AWD #043: To Hurt a Knee
To Hurt a Knee
Summary: A spar ending, a spar gone bad and a spar unhappening. Although training agreements as well. Ending with some medical attention and chatter in the sickbay.
Date: 18/February/2013 (OOC Date)
Related Logs: Maia's multiple spars are mentioned.
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Fitness Center
Smelling of sweat and grease, the Fitness Center is a place where individuals can come to work out or just work off stress. The area closest to the entrance is taken up by two very large sparring pads with a pathway down the center, each pad removable to reveal a Pyramid court beneath. The walls beside the pads hold lockers for everything from pugilist sticks to boxing gloves to rubber guns, though deadly weapons are strictly prohibited in here except by authorized personnel such as on-duty Military Police. Standing goalposts for Pyramid are also kept against the wall. Past the pads are a vast number of nautilus machines as well as free weights to lift. At the back of the room are workout bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, and stairclimbers. There is an entrance to the pool at the rear as well as a locker room to the side.
AWD #43

"Crap… get off of me," Cassie says while pushing at his shoulders, this no longer about sparring. "And Augie, you're so not frakking helping!" If she is able to get out from under Luc she will get up on her feet, the 'fight' put on temporary pause. "I swear. You guys frakking cheat!" Jason's now caught out of the corner of her eye but she doesn't say hi yet.

Ohh a challenge given then another issued, no way is she backing down.. but, Jason. "How about it Superstar, you get the winner then of whatever match finishes first?" Her smile is confident, but yeah the big man scares her. "Maia Kane." Yeah not Miss May. "Just thought you should know the name of the woman who's bringing you down." Big talker, sure, trying to boost her own confidence. The wink she gives him is playful, she's not so serious after all. With her gear on, she walks to the mat to await her opponent. Whichever decides to come on. While there, she keeps warmed up, bouncing a little, watching the neighboring mat.

"Ah, sure," Jason replies to Maia, offering her a bit of a grin. "Don't break him too much, okay?" he offers, rather lightly. Looking over at Cassie as well, offering her a bit of a grin.

"Augustus Garrido, Damage Control." the large firefighter offers with a snort as he doesn't even bother except to slip on a pair of gloves. "Fer yer protection." he offers to Maia as he looks her over.

"Augustus Garrido, Damage Control." the large firefighter offers with a snort as he doesn't even bother except to slip on a pair of gloves. "Fer yer protection." he offers to Maia as he looks her over. "Only those I really like call me Augustus though. Ya can call me Augie." And with that, he sets on the mat and holds his place, a clear invitation to Maia to start the match when she's ready.

Luc nods and with the pushing and struggling he does let Cassie go. "It wasn't over yet Shoes. I actually pinned Maia like that before. It ended with me getting a beating and her pinning me." He says with a genuine smile. "It was a tough fight. I do think it could end either way." Looking over to the others then and grinning as he looks forward to Maia and Augie sparring.

Ack.. "Augustus, nice to meet you." Oh, Maia has a mouth on her and a bit of a cocky attitude. Jason doesn't help much when he offers her the boost of confidence, she winks over at him briefly before focusing on her opponent, suddenly turning serious, turning out the people around her to focus on the large man on the mat. Man, this is going to hurt. She just knows it. With the unspoken invitation, the blonde looks for a weak point without so obviously looking, deciding to go for the big mans knee.. hoping for a quick take down.

"I'm done for now, Luc. Augie over there beat my ass -" literally, "- earlier and I'm still off of my game. Consider it a win for you, huh?" Cassie smiles at him befor turning to face the other mat, her expression falling slightly. Oy.

She may be bouncy floncy fun fun fun fun. But as she collides with the large man, she will find that Mama Garrido birthed a brick shithouse. Augie looks down at Maia and tilts his head, a smile spreading across his features. The knees. They barely move, and it is just enough for the large man to take a step back. And as she's in close, his large paw reaches out and attempts to slam right into the young woman's face. He's not gentle. He's not fun. Ask his fiancee. He's a bastard in the ring.

