AWD #486: To Catch a Cylon
To Catch A Cylon
Summary: Kapali comes to visit Jaxon on the idea of capturing a Centurion - minor flirting commences.
Date: 20/10/2016 (OOC Date)
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Jaxon Kapali 
Combat Information Center
The Combat Information Center is the tactical heart of the ship. This CIC is designed in a circular formation, the original Admiral apparently a fan of the classical set-up. Dead center are a set of large monitors suspended from the ceiling with DRADIS readings as well as other vital shipboard information. Under this is a small map table outlining current plots and positions. The table has a built-in phone as well as smaller displays relating to critical damage reports. Both port and starboard watch stations are set at all times, in two rows of tiers like stadium seating, one above the other. Each station has a purpose — Helm, Weapons, Communications, Electronic Warfare, Damage Control, and further tactical monitoring. More displays and banks of computer monitors line the walls. This area is heavily guarded by armed Marines at all hours of the day and night.
07 May 2006 AWD #486

<FS3> Jaxon rolls Cryptography: Failure.
<FS3> Jaxon rolls Computer Science: Good Success.

It's a normal day in the CIC. Officers and Pettys are going over information, digesting it and sending it out to the fleet to handle. The large battle board displays ship information. Over in the cryptography area, PO2 Swick is on duty, dilligently working on the Linten codes. "Frak!" he suddenly curses, kicking out the network cable and starts flying his fingers across the keyboard quickly, a thin line of sweat forming on his brow as he opens a second window and starts typing furiously, his brow furrowing the scar tissue further as he types.

Making her way into Navy country, the marine Sergeant moves with a visible measure of caution and focused intensity. A single consult of the ship schematic has her adjusting course and exchanging a quiet word with the MPs stationed outside CIC itself. One MP gestures toward Swick's location and Kapali takes the course indicator with a nod, a word of thanks, and picks her way around in time to hear the curse, see the kick and accompanying furious typing. She glances around, then back, then moves so that she's in his line of sight. . And waits.

There's a glance up as he's typing and Jaxon frowns as he's typing. "Frakking virus.." Finally he pauses. "Isolated and killed, until it comes back again. Self-propogating summabitch is like a damned skinjob." Then he glances up to Kapali. "Something you needed, Sergeant?" he asks as he leans down to re-engage the cord, the scars across the back of his head fit the contour of his musculature, giving it an eerie appearance of a living skull before they disappear beneath his uniform.

Biding her time, and having tucked her hands behind her back, Kapali drops easily into parade-rest and gives the solid appearance that she could stand like so indefinitely. Once Swick addresses her, she responds without preamble. "Centurion parts. There are, according to our captain, a number of them already gathered for study and secured in ships storage. The captain suggests," which is marine-speak for 'this is the data', "that initial survey of acquired parts is a starting point. If further parts are needed, you would need to speak to your CO and convince he or she of necessity before one of us would be tasked accordingly." There is a brief pause, maybe three seconds, "I actually volunteered to make it a tertiary objective if we're in a position to acquire anything useful."

"Captain Ommanney you mean?" Jaxon asks, leaning back in his seat to survey the Sergeant in all of her glory. "Congratulations on the new stripe. Suppose that's a just reward.." he starts to say, then cuts himself off, reaching up to rub at the ruined bridge of his nose. "Never mind.. not here to fight, obviously." With that, he takes out a small die, a d20, and rolls it on the counter. He gets a 1. Critical failure. This makes him chuckle for a moment, before he glances back up to the woman. "At least I don't have to follow these dice like my characters do, hmm? Let your Captain know that I have already gone over that inventory, and what I need is a /living/ piece of code. You Marines are good at making things dead, how do you do with bringing it back still beeping, other than your own?" he asks her. "Major Gray has already suggested I talk to the Captain about capturing a living Centurion to plug into."

Though he pauses, and there is.. surprise on the Petty Officer's face as Kapali makes it known that she /volunteered/ to go poking into getting it for herself. "Why?" he asks her simply.

