AWD #412: Three's Company
Three's Company
Summary: Skyler, Sam, and Ari talk skinjobs, ghosts, and more.
Date: 07/08/2016
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Serving as the ship's primary care facility, the Medical Center is a rather large, single room structure that has the same load-bearing structures to the walls that the halls do, as well as the same heavy hatch. There is a desk at the entrance staffed by a nurse as well as a small locker for single dose drugs like aspirin. Beds are lined up along each wall with EKG's and hangers for IVs in case of triage. Large cabinets at the rear provide ready access to lifesaving medicines and gear, as well as a ready supply of defibrillators. Not far from the primary entrance is the Chief Medical Officer's office and on the other side is a small hatch to the recovery ward. Towards the rear is a sectioned-off examination area. Opposite the hatch to recovery is a sealed doorway leading down a hallway to the ship's morgue.

In another of those lulls between combat operations or waves of walking casualties that result from combat operations or, worse comes to worse and the hospital ship is over run with civilians and their ever present maladies, the sickbay is mostly empty save for a duty nurse, the CMO and a handful of other medical staff doing the non-ending work of chart updating. The faint scent of disinfectant lingers in the air and even a casual glance around is enough to observe the every surface that can be cleaned has been, then polished or shined, and Sam is in the process of stowing the cleaning supplies while discussing a record keeping idea with the nurse manning the main desk.

When you have an ongoing issue such as Almaeda does, you become used to visiting sickbay. Her leg has required a lot of follow-ups and adjustments to the brace as her ability to walk improves. Not that she'll ever combat pilot again. In a pinch, sure. Transport, maybe. But she's been adapting well enough to intel that the fleet will likely keep her there. Even so, when a nurse by the hatch (carrying in a small box from storage) comments on not expecting her today, Skyler just holds up her clipboard and murmurs something about 'official business.'

It's a fairly slow, limping gait, that brings her to the main desk and the CMO nearby. "Sir?"

In the process of using a bottle of hand sanitizing gel, Sam turns toward the Lieutenant and shares a surprised look that is paired with a smile. "Lieutenant Almaeda," the smile is paired with a surveying look that focuses on the leg brace fore sweeping upward again, a bit of a frown forming as her eyes narrow subtly. "I don't think I'm off, appointment wise, are you experiencing any undue discomfort?" already waving one hand toward the nearest exam bed, clicking immediately in gear, so to speak.

"No, no." There's a wave of hand from Skyler and a sort of side-eye for the bed. "Official business." Tilt of clipboard. Not that she's generally without it even when she's in for an appointment. "I actually wanted to ask if you or… someone in medical had made any progress on that Raider in the Hangar."

"Unfortunately, no," Sam admits as she truncates the line of thought leading to assessing any potential treatment care that the Lieutenant needed and shifts gears accordingly. "It's not really my project," she adds. "We, Medical, are not only happy to but eager to assist; but we didn't capture the Raider itself and it was our understanding that the project was being overseen by engineering."

There's a slight pull of Skyler's mouth to one side as she considers. A few pages are flipped on the clipboard and the jig is quiet a moment. Free of potentially being put under the proverbial microscope, she relaxes a measure. "Wires may have been crossed, then. Major Grey bid that I follow-up. Nothing's been done as of recent, at least not in the way of reports reaching intel. He wanted me to check in with the deck and engineering-" she glances up to Samtara. "As well as medical. It seems, and my apologies if I'm wrong, that everyone thinks everyone else is working on it."

One of Sam's eyebrows arches upward, "If Medical was supposed to be in charge of it, we've have dissected it as soon as the area around it had been cleared and we were given the green light to do so, this I can assure you." She gives a mild, but firm, shake of her head. "We were never cleared to do so, and a directive of any sort in that regard was never issued. Now that it's a decaying mess, there's little that can be done at this point save to scoop the mess of it out, I would presume hose and scrub it down in some manner, and then have the tech crew," she aims a nod at Skyler, "work from there."

The intel officer gives a small shrug. "I'm not certain what happened. I largely just process reports that come in on projects like this." She's often Elias' personal filter. He has a lot coming in, after all. "I would personally advise speaking with Deck. Seeing what can be done to go over the rest of it? This really isn't my area of expertise. I just know the stench was horrendous when I was first shown what was beneath the outer… plating? Or should we call it a shell?" Living ships. Who'd'a thunk. "To be honest, I'd rather be getting to the planet to have a few… words with our ghost friends. But that's taking a bit of work."