Watching the happenings now, Jason grins a little bit now. "Seems quite fun," he remarks as he watches, humming a bit to himself as he looks first to the ones currently fighting, then over at Cassie and Luc. "Now, if you two are done, perhaps one of you would like to test your skills against me?" he offers, rather lightly.

When the hand flies at her face, Maia was prepared and she puts a hand up in response, turning it around on him to go directly for his face, almost but not quite jarred by the miss on his knee. The huge hand.. damn that should be easy to miss or hard, depending on how you looked at it. When it's flying at your face, the choice is simple. Move, block and return or get hurt. She's not into pain.

Luc nods to Cassie before shrugging slowly. "I understand." Watching her for a moment. "I would offer a swim if you wish to relax and cool down?" He suggests. WAiting for her reply. While watching the other sparring match begin. Grinning a bit at it. "Go hot stuff." He offers as he watches. "That means you, big guy!" He explains and glances to both Cassie and Jason as well. "And go Maia. Show what you go for, sweets."

While he doesn't connect with the woman, he seemed to be ready for her to come across the plane of his body. Instead of trying to avoid, he lets the woman's soft curves slam right into the large frame of the DCO and Augie snorts. "You realize I'm getting married in less than a month. And this is not what I envisoned for a bachelor party." he says in a tease as he turns, and plants a hand in her back to try to throw her forward onto her stomach on the mat. Yes, he plays very rough.

Well if he wanted to get her in the face it was easy enough like that. When he pushes her, she flies forward landing on her stomach, winding her sure, but her head bobs and she face plants the mat, pretty damn hard. Dazed, she doesn't stand for a minute, trying to catch her breath and remove the pretty stars from circling her head. She stands, hands up in defense and finds her opponent. Attack? Why not. With a sudden burst of speed, Maia runs at her opponent, trying to catch him in the stomach with her shoulder, hoping the force of her slight weight can take him down with some speed behind it.

Cassie cocks a sideward glance towards Luc, his suggestion openly considered. "Think I'll pass. But next time, sure." A hand darts out to poke at Crater for a few, her attention divided between trying do to that and the others. "All I got to say is that after today… I'm taking some frakking lessons."

Jason chuckles as he watches, wincing momentarily as Maia flies forward, but then nods a bit as she gets to her feet again. "Come on!" he offers, before he looks over at Luc and Cassie again, studying them for a brief moments now.

Luc smiles and nods to Cassie. Nodding at her words. "Sounds good." Watcing the spar once more then. "Go Centerfold." He calls out. Then he does feel the poke and it causes him to grin and look over at her. Trying to grab her wrist. "I know how that feels like. I would be able to train with you if you want?" Jason's request, if perhaps ignored at first, does now get a nod. "PErhaps so. If you think you could stand a chance." He teases. Another grin to Cassie as well as he continues to try and hold on to her wrist.

Augie doubles over as Maia barrels into him and starts to backpedal with the woman. The large DCO grabs for her, and if he gets a solid hold, will throw the woman into the air like she's a ragdoll. He's powerful, strong, and very overbearing.

Still, Maia is concentrating on the large man before her, not so much on those surrounding her, so when the calls come, she barely hears them, instead she is bracing for the next hit that when he grabs her, she barely manages to twist away from him and land on her feet before he can throw her, she counters with a kick aimed straight at his gut.

The foot flies up and collides solidly with his stomach. In fact, he lets go of a sharp breath. However, one arm is wrapped fully around her leg. Augie tilts his head for a moment at the woman, studying her, and then his other hand comes down to slam into her knee to lock it away and release it, perhaps temporarily crippling the limb.

The wrist is caught but allowed to be held for the moment, her gaze now ping-pong'ing between Luc and Jason, Cassie pausing as if thinking. "You guys go ahead, have fun." Pause. "And sure, Luc. We can train together." And now she twists her arm slightly, trying to break the hold. "Only if you keep your hands to yourself when outside of the sparring ring."

Jason offers a bit of a grin to Luc now. "Question is, do you think you can handle it," he offers a bit lightly. Glancing over at the ongoing fight, he winces a bit as he sees the happenings now.

