AWD #636: Toasters Can Fly
Toasters Can Fly
Summary: Colonial Marines oversee the handing over of APF assets and Depots on Aerilon in the Ceasefire. Some get a bang out of it. Who knew Toasters could fly?
Date: 19/03/2017 (OOC Date)
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Aerilon APF Depot
Wed Oct 04 12:41:42 2006

On Aerilon there are still more than two dozen food, munition, and medical supply stockpiles that were assembled as 'dumps' for the APF. Central points to defend were an excellent tactic and it also keeps the Colonies from simply waltzing across the terrain and taking thinks back all willy nilly. The orders have always been that if anyone approaches the places then they are to be detonated. Nobody knew what that meant until the Cylons reached the ceasefire. They've been surprisingly helpful - assuming they aren't lying.

Each facility, like the one in the distance, has been daisy chained with more than four thousand pounds of G4 plastic explosive across the facilities, with large stockpiles of artillery shells spread across each location. They would have to disconnect each charge from each other in order to keep one from going off. Normally this would be a lot of tedious work for EOD, but the big problem is that the APF aren't following Cylon orders to depart the sites. They're insisting the Cylons stay and fight with them, wanting to hold the sites as gambling pieces in order to get a bigger piece IF the Cylons really are giving up. It puts the canners in an awkward position, but they've all spent time discussing things like this with the Colonials.

Its getting close to 1400 local and the Marines have all pulled back from their defensive line surrounding the largest depots on Aerilon. Orders from Tactical and Anvil came down that all Marines on Aerilon should pull back at least two miles. Here? There orders are to pull back to four miles. Parked on a hillside, the Marines have a commanding view of the local terrain with plenty of open fields with only a few tree'd windbreak lines. Plenty of spotting glasses have been taken out and passed around so people can have a chance to see and observe. Knox has been given one of the new Arpay radio sets and has the access to Orion's Combat Information Center. They can't risk the APF getting a whiff of anything on normal radio networks, so the rumor goes. Though what's about to happen is anyone's guess.

Amos had been dubious when someone said he should go 'witness' something official. It sounded far too much like standing around in a fancy uniform being bored stupid. He's been about ready to palm it off onto a junior staff officer before he reaslied that it also meant time out from behind the desk. He's still not wearing a fancy uniform though. In his greens he's got a pair of field glasses out and is scanning the horizon. He's fairly sure Knox will let him know when to focus on the target four miles away.

Gray is down here for…frankly, he's here for the fresh air: Being on a profile for the last three months (and in Bureaucratic Limbo for as long in several ways) has sucked, so a not-a-full-combat-mission was enough of an excuse to get him off the ship. He's sick of missing all the fun and he was going stir-crazy on top of that.

Observation mission? That sounds good by Miri. As far as she's concerned, the more missions for which she's superfluous, the better it is for her Corps family. She's content to stand by, peering through the glasses when it's her turn.

Taking up a position on the edge of the team fielded for this particular occasion, Kapali is studying the horizon and the surrounding terrain, facing away from the target and instead focusing on the avenues of approach to where they're holding formation. Kitted out in the usual gear, she tugs the edge of her helmet slightly in a vain attempt to better shade her eyes.

Clara isn't bothering with taking a turn at the field goggles. She's perched on the fender of their vehicle, doublechecking her medkit's contents, and rearranging a few things to be more easily accessible, just in the remote chance that things go south. Conversation, as is generally the case with her, is eschewed for focusing on the important tasks.

Lleufer is likewise kitted out in combat ground attire with body armor, rifle, smoke grenades, etc. It's not like they need /more/ explosives on this mission. Ynyr is content to let the others use the field glasses first, relying on his Arpay enhansed senses to study things from a distance, or use his rifle scope. But he doesn't refuse the field glasses when they are passed around to him so even he can get a much closer look. Mostly the Staff Sergeant is quiet, waiting for orders. It's always nice to get back to his home world but it sure would be nicer to visit Aerilon without the APF complication. Ynyr listens to the others but his mind is upon the problem up ahead four miles out.

Knox is saying pretty close to Amos, but alternates between the spotting scope he has and just looking around with his wraparound sunglasses. Sitting on a hillside isn't how he expected to spend the rest of the war. It almot feels like peacetime. Almost. Looking at the supply depot in the distance tells him it isn't, but whatever. One headset on, he listens to some of the encrypted traffic with a passive expression.

