Crewman Toby Shackleton
tobyid.jpg Shackleton, Tobias
Crewman Deck
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Technician
Age Sex
58 M
Hair Eyes
Black Blue

"My mother said violence never solves anything."
"I'm sure the city fathers of Carthage would be glad to know that."
— Starship Troopers

"May have been on the loosing side,
Still not convinced it was the wrong one.
— Firefly


Born and raised on Tauron, Toby never left his home world until the early hours of War Day when he lifted off in a government transport to Libron.

His early life, and indeed much of his adult years too, were spend in and around mining towns in the Churchill mountains. Born into a poor family he spent very little time on things like schooling and a lot of time on things like running around in the dirt with his cousins.

The Pacification of Tauron neatly coincided with his youthful rebellion stage and, thanks to the influence of an older cousin who was involved in the fighting, he ended up spending months in and out of detention. Never for anything serious though due to his age, and he was eventually returned to his parents with a stern warning that he'd used up his on his very last chance.

That seemed to settle him a bit and for the next few years he set about learning a few of his father's skills as a mechanic before leaving home to find work.

Finding something permanent proved hard and he spent the best part of a decade flitting from job to job in the various mines while volunteering as firefighter in a team set up by the communities to react to incidents quicker than the central authorities could. It was through a contact on that team that he finally landed a full-time job servicing the life saving equipment for a particular mine.

In 2004 he was unexpectedly headhunted for a similar position in another mine, one that had just been bought by new owners on the basis of a new seam of high quality ore being discovered. The pay was much better and he was happy enough although until an accident below ground trapped and killed half a shift's worth of miners. Despite the massive insurance payouts from the manufactures of equipment the resulting inquiry found to be the cause, the mine closed and he moved on once again.

The accident seem to hit him hard though and he started slowly turning to hard drink until he found himself in a bar drinking with miners from another recently sold mine. The conversation was long and lots of alcohol was involved but something important was said because the next morning saw him sitting in a police station with all his maintenance logs from before the fatal incident and trying to impress upon a bored and uninterested detective that the equipment had been just fine when it arrived meaning it had been no accident at all.

The local police showed no interest at all in reopening the issue but it brought him to the attention of others and before he could get home, or even to the nearest bar, he found himself accosted by a fraud investigator from a colonial organised crime unit. Plans were quickly made for him and his logs to be relocated to Libran to aid with a much larger investigation but the Cylon attack got in the way and he and his escort were forced to land on Picon instead.

After a brief spell with the resistance there his name was added to the list of those to be evacuated out and he ended up on Piraeus before rapidly applying to join the Orion, apparently figuring it a better use for his skills.

Leap Background

It doesn't take long after he leaves Orion for someone to break the news to him that he isn't going to be allowed to settle on Piraeus. He doesn't take the news well, appeals, and when they fail, gets very drunk and signs on one of the small ships involved in salvaging space debris as an assistant engineer. About a year and a half is spent out at Hera working on cutting up and transporting the ships of the relict fleet back so the materials can be recycled and used in the reconstruction. It's not until after he gets back from that that he hears about Kelsey's death several months prior. Needless to say, he doesn't sign on for another deep space trip, but instead heads straight for Picon where he assumes she'll be buried. Upon finding out that she isn't he gets very drunk once more, and takes work with one of the local PMCs so as to be able to legitimately kill as many APF as he can. He sticks that out for about a year, but as proved with the fleet, he's not suited for military style work, and as more and more marines de-mob into the business he cuts his loses after one particularly nasty attack on a hospital construction site leaves him needing a month or two out to recover from wounds received. By this point however the mines on Minos are starting to kick into gear again and with nowhere else to turn he goes there. Work is easy to come by, and initially at least of a sort where he doesn't even really have to think. Just follow a plan someone else created, and try not to fuck up and kill himself when handling blasting charges. Oh, and lift heavy things, there's lots of lifting heavy things.

He's never exactly happy, but the cheap moonshine dulls the crushing sense of loss, and the occasional flashes of rage. Every three years or so, when he saves up enough, he makes the trip to Caprica, to try and plead his case once more to be allowed transit to Piraeus, but every time the answer is the same, and sometimes when he gets back to Minos he considers a walk on the surface, al fresco as it were. It's at those times, when he's at his lowest, that he's sure he's felt the presence of a Ghost, even though they're on Piraeus, and he's not. He assumes it Lilah, but is open to the idea of it being any of her troops, although it's not something he talks about with anyone other than his Pater. Shortly after one futile Caprica trip there's a gas explosion in one of the mines, and he volunteers as part of the rescue team. It's a dead loss, and even a couple of the rescuers don't make it out, but it does bring to the fore the issue of safety in the reopened workings, and in a fine example of stable door legislation, standards for training and emergency response are set. Given his past work and experience Toby volunteers for, and is accepted onto one of the initial teams. He's trained up in first aid, and cross trains the medics in firefighting and enclosed space working, so everyone on the team is competent across the board. In part because of these responsibilities, and in part because he realises that his temper is easier to manage when he's sober, he also stops drinking.

Shortly after reaching fifty a dedicated training program for rescue teams from each mine is set up, rather than having one team centrally. The powers that be take him a step back, off the front lines, and into a permanent training position, where he gains a reputation as a hard task master, and not an instructor the miners can get an easy ride from. He won't pass anyone who he deems isn't up to standard, and his standards are exacting, but no one can call into doubt that he knows his stuff, so while he's deeply unpopular with most of the students, their uncomplimentary feedback is met with deaf ears from above. He never forgets Piraeus though, and never calls Minos home, not when he can see the burning fireball that is Tauron so large in the sky as a constant reminder. He never marries, never has any serious relationships either, not that last more than a few weeks, and when word makes it to Minos of the recall in Orion personnel he's just at the stage of preparing to make yet one more futile trip to Caprica, just in case they've changed their mind. This time though, for the first time on about fifteen years, there's a spark of hope.

Service Record & Medals

Year Rank Station Notes
2005 Recruit Battlestar Orion Joined from Picon Resistance
2005-2006 Crewman Battlestar Orion Dishonourably Discharged
2028-Present Crewman Battlestar Orion Re-enlisted in the push for veterans to return


File Image Name Notes
Niamh_icon.png CPO Niamh Callaghan Good kid, now my boss. Good for her. Good for me too, at least she understands without having to be told the past.

Extra Info

  • Minoan refugees — due to a handy coincidence in timing he's spent a fair amount of time helping out with the settlement of the Minoans on Piraeus. Be it interpreting between them and fleet staff who don't speak Tauron, helping erect temporary structures to house them, digging sanitation ditches, or anything else. Status: Completed.
  • How to find a Raptor — he pushed the search for Shepard and worked alongside some of Orion's ECOs to detect the raptor the former CAG took with him when he went AWOL. Status: Found. closed.
  • Gas attack — looked into safety issues relating to the plan to use chemical weapons against centurions. Now there is approval from on high, need to get engineering involved to start talking production and storage. Status: Report submitted to Intel. Completed.
  • Firefighting tools — worked on a new design in firefighting tools. Status: Completed.
  • Piraen Bunker — passed on the information abotu the site given to him by The Captain and is now working with Dr Nadir to ensure the wishes of the 'ghosts' are adheared to. Status: Completed

Recent Logs


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