Feeling the hit, Maia knew it wasn't powerful enough, she should have taken the time to center herself before going for the kick, so she could have put some force behind it. When he catches her knee, she sees the look on his face and knows if he shows no mercy it's all over. And with a blinding flash of pain, she's down, crying out in pain as she falls to the mat, drawing her leg up and rolling into a little ball. Yeah, safe to say she's done.

As soon as he hit, he knew it was too hard. "FRAK!" Augustus roars and drops down to the mat, looking at how the knee is bent and a long line of curses leaves his lips as he moves to lift the woman gingerly in his arms. "…clear a path and find me a frakkin medic!" he roars, as the DCO goes into medic mode.

A chuckle at first to Cassie, "Sounds good." Then letting go of her wrist and nods to her last words as well. Still trying to hold her wrist for a moment longer. Though then rising to meet Jason. Then Maia cries out. There is a moment of worry and he does frown a bit. Jumping off and all else put aside as he moves over to Maia. Seeing Augie pick her up. Trying to calm himself from doing something stupid. "On it." He says. "Getting her to sickbay? I will send a doc over." He says and sprints away. After hearing Augie's reply of course.

Jason prepares for a spar, before he hears Maia cry out, and he winces a bit, heading over in the direction of her and Augie. "That's…" he begins, trailing off again as he sees them leave now.

Cassie sighs. "I suppose one of us should let the Major know…" She takes that upon herself. "Excuse me." The others present gets a nod before she runs off, trying to get to where she thinks Zach might be.

Jason nods a little bit at Cassie's words. "Good luck with that," he offers after a few moments of pause. Watching where the others headed off, for the moment.

Serving as the ship's primary care facility, the Medical Center is a rather large, single room structure that has the same load-bearing structures to the walls that the halls do, as well as the same heavy hatch. There is a desk at the entrance staffed by a nurse as well as a small locker for single dose drugs like aspirin. Beds are lined up along each wall with EKG's and hangers for IVs in case of triage. Large cabinets at the rear provide ready access to lifesaving medicines and gear, as well as a ready supply of defibrillators. Not far from the primary entrance is the Chief Medical Officer's office and on the other side is a small hatch to the recovery ward. Towards the rear is a sectioned-off examination area.
Later that day

Seated on a stool near one of the empty beds, Dr. Nadir is working on a stack of charts, dictating to a small voice recorder to accompany her post-op notes and making additional notations in blue ink along the margins and pages of the chart on the top of the pile. At the sudden arrival of Augustus, roaring in full color, she takes off her reading glasses, rises to her feet while doing so, and tucks the glasses into the breast pocket of her lab coat. She picks up a new set of gloves on the way across the room, "Stop shouting, you're disturbing the zen of some of the other patients," she remarks in a tone that is both clear but mild at the same time, her head shaking calmly from side to side a she gets a look at the woman that Augustus set on the table. "You're roaring like a bull, move aside," she adds, using the tip of her elbow to nudge Augie aside, "and not we, She. And Accidents happen. Does Ms. Knee trauma have a name?" she asks, her own lab coat bearing the name 'Nadir' which accompanies her introduction, "I'm Dr. Nadir, are you injured other than that?"

Maia isn't exactly feeling like chatting up anyone, she doesn't take a free shot at the large man carrying her either, because she knows it was just a spar. She's still wearing the gloves and padded thing around her head. Too damn bad there wasn't one for knees! "My knee, banged my face earlier too," she offers a smirk. "But it's fine, was just my face, you know?"

Crater did rush off to find a doctor and he arrives to the sickbay to find them already having found someone to treat her. The medic he found then takes his leave. Even despite it all he lives up to his nick as he is eating on something. Probably gum to take out his worries on. "How does it look?" He asks Nadir as he steps a bit closer. Looking between them all. "Maia Kane." He offers about her name. Having caugh the last of it as he steps inside.

With Luc at Maia's side, Augie backs off and lets out a breath. "Shit. Sorry." it's offered to Maia again, as he finally starts to turn to leave. At least he didn't mean to do it.