Sitting up the weapon rig of one of the ATMUV's, Kane is leaned against his currently half-mounted LMG, the lock pins pulled in case he has to yank it out of the mount and move down to the ground. Turning his head on occassion, he spits out a glob of brown liquid, his kit set on the hatch behind him, leaving him with his sidearm and helmet cam, which he has running as he yawns lackidasically. "Ain't this just some shit."

Penta is near Amos and Knox, also with a pair of field glasses focused on the target. And a watch. And, just in case, a team of MPs with cameras stationed nearby to film the target. Somehow the situation has him whistling an old Vergonian tune, "The World Turned Upside Down", softly. He's kitted out in combat gear, with rifle, body armor, and the like, casually taking notes in a logbook every so often.

Looking thoughtful as he often does, Fischer remains in place, looking out at the distant targetm then looking over at the others present again. There's a brief pause as he hears Kane, and he shrugs a little. "Stomach trouble?"

Randy has her usual gear on, and even has a bomb suit in one of the trucks just in case along with the rest of the EOD equipment one would want on this planet…anywhere. Aerilon doesn't have the best reputation. She's standing near Amos and Knox, maybe a pace or two away with her arms folded. She took her helmet off though her Piraean rifle is still with her, slung across her back. She reaches to pull out a cigarette somewhere from her chest rig along with a lighter, and lights up. Not a word from her.

Clara makes a face at the brown glob of nastiness that spatters into the ground nearby, and looks briefly up at Kane. "You're frakking disgusting," she informs him flatly, before finishing up with her pack and slinging it back across her shoulders, with a little hop to settle it in place. Her rifle is retrieved from the truck's bonnet, and she paces a step closer to the others, to see if the situation at the facility has changed.

Wrap around ballistic shades are definitely in style, especially with those who have the Arpay enhansed eyes. Lleufer lowers the field glasses and passes them on, having studied to his heart's contentment for now. He flexes his left hand, observing how well his outer fingers can now make a fist just as good as if he'd never suffered injury and he smiles. With both sides of his mouth. He glances over towards his best friend, Knox, then allows his gaze to travel on and briefly study the Amos-Penta knot.

Miri glances over to her bunkmate. "Told you. It's gross," she informs Kane flatly.

As Fischer asks him if he's having stomach problems, Kane arches an eye. Reaching inside his armor vest, he pulls out a foil packet and opens it. "Chaw. Want some?" he asks, his jaw line puffed up on the side as he makes sure the side of vehicle is cleared before spitting over the side of it. "Pretty good, if a little stale. Hope to find some new stuff soon." Clara and Miri are both given a grin and a Tauron salute before he settles back up in his rigging.

Amos seems pretty relaxed all told. It's not quite a stroll in the park, but he's enjoying some time out in the fresh air without bullets flying past his ears. "Any word yet?" he asks Knox casually, clearly not in a rush, but merely curious, before turning to his new Master at Arms, "how are the new eyes finding real daylight and increased horizon Sergeant?"

Cooper looks over to Lleu but doesn't look bored. This is better than sitting in an office breathing recycled air. He just shakes his head with some of the kvetching and looks back towards the depot. 'If Marines aren't complaining then there's something wrong.' passes through his mind. He then quirk a brow and looks to Amos. "Major. Actual says all eyes on the depots, prepare for contact." From four miles away. They can barely make out the Centurions as metallic dots bigger than the fleshy APF dots. Except Lleu and Randy, who can see a lot better and a lot more.

Fischer shrugs a little as he hears Kane's words, "I'll pass." A brief pause as he looks around at the others again now. "Nice with some air, though."

Randy looks back over her shoulder as she hears the chastising of Kane, but doesn't say anything. She plucks the cigarette from her mouth, smoke trailing behind. As Clara approaches, she blows the smoke off to the side as she stands downwind. "Nothing's changed yet," she mumbles to the medic.

"It's about time you make it back out into the sunlight with the rest of us," Kapali mutters in a quiet aside with an elbow jab aimed at Gray, sharing a sidelong grin without taking her eyes of the surrounding terrain.

Clara glances to Randy's cigarette, then back across the countryside toward the depot in question, when Coop mentions there's action incoming. "This'll be interesting," she mumbles back, squinting behind the wraparound shades covering her eyes. Rifle held loosely in both hands, she watches and waits.

Gray jabs back with a smirk. "Well, Dr. Nadir is…somewhere else…so she can't exactly yell at me now, can she?" The fact that this wasn't a 'full' combat mission helps, too…though if things go to hell he suspects he's going to regret this decision. "Nice to be outside on one of /our/ planets for a change."

