." Holding a hand to his side still as he waits for the medics to get that far. Luc's words about needing to go on duty makes him smile very briefly. "It's you," he offers, before he adds, "So yes."

Maia is just thinking about what happened too, having just moved out of the way so the medic could see to Redux. Looking over at Phin, then Ygraine, then back to Augie and Ceres, she attempts to just understand what had happened. Running a hand through her hair before she remembers it's sticky with blood. Withdrawing it, she leaves several blonde hairs stuck to her hand and smears of blood on her face and in her hair. As Luc approaches, she watches him get tended to, giving him a single nod in response. She's got blood from head to boots, but she's not even grazed. Her eyes are still sort of glazed over and without another word to anyone, she turns on her heel and heads out. This calls for a shower.

"He's bleedin'." Ygraine notes ruthlessly. "Marines should have a bloodtrail to follow, at least." She pauses, turning slightly toward Luc as he whispers.

Toby would dearly, dearly love for a fresh shirt or indeed an actual proper preasure pad as his is now quite throughly blooded. It still seems to be better than nothing though so he keeps it there as the next set of instructions is rattled in his direction. "Hold down, sure, " he mutters as he glances down to work out the best way to do that and not reduce the pressure that he's applying too much. After what seems an age, but is probably only a matter of seconds, it occurs to him that he's right by Ceres' shoulders and uses one hand to help steady them, leaving the other to continue applying pressure.

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"Just do it, yeah, Doc?" Ceres' nostrils flare and then she barks out a quick laugh. "CHildbirth, not happening." SHe wets her lips and sucks in a breath, closing her eyes as her hand tightens into a bone crushing movement on Augustus' mit. She squeezes even tighter, holding on for dear life as those forceps press into her wound. There is a momentary twitch, tightening of her jaw and then Toby's hand is on her. Between the two and one hand from Doctor Nadir, they likely could hold her down. Oddly - she doesn't move after that momentary twitch. Nothing.

Ygraine's expression hardens when she listens to Luc reply. "A little late, considerin' I already holstered my gun, don'tcha think?" Once the medic's off of her, she looks to Phin, tilting her head toward the hatch in inquiry.

Unscathed, Agrippa continues to remain out of the way as the place swarms with medical personnel to tend to the wounded, looking shocked still. To have this happen so close to home and when everyone was off their guard, it certainly has affected the Viper jock. He doesn't know which side was right as he was too busy with his sandwich to have caught what was yelled by the assailant. When Punchdrunk finally moves, he heads towards Maia, seeing smeared a nicely blood red, though no words are spoken for now.

"He can't have gotten far. Security'll be all over the ship…" Phin mutters. A vague rejoinder about the shooter, though his eyes are on Ceres and the medics working on her. It takes him a second to notice Ygraine's look. Though he gives his head a slight shake when he does. Like he's trying to right his brain. And still having limited success. He follows her gaze to the hatch, standing. He shrugged off his sweat shirt - bloody mostly with blood that wasn't his - when the medic was looking him over. He seems to have no intention of reclaiming it. He has a tank top underneath, of course.

Luc smiles as Maia confirms being safe. Followed by searching for the one that usually has been his wingman. "Punchie. You still whole!?" He asks, not having spotted him right away, before hearing Jason and starts to chuckle, dryly. "Stop making me laugh." He tells him with a smirk. Bobbing his head to the side, since he can't shrug, when he hears Ygraine. "Didn't mean right this moment." Taking a deep breath then and letting it out.

Feeling those fingers crush into his bones and skin, Augustus sharply draws in his breath to bite back the pain that races through his hand as she surely fractures a bone or two in the process. As Ceres suddenly doesn't move, he knows, and he just looks at the doctor. "Work fast, doctor, please."

As Nadir had requested, the nurse she'd sent back to the sickbay ran to get as much help as she could find on the immediate notice and comes running back with another doctor, two more nurses and a couple of crewmen carrying stretchers. The body of Ward is marked and flagged immediately as to far gone to help but Diomedes has a nurse and medic on him in a matter of moments followed by Luc who earns his own nurse to check on his shoulder wound. Phin is checked as well, informed to continue to apply pressure as anyone who can get up and is willing to walk to the sickbay is asked to do so.

