AWD #304: Transfer Chatter

A couple of new transfers discuss life on a Battlestar. Coffee was had.

Transfer Chatter
Summary: A couple of new transfers discuss life on a Battlestar. Coffee was had.
Date: 21 April 2016
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Gloria Rourke 
Mess Hall
The Crew Mess on the battlestar is one of the larger rooms meant for occupation. The room is far longer than it is wide with the classic stainless steel tables that can be seen anywhere else on the ship, standard to all navy ships. Most of the chairs match, their padding on the seats worn down after several years. Towards the rear of the room is the food prep area and serving lines. During the time in between meals the Mess will serve midrats, or 'mid-shift rations', such as sandwiches and drinks. Coffee pots are left to run at all hours to keep people going as needed.
Sun Nov 06 13:00:06 2005

Mid-shift and the mess is relatively quiet, there's a cook or two pottering about in the kitchen doing prep work for the next big meal, a couple of marines near the back exchanging war stories, and assorted other personel dotted about. Having just stopped in for coffee and a snack Gloria is currently over by the hot beverages filling her cup. Coffee, black.

Arriving in the mess between shifts, Rourke is carrying a couple of notebooks as well as his own personal pad. Taking up a small tray, he grabs a sandwich for those that have not had a chance to eat yet and heads over to the coffee decanters. "Morning. Afternoon. Whatever it is on here now." he offers to Gloria as he works on filling his own mug with black coffee. "Still getting used to all.." A grand gesture with his hand. "…this."

"Afternoon," Gloria replies with a friendly smile, "new transfer Sir?" She is herself, but then she's served on several ships around the fleet so adjustment isn't so bad. "You need the milk?" she asks, it being on her side of the table. Eyeing the sugar for a moment she them decides against, "Picon?"

"Aye." Rourke offers. "Just came up from Crandall, ANVIL before that." he says as he holds up his hand in declination of the offer of the milk. "No thank you. It's been a few years since I last served spaceside, so it's taking some getting used to find my space legs, as it were, again." he admits before he goes to take a seat at one of the tables, leaving it open if Gloria wishes to join him. Taking out his notebook, he breaks out a pencil and starts to scribble.

"Haven't served groundside since training," Gloria replies as he collects her mug and, for want of a differing option, follows the officer. "You'll get the hang of it soon enough no doubt, just hold tight if the word comes round that we're going to jump. That's my advice." Taking a seat at the sametable she asks, "been down to the planet yet?"

"Not yet. Only been a few days since I got here with some of the other Picon transfers under Goose." Rourke says as he works on his notebook - he's drawing. "I served on the Athena a few years ago, so I know about Battlestars and their jumps. It'll just take some help." he comments before he draws in a breath. "Sorry, my manners. Lieutenant Rourke Stavros, Raptor Pilot. Known as Shaft." Holding out his hand in an offer, his other sets down the pencil to take up the mug.

"Goose?" Gloria ask, eyebrow raised slightly in question, then he introduces himself and all becomes clearer. "Ah, wing callsign? P-O Three Gloria Oates, countermeasures. If you endup talking to one of the DRADIS operators up in CIC then there's a chance it's me." Taking a sip of her drink and takes his hand briefly, "It's nice down there, if you can get a weekend pass then even better."

"Goose. Captain Arrington." Rourke offers as he nods. "Right, callsigns." the pilot comments as he sets down the mug after the shake. Returning to his pencil and drawing, he nods. "I heard it is. The girls last night were singing it's praises after the simulator mission." There's a tightness in his voice, a frown touching his features as he gets to the idea that there is a more relaxed lifestyle up here than back on Picon. "Nice to meet you, Petty Officer. I should be starting to requalify for the Air Defense tab soon, I fell behind on my training back on Picon when the war started. Need to let my CO know I want to get back into it."

<FS3> Rourke rolls Animation: Good Success.

"I think we all fell behind in training," Gloria notes matter of factly, "there's that whole war thing got in the way. Lots of on the job experience though I suppose." Bright side to everything and all, or something. "Good luck with the qual though, I hear they're hard work." Then to explain how she might know that she adds, "I looked into being an ECO once see, but turns out the officer's life isn't for me."

"Nothing quite like that on the job training." Rourke says simply as the man continues to draw. If Gloria is paying attention, he's drawn up what looks to be a Raptor made up to be a suit of armor that's wrapped around a girl and it's all oversized that sits on top of a horse. Instead a lance, she's holding a missile in her hand, with 'Squire' written below it. "Decided that all that primp and proper wasn't for you?" he asks with a little grin as he sighs. "What I wouldn't give for some colored pencils. Or a decent computer with an animation program."

"Computer, with the canners about?" It's not a scoff, but it's clear she doesn't see it happening any time soon. "Check the stores I guess for the pencils? I'm too new onboard myself to know yet who to talk to besides official channels." The drawing is eyed for a moment, but the name means nothing to her. "Not so much Sir, more that I can't keep my stomach in check in anything smaller than a support craft. Captial ships fine, but a raptor? Sadly not."

"I know. Wishes and fishes and all that." Rourke laughs as he does a little shading work with the pencil. "Are you a Picon transfer as well?" he asks curiously. "I don't remember hearing your name." he admits as he sets down the pencil for a moment. "Yeah, turbulence is a lot more noticable in our little birds as compared to this big old place."

Gloria shakes her head slowly at his question, "Subic Point, part of Task Force Blackjack. We rotated some personel around this week and my name was on the list. Guess it's an attempt to keep up duty rotations, that and rebalance for losses. New bunkmate doesn't snore as much as the last one though, so that's a plus."

"I'm sure they have some sort of system set up," Gloria notes with a faint nod, "although I guess if you're going weasle then you need a gound base. Dunno if we have the capacity on P, might be back on Picon sooner than you thought. Least you can jump in and back quickly enough. CAG'd know. If you're after DRADIS guides though then there's a few in the library."

"Yeah, if anyone can find the CAG." Rourke says with a shake of his head. "It seems that noone knows where he is." Finishing off his coffee, he offers a grin. "It was nice to meet you, Gloria. If I can use your assistance, may I seek it out?" There's a grin offered with it.

"They're.. I mean we're, missing our CAG?" Gloria replies sounding surprised, "guess they're keeping that quiet. Or maybe I was paying too much attention to the orientation and not enough to the scuttlebutt. Still, early days yet I guess." As Rourke moves to leave she offers a friendly, "good day Sir, and good luck."

"Either that or he's just that busy of a man. New recruits and all." Rourke shrugs. "Not really scuttlebutt - just a hard man to track down." He's not going to be one to start rumors, after all. "Thanks, Petty Officer. I'll see you about, I'm sure."

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