AWD #259: Toasting Toast
Toasting Toast
Summary: Warren is a Captain! His new brass is celebrated.
Date: 22/09/2013 (OOC Date)
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Checkpoint Charlie's
The first structure completed on Piraeus was a 'recreation center' that was thinly veiled as such. Checkpoint Charlie's is in every other way a blue collar bar with an unsurprising bent towards the military establishment. Camouflage netting hangs from the ceiling with some kind of dried vine tangled throughout. On the walls are pictures and mementos of times past on the planet they currently reside on. There are a few billiards tables smuggled out to Piraeus specifically for this location, along with card tables and an fully functional line of taps and kegs mounted to, perhaps unsurprisingly, a beat-up but taken-care-of oak bar. The matching stools and wood tables seem to indicate that the construction workers may have disassembled someone else's bar back on the Colonies. The story even goes that the name is taken from a former bar on Aerilon that happened to resemble, very closely, this particular establishment.
AWD #259

Charlies is fairly filled this evening, then again there is a celebration to be had. People are ariving for the wetting down of the newest Captain, who hasn't quite arived yet but is expected soon it seems. Drinks are being given out, people are enjoying themselves.

Indeed it's time for a party and with the night off duty and with no sim scheduled and her cross qual done, Maia heads out to Charlie's certainly not wearing military issued clothing because she's not had a chance to dress up in too long. Her hair is left down and she's in full on party mode because as soon as she hits the door, she's headed for the bar to order a drink to get things started. Anything but tequila!

It's likely going to come as quite the surprise for most of the Wing, but there she is — the CAG, tucked into one corner of the bar. In her civvies, no less! Jeans, a white t-shirt, her bomber jacket with the patches of all of her previous assignments. At the moment, she's seated at a small table with a group of pilots from the Rubaul, who have come to celebrate their former shipments promotion. Here's hoping the story that she's regaling them with isn't about Warren, because most of them are red-faced and laughing into their drinks already. "So all you see is this Marine's bare ass," Atalanta continues, cupping her hands, thumbs pressed together but not quite hooked, mimicking the shape, "barreling down the hallway in full retreat…"

Phin is moderately early to the party. Here before Warren, at least. He proceeds direct to the bar, where he tries to flag down the 'tender and fix himself with a drink. "You know how to make a shot of Afterburner?" The bartender apparently does, and puts it on the list to make, after Maia's is attended to. "Hey, Centerfold." The Raptor pilot gets a slight half-smile. He notices the CAG but, before he can say anything, is caught up in eavesdropping on her story. He's in civvies as well. 'Silverstars' Pyramid t-shirt and jeans.

Also dressed in civilian clothing, dark in color, and including a broad-brimmed hat, Jason makes his way into the party as well. A brief glance around, and a half-nod to the others, before he makes his way over to the bar, waiting in line for his own drink, one hand going to adjust the hat a little.

"Hey Dolly. What's an Afterburner?" Course the name gets her attention, it sounds intriguing anyway. Standing at the bar when he had walked up to it, Maia had gotten the view of his civvies, course the butt in jeans looks better than in a flight suit so she had to look, right? Like him, she glances over to the CAG, eavesdropping on the story unfolding. As Jason walks up, she grins. "Hey, Superstar. Save me a dance later?'

Warren is perfectly on time, 'late' to the 'surprise' party. That is after all how these things go. He's dressed in jeans, a tshirt and his leather jacket, cigarette between his lips as he finally walks into charlies. He looks about at least giving the feign of surprise at all the people gathered, perhapse he is at the turnout. People from the /Rubaul/ and wingmates from the /Orion/ to boot. He smiles giving a nod to some he knows, but his first real stop is over at Atia's table and some of his old crewmates with a grin, "Hey whats all the hubub about?"

There's a few peels of laughter that come from the little cluster that's gathered, all before the woman's even finished her story. She seems to have joined in, needing a few seconds to catch her breath before getting to the real punchline of whatever inglorious and likely vulgar narrative it is she's relating, "Says to me…," a few words lost in the din of the assembled. "….like that, he should've been competing in the pole vault!" There's a blink from at least one pilot, while another starts sputtering on his drink. A brown-haired woman with them begins banging her fist on her knee, both as a result of the story and of the expression of her choking backseater's face. Atalanta, for her part, has dissolved into a rather unladylike fit of giggles at her own story, all while sporting this positively triumphant grin. Cheeky thing! Who is this woman, and what has she done with the CAG?!?

