AWD #186: Toast For Breakfast
Toast For Breakfast
Summary: So a pilot and a doctor walk into the Mess Hall… a kiss ensues.
Date: 11/July/2013 (OOC Date)
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Mess Hall
The Crew Mess on the Orion is one of the larger rooms meant for occupation. The room is far longer than it is wide with the classic stainless steel tables that can be seen anywhere else on the ship, standard to all navy ships. Most of the chairs match, their padding on the seats worn down after several years. Towards the rear of the room is the food prep area and serving lines. During the time in between meals the Mess will serve midrats, or 'mid-shift rations', such as sandwiches and drinks. Coffee pots are left to run at all hours to keep people going as needed.
July 11, 2005

Mahasti is wearing her sweats, looking like she just got off a half shift or an on call job. She watches the room, sort of confusedly standing with her lunch tray "Why is there no coffee?" she mumbles, looking quite upset. "No no you give me coffee." she fusses at the pot, impatiently waiting for it to brew.

Maybe there's no coffee because someone drank the last of the previous pot. Not that that's what Toby is nursing in his mug mind, oh no, not in the slightest. Sat on his own he's in his greens, which is an uncommon sight, and has a half eaten tray of lunch infront of him. Mostly though, his attention is on his gloved hands which hold the mug.

Luc has been asleep over in the corner at a table. Seems he's had a sandwich and juice, as there are bread crumbs as well as the juice still being in his cup. The fussing causing him to wake from his nap and shifting a bit. Not calling attention to himself yet as he just drinks from the juice.

Mahasti finally gets her coffee, eying Luc before moving to sit near him, very carefully moving his cup away from him and flop down "Good Morning, Toby." she mumbles, taking a bite of a sausage biscuit sandwich with a fried egg on it. She has tatertots too.

Toby glances up as he hears his name. It takes a moment for him to focus in on Mahasti as the source but when he does he gives her a brief nod and offers a "morning." Taking another sip of his drink he eyes Luc a moment but says nothing, turning back to picking at his food again.

Mahasti snorts a little "Somebody can't handle his meeeddss.." she singsongs. She looks around, taking a felt tip pen out of her pocket. "Toby, should I?" she asks, jiggling the pen. Her expression is mirthful and in large just cheer filled. Her shoulders crack as she eyes Toby's plate "Wow your breakfast looks good. How was your night?" she asks, taking her pen to doodle on Luc's wrist since he's right there. She's drawing - not especially well - a unicorn.

Coffee. Yes Coffee is good. Foods nice of course, but coffee seems to be the first goal of Warren as he enters into the mess. And black coffee at that, as nothing ends up getting added to the cup as he starts to head over to grab something to eat as well.

"Your patient Doc," Toby replies with a faint shrug, abducating all responsibility for whatever she might do. As she comments on his food he glances down and shrugs again, "the slop-jockies didn't manage to destroy all the flavour, so I guess that's good aye." Putting his form down again it's back to his drink once more, although by the way it's steaming it's still hot, so he only takes a sip.

Mahasti stops drawing on Luc, eyes going around the Mess before she stops on the new comer her mouth falling slightly open as if she's seen a ghost! She sort of sets her food down "Toby, if Luc touches my food slap the back of his hand near his wrist. Excuse me a moment." she eyes Luc "Luc if Toby touches my food, I'm going to glue your hand to something." she murmurs, cheeks pinkened. Instead of being loud, she circles in very slowly. Once she has a visual confirmation - Warren is hugged with both arms, the red head very gently tucking her head against her side. The woman, surprisingly, ends up with big tears forming and soft, Leonese mutterings begin to spill forth, although the tone is soft and hard to understand given she's started crying and trying to talk.

Ah getting food to go with your coffee, that special time of well… apparently little red heads wrapping their arms around you and hugging you tight muttering through tears in Warren's case. He blinks a moment looking down at the Mahasti who's attached herself to his side, "Umm hi, good to see you?" He didn't seem to fully notice the little doc, but then again he hasn't really had his coffee and was getting food. He strokes her back a moment, "Not that I mind but, probably should at least let me get out of the line."

