AWD #134: To Capture A One
To Capture A One
Summary: Log Summary
Date: 20/May/2013 (OOC Date)
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Chase Knox 
Marine Enlisted Berthings
Housing for a whole company of Marines plus headquarters support staff requires more than one hundred bunks for the Marines' enlisted personnel. Divided into two primary bunkhouses, each one holds sixty bunks, one bunk stacked over another against the wall with a table between each row and a thin bulkhead between the sections. Rather than the blue curtains of the naval enlisted, each bunk has a dark green barrier with the crest of the CMC done in black. The lockers for the Marines are triple the size of the Navy's allowances, each locker holding a Marine's personal bodyarmor and several different sets of uniforms plus combat webbing and helmet. The space physically provided in the lockers might be larger, but the allowance for personal space is less, though the drawers beneath each bunk help alleviate the problem somewhat.
AWD #134

Another evening in the barracks and people are passing in and out. Several Marines are working on some kind of mission at the back of the room while others are sitting around and chatting. Knox is in his bunk with a book about the history of Virgon, of all things. Overall it seems to be a mostly quiet evening thus far with light spirits.

Just arriving in, Chase is wearing her fatigues, her boots scuffing along the floor with each tired step. It'd been a long day. Looking around the barracks, sort of getting a visual on who all is present, she does a double take when she notices Knox. Ohyeah, she was supposed to talk with him about the mission. "Sergeant." Offering him a nod, not exactly sure if she'd even seen him since the tribunal. "Got a minute?"

Coop looks over to see Chase and he smiles easily. "Hey, Corporal," he greets. The book is marked with a photo of Afton and he puts it aside. "Sure, what's up? Want to come up or should I come down there?" He moves a bit to make room in case she wants to head up. "How have you been?" His voice is almost lost in the sound of the others in the room.

The upper bunk.. right. "I can come up if you prefer, but I'd rather not get my boots on your bunk or anything, so if you don't mind.." Chase remains somewhat solemn, her greeting friendly enough but as usual no real smile is offered. "I've been doing good, thank you. How are you doing?" Going with the casual greetings for now instead of jumping right to it.

Coop shrugs. "Suit yourself." He doesn't seem too worried. The man scoots forward and hops down onto the deck plating. He moves to take a seat at the table and glances up to Chase. "Doing well. Thanks for the vote of confidence on the tribunal, too. That meant a lot. But I know its awkward so that's the only time I'll bring it up. So, what can I do for ya?"

When he hops down, Chase follows him to the table and has a seat in the chair, but not before turning the chair backwards so that she can straddle it and sit with the back to her front. Resting her arms on the back now, she smirks. "Your record speaks for itself, there was no other conclusion that could be drawn from it." And that's all she says about it as well. "I wanted to ask if you're up for a mission. It's on Picon, I've got orders to capture if at all possible, a man who seems to be leading a group. He's questionable.. so they want to do just that, question him. Interested?"

Coop clicks his teeth and sits back, crossing his arms with a shrug. "Leading a group? Man, I hope this guy is worth it. But yeah, sure. Shouldn't be a problem. Who is he? His name isn't Cooper Knox, is it?" he jokes. "Because I assure you, that would be awkward."

"Damn, man you guessed my gig. Well, there's another man too we could go for instead." The closest Chase ever gets to kidding around, she does offer a crooked smile, one side of her lips curves up but it's too brief to count. "Major Flynn is his name. He's serious business and I'd really appreciate your help there."

Coop chuckles. "I kinda doubt we're going to get a whole stack of my line standing up going 'No! *I* am Cooper Knox!'. I hear I pissed off the top end of my people." He shrugs. "Boohoo. Too bad, so sad." The name has him nod, though. "Sure. Flynn. Fine by me. You want me to brief some Air Wing folks in prep or have you got that covered?" He thinks she's looking for a JTAC, not a skinjob.

Unable to stop herself, Chase chuckles in response before she even realizes she is. "It's a hell of a thing knowing you've got identicals out there." With the rest of the question, she looks a little lost. "Uh yeah.. about that. I've never really ran anything before, so if you wouldn't mind.. I'd owe you a giant favor if you'd brief them for me." Tapping her fingers on the back of the chair, she lifts her shoulders again. "It's a One."

"Yeah, its actually a little unnerving sometimes. I'm always paranoid I'm going to run into one of my line. I wouldn't even know what to say to one of them, even if they were friendly. Its like running into a member of your brother that you've never met but somehow lived with for twenty years. Do you talk about the weather?" Coop shakes his head, unsure. At least he's embracing his granted humanity. "And hey, no problem, Corporal." He leans forward, elbows resting on the table. "Its a-" He looks like he misheard her. "Are you frakking kidding me. You want to capture a One?"

Having expected that reaction, Chase nods solemnly, but doesn't address it right away. Instead, she does actually wonder what it would be like to have someone just like you, but not you. "I think.. I'm not sure what I'd do if I found anything like that. I guess I would be wary because you're not the same, really. You learned a lot since you were created, you know people he doesn't. I guess they say everyone has a twin." Smirking, she finally address the other part. "We capture him if we can. If we can't? We kill him and ask questions later. I've killed one before."

"If you see another one that looks like me, that doesn't have this scar?" He points to the long one running across her head. "Or these tattoos?" He turns each arm in his tanks so she can see them. "He's not the same. Blow him away. The Six are the warriors. We are violent to an extreme and capable of extreme cruelty as you would understand it, but they are honorable to a fault. Don't try to play games. Kill it. I suspect if I ran into your twin I'd be less concerned. If you're a skinny, I think I'd be pleased. You're alright, Corporal." He smirks and settles in to consider the idea of a One. "Look, alright, I talked to Ceres and Naomi about the Ones. I dont remember them, but the Ones scare the shit out of them. Before you step forward in any manner of planning, I want you to ask yourself a very important question and you need to be honest about this: How many Marines will you sacrifice to bring him in alive? …I don't care about your orders, Corporal. I'm asking you, the Marine, the person sitting in front of me. What will you accept?"