When Fischer declines, Kane shrugs, tucking the pack back into his vest. The new member of the team looks over his weapon again to check it as he snorts. "If you have a planet that's livable to be outside on." comes the response. "Good on ya."

Penta pulls out polarized sunglasses from his uniform pockets, putting them on. Not to be a badass, but to protect against what he thinks is coming. "Eyes on the horizon, Marines," he calls. "Contact said to be imminent." The running bet in his head begins. Will it come with a dull thud or a bright flash?

It's just as Randy's talking to Clara that Knox calls in the action. Randy stubs the cigarette out on the heel of her shoe and swings her rifle back around to the front. "Look alive Dogs!" Randy adds after Penta.

Miri snaps to it, instinctively checking her med kit and getting her rifle in both hands. She keeps her eyes fixed on those dots on the horizon.

Fischer checks his rifle once more as he hears that, turning his full attention towards the target. For a moment, he looks like he might say something, but he keeps it back.

Lleufer turns his head to look to Amos, "Sunglasses help since I'm not used to spending a lot of time outdoors in sunlight lately. But I get by all right without them. Especially if I have a hat brim to shade, sir." Ynyr glances back out towards the Depot, "It's kind of amazing. I can see way more detail a hell of a lot further out. It's going to require some adjustment for distance shooting because now I can probably see details further than my rifle can reliably hit."

Looking across the distance, someone's watch beeps for two oclock. With the beep, the birds sing and chirp. The breeze blows. And there's a sudden shift in movement at the depot. Its hard as hell to make out at this range but there appears to be a whole lot of muzzle flashes coming from the depot. Something is definitely happening down there.

"…" Randy watches the scene unfold with a clarity that feels natural until she thinks about how far away it is. "Wow. Um…so I bet you those crazy APF frakkers rigged the supplies to blow because the cents don't usually /hide/ away from fleshy targets," she says casually. "The Cylons are running into the buildings to get inside. APF-Cent negotiations went to shite. Dropping the APF like flies."

"Very well then," Amos replies with a slight smile to Knox. Taking his binoculars up again he can't lose the habit of lying down to use them and settles himself into the grass, so as not to leave himself siluetted against the skyline. Old habits and all that. Lleu gets a couple of short nods at the reply before he notes, "nothing some time on the ranges won't sort I imagine, but if there's anything you find else of use do make a note so it can be shared amongst others who get the treatment. "Show's starting," he notes, to the assembled group rather than just Lleu, "keep eyes out." His view is okay, but as Randy calls out her's he adds a "thank you Ensign, keep me informed."

"Good to see they put a lot of thought into picking their side in this one…" All nuances of the situation aside, Gray rolls his eyes at the fate of the APF down there for now. If nothing else, the fact that the toaster-lovers aren't willing to take orders they don't like from the toasters /does/ amuse him. "Did anyone bring popcorn?" Having a shitshow happen /at range/ and /not involving him or his friends/? That's a nice change of pace. He'll take two tickets, please.

Kapali makes a started sound and turns away from the way she's been eyeing the terrain around them to shoot a glance at Flynn. "Sorry, sir. Did you just say the canners are running away from the APF?" a tone in her voice this is both incredulous and just a wee bit gleeful. Just … just a little. She aims a sidelong look at Gray and grins suddenly as his train of thought so neatly runs alongside hers. "If that's the case, then frak all you picked a good day to come out and play."

His attention back on the distant Depot, Lleufer Ynyr suddenly becomes very alert at the 4 pm change out there, "Yeah, what Flynn said. Canners have opened fire on the APF! Mowing them down like rats and trying to get inside, now." In the event things are about to go boom, the Staff Sergeant hunk ers down and prepares to shield his eyes, though he does nothing to block his vision just yet. Lleu does check that his helmet strap is snug. "Whole thing might blow." And a nod for Amos, "Yes, sir."

Slipping on a pair of sunglasses, Kane frowns, before spitting out the glob of chaw. "Watch your step." he offers as he moves to settle more firmly and alertly in the rigging. He listens as Randy calls out the play by play. "Want me to dismount, sir, or lock it down for movement?" he asks as he holds the lockpin loosely on it's wire from the vehicle mount and ammo feed.

Clara quiets as the officers start talking about the show getting started, and melts back from the front line slightly. No use being in the way if she doesn't have a set of binoculars on her to contribute to intel. Her tongue skims her lower lip as she alternates between gazing off down the hillside, and visually checking the sky above them, with a brief glance back to their truck when Kane speaks.