"Rum and cinnamon schnapps," Phin replies to Maia. Sniffing his shot. It's unclear if he got quite what he ordered. The flavored liquor selection at Charlie's isn't exactly exhaustive. But there's cinnamon in it, so he shrugs. Raising it to 'toast' Warren, before he drinks. Accompanied by a face. That was not smooth. "Or something close enough. Captain!" That shouted at Warren. He's getting his merriment on. Though not quite so much that he doesn't boggle at Atalanta as she finishes her giggly, dirty story.

Ygraine emerges from the bathroom, having gone in to make some adjustments to her halter top. The days are starting to get colder and this is probably going to be the last time she can get away with skimpy clothing for a while. "Oh," she says brightly, giving her halter one last tug to shift the girls into place. (Y'all know the girls, right), "Is he here?" The CAG is laughing, and that's enough to distract her as she heads to the bar.

"A dance?" Jason replies to Maia, raising an eyebrow a bit lightly, before he offers a wide grin, "Let's see, falling over included, or not?" Spoken quite lightly, as he speaks with the bartender a bit quietly, getting his own drink a little while later. Looking to Warren, he nods to the man now, before he looks back around the room. "Nice crowd tonight," he remarks.

Franklin pauses in her giggling as Warren arrives, tilting her head back over her shoulder to meet his eyes. "Smythe!," she announces, with more good cheer than she likely has ever managed in front of any of them before. "The man of the hour. Have a seat, have a drink on me. I've been told we've got three or four more coming down from the Rubaul — it would've been more, but Dawes is still Dawes, as always." She lifts her glass — half-drained already and possibly her second, given the cluster of empty glasses on the table — in toast to the newly promoted Captain. "I was just telling them all about the last time I was on Picon for the Armilustrium. And if you ever meet Admiral Abington, or his daughter, here's-hoping-they've-survived, you did not hear that story from me," Atalanta says pointedly, going so far as to point a finger at him for further emphasis.

Warren grins at the at the fact Atia is infact giggling like a school girl. He chuckles at Atia's comments, "I have and I will most certainly tell them that it wasn't you when I see them next. Heck if I see them again I haven't even heard the story." There's another grin, "Whiskey for me." He glances over as Phin calls out his name and raises a hand in the air, "Dolly! Good to see you man!" He turns back to Atia again, "Good to see you down here Major! Been too long."

Maia peers at his glass as her own whatever-whiskey-thing-they-had-going-on-served-over-ice is delivered. "Doesn't look half bad, but I think if something burned already I wouldn't be adding cinnamon to it." Flashing him a grin, she lifts her glass in a silent toast before lifting it to her lips and taking a drink. Soon as Ygraine approaches, she waves. "Hey 'Shake, looking hot as always." Course she does! After another drink, Maia finally looks back at Jason and crinkles her nose, flicking a finger on the brim of his hat. "Nice topper there. Mind if I try it on?"

"I'll have one of the same," Phin orders, on the heels of Warren's whiskey request. He leans an elbow on the bar, while he waits for that to be filled. "Yggs. Hey." Said with a grin to the ECO. To Maia, he shrugs. "I think burning was kind of the idea. We going to hear some old Rubaul stories tonight?" The last to Warren.

"The old man does, on very, very rare occasions, unchain me from my desk and let me go outside," she says wryly, raising her arm to flag down the barman with the sort of expertise usually reserved for club rats and party girls. Either the CAG does a very good job imitating the manners of others that she's seen, or there's some untold story of a misspent youth, blah blah blah. "Not too often and not too long, though," Atalanta says, smiling. "Too many privileges and I might start doing something dangerous, like having fun. And then what? Chaos. Anarchy. Cats laying with dogs. We'd never be able to recover."

Warren laughs at Atia's response, "Yes can't have you having any fun. That would certainly be against regulations. I mean gods, if that happened? Hell we're all doomed sir." Theres a smirk at Phin's comment, "Oh I imagine some are going to be told regardless of if I'd like them to." Theres a glance to Atia, gods the stories she could probably tell. As the drinks arive he grabs his taking a swig before another drag of his smoke.