"Actually, I have an idea on that," Kapali says once Swick is done speaking. Whether she forges ahead in spite of how Swick handles the data or because of, the result is the same. She's a marine on a mission. "How much of it has to be operational? How does limb loss affect its systems and functionality? If we blow off its legs and arms, leave its head and torso intact, would that suffice? We'd need to cover its head with some manner of dampening device, like a lead blanket or EMP equivalent to avoid it sending or receiving intel." She gives that brief pause again then anglesa shallow tip of her head. "Fight smarter, not harder. Your idea is smart warfare. "

"From what I've gathered.." Jaxon says as he reaches for a notebook in his pack and pulls it out. Flipping past a few character sheets, he finds what he's looking for. "…that they are able to remain functioning even after limb loss, much like a human." he responds. "You would either need to find a way to shut it down or yes - cover it. A taser to the back of the head unit may shut it down, at least temporarily. Perhaps something more old fashioned such as a lead box would protect it - like the box they found Three in." he points out as he considers. "If that is still available, you could use that coffin, as it were."

Kapali tips her head back, subtly, eyes narrowed, not quite looking over Swick's head but looking internally as she considers. "Maybe we can secure it on a raptor as containment. Maybe one of those lead apron things, a lot easier to maneuver in combat with that. The box would be crazy heavy "

"There is one thing to consider.." Jaxon says as he looks towards Kapali and pushes away from the computer. "Self-denial protocols. For all we know, these things have programming to detonate their internal stores to prevent capture." he comments. "I didn't see a Centurion torso or head to examine. And as I said to you earlier, this isn't exactly a /priority/.." he gestures towards the console. "One project at a time, and this is the priority." he admits as he rubs at his upper arm, glancing towards her again. "I'd not want one of them to blow themselves inside the Raptor and leave bits of Marine all over the place."

With a glimpse of a wry smile, Kapali meets Swick's eyes with hers. "in my experience, no mission ever gets kicked up the food chain and booted back out on the same day or in the same manner. No matter when or how this goes down, my marines need to start training to haul a body bag weighted to simulate the density of a canner on a hot ex-fil. That is my project, and the sooner I get started with that the faster we'll be prepared when the command finally boots back down as actionable intel and orders." She moves one shoulder in a shrug, "I like being prepared."

"There is another option, that was presented by Major Gray.." Jaxon responds, as he returns her smile, however briefly, and digs through his file. "Here we are. His suggestion was that the basestars destroyed over Picon may still have active Centurions, if you're willing to EVA into the debris field and find them to disable." Doesn't that sound like so much fun? "I was going to bring that to your Captain as a suggestion. But I doubted it would go over well."

"If there were active Canners, wouldn't they have consolidated by now and begun affecting repairs? Like you said. They may have final protocol that they have to enact," Kapali wonders in return, once more tipping her head back, eyes narrowing. "Moving a canner in a body bag in vacuum would negate weight but we'd still have to deal with its mass and drag in the ship." She looks back to Swick and grins. "Capture a canner, in EVA, on a potentially hostile ship, unknown enviro, unknown hostile numbers? Frak yeah. Pitch it to who ever you're pitching ideas, too, and I'll round up volunteers and start running training sims."

"'re crazier than I thought, Kapali. That's sorta hot." Swick responds as he takes out a pen and writes a note on the bottom of the file to forward it on to Ommanney as he starts to continue his work. "Though the red hair helps with that." he adds as he continues his work. It was meant as a compliment, really.

Swick's words net him a brief, startled, blink before -of all things- a quick gleam of a grin forms on Kapali's face. If he's not looking, its easily missed. "You know the saying about curiosity killing the cat, Swick?"

"I also know about grabbing the tiger by the tail." Jaxon says with a grin towards her that could just as easily be missed as he continues his own work as he starts to put away his files.

A short burst of laughter followed by a reluctant nod is shared. "That too. But. the second half of the phrase reads: satisfaction brought it back." Kapali allows another fine gleam of a smile to form before she glances around then back. "Work your angles, Swick, and let me know."

"Then I'm sure you'll find a way to be satisfied, Kapali." Jaxon responds as he tips his fingers in a salute to the sergeant as she starts to make her leave, it seems.

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