Chase does take note of the scars with all seriousness, mentally memorizing them for possible future reference should she ever see another Knox around. "Duly noted. I'll remember it." Lacing her fingers together over the back of her chair she shakes her head at the mention of her own twin. "Thanks, Sarge." When he settles in to the idea of the One, she leans towards him, interested in the answer he gives with calculated interest. The question earns a quickly composed neutral expression, not a single trace of humor remaining. "Zero. I will not sacrifice a single Marine."

The Sergeant watches the reaction, nodding. "Okay, then you need to be prepared to just flat out kill this sumbitch. If he's a leader, his own people might even try to kill you for the actions. The Ones are smart, dangerous, and have zero concept of empathy or sympathy. If people expect a cold, killing machine then that's what they get with these things." He looks to his hand and drums his fingers on the table. "Corporal, are you prepared to kill innocent Marines to do this? Because it very well may come down to just that. And you'll be sacrificing Marines anyway." He looks up to her. "There are very few ways this goes down cleanly."

"Unless you have other ideas that I can go in alone and manage somehow, I have my orders. I don't want to kill anyone, but I've got a job to do for the good of the many. We've got to get this One, alive or dead, I have no preference. I'd prefer to get him gone from Picon before he's dead so he can't download again, really. I want to end him completely, not just a few more weeks. If he downloads, then any lives lost are for nothing and I'm not prepared for any of my men to have died in vain. I'd prefer them not die at all. Any ideas?" Chase questions.

"I think that going in alone means that we will lose a very good Corporal with a lot of promise," Coop says quietly. There's that genuine look to his face, and its even in his tone of voice. He could have said it exactly the same to any male member of the Corps. "Okay, I said I'd help… so, let's work this backwards. Assuming he is alive, how do you intend to restrain him?" He clasps his hands on the table in front of him. "Corporal, when you saw me in shackles and legirons? The only reason we were in those restraints is because we chose to be. I can snap a pair of handcuffs like you'd crush a fortune cookie. So can Naomi. So could Ceres and even the Special Agent who was killed. So zipcuffing or handcuffing him is probably out of the question."

"Chloroform was brought up as an option. Or some sort of tranq in a syringe to put him out at least long enough to get him away from there. I'm sure the doctor would have something safe that we could use." Chase does study him for a moment, her honey colored eyes holding minor curiosity when he speaks of breaking restraints. "So you've got super strength. Can we use that to an advantage then?" Not happy with the way the conversation is going, she hesitates again. "I don't want him to download or this is all for nothing, but we can't let him wake up either. Once he's out, he's dead when we get him safely out of download zone, I don't care what questions he can answer. He's too strong to try and capture."

Knox sits back in the chair and looks to the table, arms crossing while he thinks. "Well there's no easy way to do this, especially if you cannot get him alone. If I'm there with you, and we're identified as being from the Orion, the gig is up." A moment of silence passes. "You might be able to taze him. Getting close enough to chloroform him is going to be hard because he'll fight you. Or me. My 'strength' isn't super, though. Its- well, that's a different conversation. But I understand what you mean. I'd suggest bringing a tazer and some way to chemically subdue him. But beyond that? No idea. Taking him down is going to be damned difficult."

"Taze him?" Chase does contemplate that. "So what do we do after the first five minutes it keeps him down?" Quirking her lips in a semi smile, she grasps onto the back of the chair. "So, that's what the rest of chemically subdue him is. It'd be ideal to have a PJ or someone to put in an IV, to keep him sedated until we want him to wake up. Otherwise, the roughest part will be getting him in the first place."

"See, there ya go. Now you're thinking." Coop says it all quietly. "Okay, so you need a PJ, too. Keep a list." The man manages a ghost of a smile. "Alright. So you want to try and get this guy alone or capture him while he's not surrounded by fifty friends. How do you do that or manipulate it into happening?"

"We create a diversion at one point in his stronghold. Sort of like a magic trick. A little sleight of hand. We make a little noise, a little smoke on the outer edge so he sends his men out and while they're off looking for him, we set another on the opposite side, keep his men spread thin. We'll have to move fast. Too bad we couldn't get our hands on that chemical that they used the first time on Roland Reese." Chase does contemplate it now, weighing options, sifting through scenarios.

Coop listens to all of this but the last has him glance up. Something she said. "Doc Nadir said that it might not be effective on my people, but its damned effective on you all. It might be enough to get him alone." She scoots back to the table. "Didn't you guys bring back caseloads of some kind of chemical weapon from Picon when you ran into those Centurion people?" Ruhroh.

"So.. you think we can manage to use it on them all? I'm willing to go for it if you think we can get it done. I'll need to read up on what it did on Roland Reese and how it was used again, just to make damn sure I'm not going to risk any of my own guys." Chase actually offers a smile. "I think we may have something here. What do you think?"

The Marine Sergeant nods slowly. "Corporal Baca, I think you have a plan. Told you that you had promise. Thanks for proving me right." He smirks. "I think it sounds like you need to talk to Nadir and find yourself a PJ. Let me know if I can help you out some more or when you have my place nailed down."

"I'll work on having that done tomorrow, the Nadir and PJ part." Standing, Chase offers a bona fide grin. "Thanks for your time, Knox. I'm actually going to go and see what I can find out tonight." Offering a salute, she prepares to head out.

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