Fischer frowns momentarily as he listens, expression thoughtful as he turns to look around again now. Then back to the front, as he listens to what's said. Waiting patiently for further instructions.

Penta pulls out his binocs now, looking steadily at the target. OK, probably won't be a nuclear flash (he hopes), so best to get all the intel you can. Like his CO, though, he first settles into the grass so as not to cast a silhouette. Just in case. "Able, start taking up defensive positions. Just in case anybody looks our way."

"They canners aren't running from the APF. They're mowing them down and going for the building," Miri clarifies, squinting, confirming Ynyr's statement. "Frak, this looks like a shitshow."

"If it nuclear, we're frakked. Four miles won't help us. We'll be dead from radiation in a couple days or from thermals in five seconds. Take your pick. High-order det or nothing at all." If it goes. Knox takes a knee and takes up his spotting scope. "Major, CIC reports two depots already detonated." out of more than two dozen. And they're looking at one that hasn't. Yet.

"Exactly what Knox said. If it's nuclear, you want to be down there, where you get vaporized within a mile radius." The bulk of any APF that could have survived, if you can even use the work bulk, is about four miles off. She's not exactly scanning the trees just yet. "Dog Platoon, find defensive positions to watch the fireworks show from." Might as well be ready.

"Copy that Sergeant," Amos replies to Knox while not actually looking away from his bins, "keep actual informed of our situation and let me know if they pass on any instructions." Knox knows all that, he knows it, and he's sure that the JTAC knows he knows it, but in potentially stressful conditions it's helpful to make sure that everyone around knows it too.

Fischer nods as he hears what's said now, moving over to find himself a defensive position. "Well, at least we're not getting shot at for now, hmm?"

Clara retreats back to the truck when the order's given to take up defensive positions. The Three hunkers down with her back to its tailgate, and her rifle held at the ready, sunlight glinting off the mirrored surface of her wraparound shades.

Miri takes note of Clara's position and moves around to the other flank, crouching behind a boulder.

"Roger that, sir." Kane offers, slipping the pin into the mount, locking the LMG into place on the vehicle pivot. He swivels the weapon back and forth for a moment to make sure that his field of fire is clear and he can get a better view of his field of fire. He leaves the magazine feed open, waiting for orders to engage before he locks and loads.

Kapali's attention shifts away from the surrounding terrain, turning entirely toward the camp and feeling the almost-glee fade from her face as she realizes what is actually happening. "The canners are cutting down the APF?" she doesn't say these words so much as snarl them and takes a step forward before rocking to a halt. "They're cutting down the troops they brainwashed and turned??"

"Indeed they are, Sergeant. Haven't you heard? Treason doth never prosper.

There's a small grey puff from the right side of the base, then a white flash from another section. Knox is the first to recognize it and tilts his head away. "Yep." That seems to be all that's said, then they're all either squinting and turning their heads away. Exposed skin can feel the slight sensation of the heat involved. It is a bright flash, but the detonation is white - which means its high pressure and therefore very high speed. Not nuclear. The whole depot was maybe a half mile across and the entire explosive force flattens the site. When they can finally look back they cannot actually make out any detail of the grounds surrounding the site due to it being flattened or the smoke or airborne debris. The other problem is the ever-expanding pressure shockwave of the sound racing across the terrain. They're left in silence at four miles for the moment, watching the explosive force travel a mile in to the sky, the plume throwing debris in all directions. Four miles may have been too close, even if its taking more than twenty seconds for the shockwave to arrive.

"Well," Amos remarks as he blinks away the flash, "that went well." Or not. putting the bins down he doesn't get up immediately but calls to his officers, "Ensigns. Lets get everything we can under cover shall we?" Then to Knox, "tell Actual their count should now read three would you Sergeant?" Then, and only then does he look to see what cover he can make it to, or if he's better just staying where he is and protecting his head.

Lleufer thinks about this, "If the Canners were leaving, striking out in Arpay fashion to go find a nice bit of space far away with the intention of not wanting to deal with us again in the future, then why bother? What would they care if the APF lingered to cause problems here? They'd just pull out and go, right?" Ynyr thins his mouth while he thinks before he muses further while watching. "If they want to ally with us to try and survive against the machines, that's another thing. But very unlikely. So, thirdly … it could mean they plan to hang about and keep tabs on us and want to lay low until the time is right to come back yet again. In which case, it makes a lot of sense to make a gesture like this. To prove they don't want trouble with us, ally our fears, and they don't want the APF riling us back up against them before they are ready."

