AWD #440: Toby Didn't Throw A Punch
Toby Didn't Throw A Punch
Summary: Marines head to Charlie's to decompress after the Aerilon recon mission. They run into Toby. Things happen. Randy and Kapali resolve to hatch a plan they can propose to brass to infiltrate the brainwashing camps.
Date: 04/09/2016
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Checkpoint Charlie's
The first structure completed on Piraeus was a 'recreation center' that was thinly veiled as such. Checkpoint Charlie's is in every other way a blue collar bar with an unsurprising bent towards the military establishment. Camouflage netting hangs from the ceiling with some kind of dried vine tangled throughout. On the walls are pictures and mementos of times past on the planet they currently reside on. There are a few billiards tables smuggled out to Piraeus specifically for this location, along with card tables and an fully functional line of taps and kegs mounted to, perhaps unsurprisingly, a beat-up but taken-care-of oak bar. The matching stools and wood tables seem to indicate that the construction workers may have disassembled someone else's bar back on the Colonies. The story even goes that the name is taken from a former bar on Aerilon that happened to resemble, very closely, this particular establishment.

It's now been at least 24 hours since the recon operation on Aerilon and regardless of whether the AAR has made it to Command's hands yet, scuttle has gotten around, about the look of the people who got back from the mission, about what they saw at the SABER site they were observing, and the unexpected discovery of what they witnessed there.

One Marine in particular has decided her next evening should be spent trying to /forget/ such things. Randy is seated on a stool at the bar over which she laid her bomber jacket. Her hair looks like it's still sporting the pony tail she put in it this morning before duty and it has the wear and tear one would expect throughout the day. It looks as though she simply tugged on a pair of black jeans and a pair of canvas shoes after shedding her fatigues. She lifts two fingers to grab the tender's attention. "My tab's all paid up right?" I can start over again right? is pretty much what she's asking. The tender asks her what it'll be to which she replies, "Whatever's not watered down and cheapest."

Toby hasn't been out of the brig all that long, but as he's helping the CIDSR team with a few things he's been able to wrangle a spot of planet time rather than double shifts in the hangerbay. For now he's sat off to one side in charlie's and nursing a pint, well, not quite one side, more like one end of the bar. Randy's arrival is noted silently but he's not after a fight, so he doesn't tempt fate by initiating a conversation with the marine.

Defaulting to her standard post-mission setting, Kapali headed directly to P as soon as she was off duty and found a pick up game of Pyramid to throw herself into. Several games later, and scuffed, scraped, sporting new bruises and both winded and sweaty, she heads toward Charlies with several other players to get something to drink. Tossing the pyramid ball between her hands she passes it to one of the other players as she steps into the head long enough to clean up a bit and only then does she head toward the bar, angling toward where Randy is seated and spots Shackleton, aiming a nod in his direction before taking a stool to Randy's left. "What ever she's having," she says as she fishes coin out of one pocket and slides it across the bar.

The fact that both Randy and Toby came alone is not lost on the EOD Sergeant. It might be why after glancing in his direction, she's not rousing up a conversation either. Instead, she respects their alone time…for the moment. She's served some sort of ambery liquid in a small tumbler as if it were made for a pintsized person's hand. She frowns, eyes lifting to the tender with an arch of her brow which is summarily ignored. Apparently this is the legit glass it is served in and not a joke at her expense, because Kapali is served one as well. "Oh, and get that guy over there another round on me please. And no it isn't flirting, so keep it cool man." The tender seems to have been having a tiresome day too, because he's hardly amused. He simply serves Toby another round, "On the house," instead.

Charlie's was as good a place as any to hang out. When Jena notices a few of the faces there, she saunters over to the bar and places an order and slides into the seat nearest Randy. "So glad to be back here." A nod to Kapali as well as her drink is delivered and she reaches for it. "Another of these please." Time off was great. A dashing conversationalist she isn't, at the moment, she looks a bit too solemn.