"Someone needs to take point on this endeavor," Sam notes, "which is stating the obvious. Not something I typically indulge in, as it tends to consume time instead of get anything decisive accomplished. I prefer to be correct," she admits with a trace of a smile. "I'll speak with the deck chief and volunteer any and all assistance that is welcome." She tucks both hands into her front pockets then, a brief look that can only be classified as inscrutable settles in place. "You call them ghosts," not a question but measured assessment, or observation perhaps.

"That would be great. Even if someone turns out to be capable of taking it off your hands from there to take point- just let us know." Skyler looks a touch relieved. There's a measure of 'suckitude' to being the go-between for the likes of the Major and Colonel. At the last, there's a sort of smirk as she shifts her stance a bit, relieving weight from the bad leg. "Well. Some people were a touch upset at the continuing to call them hallucinations and having experienced it myself and caught the- ah, Captain on a video feed, I can't say they are. Ghost seems fitting until we know for sure. Which, considering that report from Libran, I'm really not sure. I've too many theories and I wonder if she would be willing to actually answer some things directly."

"To be honest, I have a vested interest in this project," Sam admits. "The more we know, the more data we can put together, the more intel we can connect, the more we will understand the larger picture. I prefer knowing, even when the knowledge doesn't change what I am doing on a daily basis. Ignorance is not acceptable, Lieutenant, and it's not a viable excuse, either." This said she gives a slow exhale of breath, "I don't have any religious preferences or persuasions, Lieutenant, so the notion of a ghost or soul or after life of what ever the collaborators are yammering about, it's just so much white noise. I don't believe that this captain is a ghost, any more than I believe that it's some sort of religious experience. And, frankly, I'm tired of being lied to. I can accept data being withheld, but not outright lies."
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"I am quite concerned for the individuals who have called it a religious experience, to be honest. If it were in my power, I'd have them all submit to extensive psychological screenings." Skyler shakes her head, marginally. "I'm not a religious type myself. Nor is the Major." Agnostics ftw. "But I have spoken with this Captain and managed to record her on some of the equipment we have. She is something and until I have a better term, I will use ghost, as they appear much as the ghosts do in movies and stories." In this, the jig doesn't seem ashamed. "Lied to, yes. Well. That's why I wish to speak with her again. I saw that report. The photos taken. The model Five looks exactly like the Captain at those ruins."

"I see no reason why those assessments cannot be scheduled," Sam agrees after a moment of consideration. "The delicacy arises from screening as result from exposure to the entity on planet against pre-existing religious preferences in place before the onset of the war and prior to exposure to the entity," she gives a slow nod of her head, eyes subtly narrowed again. "It does beg the question as to whether or not those with religious preferences in place are more susceptible to the influence of what ever these things are, on planet, or would the lack of same still have opened the door, so to speak, for the strength of the experience." She makes a low hum of sound before she focuses again on the Lieutenant. "I don't mind doing the dirty work, Lieutenant, I'm not the most popular of medical officers in the first place, so it won't harm my interaction over all." Sam shakes her head then, another mild but measured motion, "Or the entity on planet looks like what ever 'person' the five is modeled after. It further necessitates the question as to whether or not those entities on planet have been doing more than a picture and light show when they've been dazzling our people with those quasi religious experiences."

There's a slow blink from Skyler. She's trying to follow, but it all goes a bit over her head in places. The contrast and compare of it. "I… cannot say. I was not here on Saturnalia and that seems to be the… greatest incident, in which many claim to have had physical contact with the… entities." She tries out the same word, but it comes across a bit foreign on her tongue. However, her brow does begin to furrow, lips pursed. "It is… mmm." Distracted, she lifts a few sheets on her clipboard (the top being the exterior of a file; plain and good at obscuring what lies beneath). Eyes skim whatever is there and the jig makes a sort of thoughtful sound. "I may have an idea. It may be nothing, but-"

There's a small shake of head as Skyler clears it a bit. "Well. If you've an idea on how to at least interview those who ave had experience and show signs of religious… interest, I'm sure Major Grey would be interested to hear of it."