Luc rises and stretches a bit once he is finished. Putting away his tray before moving towards WArren and Mahasti with a raised brow. "Hey there." He offers. Giving Toby a nod of his head as well.

Toby raises an eyebrow slightly as Mahasti gives her instructions, having no real intention of doing any such thing. What he does though is watch as she skirts around to ambush Warren, eyebrow still raised as he tries to work out just what is going on with the pair of them. He opens his mouth as if to say something then Luc zoning back in distracts him and he turns back to the injured pilot, giving him a faint grunt in acknowledgement.

Mahasti shakes her head no. "I thought you were dead!" she mutters, releasing to very gently pat Warren's arms, obviously having immediately recognized him. "I'm sorry I just didn't expect to see you again." she sniffles out, wiping her face with her hands. "Lieutenant Smythe, welcome back to the living." she whispers, starting to smile! Her eyes go to Luc "You woke up! Don't sleep in the mess." she scolds, still mostly smiling. "Luc can I have your napkin or something?" she asks, laughing slightly through a few more residual tears.

Warren laughs a moment at that, and there is a smile of recognition once he finally gets a good look at the woman, "Well reports of my death have been greatly exagerated, again, it seems" He grins a moment grabbing his tray to move with the woman, "Its good to see you too doc. When did you get assigned to the Orion?" He does glance up over at Luc and gives the man a nod.

Luc chuckles, "A pleasure as always, Crewman Shackleton." He offers politely. Then looking to Mahasti and Warren, raising a bit of a brow as he watches them curiously. Chuckling a bit. Nodding as he does move to find a napkin for her. "So How do you two know one another?" He asks before focusing on Warren, "Luc Raynor, Junior lieutenant and viper pilot." He offers before just falling quiet.

With both Mahasti and Warren now recognising each other, and then Luc seeming joining them, Toby decides that he's personally better off with his own meal, let the get on with the catching up and all that. Doesn't mean he doesn;t glance across every now and again mind, but mostly for now he's picking at his food again.

Mahasti sniffs, her smile showing "I was worried about you, I thought you were in the harbor!" she murmurs, wiping her face, "We are friends! He had to put up with my obnoxious ass most of my time in Penrose Harbor." she offers up to Luc with a laugh, still, she looks pretty damn relieved to see Warren "That man, is Toby Shackleton, he's a very talented member of the Deck Crew." she introduces, via pointing. She wipes her face a little more, "Thank all of you for being so nice." she whispers, seemingly needing a moment to compose herself. "I'm so happy to see you, Smythe." she admits.

Warren laughs a moment at Mahasti's declaration of how they knew each other and smirks. He gives Toby a nod, and then looks to Luc, "Leiutenant Warrn Smythe, Viper Pilot. Just transfered over from the Rabaul. Pleasure." He glances back to Mahasti and smirks, "Missed me eh? Well glad I left a impression other than in that hospital bed."

Luc chuckles and nods as Mahasti explains. And once in awhile glancing to Toby. But since he seems busy with his meal he will let him continue and focus on the two catching up. Nodding to Warren, "It is a pleasure, Warren." He offers with a smile. "I'll ust call you Warhammer." He suggests and sage nods at that. "I mean. WARren. Smythe. What better than Warhammer?" He asks and grins.

Mahasti leans to look up at Luc "We were friends, Warren. You brought me Leonese style salted caramels made with Aquarian sea salt, when they let you out." she offers with a big smile. She laughs again, looking just so happy that the man is alive "Two times to many, friend, two times too many." she teases towards Warren. Luc's arm is given a gentle touch of the bicep "Luc is one of my friends too." she offers with a smile. "Luc are you off to duty, or are you free now?"