More marines, great. Toby eyes the pair for a moment before he drains the last dregs of his pint. Time to be elsewhere he figures, even with Jena's arrival balancing things up a bit. She gets a faint nod of greeting and he's just pushing his stool back so he can stand when the new pint appears infront of him. Hmm, awkward. Oh well, a pint os a pint, "thanks," he miutters back to the barman then settles himself down again. One more can't hurt.
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"Phase two, commencing," Penny remarks as she lifts the tiny glass of amber hued liquid, eyeing it briefly before she makes a subtle salute with the glass toward the bar tender, sharing a sidelong look with Randy before she tips a nod toward Shackleton as well then tosses the drink back. Her eyes water, her throat tightens, then she wheezes out a shallow breath before gulping another breath in then rests the empty glass on the bar as jena joins them. "Glad you were with us, Jena," her voice is a little hoarse before she clears her throat. "Glad to have you back, too, we've been short on medicos in general in the field with us," she aims a nod at the PJ. "Six words," said with a brief gleam of a grin, "damned glad to have you back."

"That's the Deckhand that Dreyer picked a fight with," Randy nudges Kapali with her elbow, dipping her head nonchallantly towards Toby before tilting to greet Jena on her other side, "Hey Cruz." She tentatively sips the amberish liquid and then decides to just knock back whatever bowels churning liquid the tender has served them. She clears her throat afterwards. "Aye. I've spent more time in the Recovery Ward than I'd like to these last few months." She leans over to whisper something to Kapali.

You whisper, "I bought him a drink. I think it forced him to stick around. Doesn't have much reason to like Marines I guess. You're turn next. Just don't give him a chance to double fist his drinks." to Kapali.

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Toby clocks the nudge from Randy and the tilt of the head, but isn't rising to the bait, if bait it is. Instead he simply returns the nod with one of his own, as if he'd not noticed the rest. A simple greeting in return for a simple greeting. See, he can be civil when he needs to be. "Cruz," he calls over briefly, "up for a pickup game when we're done here? I've got an hour or so."

Toby is given an amiable wave in return, Jena remembers him from before she was sent down to Picon for several months. Now that she's back, she's got a lot to catch up on, including the reason for his intended leaving? A curious arch of her brow but she doesn't ask out loud. Instead, she smiles in Kapali's direction. "So glad to be back. I'll have to get to medical once my time off is over and get back into the swing of things." A smirk follows, "But damned if that wasn't a kick in the face, what we saw." At that, she opts for a drink as well, downing a good portion. "Everything okay between folks?" Hearing about a fight being picked.

Hearing Toby, she gives a nod in his direction. "You betcha. I'm down for it. Let me finish these two drinks and I'll head out with you."

Angling her head toward Randy to catch the low voiced words, Penny allows one auburn eyebrow to arch upward, and it's a learned skill to make only ONE eyebrow arch on command instead of both. "Well, alrighty then," she murmurs before she signals to the barkeep and speaks quietly, sliding another coin across the bar and after a few moments another drink is delivered to Shackleton, "Compliments of the marine," the barkeep says with a shrug at Kapali. Turning a smile at Jena, she nods, "Yeah, same stuff, different day, that's how it works. And it was a hell of a thing, fuk, it IS a hell of a thing."

"Dreyer and Toby got into a fight. I sort of tried to help Dreyer subdue him with shin kicks," Randy orders another two of the amberish liquid after that unfortunate admission. She doesn't look very proud for it. She glances sidelong to Jena, then Kapali. "And then I kind of brought the calvalry down on everyone." Does she mention the fact that Toby swatted her aside like an annoying kid? Seems irrelevant at this stage of soberness. "Not really sure there's much recovery from that. I think he was equally pissed at me for saying the Ghost Captain is a skinjob." Her drinks arrive and she fishes one in close with her fingers so she can stare down into it as the other women start talking about what they saw.

<FS3> Toby rolls Alertness: Great Success.

Toby lifts his glass in acknowledgement of Jena's reply then brings it to his lips and has a drink. As the next one arrives, with a marine tag attached to it he gives the barman a faint upnod then turns his attention back to the marines. Taking a moment to try and judge if this is a peace offering, or something else he catches the comment about skinjobs and his expression turns to a frown. "You know what mate," he calls over to the barman, "I don't need their charity, give it to someone who does." And with that he drains the rest of his current drink and starts to stand once more.