Jason grins at Maia's words. "Well, don't use it too long, because my hair isn't looking that good at the moment," he remarks, taking off the hat and placing it on her head now, with a grin. Then taking a sip of his drink, with a grin. "Well, especially the stories you wouldn't want told, I suppose?" he offers to Warren now.

As soon as Jason puts the hat on her head, Maia places a hand on top of it and grins, reaching out with her free hand and touseling his hair into place. "There you go, Superstar. Looks good on you." After a moment, she lifts her glass again, but this time she looks back at Warren and Atalanta. "Congratulations Captain, get yourself good and drunk, yeah?"

"You only live once, sir," Phin for some reason thinks it's a good idea to remark to Atalanta. Accompanied by a grin. He takes a quick drink of his own whiskey when it's delivered, though he doesn't try to shotgun this particular drink. He chuckles at the hat interplay between Maia and Jason.

Warren grins a bit to Maia and Phin, "Well I do believe drunkeness is the plan. Don't think I could get out of that if I tried." Theres a smirk there and he shakes his head, taking another slug of his whiskey finishing it off and raising the empty glass towards the bartender. He takes a long drag of his smoke with a grin, "And I'm sure plenty of stories will be told regardless of if I'd like to hear about them again or not."

At all of the questions about 'stories' from the Rubaul, Atalanta says positively nothing — nothing whatsoever. She just gives the man this knowing glance out of the corners of her eyes, a glance that's accompanied by the tiniest of smiles. It suggests that once the woman is much farther into her cups than she is now, he may be in trouble. A lot of trouble. There's stories from the Axiom to consider, too. "If any of you layabouts had bothered throwing a party when I was promoted to Major," she announces to the contingent, "you would've had your chance. But now, Smythe, you're going to have to wait years to get your revenge."

"Thanks, C-fold." Yggy replies amiably as she presents her coin to the bartender and scores herself a drink. It's pink. Don't laugh. Phin is regarded sidelong with a growing grin. "Glad t'see ya amongst th'young and bootyful." Yes, she mispronounces it on purpose.

"Don't tell me you're a hairdresser too," Jason offers to Maia, unable to hold back a bit of laughter. Another sip of his drink, before he chuckles at Warren. "As long as you're not drunk, like that whiskey, it's good." A brief grin, as he looks to Atalanta, "Well, sir, we will just have to figure out a way to make them promote you again, right?"

Phin finishes his whiskey in a rush when Warren disposes of his drink. He's making an effort to keep up. Or at least an effort to drink. "Can I get another?" he asks the bartender. Ygraine's 'bootyful' pun gets a laugh. "I do my best. Same to ya." To Atalanta, "You are the proper CAG now, sir. That's enough of a promotion that it'll do."

Warren laughs at Atia's comment, "Thats a shame Franklin, I mean all those stories I heard on the Axiom deserve to be told." He's obviously joking, but well who knows, the two have served alongside each other far more times than likely most on the ship. He grins a bit as he grabs his new whiskey, "Maybe we'll just have to get you promoted again sir…ofcourse still keeping you as CAG. Course we could just give Dolly all your paperwork."

"Anytime, Shake, you know it's true." Maia winks to the ECO then acknowledging Warren with a silent tipping of her glass, drinking to what he said, apparently. So the music is playing, the drinks are flowing and Maia is wearing an awesome hat. "C'mon Superstar, let's dance." Her glass in one hand, she takes his with the other and leads him out onto the floor. "Jack of all trades, Jase. Haven't you heard?" She gives him a teasing smile.

"I think you were just voluntold, Lieutenant," Atalanta says smoothy to McBride, without missing a single beat. She reaches for her cup, wrapping her lips around it and taking a log swig, during which she's actually able to keep a straight face over the rim of her glass. Her eyes narrow slightly, her lips purse, and she says, "Consider it an "opportunity to excel." Really, you ought to thank your new Captain!" Oh, gods. The stacks and stacks of unpacked file boxes in her new office. She can't be serious, can she?! That's got to be an invitation to harass Warren instead… right?