Warren grins to Mahasti a moment and then chuckles at Luc's comment, "I'll take it. Beats the frak out of Fiddler or Toast" He smirks a moment and sets his tray down on the nearest table to grab his coffee in that burn scarred hand of his to take a drink. He glances to Mahasti, "Well yeah, anyone who can put up with a well done viper pilot stuck in a bed for months deserves some caramels. They get the good stuff when they're cute too."

Luc grins and shakes his head a bit at the two. "I am free for a bit." He assures Mahasti before grinning at Warren, "PErhaps Warfiddler then." He teases and winks.

Mahasti blushes fiercely "I'm not that cute and I was just doing my job, the hard part was keeping you from getting infected." she swats at Warren's arm gently, pausing "Did you bring *her* with you?" she asks, towards Warren, expression curling into a grin "She had a beautiful coloring to her, deep walnut brown and that little cosmetic scar was fetching, her voice was sublime." she offers, looking as if she's talking about a true love. "I'm afraid Rhodia drowned or is stuck under rubble and by now water damaged and warped beyond repair." she admits, touching her chest lightly, watching Warren's face. Luc is given a thorough eying for a moment as she intentionally gives him an elbow to the ribs - careful not to hit his recovering portions.

Warren takes another swig of his coffee and smirks at Luc, "If you're going to go with Warfiddler I might just have to stick with Toast." And then theres the blushing fawning Mahasti which warrents some attention. "Well she's seen better days, all that hot bunking and being jostled around over on the Rabaul, buuuuuuuuut," he says grinning, "I did manage to secure her transfer over with me and she's resting comfortably. I'm sure she'll be quite happy to see you, and to feel you caress her again." There's a pause for another sip, "Am sorry to hear about Rhodia though."

Luc chuckles at Warren and nods, "Warhammer it is. Though I think you'll have to show you got a Hammer for an arm as well. On the mats once I recover." He suggests and grins. Looking curiously to Mahasti as well as she speaks, chuckling at the elbow to his ribs. "Ouch!" He says, without the sound of much pain really. Looking between them both curiously. "So, got to ask. A love or a dog?" He asks and grins.

Mahasti grins at Luc "Wouldn't you like to know!" she teases, smiling "but seriously, his violin is lovely and I hope he'll be so kind as to allow me to play it, as it is a luxury I've longed for." she admits. "We could, if you are worried she dried out, probably talk a deckhand to rig up a humidity regulator for her innards." she offers, smiling, her fingers curling on her chest. "My cat was on Leonis, I'm sure she's fine despite everything. She was a clawed little beast forged of hatred towards anyone who wasn't me." she offers to Luc with a grin.

Warren laughs at Luc's comment and smirks raising his coffee cup towards him, "I think that can be aranged." And then at the question he grins, "Oh its definately a love. Mahasti here can't get enough of her. Bit of a tease though sitting at the end of the bed playing with her, making her sing out and not letting me have any fun." And then Mahasti's chiming in about it being a violin and he smirks, "Nah more worried she's been knocked out of tune. Need to polish her up some too." He does set down his empty cup and reach over and rub Mahasti's back a moment, "I'll go grab her later and let you make her sing out."

Mahasti squeaks at being touched, her cheeks a little red yet, her blink showing "I can tune her for you." she murmurs, expression showing a little confusion. She sort of takes Luc's hand to nervously hold at being teased like that "Warren if you keep saying that, people will get awkward impressions of me. I've only been here a month or so and all." she murmurs, ears on fire with blush. Luc is treated to her starting to hide a little bit behind his arm, clearly not entirely sure how to deal with Warren now and you know, nervous kneading his hand. "I'm still better than you at the violin." she chirps towards Warren, trying to tease him.

Luc chuckles, "You do like to fiddle indeed." He offers to Warren with a grin. Looking to Mahasti as well with a smile, nodding a bit. LEtting her take his head. Though raising a brow at her. Looking between them both before chuckling.