"It is a hell of a thing." Jena finishes off her first drink and holds up her hand to stop the order of the second as she pays for her first. "This is good, I don't need so much right now." Holding off on more drinks as things seem to be a little tense for the moment. Not that she attempts to overhear or anything, nor eavesdrop. "I think I'll head out and see what needs doing. Glad to see you both again." Rising to her feet, she gives them both a friendly smile. "See you both soon."

Randy downs her third drink. Not sure what happened to the second. "It's not charity man," Randy blurts out as she leans over the bar to look at Toby. "We buy drinks for each other all the time." She'll let him deduce what he wants. Her tone has just a touch of frustration to it, but it quavers just slightly and that puts her back in her own business staring straight at the empty glasses.

Kapali exhales a sigh and leans to the side to tap her glass against Randy's before she eyes Toby, "And sometimes a drink is marine for 'I'm sorry for being a bitch at you'," she notes but shrugs one shoulder. "If you don't want booze, good or bad, I'll take it. I have a hollow leg. Or I'm attempting to acquire on."

As Jena gets to her feet Toby tilts his head towards the door. He's still game for pyramid of she is. Always good for venting frustration is pyramid. Randy's reply is ignored, he's annoyed with her and it shows, so is taking the option of not engaging to ensure thinks don't get out of hand. Kapali though, well, she gets a shrug, "if she ever decides to say that by actually saying that, maybe I'll listen. Til then, if she's going to continue insulting my friends, then I'm not going to dignify her with anything but contempt." The barman is given a nod of thanks for his work and then the tauran is heading for the door.

"All I said was that I /had/ said it and I was a dick…obviously," though there's something in Randy's eyes that suggests a large measure of confusion. "I haven't said anything about the Captain since that day. And frak, she's my friend too, even if she wasn't exactly straight forward with me. I suppose it's her right to be mysterious. She /is/ a ghost." Oh look, a fourth drink. Randy sips on this one now, not sure if she ordered it or she just grabbed someone else's. "And if you gave me a chance, I /would/ apologize," Randy says, peeling off of her stool to call after the Tauron. She reaches up to rub the back of her neck with her recently injured hand, old habits triumphing over soreness.

"Actually, that's me speaking, not Randy," Kapali says as she tips back the glass to signal for another. "I haven't actually insulted any of your friends, that I know of. I just think you're rude. But we're all something. Rude is what you're good at, I guess. I'm not particularly good at following orders sometimes, so that's my thing," she adds before Randy's words draw her attention. "I don't think she's a ghost, and I still think this entire thing is a bait and switch and someday we're all going to stumble across the trip wire and the whole thing is going to blow up in our collective faces. But that's me." She lifts the glass in a salute to Jena, "And if you bump into what looks like a ghost, be warned the bloody thing can read your mind and doesn't appear to have the politeness to not speak of that which she's skimmed," and there it is, the cynical surly skepticism rearing it's head.

Another smile is given the two as Jena rises, not really involved in what happened before and trying to remain neutral. "See you both later," she offers. With the exchange of words, she just gives a wry look and heads for the door. "Meet you at the court." Though she'll wait at the door in case things escalate, not wanting there to be an all out brawl. Stopping there, she lifts a brow. "A ghost that can read minds?"

Toby stops as it becomes obvious the marines are wanting to offer a reply. It's Jena he answers first though, with a quiet, "we're not sure what they are, but ghost is the most convenient word for now. And yes, sort of, but it's complicated." Then, that said, he turns back to face Randy and Kapali. Working backwards still the corpral goes first. "I'm certainly rude when friends are insulted, and if was you then yes, you've insulted a friend of mine. I'm also good at calling bullshit, which seems to be all I'm hearing from you at the moment. So kindly butt out, until you can manage to say something that's actually of value and adding to the conversation." Then, finally, he makes it back to Randy. Folding his arms over his chest he considers her for a moment then says simply, "fair is fair, here is your chance. Say as you will."

By this point, the alcohol that's burning a hole in Randy's stomach is settling nicely into her bloodstream. By the look of her facial expressions as Kapali stands up for her, Randy's brow furrows with worry and a touch of misery at the whole situation. She's been in enough fights in her youth to know how things start. When it's finally her 'turn' Randy lets her hand drop and looks up at the ceiling for brief moment before meeting Toby's gaze. "Nothing will change what I said. I'm sorry. I should have held my tongue, whether true or not…it wasn't helping anybody," she speaks generally, as if to the principle, not meaning to suggest she could have been right or not. Language works on fine distinctions though that are easily blurred. "Have a good game." She turns back towards the bar and then slumps into her seat to tap her palm against the bar. "Keep 'em coming."