"We have a few things on the board right now for psychological assessment, and it's not much of a larger step to set up reviews of those individuals, especially those who have spent a quantity of time around the archaeological dig and the MP's who are routinely on duty," Sam notes as she reaches for the small spiral topped notepad she carries at all time, jotting down a note for herself. "Personally, I have absolutely zero interest in interacting with these entities. I'm more than willing to read and review your notes, any images that are taken of these interactions, these manifestations, pick your word of choice, Lieutenant. I don't want to 'meet' the entity, personally. Between us, Lieutenant, the notion of having any entity gallivanting around in my thoughts is abhorrent."

The sickbay is quiet. A rarity, really, and it's being used to catch up on charts and perhaps verify everything is properly stocked. Not far from the main desk, Samtara and Skyler speak quietly. The latter is not near a bed nor being examined medically, so she's not here for an issue with her leg, nor is it the scheduled time of her next follow-up.

"The reports and video taken are certainly available to you, sir. There may even be notes from the initial meeting that was had about them." Skyler rolls her shoulders back slightly. "Well, having encountered them twice previously, I suppose I feel I ought to continue doing so for the sake of intel." A pause and she smiles, lowering the papers on her board and tucking it back under her arm. "I imagine te Major prefers it that way, as well. One thing that I don't believe is on those…" she purses her lips, eyes unfocusing as she mulls. "reports and I can't say whether others saw it. But the first I was there, I thought I briefly saw this entity," less foreign that time, "go through a door. As if into… what the ruins used to be. So it isn't just human figures that are being seen."

"How do you know that your inclination to continue interacting with these entities is not some sort of compulsion that has been enhanced by your exposure to them in the first place?" Sam wonders, frowning at the Lieutenant as she voices this line of thought. "Each repeated exposure could as easily be reinforcing the inclination to continue being in their presence, like a feed back loop of sorts," she gives a small shake of her head, yet again, before adding. "But you equally can't order someone else to do that which you would not do, as you have the skill set already in place. I understand that, Lieutenant. I'm just cynical, and as that very same cynicism has caused harm recently, I will not meddle in the actual interaction taking place on planet."

It's been easier to get back to her normal break-neck schedule after being able to shift Ynyr to 'outpatient' care. Now back in the swing of things, Ariadne has a moment or two to dedicate to detritus of the last few weeks. Things like writing a post-mortem on Ynyr's treatment, the triage of that event, and even reviewing the effectiveness of the enclosure. This has led her to spend some time informally speaking with those involved to get their feedback. When she hasn't been doing her normal rounds and such. Ariadne is, at least, dressed in a fresh pair of scrubs, hunkering at the nurse's station for a wee bit of desk space. "Yeah. I already closed that one out. Cleared for duty," she answers one of the nurses without lifting her head. "It's there, just on the second page," she heads off the protest.

This does bring a shrug from Skyler. "It's possible. But I've not gone in a few months and this is the first I've wanted to. To me, that says it's scientific. If I didn't have an interest or feel a need until there arose-" clipboard risen, as if to indicate the Libran report. She tucks it under her arm after. "a need. I do wonder-" She tilts her head, a bit. "Doc, have you studied much into the fact that skinjobs find themselves humanized by being on P?" There is a sidelong glance, just briefly, to Ariadne. The flicker of distraction rather than much else, for her eyes return to the Captain shortly after.

With a gesture toward the nursing desk, Sam moves back in that direction to loop Ariadne into the conversation. "Without being able to review your internal stimuli myself, I'll have to agree with your assessment," Sam notes, a hint of amusement conveyed in her words. "Of all the things that we have, skill wise, as humans, I would say the single skill that I would never wish to elect for myself is the ability to discern thought or emotion from another person. I think we have enough issues, of our own, without having to sort through those owned by someone else. That said," and now that they're at the desk again she aims that same glimpse of a smile at Ariadne, "Dr. Forrester is our resident expert in dealing with these things. Even though it isn't her original focus, she's our expert, and we're glad to have her." She makes a thoughtful exhale of sound before shaking her head, "To be honest, no. I know that we had to take the Nine to planet to awaken her, and she woke up as Elle. I know that Knox has expressed urgent interest in going to planet, but I don't believe he's been allowed, as yet, to do so."