Warren chuckles a moment watching Mahasti blush and grins tilting his head, "Now now, the awkward bit would be when I introduced my violin as your long lost lover." He gives her a smile glancing to Luc, "And yup that is partly how I got my first callsign, well between that and always being second fiddle to my dead brother. Course that got tossed to the wayside after I had to land my viper while on fire. On the upside that let me meet the blushing doc who's trying to hide how cute she's looking behind you." He does glance to Mahasti and sticks out his tongue a bit, "And yes, thats what happens when you get months of playing while i'm in bed and you're telling me 'no you can't play you need to heal first'."

Luc grins a bit at Warren as he speaks of the violin. "I think you got a point. Although keep it up and you might give me a run for my money." He says and grins as he look over to Mahasti. "And you know he isn't lying." He says and winks to her, about hiding how cute she is. Mostly just to tease her further. Continuing to chuckle about the stories of their banter. Glancing towards Toby as well.

Mahasti seems to fussily focus on Luc's hand, rubbing into his palm using her thumbs. She seems to be using both hands to fuss with, rubbing in gently and as deeply as she can, possibly hard enough to draw out some audible tension. "Your hands had no callouses, and your burns were still tender to touch, as soon as they were better, I brought Rhodia and we played together." she murmurs, "I took you outside and we played loud and long until an Admiral yelled at us to stop the ruckus." she murmurs in recollection. She squeaks indignantly at Luc, pressing her face into his side, trying to hide her blush. "Stopit." she whispers, although she looks intensely embarassed now at Luc's words. "I should probably go finish my breakfast.

Warren can't help but grin watching Luc gang up on her with him and Mahasti trying to hide how much the poor girl is blushing. "Hey its not my fault all my callouses burned off. And see even he agrees with me," he says nodding to Luc with a grin. There's a smirk a moment, "Well if you're going to finish your breakfast, I should start on mine. Where are you sitting and got room for one more?" He glances between Luc and the blushing Mahasti trying to hide her face in Luc's side.

Luc chuckls as he grins at Mahasti as she seems nervous and has gripped his hand and rubs nervously. Laughing a bit at her words. Nodding as she speaks of finishing breakfast, letting her slip back into her seat before he will slide to join in opposite position of her. Grinning at Warren as well, nodding. "Do join." He assures Warren, for when he has gotten his food that his. Luc is already finished after all so he does just relax for now. "So, you two know each other long?" He asks.

Mahasti sort of makes a sound that is hard to place "Yes, of course, but if you start making fun of me more Imight start crying." she pulls away from Luc, who still hasn't noticed his beautiful (badly drawn) unicorn on his wrist, pulling away to go hide by her breakfast, inspect it to see if Toby has touched her meal or seat before sitting down, hiding behind a sausage biscuit now, still having another and tater tots to devour. She takes a bit of ketchup to add to the biscuit.

It's not often Maia has taken time to actually sit down for a meal, keeping herself far too busy for such luxuries. As she heads through the almost non-existent line, her choices seem to reflect her lack of intent to sit down now either. Reaching for a few packaged good, she doesn't bother with a tray. Sausage and biscuit, the dredges of the breakfast left over, freshly nuked. A honeybun-ish pastry in a package and some sort of trail mix. A container of orange juice is added for good measure right at the end. The trail mix finds its way to a pocket, tucked in for later while the sausage biscuit is sampled as she looks over those gathered, by habit. Seeing Luc and Mahasti, she walks towards them, her steps efficient.

Warren chuckles grabbing his tray and following the two back to their table. "Alright I promise to stop teasing you before you set fire to someone with your cheeks," he says with a wink as he takes a seat. He glances over to Luc and shrugs, "A while now yeah, through recovery. Saw her a couple of times after they made me go back to flight school," he says rolling his eyes at that, "Then got assigned to the Rabaul, then transfered over here."

Mahasti eyes Maia on approach and just hides her face further towards her tray, neck starting to get rosey in color. "I didn't know you got reassigned, I thought you got released from active duty and given a desk job." she murmurs. "Good Morning Maia." she half grumbles, still intensely embarassed from being harassed by BOTH male pilots in a friendly sort of way. The biscuit is stuffed in her mouth, a good half of it going in to get chewed. She's trying to hide behind the sandwich still.

