AWD #586: Three Weeks
Three Weeks
Summary: Samtara comes to ask Lleufer for training and informs him she only has three weeks until she departs the Orion to go embed behind enemy lines with the Arpay.
Date: 28/01/2017 (OOC Date)
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Samtara Lleufer 
Fitness Center, Deck 3, Battlestar Orion
Smelling of sweat and grease, the Fitness Center is a place where individuals can come to work out or just work off stress. The area closest to the entrance is taken up by two very large sparring pads with a pathway down the center, each pad removable to reveal a Pyramid court beneath. The walls beside the pads hold lockers for everything from pugilist sticks to boxing gloves to rubber guns, though deadly weapons are strictly prohibited in here except by authorized personnel such as on-duty Military Police. Standing goalposts for Pyramid are also kept against the wall. Past the pads are a vast number of nautilus machines as well as free weights to lift. At the back of the room are workout bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, and stairclimbers. There is an entrance to the pool at the rear as well as a locker room to the side.
Tue Aug 15 19:49:48 2006

Lately, despite his surgeries up in the air and possibly pending, Lleufer Ynyr has been hitting the gym and the pool, and also seen running laps around the ship's decks as much as he can spare the time when off duty. Ever since he was finally and fully cleared by medical and allowed to return to the Orion, he's been busting his ass in a hard way to get back to top fitness. Four weeks training hard with the Arpay certainly helped and he's finally gotten his weight back up somewhat, lean and better muscle tone. Just now he's working out hard against the heavy bag after a good sprint around Deck 1 that burned his lungs and left him sucking breath. The heavy pack he'd been hauling has been dropped to the deck in here, full of metal weights from the deadlift station. Easily 100 lbs in that ruck, waiting to be unloaded.

Lleu's breathing is up, he's sweating like a pig. His hands are taped to protect his knuckles and his feet are bare. In his tanks, his hex tags jingle about with his movements, popping hard punches and a quick twist to snap a kick. The sound of fists and his leg hitting the heavy bag is the sound of meat impacting psuedo leather. Like any trained MP, he keeps his body bladed to present a shoulder and side rather than his chests towards the heavy bag as it swings, the cable at the bottom unhooked so it can bounce around and hit him back if he's not quick.

<FS3> Lleufer rolls Melee: Good Success.

<FS3> Lleufer rolls Melee: Good Success.

<FS3> Lleufer rolls Melee: Great Success.

Dressed in sweats and a pair of layered tanks that is the usual attire for spending time in the fitness center, Sam carries with her a bottle of water and a towel draped over one shoulder as she walks through the large room full of it's equipment and a dizzying array of implements that she is technically familiar with. She starts to head for one of the treadmills then stops, literally rocking to a halt in her sneakers and exhales a breath and changes course, following the sound and sigh of Leu where he's working with one of the weighted bags. She waits a few moments to study what he's actually doing, a frown forming as she tips her head to the side then back and only speaks when there's a lull - however short - between the sound of his fists and leg hitting the heavy bag. "Leu?" asked in a careful voice, having moved so that she's in his line of sight and not sneaking up behind him; were such a thing even possible. "Do you have, can you take a moment, that is?"

There's a quick glance, then a double take. Samtara in /here/? Officers don't come down to the fitness center a whole lot as a rule but she's even more rare than pilots. Ynyr steps back out of the reach of the heavy bag and wipes an amr over his sweaty face. Sweat stings his eyes and he sucks breath for a few seconds, "Sure." He leaves the bag swinging and goes to his ruck. The big heavy weight plates are pulled out. A couple of 45 lbers and a pair of 5's so it had been as balanced as he could make it, all strapped together so they hadn't clanked around. That weight is set aside and rummaging through the rest, he pulls out a towel that had been padding a couple of water bottles. There's a bathrobe in there too so he can hit the head and shower, after.

The towel is used to wipe his face, then Lleu grabs a water bottle and opens it up to take a light sip once he's turned to face her. Ynyr studies Sam's attire and wipes his face once more then tosses his towel on top of his mostly empty ruck, "What do you need, Doctor?"