Nadir breathes a low sound of amusement at Ceres remark about childbirth, "Feels like evolution stalled on that one," she murmurs, the look on her face focused while the look in her eyes is distant, both visualizing and not seeing the bullet as she feels her way forward. The tip of the forceps touch the edge of the bullet after a few moments of maneuvering and she speaks without turning her head. "The bullet is going to be followed by a rush of blood. Right now it's holding any internal damage in place. We're going to need to pack the wound and move her immediately to surgery. When I pull the bullet out, press down hard on the wound site," and more is murmured to the nurse she's working with and makes the decisive pull that tugs the bullet free and a rush of blood to follow it.

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Ygraine blinks wearily to Phin. "Head." she says, "We both need t'get the blood off. Yeah?"

"Sorry… My job…" Jason offers to Luc, as he waits for his own turn to be checked up by the medics now. Otherwise keeping entirely silent, expression rather thoughtful now.

Phin just nods to Ygraine. "Yeah." That's all the verbal he's capable of at the moment.

For all the lack of thrashing, Ceres does grunt as that bullet is pulled free from the wedge of her ribs. There is a brief cracking sound and snap and then she gasps. Grimacing, the Captain eases her hold on Augustus' for a moment and then glances up at Toby, whom she does not know before sucking in a sharp breath.

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Diomedes grunts once more, "Frakkin' A. How's it look, Sera?" he wonders over, "Did it ruin too much ink?" he wonders, over to her. "That be tragic." he's just talking now, words to help himself focus on something other than the pain in his side. Sure, its just a graze- but a nasty one.

As soon as the medics come to tend to Dio, Sera gets the frak out of their way. Her bloody hands withdraw from his wound unless directed to keep them in place while they work, but she lingers close by — maybe out of worry, or shock, or a simple lack of knowing what else to do with herself right now. "It's just a scratch," she lies, trying to force a smile. It's a weak, wavering thing. "We'll put some duct-tape on it. You'll be fine."

Nadir works fast now, making her stitches as small but secure as possible to slow the bleeding and stop it from getting out of hand. More pressure is applied and then a thick fold of bandages are pressed into place and bound down with skin adhesive tape. She glances over at Augustus, hearing that snap of sound after that brief cracking sound, "Did she just break your hand?" is wondered in a quiet aside before she moves aside and has the nurse keep applying pressure on the chest wound while she moves around to where Toby's been keeping pressure on the side of Ceres neck. "Alright. When I say so I need you to lift your hand from the bandage on the side of her neck. Ready?" she asks of Toby, casting the man a brief sidelong look, her hands poised with a curved suture needle. "Now."

"Make sure ya save the… FRAKKIN ASS, CERES!" Augie snaps as he feels a few of those bones in his hand snap. "….bullet." he gasps out in pain as he watches the work. "I ain't leavin yer side." he laughs a little. "We're getting matching scars." That on bullet wound on his neck shows true.

Dio winces as he laughs, the medics tend him pretty quick- he's not in any serious danger, just something of a bloody wound. It seems like a lot more than it actually is. "Ah, shit.. Don't make me laugh." he says with a grunt of pain- whatever those medics were doing it stung rather a lot- "You know how hard it is to tattoo your own side.." he grumbles, keeping his mind off the wound, before he grins over to Sera. "You see how hard I hit that toaster? I think I cracked its skull."

Toby had not taken the sudden Ceres' sudden stillness as a good sign but as she then grunts he lets out a breath he'd been largely unaware he'd been holding. The fresh burst of blood causes a slight flinch, but the warning helped, that and the fact that she's breathing. What he's really not prepared for though is the glance towards him and it's all he can do to return it with the briefest of nods in acknowledgement before the Doc is summoning his attention away once more by talking to him. Glancing first to her and then to the needle he shifts backwards on his knees a little, a maneuver that leaves his arms a little stretched but will also provide more room to work once he releases. "Okay," he confirms with a brief nod once he's in position then pulls his hands away sharply when the word is given.