Luc just continues on oblivious of any unicorn. Grinning at Mahasti, "No need to cry just because we call you cute or so forth." He says and chuckles. As Maia steps along he does look over towards her. As she looks over he will nod to her. "Hey there, Cara." He offers with a smile. "Looking good as usual." He offers to her as he scoot to leave some room. Chuckling a bit to Warren as well. This does probably mean that Warren ends up next to Mahasti and thus, Luc seem quite amused as he waits with anticipation. Nodding a bit as the man goes on, "Ah, I see." The four of them over at a table enjoying breakfast. With Luc already having finished his food.

Just wearing her uniform fatigues, Maia looks down at the compliment from Luc and gives him a good natured smile. "Thanks." Without asking or being invited, she slips into a seat with them, whatever is empty. Taking another bite of her biscuit, she looks around. "Good morning Doctor." Offering her a nod. "Looking good yourself Gabe. Good to see you out of bed. What's up?" There's a nod offered to the other pilot. She didn't bring a tray, not expecting to stay long.

Warren gives a nod to Maia as she sits and smirks at Mahasti, "Well thats what my dad wanted after he realised he wasn't going to get me medically discharged. Fought that too. Compromise was go through flight school again and pass with flying colors, no reprimands and I'd be reinstated. So here I am…" He shrugs taking a bite of food and in the process lightly elbowing Mahasti playfully.

Kingsbury steps into the mess and gets into line, looking thoughtful. For once he doesn't have wood nor pocket knife in his hands; he looks a little lost without them.

Mahasti just sort of stares at Luc for a moment before peeking at Maia over her biscuit "Your hair looks very nice today and your face is well rested." she murmurs. "Killin' me here, Smythe." Her coffee is taken, eyes going to the hot steam rising from it before she takes an oversized draw of it, which might come across as weird or abnormal - people in their right mind don't chug coffee afterall, setting it down before taking her second biscuit in hand, making a face at being elbowed "Stop that! I'll smack you Lobster Lad!" she outright threatens towards Warren, although she is smiling slightly. "My father had a fit when I joined up." she admits, voice still squeaky.

Luc nods and smiles to Maia, studying her for a moment before looking to the other two. "Ah, I see. Well it is good to have you around." He says to Warren before grinning at Maia, "Why thank you. Mostly just getting to know our newest member. I think he is called Toast or Fiddler. Though if he proves himself I do think I'll call him Warhammer. He is lieutenant WARren Smythe." He says to introduce and explain the nickname. Grinning a bit at that. "In a hurry somewhere, Cara?" He asks her. Since he is finished with his meal already after all. Glancing over to spot Kingsbury as well, as he offers a nod to him. Though as Mahasti speaks he does look over to her. "So violent." He teases Mahasti.

With a bemused smile, Maia regards the doctor. "My hair?" A hand touches her blonde tresses she has bundled into an efficient of loosely coiled bun. Well rested. To that one she scoffs lightly. "I don't think anyone has said that about me for the last three and a half months while I've been training for dual certification to fly both the Raptor and the Viper." Opening her juice, she holds it as she winks at Luc. "Just the usual, Gabe. Already did Alert 5. Was thinking on getting some Sims time in." Looking back towards the other man, she grins. "Maia Kane, Raptor pilot." You know, since she'd never met him before.

Warren chuckles at Mahasti's comments and nods to Luc, "Toast is the current running callsign yeah. It was Fiddler before I caught fire." He gives a nod to Maia, "Pleasure." He glances to Mahasti again and raises an eyebrow, "What am I stopping again? This?" He elbows her playfully again, "Or this?" He reaches his hand over and tickles at her side with a grin, "Just want to be clear on which is going to get me slapped."

Kingsbury finishes going through line, getting an apple. All that fuss for an apple! He bites into it and heads into the seating area, looking around. He makes a small face—the apple isn't up to his standards.