"Well, I, on the other hand, would find that very handy," Ariadne pipes up while marking something on the paper at hand. She then places it in a black folder on the surface and looks up from her stool, first to Sam, then Skyler. She stands and nods to Skyler. "Part of the battle is aggregating and making sense of everything known. I'm much more of a visual…structural thinker. Though I wasn't aware of this. Is this something that is established fact or more passing sentiment you've heard? Them feeling more human? Or are they more human-like?" Ariadne is very exacting with her terms. Feeling and evolving are two different levels of spike on the richter scale of truth for someone who dabbles in cross-disciplines. "And you are…?" She reaches out to offer a hand for a shake.

"I can't say the concept of… reviewing internal stimuli is one that sits comfortably." Skyler manages to not overtly squirm. Intel she may be, but there's a reason to have doctors. They study it all and intel just gets the layman's terms. It's best that way. She nods along to the words. "It doesn't surprise me that Knox would wish to. We had a long talk about individuality on Picon. First I've ever gotten to really speak to him, to be honest." There's a look to Ariadne as she joins in. The clipboard gets shuffled to accept the hand in a brief shake. "Lieutenant," JG by the pins, "Almaeda. I work in intel." One of the few places she'd be able, by that brace on her leg.

"Knox told me of recommending the Nine go to the planet," she offers, then, looking to Samtara. "He also explained how… he bid the Nine in Ceres to sleep to… continue experiencing humanity, as it were." Skyler shrugs. "I've witnessed it happen, though. Knox is certain of it, but that's a skinjob's word. I saw it first hand, so I believe him. I was the one on hand," other than the attending MPs, obviously, "when the Twelve we had in custody was allowed on the planet."

"Intriguing," is Sam's observation on the data that Almaeda shares. "I did not have a chance to speak with the Twelve before the body that it was wearing at the time was ended so that he could return and potentially influence the rest of his line. The word 'killed' or 'executed' or 'murdered' doesn't apply when the consciousness inhabiting the body doesn't actually die so much as recycle," she muses, then waves one hand briefly between the LT and the .. LT. "Lieutenant Almaeda, intel, this is Lieutenant, Doctor, Ariadne Forrester, our resident neurosurgeon and psychologist."

"Perhaps…I'm not sure we know enough to say if anything is permanently lost by having one's body die…psychologically speaking. I imagine it's still a brutal affair," Ariadne points out offhand, at once acknowledging the distinction and the similarities. Still, overall, her attitude is deferential. "Oh I have been needing to talk to someone from intel. It's a pleasure to meet you." Ariadne's accent is at odds with her appearance. While she looks like she has some Leonese heritage, perhaps something else, her accent is Gemonese flavored. "Part of studying these things is that, it's very difficult to get readings on how these things affect people because a lot of it is based on detecting minute changes on a baseline…which you have to establish. It's also very difficult to figure out what is going on in humans or cylons /while/ any of these phenomena are happening, simply due to equipment. But, to shortly answer your question, no. If we end up disposing of a humanoid cylon, I would be /very/ interested in the body." She says this last part a little lower. Never know how people will react to aspects regarding skinjobs, and Ari'd rather fall on the side of caution.

"I could likely answer any questions you have regarding him. At least better than most. I think I interacted with him more than anyone else on board. I'm a bit disappointed, I must say, that I was sent to Picon for some training before he left. By the end of it, I was beginning to enjoy his company." A strange statement to make, perhaps. But then if he did, as she said, become more human after a visit to P… There is a not for the full introductions as she settles back on her left (the good) leg, drawing arms up to hold the clipboard against her chest. She looks to Ariadne and blinks a few times. "I can pass your interest along… However, I'll advise you now that I'll only recommend doing so in regards to those lines that are not allied with us. The lines, such as Six, Nine… Eleven." Possibly Twelve, now. They don't know yet. "Their individuality is important to them. We should respect that and not treat their bodies any differently than we would one of our own. Even then… Mmm." She shrugs, lightly. "I'll pass it on to the Major. It would be his call, ultimately. I can let you know once I have an answer."

"If any aligned lines wish to donate their bodies to science, I'll be waiting. They are allowed to seek truth in their own way, but I think we should be open to those who are willing to as we are organ donors," a time honored tradition, even for the learning physicians. Ariadne takes the news of sensitivity in stride it seems. "I don't want to alarm you. I wasn't suggesting anything outside of the normal ethical boundaries. I would suggest that the Major look to historical policy on medicine as a model in this area. It should provide a good basis to draw from if he wants one. No need to re-invent the wheel I think." She grins and nods. "I'd appreciate that. If the /right/ opportunity presents itself of course. /Anything/ you can tell me would be helpful." She tilts her head to the side gently in emphasis.