Once Sam figures out what Lleu is angling for, she starts to offer him the use of the perfectly good and clean towel draped over her shoulder, then changes her mind as he apparently has a plan. She is perplexed, at first, when she sees him removing the big plates, frowning in fact at them, "Why do you have weighted plates in your bag?" she wonders then shakes her head. "Sorry, that wasn't the question. I'm sorry. Let me try," she rubs one hand over her face and squares her shoulders subtly. "Will you help me? Dr. Jimenez is going to have her colleague Valloy begin training me in all manner of things that I don't actually know anything about as of yet. I'm decent at the range and I run laps every day but that's no where near what I'm going to need to be able to do. Could you help train me?"

"I have 100 lbs weight in my ruck, and a little more, because I had been running on Deck one. Sprints, with my ruck and combat boots. I'd have put on my entire combat kit but I also wanted to hit the gym for a while, after." Lleufer drinks a bit more water but not a lot, else it may lay heavy on his stomach and cramp him when he returns to working out. "Let you try what?" If she means the weights, he steps in the way, "Much safer… if you aren't used to lifting, if you use the weight bar and learn the proper lift techniques, first. Else you may hurt yourself. Badly." Though it is /only/ 100 lbs, still, Ynyr has no idea what condition she's in for lifting. The Marine Sergeant considers what she's asking, "I can, if Major Valloy and Doctor Jimenez say I may. Whatever I do with you, needs to be co-ordinated with their training so they know about it in detail. Whoever is in charge of your training needs to OK your other PT activities or you could do yourself serious harm, Doc."

Sam does that confused blink then smiles, "I'm sorry. I meant to complete that phrase but I got sidetracked in my head. I meant to say, let me try this again. She has already advised that I seek help from colleagues and co-workers. See," she explains, or tries to, "my training starts tomorrow. Dr. Jimenez will begin handling half of my casework and interface with myself and the rest of my medical staff. Major Valloy will be handling the scope of this side of my training and Dr. Jimenez will be monitoring. Half your day will be spent on regular medical duties and the other half will be training." She twists the end of the towel in one hand, "Dr. Jimenez has offered me an opportunity to serve in their diplomatic corps for a year, well a year of their time and about five weeks of our time. Before I can depart I have to be physically fit to fight and a lot of other things that I don't actually know how to do."

"I see." Ynyr puts his hands on his hips and thinks about it, "I don't see how we can spare you 5 weeks, but … that's Command's problem and I'm sure you're on that. I can certainly give you a workout program. How long do you have before you'll depart? It'll take at least 12 weeks to get you a good start on serious fitness improvement but we can make some improvement in 8 weeks. Less than that … well, we'd mostly be tearing you down without enough time for you to rebuild." The Marine Sergeant frowns a little, "If it's a lot less than that, I'll work with whatever time you have but I need to know so I can structure the workout according to your highest priority needs."

"Jimenez is going to inject me with some nanites that will boost training and muscle growth," Sam answers even as she shakes her head. "I don't have twelve weeks, I have three at the outside, every week here is a lot longer for them than it is for us, in their time." She stops twisting the end of the towel and instead twists the cap off of the water bottle she's holding before admitting, "I don't know how I'm going to be ready in time, but I have to be, so I will be. And I have to be able to fight, and I have to be able to kill," she says in a voice that is as level as she can make it.

Lleufer frowns, "I can't speak for what their nanites can do, but three weeks isn't nearly enough time. You -can- get a good start in 3 weeks though and then do your best to /continue/ your workouts in one form or another, once you leave. I can easily give you options that you should be able to continue without exercise equipment if you are going into a combat zone." A slow, deep breath, "Three weeks is pretty short notice but we'll work with it. First, tell me what your regular workout is each week. I can chat with Doctor Jimenez to see how heavy I can load you with the nanites but I still need to be real careful I don't break you and cause serious injury before you go. That, obviously, would be bad. Surely in the mean time I can put you on some serious cardio, like running and swimming, to expand your lung capacity and artierial tissue elasticity, and go from there."