Mahasti leans over, her nimble little fingers going for a chunk of Luc's arm to pinch for his trouble, likely exposing her to Warren's ambush. "Jerk." she laughs. Her braids are not as tidily done as normal. Likely bad sleep after it had been put in. She puffs her cheeks a little, as if remembering something. At Warren elbowing her she grunts a little, when she gets tickled, she ends up losing her precious biscuit when her arm jerks upwards suddenly and letting out a series of high pitched squeals that just show she's outright irked at being tickled. Her eyes are pretty wide and well the red tone is visible all the way to the edge of her shirt she looks like she might glue Warren's hands together for that.

"Toast?" Assuming it's a sort of return introduction, but Maia doesn't comment on it since he seems to be teasing Mahasti, not wanting to interrupt. She concentrates on her food, namely the sausage biscuit, watching the doctor with amusement. As Kingsbury approaches, she lifts her juice, sort of motioning him over with it. "Hey Royal, take a load off."

Luc chuckles at Mahasti and then at the Warren ambush causes a laugh. Glancing and nodding to Maia. "I am quite ready now. So if you want to go a spar I am quite fine." He tells her with a wink. Looking over to Kingsbury. Waving him over.

Warren gives a nod to Maia, "Yeah couldn't quite get out of getting a new callsign after landing my viper while on fire…well landings a bit nice I did snap the front landing strut and scraped the hell out of the nose thanks to that but…you know it was on land so" He shrugs a bit and grins to Mahasti, "What? I just want to know which will get me slapped. I'm going to assume elbowing is out but tickling is in." He gives the doc a wink before glancing over to see who Maia and Luc are inviting over.

Kingsbury walks over and finds a seat at the table. "Hey," he says with a grin. "I'm Kingsbury, Royal as a callsign, KB to friends," he says to Warren, offering a hand. "I'm an ECO."

Mahasti points at Maia and then at Luc "I would, as your Doctor, Gabriel dearest, prefer if you didn't get into fisticuffs, you still are on light duty orders." she half orders and snaps at Luc. "Warren I would prefer you not tickle me or I'm going to embarass you right here." she warns, finally starting to turn a more normal tone. KB is greeted, warmly, with a bright smile "Hello KB! Thank you so much for that little statue, its on my desk!" she offers, brightly, taking a moment to take a sucker out of her pocket to offer to KB as a reward for his kindness

With a wince at the explanation, Maia nods somewhat solemnly to the pilot. "Sounds like you went above and beyond to land. Lucky man." Tipping her orange juice in a silent salute to him, pilot to pilot. When Luc mentions a spar, a brow arches and she smirks. "You just got out of sickbay, I'd hate to put you back there. But, if you'd like a light spar, then I'm game." Looking towards the doctor for her approval or disapproval. "If not, we can go for a swim if you want. Make our usual bet." As KB makes his introductions, she leans forward. "And he's a helluva pilot whether he knows it or not. Landed my Raptor when I was shot once."

Warren shrugs to Maia, "Well since the ejection seat was apparently afraid to follow the canopy it was either land or crash. I'll take landing anyday over crashing." He glances up towards KB and gives him a nod, "Leiutenant Warren Smythe, Viper Pilot. Toast is my callsign" Well the gauntlet of embaressment has been thrown down by Mahasti, and Warren apparently going to accept the challenge. And by challenge, he apparently means 'at least making it so he deserves getting slapped'. And by accepting he means turning, grabbing Mahasti's waist to pull her into his lap, and then dip smooch her right there for a moment before bringing her back up upright in his lap, "What was that about embaressing me hmmmm?"

Kingsbury grins hard at Mahasti. "A sucker! I feel like a little kid at the doctor's, but that's /awesome/." He laughs, then eyes Warren. "You having problems, Doc?" Maia gets a startled look. "Well, thank you." He's embarrassed.

