MD #220: Too Easy To Hate
Too Easy To Hate
Summary: Melissa comes to see her former brig-neighbour in medical.
Date: 14/11/2017
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Atticus Melissa 
Recovery Ward - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
About half the size of the Medical Center, the Recovery Ward has fewer beds to allow space for those who are going through recovery. Rather than the drab gray of most of the center, the walls in here have been done in a neutral creme color. The beds are a little thicker and the blankets are actually present. There are a few clocks and the only other decoration are a couple of flatscreens that show muted movies from the ship's library, though tablets are common. Behind each bed is a small touchscreen for tracking vitals and is linked to Medical personnel tablets. A couple stacks of recent magazines are available near the door for nurses to pass around, too.

Atticus's headaches may be down to a level where he's not spaced out on painkillers any more, and he's about got full control of his fine motor functions back, but he's yet to shift the overpowering feeling of sadness. Anger will probably come in time, but right now it's loss and shame, with a large side helping of guilt. The lights by his bed are still slightly dimmed, but only a fraction, and he's sat cross legged on said bed holding still while a corpsman takes his vitals. He's quiet, hunched, and if anything, bordering on listless, while the books and tablet that were transferred up from his cell sit closed to one side.

The woman that enters is someone he might recognize. After spending several days trapped with her, and she didn't totally antagonize him, it might be nice to have a different visitor. She's dressed in her flight gear and survival vest, though. Carrying her helmet bag in her left hand, she steps cautiously inside and looks at the nurse with some suspicion. Then to Atticus. In her left hand is something wrapped in a napkin. Surprisingly, she's still wearing Captain's pins. "Atticus? …What happened?" hard to miss the look on his face.

Once the blood pressure cuff deflates the corpsman makes a note of the reading on their clipboard and moves off to continue their rounds, leaving the pair of them to talk. Well, the pair of them and the two obviously on duty MPs, Armstrong and Miller. Atticus himself is not paying that much attention to the comings and goings, but he recognises Melissa's voice and looks up. He holds her eyes for a moment, then drops his head a fraction. "Captain Wescott," he greets, a little tentatively as he's not 100% sure he remembers her name correctly. "You have earnt your freedom again?" it's a slightly archaic way of saying it, but he doesn't seem displeased that she's out and about again. In answer to her own question though he's forced to shrug slightly. "I'm not entirely sure, but I have my memories back now, and can see things… from a different angle."

Melissa moves closer to Atticus, cautious, waiting for the nurse to move away. Sure the MP's are close, but that's not something she can wait out. There's a very wary look to her as she stands beside his bed, looking him over. "I've lost some things and will probably lose more, but for the moment I'm out of the brig. And it looks like you've landed in sickbay for the moment." When he explains what happens, she lifts her head and looks to the MP's, then back down to Atticus. "I see." Melissa see's that the fleet went ahead and messed with his head against his wishes. And she see's pain and regret. A man hurting. "I'll tell you what, when I was little and I was feeling terrible, my great gramma would make me something delicious. And it’s weird. But it mixes some of the greatest things on all the worlds. I found some on a different ship and managed a trade." She unwraps the napkin and lays it on the bunk beside him. Its two large pieces of thick cut bacon, dipped in dark chocolate, and sprinkled with a little pretzel salt. It smells heavenly, assuming he likes bacon and chocolate. "You've got books. You've got some music. Blah blah boring. I wanted to bring you something a little more fun and exciting. Net time maybe I can bring you funnel cakes." She waggles her brow.

Atticus is in sickbay for now yes, but when Melissa mentions it he explains simply, "Gunnery Sergeant Ynyr said he'd move me back to the brig when medical release me. I don't know when that will be though." He's not asked mind, but is instead just leaving it to the medical and security staff to sort out between themselves. As the bacon is unwrapped he peers at it, as does Armstrong, the looks back to Melissa. It does smell good, there's no denying that, and suddenly he's hungry. "I can't take that from you," he says though, clearly wanting to but resisting, "it's special to you, you should have it." Armstrong looks like he might volunteer to dispose of the extra slice, but gets thumped in the arm by Miller instead. He lifts one brow questioningly at her final comment though, and has to ask, "funnel cakes?" He's assuming it's just some form of cake, but her mobile eyebrows are confusing him slightly.

"Well that frakkin sucks." Not exactly ladylike. "But I get it. Sworn enemy, prisoner of war, that's all pretty recent history for you. Still not sure how you feel about it, but that's the nature of the beast I suppose." Melissa shrugs it off and puts the helmet bag on the chair beside the bed. "If you don't eat it, I will. And I'll enjoy it. But I already had one fresh made. They're special to me but they can also be special to other people, anyway. I don't own them." She drags the napkin closer on the bed. "C'mon. Eat. Or I'll tell Petra you were attempting to communicate with me via meows like a kitten." There's a playful wink with it. "Funnel cakes are basically just fried bread with powdered sugar on top. Its a scientific fact that you cannot eat and finish a funnel cake and stay in a bad mood." No promises on accuracy of that science.