A slightly surprised tug of a smile forms on Sam's face as she listens to Lleu's words, "You know what you're speaking about, and that is why I came to you. Plus," and here she has to just admit it out loud, "I don't think that most of the other marines really know who I am aside from the person who gives them bad or good news. You're one of the few who actually know me. I hoped that if anyone would say yes, it would be you. And as to what I normally do? I do an hour on the treadmill in the morning and another at night, as long as we aren't at battle station watch and a mob of wounded in my sickbay. I do a half hour at the range once a month, or so. Usually only in advance of our quarterly review to prove that I won't shoot myself in the foot or anyone else by accident."

"You do two hours of treadmill a day already? That's pretty good." And pushing how much she could use of her off duty hours too, without cutting too much into sleep. "Two hours a day is more than enough to get started, but if you can get cleared for more than that, we could use it." Lleu sets his water down, "I don't have a notepad on me but, we need your resting baseline heart rate and blood preasure, Doc. Then I can start you on the cardio. I'll need to stop you often and check to see how long you need to rest before your heart and respiration return to normal. That's how I can judge, nanites or not, how fast and how far I can push you on cardio. As for weights, we don't need you able to pick up a lot of weight but 100 lbs is a good general range for anybody to work for, and 250 lbs to drag. An average man in full kit will weigh that much. It'd be nice if we could get you so fit that you could pick up a man in full combat kit and 'fireman' carry him but we'll see what we can do in our lotted time." Yynr lightly taps his stubbly jaw with one finger as he thinks, "The Arpay know a hand to hand style I've seen but barely begun to learn. Are they going to train you hand to hand, or do you need me to work with you on sparring too?"

"The running time is as much useful as multitasking. I tend to listen to case notes while I'm on the treadmill, so it's a good way to keep on top of all the work in progress," Sam admits, "it's not a pure exercise thing. It's a way to clear my head, too." She flexes one hand and listens intently, nodding slowly from time to time. "I can. I mean. I have. Before. Picked up a wounded marine. It's not part of my daily activities but I have. Granted it wasn't a long carry but part of the training we go through before we get stationed is proving that we have the ability to carry a wounded soldier up the side of a muddy hill, in full gear. I couldn't do it for a marathon, but I can do it. Though it wasn't the full fireman carry, it did get the job done. I need to build up serious muscle mass, I know that." She switches the water bottle from hand to hand as she speaks. "I will have to learn that as well, their fighting style, and I need all around help. Lleu, I've never been in a fight in my entire life. Not an actual physical altercation. Training is one thing, yes. I've sparred, I had to know how. But I've never had to fight, actually, fight with my bare hands to save my own life or defend someone else. Santos Ridge," she give a barely noticable pause, "was one of the few exceptions in the field."

The MP Sergeant huffs a breath, amused, "If you exercise with me, Sam, I'll be yelling at you so you won't be able to listen to your notes. I'll be impersinating a Drill Sergeant and if I can get Major Ommanney's permission, I need to run you through Killhouse exercises." Ynyr frowns, "We may not have access to Piraues but we can rig something up on Deck 1 in with our own Marine exercises." Lleu nods to what she says about carries, "Good. It's less about strength than it is leverage anyway, but it does take endurance to carry a heavy man any distance over rough terrain. Very good." To the rest of it, Lleu almost laughs, "Trust me. It's not hard to kill once you get the shit scared out of you and your adrenlin is rushing. You might surprise yourself. What we need to do is train you how not to panic so you can keep your head and /use/ your training we'll give you."

"I'll do what ever you and Dr. Jimenez and Valloy tell me to," Sam says, and she says it quietly. Determination in her voice. "I have to do this, and I have to learn everything I need to know, and then some. Lleu, Dr. Jimenez will be taking my place while I'm gone. If I don't make it back, the Admiral will hold her to the oath she will be taking as a colonial officer and require that she remain in my place. She's already left behind her husband and children and grand children for this. I won't have her separated from them forever just because I couldn't hack it out there where they're sending me. You name it, I'll do it."