Oh well, there it starts. Lleufer turns his head away, shields his eyes with a gloved hand and hunkers down flat as he can but after the initial flash he's watching and waiting for the shockwave. It's very impressive, "Here it comes. Might not want to on top of or behind our vehicles in case they get knocked over. Flatten yourselves, people."

The breeze picks ip with a sudden warmth and as soon as the reflection is reflected in Kane's eyes as his own eyes go wide with the feel of heat. If it's anything like an overpressurization explosion before at the refinery, when that wave gets here… "Frak, clear the vehciles, get to flat ground!" he says as he's already pulling the pin from the mount to yank the weapon free as he's scrambling to pull himself and it from the vehicle, throwing his gear off the side as he's dismounting quickly to get away from the ATMUV before it becomes it's own high speed piece of debris. Once on the ground, he has a weapon in one hand, pack in the other.

As Kane takes to flat ground and duck and covers like a good little turtle. To finish the trunciated pose.

Miri is glad she picked this boulder for cover. She brings her arm over her face to protect her eyes and makes herself small.

Randy, for her part, simply stays where she is. She looks relaxed and not worried at all. Then she reaches down to pick up her helmet and strap in. Into comms she says, "Dog Platoon, report your positions and just sit tight. Chances are we'll have a straggler in about more than a few minutes. Keep watch." It's at this moment, as she's talking to the Dog platoon that the flash happens. She misses the puff, but immediately closes her eyes and turns her head to the side, feeling the slight temperature change and other sensations. As she looks back and watches the shockwave, she blinks. "Get down!" She hits the ground herself.

Lleufer tucks his head down, helmet towards the blast and he's chosen a little depression he can lie low in. Wait for it.

"Yeah, because if they'd won then in a generation or two they'd be the frakking heroes who helped their Machine Gods toss us out…" Gray offers in line with the /full/ quote as he continues watching, sliding his sunglasses on…just in case. "Also, remind me…is it treason if they were hauled off to be mind-wiped at gunpoint?" And then the facility goes boom…and it doesn't even take anyone's orders for him to go flat on the ground in some semblance of cover. Yay, fireworks!

Hitting the dirt as fast as is humanly possibly, Kapali curls onto her side, rolling so that she is behind what meager protection is available on the ground, her rifle crunched to the ground beside her as she hunches her shoulders and relies upon her combat helmet to protect the gray squishy stuff between her ears. Her hands are clapped over both ears as well, adding that extra layer of protection as she rides out the wave of sound that's going to accompany the explosion when it hits.

Penta runs like hell. "You heard the Major, folks: GET UNDER COVER!" Penta, for himself, is getting *away* from any trees and down, on the ground. If he had time, he'd dig a foxhole, but no time for that!

Yep, covering your ears is probably a good idea too.

Fischer manages to throw himself down to the ground, hands moving up to cover his ears as he does. "I'm getting too old for this…" he mutters to himself as he makes sure to stay down.

Clara hears the call to get down, and though she didn't see the puff of smoke, she wastes absolutely no time in doing as ordered. Shoving away from their truck, she scampers off about ten or fifteen feet and throws herself rather acrobatically in a dive onto one side, dragging her medkit close.

Once down and covered, Kane's helmet is turned blastwards, hands to ears as he gives a grunt as he looks at Clara next to him, and pats his ears to make sure she follows suit. "This is gonna be loud."

Penta is down, so he covers his ears. Meantime, he breathes through his mouth to equalize the pressure.

Miri is also glad she wore her earplugs.

Cooper mutters omething under his breath and takes his time getting down on the ground. He tucks behind a rock and moves the mouthpiece. "Actual, Dogpound Four-Two, we pass 'Spill', repeat 'Spill'. High order det, over." Knox cricks his neck once and holds the pressure cup away from his ear and opens his mouth a little. "This isn't even danger close.." Ass sounds disappointed.

The pressure wave approaches and washes over them with a loud -bang- like someone fired off a large set of shotguns right next to their heads. That wave is going to keep going for tens of miles, easy. Leaves are kicked up and sheared off trees. An old one even comes crackling and splintering, falling down about 20m from the Marines. But the bang slowly fades with the road of fire and something else in the distance. It all fades, though, leaving all of them a little hard of hearing. Its enough to set the blood pumping and, as Rance might put it, rattle the sphincter.