"Right, right. I was considering as much. Seeing if any of the lines would be willing to do so. The Eleven might be the best one to petition for that, based on what I know of her." Mostly from reports, but still. Naomi is a scientist. "I'll see what the Major thinks of the concept in general. The Sixes might be the best to ask after, but-" Skyler pauses, staring into the middle distance as she thinks. There's a 'tsk' sound as she sucks on her teeth. "they are very keen on gaining citizenship as Knox has. It may be a matter of having to… make deals to achieve this." She lifts a hand from her clipboard and waves her fingers. "Logistics. The first step, of course, is speaking to the Major. We shouldn't delve any further until then. No need to let false hope spring up." The last statement lends more towards her Virgan accent. Intel and the 'posture' needed have called more on her noble roots than being a pilot did, causing the aspects to rise a bit more to the surface.

Ariadne's eyes narrow slightly as she listens, considering Skyler, a thoughtful look, as if her mind is already churning on what the woman is saying, and perhaps more. "I would appreciate that. If I wanted to speak with you further, pick your brain, what would be the best way to arrange that?" The idiom sounds awfully different coming from a neurosurgeon's mouth…like staring into an 'uncanny valley' experience.

Having stepped away for only a moment, long enough to snag the cup of coffee currently cooling on her desk, Sam returns to catch both the back and forth of remarks between the Lieutenants and looks somewhat embarrassed. "My apologies, Doctor Forrester, have had a few of the skinned models in the morgue. The body of a 4, that's the one that was Catriona Boyd, specifically, has been the most useful during the early stages of our investigation. I am not aware of the disposition of the body of the twelve, after it was no longer in use. But we have made it a matter of protocol to autopsy the remains as thoroughly as possible and retain samples from various stages of the autopsy for further analysis. Should we have need of a more recently inhabited flesh and blood model I'm rather certain we could make a reasonable request of Captain Ommanney and he and his marines would do what they deem necessary and expedient to acquire one."
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"Just send a note to the CIC. I tend to float, as it were," meaning spending time from place to place as needed. "but I often end up back there or in the Map Room at various points of my shift. If you just send word, I can either find you or schedule some time." There's a look back to Samtara and Skyler tilts her head in a nod. "Honestly, I'd like to get one of those Fives. But that's another option I can present to the Major, yes." And she's pulling a pen from pocket, flipping a few pages, and jotting down some haphazardly scrawled notes to herself.

"Ah. I must have missed the reports on those. It could have gotten buried." That is, because, they are short on space and there is only so much Ariadne can have all together at one time without giving herself a hernia. "Hmmm," she says in response to Sam's suggestion of Amos and company picking one up as if they were going to the supermarket. Then she shifts her attention pointedly to Skyler, measuring her response with slightly lidded eyes. "For the very reasons that we are all very aware of, I believe we need to make sure that these matters are dealt with sensitively." Which is not to say, secretly, but she lets this be implicit. "For the sake of morale. A lot of times, scientists are separated from the moral outcome of their work. They have homes to go to in different cities, behind big corporations. Here, we treat the people our research is meant to benefit, but that goes both ways. If there is a lot of dissatisfaction with the way we are handling people in the lab, this lack of confidence will bleed over into the field and the operating room." Patterns. Networks of associated ideas or cause and effect. "Just a thought." A small peek into the vast labyrinth of a passing thought from Dr. Forrester. "I will do that then."

"You must spend a lot of time wearing the same leg shackle that the Major does, tethered to the map room," Sam notes, a measure of amusement evident in her tone of voice. She makes a thoughtful sound of agreement with Skyler, "Yes, though I think we would greatly benefit from capturing a living Model Five in advance of having one to autopsy," she says in that same tone. "More would be to capture one, sedate it, interrogate it, then sedate it again and awaken it on planet in the presence of the entity whose image it shares. I do imagine, Lieutenant, that it would make one noteworthy recording to observe," there's a hard edge to Sam's tone of voice before she tips her head toward Ariadne, listening with that focused intensity before she essays a slow nod. "You do voice a very important facet to keep in mind, and one that I personally would not have considered with enough impact. A failing on my part, and I'm glad that you voice these things so that I do not err to strongly in the path of cold analysis in lieu of the impact that this has on the morale and group, nay, herd, mentality that is integral to living in close quarters as we do."