Bennett arrives from the Living Complex.

Jason is unable to hold back a chuckle as he's being led onto the floor. "Dancing's good," he offers, before he grins at the rest. "I should have known." Grin widening a bit, as he adds, "And I'll promise to try staying on my feet this time."

"Uh, thanks, sir. Sirs," Phin says wry, raising his whiskey glass to Atalanta and Warren. It's unclear if he thinks they're joking about the paperwork or not. He'll find out eventually. Another little toast to Jason and Maia as they go off to dance. He'll toast all the things.

Things are likely well under way by the time Captain St. Clair deigns to make an appearance. She drifts into Charlie's wearing a dress that's a little too short for the weather on Piraeus, but damned if it doesn't emphasise those long legs. Her standard-issue fatigue jacket has been pulled on over top, and her dark hair is a little wild from the walk over; a blustery wind and light rain has started up outside. She pauses a moment by the door to scope out what's what.

Wearing Jason's hat, Maia has led him to the dance floor but both seem to be holding their drinks still.. At least Maia is! She winks at Phin as he gives them a little toast. Once she's there in an empty place, she rests her free hand on Jason's shoulder and grins. "Yeah, no tackles this time." No doubt remembering the time when he had fallen flat on her, drunk, at the Colonial Day dance thing. Whichever celebration it was.

Warren grins a bit at Atia's comments towards Phin and raises his new glass in response to Phin's, "Anytime Dolly. Anytime." There's a chcukle at that and he shakes his head, taking a long drag of his smoke. He does glance towards the door as Bennett slips in and theres a grin and he raises her glass towards the other captain. He glances back to Atia, "Well I think everyone who's going or able to to come is here so might as well get things underway hm?"

"Deal," Jason replies, before he finishes his own drink, and turns fully to the dancing now. "Much more fun when you're able to stand up, anyway."

Ygraine is likewise inclined to toast for now, but dancing is more than likely on the agenda. She wolf whistles loudly at Bennett's arrival.

"Butch!" Phin hollers at the Raptor captain. Toasting the Raptor captain's entrance, too.

So, hat in place, drink in one hand, the other slung over the shoulder of the Raptor pilot, Maia sways with him to the music, getting into it the more she drinks from her glass. Whether she's in tune to the beat or not, she's having a good time. When Bennett arrives, she lifts her drink. Another toast is offered. Hey, it's a party!

Ygraine's wolf whistle would be hard to miss. Bennett grins broadly when she spots the ECO, and peels out of the doorway after a brief stomp, stomp of boots to shake the dampness loose. "I am not too late for the libations, I hope?" she asks Phin in passing, with a wink for the younger pilot as she finds a spot to settle in near Warren.

Alejandro arrives, late of course. Whatever he's been up to, Hobo's probably not saying. He's in his off duty clothes and looks around like he /heard/ some of the pilots were down here congratulating the new Captain. He grins when he sees the others and what's going on, "Man, I should have come down sooner." The party seems to be in full swing with music and all of it. The scruffy Lieutenant goes to the bar first to snag himself something nice and harsh to drink, something that'll put hair on his chest or make it fall out. Either will do nicely.

"You're never too late for booze." Ygraine tells Bennett assuredly. Taking note of the new arrival, she waggles her fingers in Hobo's direction, before returning her attention back to the others. "Congrats, Captain." she raises her glass to Warren.

"Nope, the bar is totally open," Phin replies lazily to Bennett. Before finishing his latest whiskey. He frowns at the empty glass. That won't do. "Ambrosia, if you please," he drawls to the bartender. Who'll get to him at some point. They don't exactly have a shortage of pilots to attend to.

The part about being in tune to the beat or not doesn't seem to be much of a concern to Jason at the moment. Just enjoying the dancing, and the good mood at the moment. There's a half-wave in Bennett's direction as he sees her arrive, and the same for Alejandro, before his main focus is on Maia and the dancing again.

Warren grins a bit looking over to Yggy and raises his glass towards her, "Thank you Milkshake." Theres another grin tossed towards Bennett before looking back towards Phin and finishing his whiskey, raising it once more towards the bartender to signal another. He stubs out his nearly finished cigarette and goes about pulling out another and patting his pockets for his lighter.