Everything seems alright when the debris starts coming down. In the distance it looks like a like of rain but what suddenly lands on them is anything but. At first its a chunk of bloodied concrete, like a piece of the ground or a wall.. That think lands right next to Kane's head. The six-foot piece probably weighs 800 pounds and misses him by less than a foot. But what lands right next to Amos is more interesting. Nobody actually see's the thing until the dust clears. Its a Centurion. The thing has managed to land on its back and is still twitching, staring up at the sky on its back. The red eye isn't moving and keeps fading in and out. Attempting to reboot?

"Shut up Knox," Randy says with a chuckle, heard just over comms now that they're all in their covered positions. It's obvious she doesn't care, and the Ensign quiets up as the shockwave is sure to roll in at any moment. She lifts her hands to her ears and puts her head down as she's positioned behind one of the larger rocks that will accommodate her tiny frame. Even as the shockwave passes, she stays where she is, sensing as objects start thumping down from the sky. "Dog platoon report. Everyone okay?" she asks as things seem to be not falling anymore. Still, she's not moving from her spot.

THUD As the thunder rumbles down, he rubs his finegrs in his ears.

Kane feels the reverb through the ground, and when he looks up, he finds himself staring at the concrete wall. "Frak this." he says, rolling onto his back to remember to breathe. "I'm taking this shit home as my war trophy. Be the cornerstone in the master bedroom of my new house, and when I bring a girl home, I'm gonna point at that wall, and say baby, see that? That wall tried to kill me during the war, and I made it my bitch."

"Zahav's fine. Get the frak away from the canner, folks," Miri says quickly over her radio, grabbing her rifle.

Once the roar has past, and the thumps stops, Amos calls out without initially lifting his head. "Corpsmen, check everyone is okay. Marines, siing out if you're hurt. Ensigns, check your platoons." Then, then he pushees himself up onto his hands and looks around. Looks clear eno.. oh, no, centurian. Orders might be to not shoot any that aren't attacking, but he's not keen on jsut assuming it won't wake up dazed and confused. Or whatever the mechanical equivalent is. "Marines," he calls again, urgency clear in his voice, "clear back to a twenty foot cordon around that thing. If it starts firing you know what to do."

Counting it out, Kapali waits a full extra thirty ticks of the wrist watch she can hear (now that the boom is over) once the debris stops falling in clumps before she removes her hands from where they were shielding her ears. She blinks, clears the dust from her eyes by using the side of her sleeve then rises to her feet, cautiously. She has her rifle pointed before anything else and is adanving on where the centurion is on it's back, twitching. "Canner," she doesn't /say/ it she shouts it and keeps the damned thing covered as she somehow quells the instinct to bash it in the 'head' with the rifle and kick it's remains.

Well, that wasn't too bad thankfully. Lleu lifts his head back up to take a look. Oh boy, it looks like it's raining bodies and chunks of concrete. Ynyr, Gods damn his soul, looks more amused than worried about it. "Now maybe we should take cover /underneath/ our vehicles." Hahaha. Frak, what a party! "Kapali! Are you having fun yet?!" The Canner is eyed as Lleu watches what is going on but it really is hit or miss if any of them are going to get nailed so he waits that out too.

The chunk of gore-smeared concrete lands not too far from where Clara's hugging the ground, too. She side-eyes it, hands still clamped over her ears, but waits for shit to stop falling from the sky before doing a quick visual check to make sure nobody's been flattened or punctured by raining robot parts. Then Amos's shout goes up, and she clambers to her feet and begins backing off slowly with her rifle raised. Another quick darting of her eyes around the marines, a mental headcount.

Penta moves, with his troops, back 20 feet from the Centurion….Keeping his rifle pointed at it. The better to make sure it *doesn't frakking move*.

"Frak yeah, just having a blast," Kapali retort to Ynyr is so full of puns but she doesn't -actually- kick OR bash the canner's head in with her rifle. OR pick up a rock to do the same. OR wire it with det cord then set it off while laughing and roasting wieners over the blaze. Really. She does none of that. Ok maybe she uses the toe of one boot to nudge it - NUDGE not kick - before retreating a few steps to establish the requisite perimeter.

There's a few more moments that Fischer stays on the ground, before he pushes to his feet very slowly. "All fingers and toes in place, will check the rest as I go," he offers a bit lightly, after a few moments of pause. Gaze goes to the downed Cylon, and he steps back, rifle ready.

.o0(…and then the rain starts. Oh, wait, that's not rain.)0o. The first bits of stuff to land really don't get much attention from Gray: They're rubble and the like. When the toaster lands, however… "What the frak?" It's anyone's guess whether he's more surprised to see it, or to see it /intact/. His immediate thought is 'Could we disable its communication systems and take it?' His mental response to that is a saddened 'no', however, and as such he takes up a position…rifle pointed at it but still on safety. "Well…someone decided to drop in." Bad pun out of the way… "He might want to talk to the APF about their airline service. Something tells me they didn't even give him a pack of silicon chips after takeoff."