There's just sort of a long look at Ariadne. Skyler blinks a couple of times before just giving a sort of nod. "Right." And then Sam's comment breaks through and the jig snerks. Not quite a laugh, but the corner of her lips does pull upward. "More or less, yes. Either I'm there reviewing reports of some stripe or being sent on errands for the Major." He doesn't like to leave the ship. Lucky he has a minion! At Samtara's suggestions on the Fives, however, Almaeda's eyes narrow. Thoughtful. "Mmm. We can't… force the entities to appear. I'd likely have to convince her to do so. I already intend to bring up the Fives if I can speak with her." Shoulders rise and fall in a shrug. "Again, depends on the Major's thoughts. He may not wish to take a hostile line to the planet. The others have been compliant and had a wish to go." There is a thought that strikes and she's making some more notes on her clipboard.

"Well the morale is not our domain," though obviously everyone does their part to maintain it by actively avoiding to take it down a notch, which seems to be the tack that Ariadne has taken. She nods to Sam. "It's nuance, just something to keep mental tabs on if anything pops up," such as cooler talk or what have you. "I think there are exercises we can walk through to reveal opportunities and priority according to value and difficulty. I need to do it anyways to help bring focus to research efforts in or out of the lab." She speaks a lot 'in between' her actual words. "I'd rather do that than barrage the Major with all my requests…though I do think, irregardless mind you, that I could learn a lot from a fresh cadaver," she reaffirms, so that she doesn't accidentally cancel that probing request with Skyler before she kills it with miscommunication. "If I may ask, though I realize I might not have clearance for this, but how are we confirming or disconfirming this latest detainment is or isn't a cylon? Or is that, simply, already known and I'm still behind." She doesn't look overly concerned by this notion.

"I'm of the opinion that we have been more than accommodating to the entities on planet, as they have been with us. That said, perhaps it's time that we stop bending over backward and making these major accommodations and time that we start asking point blank and very blunt questions," Sam's tone is rather hard edged, again. "I don't like being lied to, and these things on planet are either playing a long con of some sort or they're more knowledgable than they appear and have withheld information for their own reasons. Either way, and I'm certain that it's a good thing that I'm not in charge of the work on planet, but either way," again that hard edge in her voice, "enough is enough." She exhales a breath that is almost but not quite turning into a mutter as she taps one fingertip against the edge of the cup of coffee. "We can always use a fresh cadaver to work with," agreeing with Ariadne before lifting the cup and adding to her caffeine quotient. "Another good question," she adds, still more than a bit surly about the data, such as it is. "We finally get a corpsman to add to our roster, we finally get someone with skill to go into the field with active teams. And it's a cylon," she sounds more disgusted and annoyed than anything else.

"Of course." Nope, no cancellation of the query. To the latter, there's a sort of shrug and a flicker of eyes towards Samtara. "I know there have been… studies into effective ways to identify them, but we don't have them yet. Knox identified her as one and she has not disagreed. I think I will be taking her down to the planet. That… well. That may be all the confirmation intel needs." Based on her experience with the Twelve. Which is on video. Lovely MP-worn GoPro video. As are all the interviews on record, if one were to go look them up. Like AARs, they were made accessible after Elias had reviewed them. "As for the entities-" Skyler looks to Samtara, almost apologetically. "Captain, were we able to force them to appear, we would. The one told me that they have been all around Sheridan all along and have just chosen not to show themselves. Unfortunately, in that regard, our hands are tied."

"If I may, I would like to observe that, and I'd like to have a chance to establish a physiological baseline for the detainee before the detainee has been taken down to the planet. We won't likely have another opportunity like this to do a proper study of any sort." Ariadne's tone is steeped in sudden, but slight alarm. NOOOOO JUST THINK OF THE SCIENCE! her inner child yells from her concerned eyes. "Yes, the accounts on the entities are clear that they are bound to something, or think they are, which I suppose makes it real enough if one is to believe that those entities are spectral," aka, if one believes in ghosts in the first place. Who would have thought, ghosts…bound to something…somewhere. "Has anyone compared and contrasted the incidents they did or did not appear? Well the times they didn't that might be of note."