Kapali does another eyebrow arch then simply lifts her now refilled glass in a salute and turns back toward Jena with a nod, "Lots of stuff to fill you in on, and all that before what we learned yesterday," and leave it at that.

With Kapali apparently doing as asked Toby pays her no more heed, which allows him to focus all his attentions on Randy as she speaks. He matches her gaze and says nothing while she speaks. Her words are considered carefully before he eventually nods once, saying merely, "thank you," before he turns and makes for Jena and the promised game.

Anything but the conversation is Jena's focus, yet as Toby approaches, she gives a grin to everyone involved. "War brings tension to everyone." That's all she says about it, then heads out with Toby for that promised game.

Randy looks at Toby in profile and nods, then turns solemnly back to her activity for the evening. She looks over to Kapali and elbows her in the ribs softly. "You need to catch up." She scoots her fourth drink over till it's sitting in front of the other EOD. "I'm sick of me doing all the drinking an you doing all the talking," she says with little emotional commitment. It's just an excuse to give her friend a drink.

Kapali makes a snort of sound, "Ok, then, I'll do the drinking, YOU do the talking," she counters with a laugh and wiggles her fingers at the bartender. She leans forward to snag a couple of empty shot glasses and lines them up in front of her and Randy. She tosses back that third drink, so she's on even par with Randy then waits while the skeptical looking bar tender fills each of the glasses in turn. "Rules of the game. Who ever can still walk a straight line - unassisted - on your feet, not hands or knees or any other combination - and spell their name forward and backward, wins."

"Fine…wait, I talk? I might say things if I talk when we're drunk. Let's get a table." Randy does not explain this. Instead, she slides off her seat and takes some of the shot glasses with her between her fingers to relocate before she can be reasoned with, but it's impulsive, not intentional. She slurps at the top of one that seems to increasingly tilt as she makes her way over to a spot in the back corner near the billiard tables. Once re-settled, she shoves a chair out for Kapali with her boot. "Wait, let's only do the walking test once we fail the talking test," Randy suggests after downing one of the shots.

Laughing, actually snickering, Kapali carries the rest of the shot glasses with her - balanced in one hand like a pro - and the mostly full bottle of booze in her other hand and delivers all, nice and safe, to the newly commandeered tables. "Alright, but for the record, it's I-L-A-P-A-K E-P-O-L-E-N-E-P," she recites with a grin.

"N-L-Damnit! I can't even do this sober!" Randy chuckles, obviously not /completely/ sober, but she has worked up her tolerance since she transferred to the Orion. Especially as of late. "This game is rigged. You're smarter than me," she says with a wave of her hand before knocking another shot back. "P-H-L-O-D-N-A-R…Hahaha, my name is Phlodnar."

Kapali snickers out another laugh as she tosses back another drink, "I am not smarter than you, I'm just crazier, there's a difference," she disagrees with a grin. "Hah. Phlondnar, nice to meetcha. My name, in reverse, sounds like something you'd get prescribed if you're costive!"

"I'll let the gods decide who's crazier…or a shrink," Randy lifts her chin in defiance. "Oh nice to meet you too Corporal Ilapak. That sounds like something we'd take out into the field." Randy smirks and releases the empty shot glass to fish out a full one. As the novelty wears off, Randy rolls the glass on its edge, the liquid getting dangerously close to spilling, though this seems to be the point. An idle gesture to keep her wandering mind occupied as she falls into silence.

Penny laughs, a quick burst of amusement, "I'm not sure I believe in the gods anymore, Tiny. And I'm not sure I trust shrinks, either. Though that doc that's new, Forrester? Solid, so much as I can tell, so far. Who knows, maybe she speaks Marine," like 'Marine' is a language all to itself. She tips back in the chair, one leg hooked around a leg of the table to help balance, "You know what we need to do? we need to somehow smuggle someone into those mind frak training camps, that's what we need to do."