Coop hoots out a laugh as the blast passes over them. "Shit hot!" he yells. "Just need a BBQ now. Like anotehr day at the range." The guy keeps laughing and slowly sits up to peek. "Shit!" Things start falling and he ducks back down. Once the rain stops he peeks back up and slowly backs away from the Centurion. Yeah, not as funny. "I haven't been this close to a can in a good while." He his his rifle held but he isn't aiming.

"If the bloody thing is dead, Boss," Kapali aims this at Amos, "I call dibs on it, combat souvenir wise, Sir."

"Airmail seems to be working fine." Lleufer Ynyr also covers the Cylon with his rifle and is back far enough already. Ynyr grins and looks to Knox, then back to the Cylon, "I got way closer than I liked on the Armstice Station. That's plenty close enough for me, thanks."

Clara rolls her eyes at the marine humour, and, resting bitch face intact, keeps her rifle trained on the tincan as per her orders. She's trying not to pay attention to the fine layer of ash that's settled on her, and continues to pepper down from the sky. Because, y'know, some of that's probably people.

Even as people gather, ready to shoot the Cylon. It twitches a few times and the red light suddenly scans. Sitting up, it looks around at the Marines. The machine looks particularly at Knox and Clara. It then looks at the rest and stands. The gun-arm moves and slowly a hand comes out, replacing the barrel. It doesn't 'say' anything, it just heads for a gap in the Marines and begins jogging back towards the former site of the depot. What the everyliving frak…

"My wall didn't run away, Sergant!" Kane says, bursting out in laughter as the Canner runs off. A grin is levelled at Kapali, "Guess it didn't want to go home with you!"

Zahav watches the canner flee, dumbfounded. "Huh."

Randy pushes up from the ground and starts backing off in a quick, but controlled manner. Her rifle is at ready, but she also isn't aiming at the Centurion. "The whole thing Kapali? No one taught you to share in your family?" She knows very well that Kapali had (possibly has) a lot larger family than her own. Then she pulls up cloth she has tied about her neck over her mouth and nose in preparation for the ash. When the Cylon starts to move, Randy lifts her rifle to put it in her sights, but just tracks it. She chuckles softly at Kane's rib for Kapali. "Why is it going /back/? Ideas Major?"

"Sorry Sergeant," Amos replies to Kapali as he watches the centurian jog back towards the depot, "looks like it has other ideas." Keeping his eyes on the machine he says gently to his troops, "anyone with either bins or enhancements mind keeping an eye on that thing? Make sure it goes where I think it's going?" Then, as it gets smaller and smaller in his view he turns to Miri and Clara, "any injuries to report?"

Kapali tracks the progress of the canner every step of the way, "I could still blow a few holes in it from here, Sir. Convince it that staying down and out of the fight was a better idea," she offers, keeping her rifle pointed at the canner. Not - exactly - standing down. Yet.

"Look, you scared it off," Fischer remarks to Kapali, with a bit of a shrug as he sees the Cylon head off. "Not even a hello, hmmm?" Aside from that, he doesn't say much right now.

Clara looks right back at the cylon, in that unblinking way of hers. There's a minute motion of her finger on the trigger of her rifle. And then it turns and bursts through the ring of marines and begins to jog away, and it takes her several seconds to 'come to' and answer Amos's question: "No injuries. Unless we're counting Kapali's shattered hopes and dreams." She lowers her rifle.

"Our people seem to be well and whole. Despite flying masonry and freaky robots." Miri gets up a bit to follow the canner visually as it heads back down toward the depot.

Gray looks slightly confused at the Cylon's reaction for a moment before shrugging. "Probably didn't like the ground service from us, either." Beat. "I'll bet he's going to file a complaint. After a flight like that, I know I would."

Lleufer is not at all surprised to see the Canner get up, shake itself off, look around and then simply depart. Of course the Marines let it go. "Great landing by the way!" Yes, he just hollered that to the Cylon's backside as it goes. A curt nod to Amos, "Yes, sir." Ynyr doesn't mind to keep an eye on it, and everythig else going on in that general direction too.

"I share," Kapali retorts with a grin aimed sidelong at Randy, "when there's something worth sharing. I just wanted ONE for my collection," she mutters then adds an eye-roll in general at the group. "Shattered hopes and dreams. And my ability to scare canners into running back into a fire fight is now intact and shall be made into song and legend."