Sam's tone of voice is one of careful, deliberate, and studied neutrality, "So all the personnel on planet, all the civilians that have been relocated to planet so that they are not actively in a war zone, have been living amongst these entities all along. My own parents are among the refugees on planet, Lieutenant, so I take this rather personally. Which, while not professional, and I'm well aware of the lack of professionalism that I am displaying, bothers me greatly. Short of relocating to yet another planet with another catalog list of other factors that could be just as disturbing, we're forced to deal with what Is in lieu of finding a new location and starting over." She shifts a glance toward Ariadne, frowns, "The incidents that did or did not appear? Please clarify that query, you lost me a bit there."

"I-" Skyler's jaw tightens, marginally. "I don't think Mercier is the right one for that. Any data you get pertaining to her line would be useless. She's a Three. The boxed models. The only one. More or less, she's just like us. She dies and even if she's near a resurrection facility, that's it. She's dead. And I don't- she has done nothing to make her a true criminal. We're just going through due process. I could certainly have her meet with you once we've processed what we need. Especially as it has already been decided she will be given a trial to determine her status as a Colonial and a psychological profile would be important, but I don't feel comfortable having her be a… test subject." There is a rise and fall of shoulders at the latter. "As far as I am aware, every time someone has gone to the ruins, they have been there. Only the Captain speaks, thus far. As for sightings in other areas, I'm not aware of any."

To Samtara, she tilts her head in a slight nod. "The second time I spoke with the Captain, she implied that some of our own are there. Something about…" Skyler looks down as she recalls. "…if we should fall, we would be welcome to join them and that some of ours already have. Whether there's truth to that or even the claim that they have been in the town- I have no way of knowing."

"If they have motives, they might be evident in who they find interest in or their interactions themselves. They might also be attuned to other factors…we're getting out of my depth here, though. We should chat theories later," Ariadne indicates to Sam with a sidelong look. "You don't have enough coffee or alchol on hand for that conversation and I doubt the Leutenant has the time." She shoots a gentle smile to Skyler, habitual, "She's unique. But if she can be affected by the planet, she's /not/ a datapoint I want to lose. It makes her even more important. A categorical bridge of sorts between physiology and psychology…I'm asking for no more than we've done with our own Marines. Nothing invasive." Her features shift, her head tilting with a measure of concern. "I'm afraid that maybe I miscommunicated, but it's not my intention to continue following ethical guidelines? And this could be vital to my research. As I said, we likely won't get another opportunity to do something like this on anyone who could possibly be 'awakened' as it's been described." She glances back towards Sam at the news that her family is down on Pireaus. That, is something she decides to, so to speak, stay on the sidelines.

"I believe we need to construct a sound proof room," Sam notes after a long moment of studying Skyler and trying, unsucessfully, to keep the look of horror off of her face. "A room layered in sound baffling tiles, possibly as far away from the active duty sections of the ship as possible. For the sole purpose of being able to close the door, spin the privacy dial and timer, and scream loudly enough that, were it not for the tiles, the sound might draw undue and possibly worried, if not armed, attention. I could use a room like that, right now. A screaming room. We could take time slots, make it a weekly or daily appointment sort of thing." Sam frowns then says, "Possibly a room that is padded for safety, as well. A rage and sound proof room," she finally clarifies. "I'm starting to see why weapons aren't allowed unless carried by MP's. I'm not a terribly good shot but there are days when I'd be willing to get a lot better at it." She rubs at the back of her neck with one hand and shares a long look with ariadne.

"We should loop Cooper into this dialog, to be honest. He doesn't have all the answers, but of all the models lines, save for the Nines and the Elevens, he's the one who actually puts shoulder to shoulder and fights alongside us day in and day out, despite the literal cost to himself and his model line. And," shifting slightly so that she's including both Ariadne and Skyler in her thought process, "as important as this Three may or may not be, I don't believe special treatment is deserved, personally. How long did she plan to hide in plain sight, how long did she plan to lie, how long did she plan to conceal and evade, how do we know that she had any intent to ever reveal herself, all are questions that require answers. And frankly, I not willing to trust her to use her skill set on our marines until I get some bloody answers," her tone has shifted past hard edged into anger. "She might die, she might not, but I can tell you for damn certain that our marines don't get the option to hit the recycle button if they get shot to shit. I understand," and she puts significant emphasis on this word, "that she has some vital role to play. So do all of us, and her life is not any more damned precious than any one, she isn't a .." she frowns, waves one hand, "phrase. What the hell is the phrase. Right. She isn't a special snowflake any more than anyone else and doesn't deserve to be treated as any more unique."