"Only your face? Nothing vital then," Dr. Nadir replies, her tone of voice still calm, even mildly amused before the next newest arrival rushes in and crowds around the table. While chewing gum. "Ahh, got it, well then, Lieutenant is it?" she asks of Kane before looking up from the wounded knee she's examining and waves a nurse over to the table. "Everyone without a medical degree take five steps back and give me room to work. And please, dispose of the chewing gum," she asks as she calls up meds to handle the pain and building inflammation, "the sound of chewing gum is possibly the most disgusting to have to endure second hand. I don't mind the audience, if the Lieutenant doesn't mind, but the gum has to go."

Luc does dispose of the gum and chew on his tongue instead. Nodding to Augie. "Thanks for bringing her over at least." Trying to rein in any other feelings. Knowing that the man did not mean to cause such an injury. As for stepping back, he does. Although he will keep around unless Maia tells him to leave.

Augie makes a face, and shakes his head. Maia's in good hands as the large DCO turns to leave the sickbay, grumbling under his breath the entire time.

Remaining where she is of course, Maia looks over at Luc, then back to the doc. "It hurts, but not as bad as it could have." She smirls a little. "I'm Maia Kane, are there papers I need to sign or anything?"

"That all depends, were you going to be running for something?" Dr. Nadir replies, "You're a officer which more or less means you volunteered, by volunteering you're more or less volunteered for day to day business, but also for medical treatment. Now, i haven't really taken a good look at your medical file, there's a lot of people on this floating city and I don't have all of the names and salient details memorized. But unless you have a religious objection to reasonable medical treatment, I'd like to get more of the anti-inflammatory meds on board, wrap the knee and reduce the swelling with ice packs and get a good image of it once the swelling is reduced. are you allergic to anything exotic or ridiculously common place that I ought to be aware of? Like.. perfume or cotton?"

Luc shakes his head to the words from the doctor. "There are none." He looks to Maia to confirm. "I mean, unless she caught onto something more recent." He says before looking back to SAmtara. Still showing a bit of worry but it eases a bit with Maia's words. Knowing that she is tough. "I would say look after her as good as you can. She can be stubborn." He says and winks to MAia at that tease.

"Doctor me up, doc, I've got no objections to anything at all, long as you get me healed up and fixed. Sitting idle isn't my thing, I've always got to be doing something. Maybe I can still swim at least, right?" Maia just wants to get better, probably like everyone else, she's going to rush it, more than likely, but she wants fixed. Offering a smile to Luc, she nods, "You're right, nothing wrong with me." Smiling at Luc, "No more than you."

Dr. Nadir nods, "Alright right then. Lets get you sorted out," she replies and calls for the needed supplies. Ice packs are soon settled around Kane's knee followed by a thermal layer to trap the cool layer in place and help the ice packs be more effective. The anti-inflammatory meds are leveled out with the pain meds while a full work up is walked through, checking the LT for any other injuries not immediately confessed to. "So which one of these fine gentlemen were you sparring with when you were damaged?"

"The one who carried me in here." The mountain of a man.. Maia replies, listening to all the direcitons..

"Ahh, Lieutenant Garrido, or 'Augie' as he is called, he has some sort of pilot call-sign, but I call him Mister Stitches," Dr. Nadir remarks as everything is settled into place and the sheet of instructions is printed out and handed to Lt. Kane. "I think the lot of you ought to write up a log explaining how the call signs are handed out, but I suppose that'd take away some of the mystery - comedic or not - behind it. Now, do you have any immediate questions or concerns?"

Luc has been staying with Maia. So he keeps an eye on her for now. "How are you feeling?" He asks and smiles to her, with some worry evident.

Sitting in the bed with her leg iced just isn't what the blonde had wanted to do with her evening, matter of fact, it was definitely -not- what she wanted to do. Looking over at Luc, she shrugs. "Been better." A rueful smile. "Been worse."

Luc chuckles and nods. "I understand. I'll just stick around here with you." He tells her and takes a seat next to the bed. Relaxing a bit. "So… I see that you could still dance quite well." He says with a grin.