Dancing he can do! Jandro doesn't have to be drunk to get into that, no way. He's got himself a glass and a bottle, the first knocked back and poured anew once it's in hand. Wow, that burns like paint stripper down this throat. Fantastic. He starts at once to circulate, moving to the music in no particular way but keeping the beat easily, "Should have brought the guitar too. How's everybody doing?" If he can catch Warren's eye, he lifts his bottle, "Toast, we should drink ye a toast, Captain!"

Bennett waggles her brows at Ygraine, and places her pack of smokes on the counter in front of her before shrugging out of her jacket. "That is what I like to hear." Her gaze shifts to the pair dancing, then to the new arrival who bellies up to the bar nearby. A polite smile for Alejandro, but it's Warren who gains the majority of her attention. "You do not look like you've had enough to drink, Captain." To the 'tender, "Please make that a double." She hitches her chin to indicate Warren's drink.

There's a blink from Atalanta at Warren's question, whom she regards levelly over the top of her now empty glass. "You aren't seriously asking us to toss you into the lake already, are you?," she asks, as though the question were somehow a dare. Clearly, it's being implied that Warren is, in fact, a chicken. She must be a stickler for tradition, as she promptly announces, "Not a chance, Smythe. Not until you're drunk enough that one of us has to make the noble sacrifice required of all true comrades — making sure you don't drown." At which point, she decides to ameloriate the problem that Bennett has enumerated. Time to flag the bartender down, again.

Finishing off her glass of whiskey on ice, Maia places it on the nearest flat surface and gets back to her dancing. When the newest pilot arrives, she waves to him, accompanying it with a brief smile. "Bout time you made it." Then her attention is back on Jason and the dance. It's a lively number but it ends soon enough. Soon as the song is over, she leads him back to the bar. "I've gotta replenish my supply of drink." Releasing his hand and ordering another whiskey.

Warren shoots a glance to Bennett as she orders him a double and smirks as he finally finds that lighter. He lights up his smoke taking a drag. Atia's comments elicit a chuckle and he shakes his head, "Oh not yet, haven't taken off my jacket. Was more thinking of the toasts and the terriblly embaressing stories that are sure to be told. I'm sure you have a few from the Axiom or even the Rubaul." Theres a grin there and a smirk, "I know you're not going to pull tooo many punches"

The CAG's proclamation gets a good laugh out of Bennett, and her blue eyes are fairly twinkling as she lights up her smoke and brings it to her lips for that first, sweet drag. "Oh, I am sure the Major and I can fix that for you," she informs Warren of his wardrobe conundrum, sending a sly smile Atalanta's way.

Agrippa arrives from the Living Complex.

"I wanna hear some stories," Phin says, for his part, swiping up his ambrosia glass when it's delivered. Though he doesn't return directly to drinking. In case toasts are coming. There are a bunch of pilots gathered around the bar, and some danceable music playing. Warren's promotion to captain is being celebrated. Woo, and such.

Jason smiles, nodding to Maia. "Need to do that myself," he offers with a grin, before he reaches out to snag his hat back. "Hope you don't mind if I take this back?" Said with a grin, before he looks around at the mention of stories. "We're all waiting for those, I think?"

Alejandro settles in next to Phin and lost his glass somewhere. Frak it, he drinks from his bottle. "Yeah, let's hear some stories. Especially the embarassing ones!"

Coming off-duty, Agrippa had caught wind of a little gathering for a fellow pilot that had something nice happen, so once he had time to get cleaned up and changed, he went planet side. Once on Piraeus, he headed to Charlie's, pushing the door open and spotting the gathering of pilots.

Once the dance is over, Maia is back at the bar, drink ordered, delivered and hat.. GONE? What? "Awww, Jase.. taking it back already?" The humor in her eyes belies the disappointed words. "I see, I can only wear it while we're dancing? I'll have to remember that and ask you later for another dance." Content now to just sip at her drink.

"See, how would I ever have managed to get you to dance with me more than once, hmm?" Jason replies with a grin, before he gets his own drink, taking a sip from it as he looks around the room again.