"Which makes them all the more useful," Randy chirps back to Kapali with a tinge of sadness. It seems to be permeating everything lately like a film that she can't shake. "Oh yeah? Is she cute?" Because that's all that matters to Randy. "I wouldn't mind skipping out on some PT to look at a cutie for an hour." At Penny's words about the camps, Randy knocks back her shot. "That's what I was thinking. We need to do some deep cover shite if we're ever going to win this war, and not just on the skinnie front." Randy and Kapali are parked at a table lined with shots in the back corner by the billiard tables. Randy's got her bomber jacket laying over the back of her chair, her double tanks visible, and a pair of black jeans on. She reaches up to tug the tie out of her wilting hair and then rakes her fingers through it. "Frak, I need a haircut Pen."

Kapali grins suddenly and pulls a knife from one of her boots, "I could give you a shave if you'd like" she offers with a wicked grin. "Though I thought that was going to be MY haircut," she reminds with a laugh.

Checkpoint Charlies was on the agenda, Kaya leads the way as Fischer joins with her, having met up on the way over and started talking. Kaya is carrying on a conversation like they are old friends, grinning and getting to the punchline. "And that's when she said, 'If it hadn't been for my horse, I wouldn't have spent that year in college." Whatever was going on before that delivery, she laughs outright, holding the door open for her fellow Marine. "Hilarious isn't it?" Obviously, she cracks herself up.

Fischer shakes his head rather lightly at Kaya's words, unable to hold back a grin. "Quite a story," he offers, stepping inside, before he waits for her to enter as well. A glance around the room reveals Randy and Kapali, and he offers them both a grin and a nod.

"Eh, now that Dreyer's gone and my cast is gone, it can be both of our haircuts," Randy brushes it off. When she sees the knife though, she laughs, "How close did you want to go?…and if we're sending someone in there, then we need some kind of defense against their mindwipe shite, so there's that. Maybe one of us is a sociopath and can resist it," she posits glibly. As her eyes drift, she spots the pair entering the bar and leans over to elbow Kapali. Wherever they go, it's imperative they sit within elbow nudging range apparently. "Oh, look at what Fish dragged in," she says with a smirk, not that Kapali would care, but that's never stopped Randy. She lifts her hand to wave at Fischer and the woman she doesn't recognize. "But I'm serious. Pen, I can't sit here and keep going on mission after mission knowing this is happening. I mean, we were deep in enemy territory," doing a job that special forces or a specialized recon team might do, and although that's left unsaid, the knowledge of it is patently obvious. "If we're the tip of the spear Kap…if that's it? It's not enough…and there's no way Command's going to ask that of anyone," even to volunteer. "Even if they did, they'd need a really good reason to."

Kapali twists so that she can glance toward the door, lifting a hand to wave to Fischer as well and the woman with him. She turns back before nodding at Randy, the wry smile forming on her face as she folds the knife again but sets it on the table alongside the shot glasses. "I never minded shaving it all the way down, I swear it just grows back even more insane," she rests one hand on the short spike of auburn hair on top of her head with a sigh. "At least I'm not worried about going bald," she adds with a huff of a laugh before she sighs. "I know. And there has to be someone in intel that can teach how to resist that kind of mind frak crap. And tip of the spear, edge of the knife, yadda yadda. We'd need a real plan, that's all, and some sort of feasibility ratio, I guess, before we can talk it through the food chain."

"I know right?" Kaya grins at Fischer as they come inside, though as he shifts his attention elsewhere, she looks over and offers a friendly wave, "Heyo," she greets merrily. Looking back to Fischer, she nudges, "You want to introduce me? I should go order something to drink, so thirsty." Leading the way to the bar, she weaves through a few tables. Wearing a pair of jeans and a white one shouldered shirt, she looks casual but a bit chic.

"Ah, yes… Introductions," Fischer replies, with a brief smile. Following her over to the bar first. "Seems we're getting hold of something to drink first, right?" Another brief pause, before he adds, "Let's save you from dying from thirst first, then I'll introduce you."

Randy unabashedly watches the woman lead Fischer back to the bar. "Huh?" She smirks, eyes quickly tracking where the knife ends up as a matter of habit. "Yeah, how does that work with your helmet?" she teases her friend and surveys what shots they have left. "It'd be some advanced SERE training. Special ops stuff." They both went through a certain level of SERE training as a part of their EOD training pipeline before the war, and that gave them training above the average bear, but it wasn't the most SERE had to offer. "So…we need to talk to someone in intel then? That feels like jumping the gun already," Randy squinches her face at the idea briefly and then downs another shot.