The look of horror is not missed, but Skyler doesn't offer much other than to listen as Samtara describes it and her need for such. There is a brief grimace at the mention of weapons, but no. She doesn't press. Nor call further attention to what she's said. It might be for the best right now. "I'll have her schedule a time with you. But… just remember, she's different from the other lines simply by being a Three. That's why I'm saying don't count on her for accurate data as it pertains to the rest. From what Knox told us," and is in the Cylon Intel Report that Elias keeps updated, "she was boxed due to a defect. We don't know what that defect is. She already behaves more human — much more — than the Twelve did. Honestly, I'd hope we get our hands on a Seven. Knox implied they may be working with the Twelve and if so, they're probably the next line to defect… but all we have is a rough description of them. No face yet."

"I've not spoken to Knox about the Three yet. I'd like to. But we had a long talk on Picon, while I was there. About… identity, mostly." There is a pause, a draw of mouth into a line. "I'm not saying she is. But to go so soon from wanting a fresh skinjob corpse to wanting to study her… It just comes across that you see her more as a science project than a person."

"That sounds like a lovely idea. I believe that's best achieved in the pool right now," Ariadne says with a little sigh, not quite as visibly moved as Sam, but for those who've gotten used to her, concern an expression she has on the regular. "There is /no/ private place on a ship," Ariadne laments the ever-truth…at least for their generation. "I don't want to base my medical decisions based on how someone else has lived their life…Please do not make assumptions on what my intentions are based on my style of communication. I mean what I say and I mean what I don't say. If I believed her to be a science experiment," Ariadne says with a deathly cold air. "I would have phrased it much more differently." She takes a breath and resets, "I would be more cautious to jump to such a conclusion among scientists," with a slightly more friendly warning. "We are trained to keep a certain distance from our subjects, but don't be so quick to mistake that as the end all be all. What you're insinuating is out of line and insulting. I'm not saying we're above that behavior…but it shouldn't be brought up lightly. Please."

"Well, you're not," Samtara admits with a tip of her head toward Ariadne, "I think I'm more inclined than not, but that's specifically aimed at collecting samples from the already deceased models that our marines encounter than aimed specifically at the Three. I'm not personally inclined toward thoughts of a homicidal bent," and Sam finishes her cup of coffee after saying this. "And I really have to work on my ability to handle being in water. All that floating skin cell and accumulated detrius, even with the chemicals in the water, it's unpleasant." She shifts from topic to topic without any genuine warning. "And privacy is also a thing of the past. The ability to go for days on end without interacting with another person, out of conscious choice, I don't imagine that's going to be an option any time in the coming months, hell, even the coming years. Some quiet time up here," she taps one fingertip against her forehead, "is a welcome respite. What pisses me off is that I'd started to enjoy time on Pireaus, as it is much less crowded, and the fresh air is welcome. Now I'm down to having to hop a raptor to Crandall to get fresh air, and I'd rather run the risk of getting shot at than running into some unknown entity on planet."

There's just an arch of brow as Skyler looks to Ariadne for a long period of time. She starts to say something, but seems to think twice on it. Instead, she looks to Samtara. "Anything further I learn about that Five, I'll let you know." As for Crandall, she manages a brief sort of smile. "If it helps, the Air Base is rather secure. I'd just not roam too far outside of it." Not that the MPs are too keen on allowing such things anyway. The woman steps back then, turning on her good leg. "I'll leave you both to your work." And she's heading out. Perhaps she spotted a clock and has somewhere else to be.

Silence on the matter seems to suit Ariadne just fine. She relaxes into the next moment with unsettling ease, as if filing away the moment to process at a different time. Her eyes immediately shift towards Sam and she nods. "Lieutenant. I'll try to grab you sometime this week for lunch if you're up for it." For those who rarely have time to do such things, it really is more of a break from the norm. Onces Skyler has left, she turns to Sam and says, "When you have a moment to spare, 15 minutes, I'd like to talk to you, but I have to go check in on some patients." She grabs her black folder and then starts to check back in with the nursing staff.

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