Mahasti 's expression is absolutely startled. She visibly tenses up at being grabbed "Wait what are you - MMFP.." she visibly kicks at being picked up and kissed like that. Welp there's that tomato coloring racing back over her face. Once she's released, she deer in headlights, the slightest trickle of blood running down from her nose. she doesn't quite seem to even know what has happened or what is going on, although her hands are shaking juuuust slightly.

With a look between the doctor and the pilot, the surprising kiss, the…. there's a wtf look at the trickle of blood. "You okay doc?" Brows arched, she looks from Luc to Warren to Mahasti then KB, and she's not entirely certain what to say or do. Not wanting to interfere if the doc is enjoying herself, she just eyes them warily. "C'mon you guys, why don't we all go for a swim?" Yeah that's it. Distraction.

Luc grumbles a bit at Mahasti's words, "Fine. I'll just go sit in the sims." He says and grins. Though at the suggestion of a swim, he nods, "A swim does sound good." He agrees and smiles. Starting to laugh at the smooching. "There you go!" He says and grins. Nodding to Maia as well. Running a hand through his hair. "KEep doing that and I'll call you Smooch."

That was most definately not the reaction Warren was quite expecting. Well maybe the blushing, that was expected, but the deer in the headlights look was certainly not expected. There's a smirk at Luc's comments but he tilts his head looking at Mahasti there in his lap. "Doc? You ok? Come on…say something, slap me?" he intones quietly to her with a little concern.

Kingsbury relaxes a little when Warren shows concern, but his blue eyes are on Toast and the doc. "Everything cool?" he asks softly.

Mahasti coughs, looking uncomfortable still. She digs around in her pockets, taking out a ration of mouth wash to open and put in her mouth, swishing around rapidly, still looking a bit short circuited. The blood from her nose isn't really noticed yet. the mouth wash is spit into Warren's coffee mug, at Luc's laughter she stands up and just sort of dusts herself off, taking her time to use a bit of hand sanitizer. She sniffs, noticing the blood, taking her previously used napkin to hold to her nose. She kind of looks like she's going to cry again and this time not happy tears. "Please do not man handle me like that." she asks, tensely pulling her pants up a little bit. She is very clearly embarassed beyond her wits but restraining decking him due to her doctor's oath not to do harm and all that.

"Sims, swims, either or. We could make a bet Gabe." Rising, she discards the remainder of her mostly untouched food into the trash receptacle. When the pilot speaks, she offers him a quick smile, but at the reaction from Mahasti..well she just doesn't know what to say or do. "Ah…" looking more than a little awkward and uncomfortable, she takes a few steps back. "Yeah, um… Nice seeing you all. See ya around."

Warren winces a bit and turns to his tray and cup, "Well I think thats enough of me making an ass out of myself." He stands as he picks up his tray glancing at everyone, "Pleasure meeting you all." Theres a look to Mahasti there, "Sorry. It is good seeing you again." Theres a nod to the others as he goes to bus his tray and head out of the mess.

Mahasti takes a breath "Would you like to maybe go watch some tv?" she asks towards Kingsbury, "Or maybe carve some more? I really liked watching you do that. Your work is really interesting." she offers, very calmly, slowly starting to turn back to her mocha skin color from her tomato red coloration.

Kingsbury watches Warren go, eyes hard before he turns to Mahasti. "Doc, you ok?" He nods, watching her. "Yeah, let's go watch TV and I'll make you a lioness to go with that lion. How's that sound, hon?"

Mahasti smiles a bit "Y-yeah, I'm fine, just startled. Interpersonal contact like that isn't even close to my forte." she offers, smiling "It sounds wonderful, thank you so much KB." she invitingly gestures for KB to follow her "Lets go find something stupid and easy to watch."

Kingsbury nods. "Lead on." He gestures, throwing his apple core in a trash receptacle as he passes.

Looking between the two Viper jocks, Maia arches her brows. "Well you're both welcome to come swimming, you too Toast." Feeling a tug of sympathy for him. "We could place a bet, same bet I always make. If either of you win, I do your laundry that week, if I win, the loser does mine. I'm going to go and change into my suit, meet you there." This is said in general, to both or either.

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