Lieutenant (JG) Lionel "Thumper" Tiptoft
leo01.jpg Tiptoft,
Lionel G.
LTJG Air Wing
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Viper Pilot
Age Sex
27 M
Hair Eyes
Brown Brown

Big. Fast. Jolly. Loud. Leo Tiptoft is all id, all the time. One of the newer Viper pilots aboard the battlestar, Thumper quickly distinguished himself by getting his bird shot out from under him during his first combat engagement — and taking a Cylon with him. In his off time, he's probably pumping iron in the gym, watching classic Pyramid replays in the rec room, or starting food fights in the mess. He's got boundless energy and way too much optimism for his own good. But maybe that's what the universe needs, now that everything's gone to shit.




Name Relation Occupation
Frederick Evelyn Tiptoft Father Owner, Tip Top Auto
Susannah Johnson Mother Homemaker
Ruth Tiptoft Sister Waitress, Go-Go Burger Franchise # 418, Kingston
Carolina Marsdon Sister Homemaker
PFC Kenneth Tiptoft Brother MP, 2nd Battalion 4th Marines ("Thunderbolts")
Antony Tiptoft Ward Brother Student, Kingston High School
Gwyn Marsdon Niece Infant

Service Record

Year Rank Station Notes
2004 LTJG BS-114 Orion Promoted to Lieutenant (JG) and transferred to VF-777 "Lucky Strikes"
2003 ENS BS-88 Solaria Promoted to Ensign and assigned to VFA-8 "Ragin' Rams"
2001 Nugget CFAB Nike, Caprica Flight School
2000 MIDN CFAB Radix, Virgon Officer Candidate School

On the Grid

Trivia and RP Hooks

  • New Arrival: Leo arrived aboard Orion with the rest of the personnel transfers when the battlestar was stationed above Virgon. Before he joined his new comrades-in-arms, he had a few weeks to burn on the planet. You might've seen him at local mud races, at local watering holes, and the like.
  • Pyramid: One of the best college Pyramid players of the 1990s, Leo captained the Kingston State University Mustangs from September 1994 until June 1997, wearing #17. He was also a first-round draft pick, playing for the Gemini Twins for three-quarters of the '98 season before becoming embroiled in a scandal involving performance-related drugs. As a result, he's somewhat notorious in Pyramid circles. Perhaps you've heard of him?
  • Teetotaler: Leo won't touch liquor. When he does drink, he confines himself to water.
  • Religion: Leo is a deeply devout follower of Hermes and wears a silver coin (emblazoned with the caduceus) as a medallion around his neck.

IC Relationships

File Image Name Notes
Zachary_icon.png MAJ Zachary "Pie" Sheperd CAG, which means I gotta do the yes-sir-no-sir thing all the time. But he bakes some bomb cookies. Guess that's why they call him Pie. Hope he stays this chill.
Ceres_icon.png CPT Ceres "Redux" Delacroix Virgan, I guess? Hope she's not from the posh side.
Cole_icon.png LT Aristides "Janitor" Cole Don't know him, but he dropped some FLASH on those bugs. Seems chill too. That's key.
Holtz_icon.png LT Kurt "Storm" Holtz Dude iced like five bugs like nothing. Hottest shit I ever saw. Maybe next time they'll just shoot at him and ignore the rest of us.
Jess_icon.png LT Jessa "Nags" Karlsson MY GODS SHE IS AWESOME. I CALL HER TEAM EVERY TIME.
Cassie_icon.png LTJG Cassiopeia "Redeye" Pitera Sounded like her loverboy got shredded by the bugs. Poor frak. Know this sounds cold, but DAMN I'm glad I'm not her.
Phin_icon.png ENS Phin "Dolly" McBride Faster to call him DOLLS. Boy's got moves out there like you won't believe. Wish I was as good as he was when I was nineteen or however the frak old he is. 'Stars fan, but everybody's got flaws I guess.

Memoirs and Logs


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