Atticus doesn't seem overly bothered by the proposed future change of scene, and he nods once as Melissa works through the reasoning behind it. Still, it's out of his hands and he focuses back on the here and now. Looking down at the bacon once she insists he then reaches out almost cautiously to break a bit off one of the slices. "Not powered then?" he manages to joke as he gives it a sniff, then eats. The range of expressions that flash across his face are likely fun to watch. Bacon is bacon no qualms there, but the bitterness of the chocolate followed by the sting of the salt is like nothing he's ever had before and he's clearly conflicted for a few moments. While he's deciding if he wants more or not he tilts his head towards Melissa and asks, "why would tell him that?" as he tries to work out what the whole cat thing was about. Although, since Petra has been mentioned he asks, "do you think you might see the Commander anytime soon?" Reaching down for more he takes another small chunk, to repeat the previous experiment and then blinks at the explanation of a funnel cake. Damn funny cake as far as he's concerned, but he doesn't look unwilling to try.

"The kitten remarks are considered idle threat and coercion to do something that you will benefit from and enjoy. It's something we do sometimes. It’s not about actual threats." Melissa watches him try the little treat and she smirks. "Its best enjoyed with something hot like coffee or hot cocoa. But that stuff is still pretty spiffy. I love it." She leans a hip against the bed, "Oh if Commander Petra see's me anytime soon, I doubt it going to be for anything positive. I'm not even sure I should be talking to you. But.. delivering something to eat isn't exactly harmful. How are you feeling otherwise? You looked pretty down in the dumps when I arrived. Memories not so happy, I'm guessing."

Atticus clearly doesn't get the kitten thing, he tries to, but after several attempts to get his head round it he gives in. Colonials are still weird it seems. As she leans on the bed his eyes flick to the two MPs, but since they don't seem to be objecting he just continues picking bits off the bacon to eat in small chunks. There's a nod to the comment about Petra, there's a hint of disappointment to it, but he's not lingering there, not when she moves onto talk of feelings and memories. "Physically?" He starts there, even though he knows that not really what she means, "not great, but getting better. I've had some pretty bad headaches, but they're mostly gone now. The rest?" He shrugs somewhat helplessly. "I don't know. Everything is different, nothing is what it was when we last spoke. Things that were good are now bad, things that were bad are now good. It's.. a lot to take in." As is likely well evidenced by the invisible weight that's keeping his shoulders down. He doesn't articulate about the memories though. That's even harder. So he just closes his eyes and nods a couple of times while he summons the strength to actually reply. "Yes and no. I remember things I didn't before, and what I do remember is now through a different lens. Things I did… Things I saw." Yeah, they're unhappy mostly, but he desperately tries not to dwell on them too much, so ends with, "but I remember more of the time before now, so it's not all bad." Except for the fact that he now misses his family more than anything of course.

Melissa watches him. "that makes some sense. You've had a change of heart. You're seeing things more clearly it sounds like. I'm fairly sure that's pretty hard on you." There is some sympathy, though. In the end, she studies him before saying anything. "My mother was executed by local militia on a different planet. I don't know the details of how she died, but I know she was killed in action, not simply 'deceased.' That means she went down fighting, even if she wasn't wearing a uniform anymore. That's the spirit of your people." The woman holds her soft eyes on him. "I used to hate my mother for some things that happened, but I realized too late that we can't really know what someone else is going through unless we were there. It’s too easy to hate you, Atticus. It would also be wasted effort. I can see that pain and regret. I don't think anyone on this ship could make you hurt more than you probably are right now. I hope you can find a little peace, though." She comes off her lean. "Enjoy your bacon, Atticus. I'll see if I can bring you something else in a couple days. Feel better, okay?" She reaches for the helmet bag before stepping back.

Atticus winces slightly as she mentions Kelsey fate. He's been involved with various local militias, commanded members of them at times. He does duck his head at the thought, but only briefly before he looks back up to Melissa. "My dad was assassinated by them on this ship," well APF, but same difference right? "That was twenty years ago, but right now it feels like only a few days ago. I hated him for almost that long, but now.. " He shrugs again, everything is just a jumbled mess, and the programmed responses that became instinct are still fading. As she makes to leave he almost implores her to stay, company means he isn't left alone with his thoughts and memories, but she likely has important things to do, so he lets her go.

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