"Makes my helmet fit better, actually, just not quite as much cushion up top when it's so short," Penny replies with a chuckle. "The only time in my life I've ever used padding," quipped in a low voice followed by a hoot of a laugh. "And . . it probably wouldn't hurt to bend the ear of someone in intel first, just to get the scope of the terrain. Worse thing we can do is put tons of man hours into plotting this and find out that the intel weenies already have people on the job."

"There, see? Always a hero." Kaya teases Fischer as she leans her elbows on the bar top and regards the bartender. "I'll take something… anything, beer, something stronger, whatever's good." Leaning in she discloses to her fellow Marine. "I'm not so good at ordering alcohol." With another smile, she looks back to the bartender. "Two of them." Unaware of the watching from behind or beside them, she taps her fingers on the bartop and regards Fischer. "Intros after then," agreeing rather easily.

"Hero? Hardly…" Fischer replies before he grins a bit a the admission of not being good at ordering alcohol. "It's okay. I think the bartender got it," he replies, lightly.

"True, but even if they did, you and I don't have high enough security clearance to know anyways, so they wouldn't tell us one way or the other…We'll just have to be pests about it as we plan so they cut us off early," Randy adds to Kapali's assessment. "Alright. I'm sold. Might as well shave it all off in a last hurrah. Not sure how much longer I'll have a say in the matter." Act now, ask for forgiveness after. "We need more alcohol…here." Randy reaches into her back pocket and fishes out some coint to slap on the table. "Be my best friend and get us some more? Please?" Randy grins widely up at Kapali, finally edging into that crinkly eyed happy state.

Pouring the last of the booze into the shot glasses lined up on the table, Penny accepts the coins and rises to her feet, "I'll get us another bottle. And yes, we'll be such frakkin pests that they'll answer our questions eventually just to shut us up. Or… report us to the Major and we'll both be peeling vegetables for weeks," she adds with a shrug before she treks toward the bar and trades coin for a new bottle and treks back.

"Hey, at one point everyone is a hero. I think." Kaya grins, glancing towards the bartender as her drink is delivered. She's not sure what it is, but it's amber colored and in a glass. Kind of. Paying for it, and the second one that follows, she takes them up and turns her back to the bar, a drink in each hand. "Okay, thirst sated," she says after taking a drink, offering a nod to Kap as she heads for the bar, then another as she heads back to the table.

"Yep. You know I'm down. I've already got skills in that department," Randy says with a smirk. The EOD Sergeant takes advantage of Kapali's absence to down knock back two of the four shots left. Then she twists in her chair to slip her hand down into the pocket of her jacket and snatches out one of those handwrapped cigarettes that have made their way around the fleet at one point or another. Out of her back pocket comes a lighter, and in no time at all, she's blazing and ready to greet Fischer and Kaya. She rises when they arrive and leans to offer a hand in greeting to Kaya. "Randy Flynn. Don't think I've seen you around before."

There's a brief grin from Fischer to the bartender, as he waits briefly for his own ale to be delivered. "Excellent," he offers, moving towards the table of the two. "Hey, you two. Have you met Kaya here yet?" See, introductions, sort of.

"Not yet, but that's easily remedied," Kapali replies with a nod as she sets the bottle down and extends one hand forward as well, after Randy. "Penelope Kapali, known as Penny to my friends, or just Pen, Kappa as well or Terror, lots of names, all me," said with a grin.

With both drinks in her hand, Kaya places the one from her right hand onto the table of the two and follows it with the second before allowing her hand to be taken. A grin follows, "It's nice to meet you, Randy Flynn. I'm Kaya Kent. Came from Picon not too long ago." A matter of hours only. "Though I was briefly on Orion before I was sent back to Picon." She shakes, gives a warm look then releases to take the other offered hand, "Penelope Kapali, it's nice to meet you. All of you." Shake, shake. Looking at Fischer, she laughs, "He's good at introductions, I think."

"Why make the introductions more difficult than they are, hmmmm?" Fischer remarks rather lightly, before he adds, "After all, they work, right?" Taking a sip from the ale now.