Amos smiles slightly at Clara, then tilts his head towards Kapali. "A grievous wound indeed Specalist. Tell me, do you think she'll recover?" Then, after giving himself a half hearted brush down he turns to Knox. "Any rpely from Actual, or do we just sit here and twiddle our thumbs while matey-boy there jogs back to his pals and checks whats left?"

"Just goes to show that even canners need beer-goggles, Sergeant." Kane shoots back, before he picks up his bag to sling it back on before reaching to pick up his weapon. "What's the orders, sirs?" he comments, glancing to check on the condition of the vehicles.

"Yeah I'm on it Major." Randy's kept watching the canner as it goes. She's too curious not to, even as the rest of the marines shoot the shit. "I wish I had that cigarette," she says idly as she tries to track the canner through the changed landscape.

Clara's lips quiver ever so slightly, like she herself might smile. But she leaves Amos's question where it lies, rhetorical no doubt. Meanwhile, she takes a minute to trudge off and do a quick walkaround of the truck. She's not particularly mechanically minded, but hopefully it should be fairly obvious if the vehicle's been rendered un-driveable.

Knox watches the Centurion run off, listening to the radio. "Standby, sir. The nets pretty flooded." Cooper walks over towards a small chunk of concrete the size of a baseball and picks it up. He hefts it like he might throw the weight, listening. Its eventually dropped casually and he looks back to Amos. "Eighteen of the twenty-six detonated, sir. Centurions apparently kept up their end of some bargain, Major. No idea what it means, but its just bits and pieces I can make out. Sounds like the rest of the APF on the ground in the area are surrendering." He holds up a finger, 'stand by one sec,' while he listens. "There's a lot of confusion with the APF. It sounds like most of them are packing it in and retreating. Don't know where they might head to, but it sounds like they're losing stomach for the fight, sir."

Amos seems content enough to wait until Knox can get a clear idea of what's going on, it's not as if they're being swarmed and are under deadly assault after all. Offering the Six a smile that he likely recognises as a 'don't you just love it when Intel fully briefs you' he then turns to the rest of the marines. "Alright, show's probably over, but lets not pack up just yet incase there's some action after the credits. Those not watching the depot and our.. friend.. I want a loose parimeter iwth eyes out." As for he himself? Well, he's carefuly lying out in the grass again to watch the depot through his bins. Might as well make the most of the time in teh fresh air after all.

Gray thinks for a moment on that. "So they're fanatics but not idiots. Toasters tell them they're not getting anymore toys and they have all the usual reactions: Denial, bargaining…" And a gesture to the flattened base. "…and anger." Beat. "Considering what I would've chosen if offered a brain-melt or a bullet? Not surprised."

"Bullet," Kapali remarks with a shake of her head at Gray. "No contest." She tracks the canner as far back to the site of the explosion as she can, with mark-1 human eyes, no binocs just tracking it until she can't distinguish it any more. "Probably denials, then some whining, some bargaining, then the anger and backlash and boom."

While he's doing his best to keep stoically quiet, Fischer is unable to glance around, especially at the piece of wall that came flying, when he hears the words 'bits and pieces' mentioned. His expression is back to stoic seriousness after a few brief moments.

Clara finishes checking over the truck, and hoofs it when the order goes out to form a loose perimeter.

Lleufer doesn't look towards Gray because he's still keeping an eye on the Cylon and the depot, "What do you expect from a bunch of ansty teenagers? Shame is, in this case they are Aerlion teenagers and I resent the hell out of that. Frakk'n Cylons. What we really need is a way to re-engage and salvage them once they no longer have a Cylon teet to suck." Ynyr keeps on lying there, eyes on until he has orders otherwise.

Randy stays on watching the Cylon run. She keeps her rifle in her hands and leans against the rock she took cover behind. "Lleu, Miri, either of you still watching the depot? I've got eyes on our friend," Randy calls out to the fellow, enhanced marines. She can't really take her eyes off her target to make sure and it's not like she could tell where anyone was looking anyways. There's a lot of wreckage people could be staring at.

Miri moves to a better position for a loose perimeter. "If you've got eyes on the canner, Flynn, I'll watch the depot," she says softly into her radio.

Gray nods to both Kappa and Lleu. "Yeah. Or at least, making sure they don't get to pass this shit on to their kids." A painful calculus turns in his head at that…the beginnings of yet /another/ formal paper to submit that is going to suck.

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