"I hope you did," she mutters, before adding with the sort of maternal sting reserved solely for women who have tended to small children. Except… Sera's… never mentioned a kid before, right? "That doesn't make you any less of a big frakkin' moron, divin' over a trio of tables an' tryin' to take on some jacked up, fully armed robot with a gods damned lunch tray." If looks could peel paint, Sera's stare would be…. drilling smoking red laser holes straight into Diomedes' skull.

A brief smile, strained but there for the helping hand that is Toby. But its poor Augustus' hand that is truly something to worry about. She glances up at it and she swallows. Her hand lets go, as if realizing what she may have done before her hand rests on his knee instead, catching her breath again and closing her eyes. Not much to say, she can't really comment on her wounds but tries to remain as still as still can be, not wanting to worry the doctor's work. She bites her lip, brows furrowing.

"I always keep the bullets," Nadir remarks, her voice quiet - clear - and utterly calm as she works. Blood does, indeed, begin to immediately seep from the wound along the side of Ceres neck, the bullet graze having cut a furrow deep enough to require stitches but not as life threatening as the chest wound. She works fast, still making her stitches as small as perfect as possible - under the circumstances. She wipes the blood away from Ceres neck, sees that the bleeding has stopped to nothing more than a small seepage. "Alright, we're moving to the sickbay now. Everyone who can walk, please do so. Anyone who can't or needs a hand, lift one and we'll get everyone moving in the right direction." A pair of nurses have already draped a cloth over the dead body of Ward and are easing him onto a stretcher to be carried to the morgue. She rises to her feet as two of the corpsmen who'd come in with stretchers now move into position, ready to lift Ceres onto the stretcher once Augustus and Toby move out of the way, "Gentlemen?" she says and peels the glove off of one hand and offers it to Toby - first - to help him to his feet before extending the same hand to Augustus.

Augustus doesn't accept the hand. He knows what he was called. What Ceres was accused of. He's on edge, expression dark as he pushes himself to his feet, even with the wounded hand as he moves to walk with the stretcher. True to his word, he's not leaving Ceres' side for anything.

"I hope I did, too. Broke the lunch tray, at least…" Diomedes says, as he nods towards the broken shards of plastic. The medics leave him- and he just leans back quietly against the table. He looks over to Sera. Her stare just brings a cocky half grin to his face. "Well. I couldn't very well let more people get shot now, could I?"

With his work seemingly done but the impromptu operation between him and the door, Tody just moves backwards and sits against the wall as the stitching is done. His clothing seems to have soaked up a fair amount of blood, although it is readily apparent that none of it is his own. Taking a few deep breaths as he waits for the medics to do their thing he starts to feel the adrenalin seep from his system and by the time he accepts the offered hand to get him back on his feet again he's mostly just thinking of having a very long, very hot shower and then crashing in his bunk.

"Yes. You're a big damned hero." Isn't this the part where she's supposed to be impressed? Except she's not. She looks more like she's considering smack him. It wouldn't be the first person on the ship she's nailed in the face. But when he hand comes towards him, it's palm open, offering him a hand up. "Come on. That motherfrakkin' monster might still be on the loose an' I ain't about to let you stumble off towards medbay by your wee little onsies while he's runnin' free and you're bleedin'."

Laughing again, Dio winced as he held his side and walked with Sera towards the medbay with Sera leading the way. "Yeah well," Diomedes begin, "Better lucky than dead. Don't think I'd be so lucky a second time."

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Ceres leaves, heading toward the Fore Corridor [FC].
Augie leaves, heading toward the Fore Corridor [FC].
Diomedes leaves, heading toward the Fore Corridor [FC].

Medics, wounded and just about everyone else gone, Toby hangs back briefly to ensure that he doesn't get in anyone's way and then makes his own way out of the mess to let the cleanup crews get to work. His food is long forgotten and he doesn't even glance towards it as he heads for the barracks.

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