"Ah, well welcome back. Take a seat." Randy moves to sit back down, taking a drag off the joint, the tip glowing in the dim light. She blows the smoke up and away from the table, towards the nearest billiards table. "Good to see you back up and about Fischer. Are you cleared for full duty yet? I just got cleared myself." Though if she were honest about it, she probably wouldn't be.

"Don't knock what works," Kapali agrees as she reclaims her seat and leans forward to top off all of the shot glasses on the table. "How long were you stationed on Picon?" she wonders as she leans back in her chair again before nudging a shot glass toward Kent and Fischer.

"Right?" Kaya laughs and nudges Fischer again but moves to take a seat nearby where she had placed her drink. As she does, she gives Randy a smile. "Thank you for inviting us to join." There's a look between the two, "You were both hurt recently?" A nod is given to Kapali. "For several months, then I was on Orion for one, I think, before being shipped back down to Picon. Glad to be back though."
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Randy lifts up her right hand to show them her palm. "This side is prettier," she explains while showing her sutured hand from where the exit wound was. "Bullet, surgery. Hurts like a frakking bitch. Before that it was my legs. Separate occasions for separate legs. I think I was spending more time in the Ward than in the field." Patched up to send out to be patched up again. "So yeah, Kap wasn't even close to joking about the need for medics out there."

"Any day now," Fischer offers a brief grin to them all, rather lightly. "They think I'm ready to go out there again, after getting that shot thr last time. Which I suppose I am." Grimacing momentarily at the nudge from Kaya.

"We both caught some bullets a few weeks back," Kapali tips her head slightly and rests her fingertips briefly against the still healing scar on the side of her neck. "Neck wound, which started to tear. Who the frak knew that a wound could tear toward an artery. Jeez," and she rolls one shoulder in a shrug as she picks up one of the shot glasses. "I can't decide if it's worse, being stationed planet side, than it is being stationed with the fleet. On one hand, you have fresh air and dysentery, on the other, you have canned air and the constant smell of what ever was for lunch in the mess."

Surveying the others wounds, Kaya winces as she looks them over. "Looks rough.. I guess I've never had any real wounds. I'm afraid to think what I would do if I did." The neck wound brings a shudder and the hand from Randy also has a sympathetic look surfacing. "I'm glad you're all doing better." Drinking from her glass, she finishes off one before shaking her head to Kapali. "I think being on Orion is better. I can't explain why, but it's better."

"Not to mention the smell of boys who never became men and figured out hygiene," Randy pipes up before knocking a shot back. "Oh wait, that's everywhere," she realizes aloud. At Kaya's words, Randy's brow furrows, "Uh, probably apply pressure?" She's had a bit to drink and it shows in the hazy look in her eyes and the extra smiley her smiles are. "It all depends on what I'm doing and where the action is for me." She grins and takes a drag.

Fischer grins at Kaya. "Hang around in this company for long, and you probably will get wounded properly," he remarks rather lightly.

"Apply pressure, slap a bandage on, get to a medic, try not to pass out from blood loss between the first step and the third step," Kapali advises with a quick gleam of a grin. "It's not all blood blood blood and death," she adds with a laugh that turns into a snicker at Randy's words.

Kaya snickers in response, "Apply pressure, that always works when first aiding someone else. I'll have to remember that if I can at the time, instead of going full on panic." Giving Fischer a dubious look, she shakes her head with a bit of self pity. "As long as it's not my face." Perhaps she's a bit vain. Or more than a bit. "It sounds like all blood, blood and death." She grins and looks sidelong at Randy. "Wait, men know hygeine?"

"Yeah," Randy looks sidelong to Kapali with a ghost of a smile. "Yeah. It is," she says deadpan to Kaya "But it's actually more like all blood and death and blood instead." She downs another shot and then looks at the time on the wall. "Frak, we were supposed to meet that boat guy ten minutes ago!" Randy mashes her face with her off hand and gets up, grabbing the booze. "Hurry up or we're going to lose it to those frakking honeymooners." She waves her hand in a little circle, "Come on." Then she knocks back another shot herself. "Sorry guys. Setting up some plans." She starts to move for the door.

Fischer continues sipping his ale as he listens now, his expression rather thoughtful.

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