Still looking distinctly amused, Bennett looks briefly to the door as someone else arrives, and gives Agrippa a little wiggle of her fingers in greeting. By this point, Warren's drink(s) has arrived, and she beams a smile at the bartender as two glasses are set in front of the newly-minted Captain.

Warren grins and smirks at bennett as the drinks arive and he takes the first, slamming that back. He shakes his head after that, taking a moment before he sets the glass down, before taking up the second. He doesn't slam that one back, just holds it for a moment as he takes a long drag of his smoke.

Catching Bennett's wave, Agrippa raises his hand and waves back to the Raptor Captain before doing the same to the rest of the group at the bar. As he arrives, he says in greeting, "So, I heard that there was some good news to be shared amongst us pilots, yeah?" Finding a spot next to the blonde Raptorette, Maia, he leans in to give her a quick kiss on the cheek before motioning to the bartender for a beer.

"Toast's been Captain-orized," Phin says cheerily, if a little blurrily, to Agrippa. He's been drinking for awhile.

"Good excuse, Superstar." Maia teases him in return before downing her drink and ordering another. "So, you don't need a hat for that." When Agrippa joins, she grins, brushing her fingers over his forearm. "Hey Alex." The smile she gives him is one reserved just for him, especially at the kiss. Phins choice of words strikes her as funny though and she can't help but laugh. "What's it take to make Captain around here?

"Ya know on Leonis, and I hear on Aerilon too? It means somethin' when a girl takes a guy's hat off his head and wears it." Ygraine drawls from her spot next to Phin. She's keeping an eye on him. He isn't too long from having had major surgery and all. Then, grinning, "You want t'be a Captain, Maia?"

At the mention of the reason for this gathering, Agrippa turns his attention Phin as his eyes widen slightly, then his gaze searches and locates Warren. Before congratulating the other pilot though, his beer arrives so he takes it in his hand and raises at the newly minted Captain, "Congratulations Toast!" He then grins at Maia's question, though not having an answer as he occupies his lips with the bottle, taking a long drink of the cold beer.

Warren grins to Agrippa, "Thanks punchie." He sips his other shot a moment and grins to Maia, "Well step one is to survive the fraking shit ton of paperwork storm heaps on you ahead of time" He laughs a moment and takes another drag of his smoke obviously having been drinking a while himeslf as he shakes his head.

Bennett's smile skews sideways at Maia's question, and then an inch more at Ygraine's response. "A willingness to do paperwork," she offers in glib reply, gaze skirting toward her oft-backseater and then away again as she brings her smoke to her lips once more. Warren is observed bemusedly as he knocks back his first drink, and hesitates on the second. "You are slowing down, Smythe," she remarks, reaching across to steal a sip from his glass.

It was a rhetorical question at best, a teasing one at worst. "Oh no, not a chance, Milkshake, are you getting me to say I want all the headache and paperwork associated with that rank. No AAR's for me, thanks." Her smile remains good natured though. "Yeah, I'm from Leonis too and Jason knows I didn't mean that, you know?" Looking back to Warren, she grins. "Honestly, congratulations, I'm happy for you." Looking between Bennett and Phin she laughs. "Nah, I'm happy just where I am." Course that has her looking back at Agrippa. "Interested in a dance?"

"Do they have to get married if he gets her a drink after she takes his hat?" Phin asks Ygraine, leaning a little on the blonde ECO. "'Cause I read there was a moon somewhere where that was totally a thing." Then he suddenly seems to remember, "Oh, we were gonna do toasts. For Toast."

Jason looks about to make a reply to the part about what it takes to make Captain, before he takes another sip, thoughtfully. "Those higher up to perish? Which we hope won't happen, of course." A brief grimace at Bennett's mention of paperwork, he shakes his head a bit, taking one more sip. "Paperwork seems to be the bane of all things good, right?" A grin at the rest of the conversation, before he shakes his head a bit. "I remember a story my sister told me a few years back. This film that had a good scriptwriter, but the director preferred improvisation, so almost nothing from the written script got used. It still won an award, though. See, that's paperwork for you." A brief chuckle, before he raises his drink at Phin's words. "For Toast."

Ygraine snorts at Phin. "If that were true, we'd be in real trouble. Not that I've ever stolen your hat that I can recall." But she's stolen his drink plenty of times, whether it was booze or water or coffee.