Oh boy. Ynyr studies her as he stands there. Lleu picks up his water bottle and sips from it again lightly as he listens, then sets it down. "She's taking your place for five weeks." A slow, deep breath, "I don't know where you are going, how dangerous it'll be, or why, but …. yeah, I want you to come back alive too. You are a damn good friend of mine. I don't want to loose you." He licks his lips, "Though, even a week from now, you may start to hate my guts while you are puking up your own. You understand that, right?"

"I'll be spending a relative year in service for diplomatic corps training. Its a standard Caprican year or so, and its dangerous and done far behind enemy lines. Primarily their diplomatic corps are usually assigned to plants whose populations have declined their offer to evacuate them in advance of the enemy that they're currently fighting. She's explained what the mortality rate is for the civilian population that they are serving, but the key phrase is that the location will be behind the lines." She gives a measured nod, "She'll be serving in my place as CMO while I'm gone; for all intents and purposes she will be a colonial officer. And I will be just another member of their diplomatics corps while doing what ever the need me to do while I'm gone." She scrubs one hand over her face, "And I will come back," absolute determination there. "And I've never puked in my life," a fine thread of alarm there. "And I'm not going to hate you. I know what I'm asking after."

Lleufer listens and Sam has his full attention as he cools down. There's a blink for her never having puked in her whole life. "I'm sure that's an exageration even if you think it's true. Babies spit up all the time until their esophagus valve developes muscular control." How did he know that? "If you'll be -behind- enemy lines, it'll actally be safer than a combat sitation. -If- you can keep your head down and your mouth shut, Doc. My concern is more … whether or not one of the Arpay will be keeping a close eye on your so they can put a bullet into your head, or you pop a poison capsule, if the machines decide to haul you in for interrogation because you drew attention to yourself." Is she livid yet? Ynyr is perfectly serious.

"All right then," the Marine Sergeant starts ticking it off on his left hand with the fingers of his right, "So, lots of hard PT with emphasis on cardio and stamina. Lots of trigger time in the firing range, and as much Killhouse or related Marine exercises as we can possibly embed you into. Three weeks, so damned little time. I have to get clearance from Ommanney, so I better have it drawn up and on his desk before I hit rack tonight." Lleu points a finger at her, "I need your schedule, Major, as soon as possible so I can set up mine." (repose for clarity)

Sam makes a mild sound that is almost a laugh, "Good point. I don't recall actually vomiting, so that's more accurate. I should have said that I've never done anything as an adult to result in puking in such a manner." She starts passing the water bottle from hand to hand again, listening with that quiet intensity again, drawing in a short - sharp - breath. "So keeping my temper is going to be another skill I'll need to focus on. Which wasn't a problem, but now apparently is. Ok." She does another slow breath before answering, "I'll get with Jimenez to determine if we'll be doing medical work the first half of the day or second. I think it would be wiser to do that first then end the day with the other. Last thing i want to do is be to incapable of focusing at that point."

"Not just your temper Sam, but … not letting your face or your body language give you away. Not letting yourself get tense, not loosing your temper, NEVER saying a bloody thing without stopping yourself and thinking about who is listening and how they might react. It's a whole lot more about intelligence and self control than it'll be about combat. If you are behind enemy lines and you get into combat, it's already gone too far. You must avoid it at all costs, if it's with the Machines. But, if it's against other people? Then you have a chance and can fight. I'm sure they'll tell you all this before you go." Lleu lifts a hand and taps the side of his head, "Deception. I know you aren't a liar, but it would be wise to … work on cultivating not reacting." She gets a nod from him, "All right. I'll let you go and soon as you get your schedule to me, I'll get right back to you." Ynyr checks the time but he needs to clean up and head for the shower himself.

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