"Not as well as I wanted to be able to and definitely not as badly as I can now?" Maia smirks, feeling the pain about now. "Thanks for coming. Guess I'm not used to such ruthlessness.."

"Yeah. The man is agressive." Luc offers with a shrug. Grinning at her words though. "Oh, it was still quite well, I assure you." He tells her and chuckles. Sitting on a chair next to the bed that Maia is on. With an ice pack on her knee.

"Sometimes, you just don't distrub the Janitor when he's waxing the floors." Zachary is explaining to Cassie as he enters the sick bay from the recovery ward. "Now, where is Kane at.." he asks, looking around. "…should have callsigned her Candy." he laughs at his own joke. "See. Candy. Kane.." he shrugs.

Petra ducks his head as he steps into sickbay from the corridor. Spying Luc and Maia having a chat, he simply nods his head in greeting to the two before heading to the Corpsman at the counter. A quiet inquiry and the Tactical officer is pointed towards the Recovery Room, "Alright, thank you."

Kelsey is walking out behind Zach and Cassie, looking fairly cheery. She spots the TACCO and smirks at him. A hand reaches up to not quite touch him but get his attention. "Sir, you miiight wanna give them some privacy." Kelsey winks. "Just a suggestion." A grin follows and she keeps walking. As she does, she turns. "Oh! Colonel. Tomorrow. Skids up at noon. We're already pre-flight and ready to go hot. I've got a surprise, though. I'll show ya tomorrow once we get out of Orion airspace." Oh Gods. She fingerguns at him with a click of her teeth.

"Delinquent, you and I will have a long talk about tact at some point in the very near future." Zachary says with an eye roll. "He does need his rest, so I hope that the Sister will relieve him at some point." he comments as he lets out a breath. "I should start getting a discount for as many customers as I send down here."

"Wait… waxing the fl… oh." A glance is made behind her before Petra's voice catches her ear, drawing Cassie's attention to in front of here instead of where they just came from. "Hello, Colonel," she greets Mark with before she snerks, that being at Zach's joke. Poor Maia. Hopefully that won't stick. "Hey, guys. How's the leg, Maia?"

Petra pulls up and blinks when Kelsey stops him. For a moment, really, Marcus doesnt make the connection. Then it registers that Kelsey said 'she' and Guess Who isn't coming out of the Recovery Ward. The lightbulb is almost a tangible thing over the TACCO's head as he glances at Zachary, "Ohhhhhh. Right. Well, I can pay the man a visit another time, then. Wouldnt want to interrupt his, er, rest." The rest of what she said sinks in and causes him to give the PO an odder look, but he does nod slowly, "Noon, right. Don't forget what I asked you to bring."

"Awwwww c'mon, sir," Kelsey laughs to Zach. "Fiiine. Just figured it would be easier than being, like, more obvious." She gives him a big, tall salute and nods back to Petra. "Already checked-out, sir. We'll be ready. Should be a good time. Anything last minute, just let me know, sir!" Kelsey seems entirely too cheerful. Must've had a decently good day. She turns for the hatch and trails after the DCAG.

Petra just shakes his head slowly and smirks, finally catching sight of Cassie. With amusement still on his face, he lowers his voice, "Hello Lieutenant. I take it our missing pilot is doing better now that he's back home?"

But Zachary is not leaving. Instead, Buzzkill is beelining his way over towards where Maia and Luc are and folds his arms over his chest. "Is everyone over here alright?"

"Come find me when you're free, kiddo," Cassie calls out to Kelsey without doing so loudly, mindful of those sick or injured. And now that Kelsey's gone she turns, facing Petra as well as the other three. "You know, I had half expected to wind up in here yesterday. I must've kissed one of the gods' ass or something. Been entirely too lucky."

With Maia apparently unconscious, Zachary sighs. "I'll have to make sure Ceres reminds Garrido to play nicer with my pilots." he murmurs, as he turns to leave himself.

All others in the room continuing on with their own as Maia has indeed fallen asleep.

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