"That's why I'm happy to remain as El-Tee-Jay-Gee, no real chance of having to do AAR and I can just focus on blowing up toasters." Agrippa says after he winces at the word 'paperwork' that Bennett speaks of. He actually had to do an AAR before and it wasn't fun, but it was something he promised to do after losing a wager. At Maia's invitation, Punchdrunk shoots her a grin and nods, "Sure, though after Phin's toast for Toast, which I guess means making sure everyone has a round of drinks in hand."

Warren smirks to Bennett, "Would like to be coherent at some point tomorrow." He laughs and takes another sip of his drink after Bennett steals a sip. Theres another drag of his smoke and he smirks at the others talking about how they don't want his promotion and the paperwork. He shakes his head with a little chuckle and a wide grin, "I see why you're all congratulating me now, you don't have to do the paperwork I'm doing. You know paperwork rolls down hill right?"

Bennett arches a brow at Maia and Agrippa. "Really." She seems amused more than incredulous at their assertions that they've thus far avoided doing after action reports. "Well, I know who to come to next time I need a hand with one, then," she tells the blonde Lieutenant with a too-sweet smile. Speaking of paperwork rolling downhill. "Anyway, Warren, congratulations." This is offered quietly, with a chaste little peck to his cheek. "I have a supply run first thing in the morning, so I should probably drag myself back to Orion." She climbs to her feet and collects her jacket.

"Oh, uh, for Toast," Phin says, raising his glass and drinking somewhat awkwardly. Whether he'd planned that to be a toast in and of itself is questionable. But, he'll drink to it nonetheless. To Ygraine, he snorts. "I don't have a hat. So ha! You wanna dance later?" Though he wanders onto the subject of captains before she'd really have a chance to reply. "Paper work's not that bad. It's just…filing and typing and stuff. Happy to leave it to you, though, sir."

Taking another sip of his drink, Jason offers a wide grin as he hears the words of the Captains on paperwork. "Can't write, sorry," he remarks, lightly enough, as he looks between the others again.

Ygraine still has her pink drink, which she hoists in expectation, cheers accordingly, and drinks from. Sidelong to Phin, "Of course." Like dancing with him's a given and then she makes sadface when Bennett makes to leave. "Aww, Boss. You practically just got here!"

Maia leans back into Agrippa, turning her head just enough to catch the grin. "Sounds like a good idea." She's got plenty of drink in her hand still. Catching the look from Bennett, Maia gives her a wary look in return. "Mmm hmm. Anything you need Captain, anytime." Hopefully she never needs a report done. When the toast is made, she lifts her glass and drinks to it too. "To Toast!"

Joining in on the impromptu toast by Phin, Agrippa raises his bottle of beer as well before taking a long but most appropriate drink, which leaves the contents drained. Leaving the now empty bottle on the bar counter, he gives Bennett a wave as she announces her departure before looking to Maia, "Shall we then?"

Warren gives a nod towards Bennett, "Have a good evening." He smirks at all the comments about paperwork and shakes his head. When glasses are raised for him he raises his in respone with a smile. He takes a long swig of his before a drag on his smoke with a grin.

Bennett hasn't a drink in hand, unfortunately, so the peck on the cheek will have to suffice. "I know, I know," she bemoans to Ygraine, palms up in a gesture of supplication. "But guess who will not be amused if I slam my raptor into the deck tomorrow morning because I am hungover?" That is a rhetorical question, and she shoots the blonde a grin as she heads for the door. "Behave yourselves!" is called back before she slips out.

Bennett leaves, heading toward the Living Complex [LC].

Ygraine holds up a finger, "I feel compelled t'point out that Butch did not specify exactly how we're t'behave ourselves."

"You're not gonna stay for dunking him?" Phin asks Bennett. One-shoulder shrug, and he raises his non-drinking hand to wave to the Raptor captain. "Bye."

Maia waves to Bennett when she leaves. "See you tomorrow, Butch!" She does look over at Warren to gauge his drunkenness. Looks too sober to her, so the offer from Agrippa has her standing. "Sure thing, Alex." Jason catches her eye and she smiles. "Live it up, Superstar." A brief look between Phin and Ygraine. "My sentiments exactly, Shake."

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