AWD #518: Three's A Crowd
Three's A Crowd
Summary: Kelsey and Toby attempt a private conversation, which Niamh stumbles onto.
Date: 20/11/2016
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Deck Storage - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Taking any one of five elevators down to the below decks brings the individual to a heavily armored storage area. There are not any sprinklers here, though. Large, ominous vent shafts travel to the side of the pod and will open once the call is made from Damage Control in CIC or by the Deck Chief. The reason is that this area serves as the munitions and ordnance storage for the Vipers, Raptors, and Predators. Pallets of bombs, missiles, guns, bullets, and every type of deliverable munition in between is stored below decks, as well as the extra parts of all the aircraft aboard. Cameras monitor this area and the only access, outside the elevators, are sets of hatchways which are guarded at all hours by Marines.
AWD #517

It's that time of the month again, the survey of the ship's fire fighting equipment. The damage control teams from engineering might get most of the ship, but the leg work on deck belongs to the survival system techs. Being the junior-most Toby has the stores, those caverns full of 'stuff' where no one usually stays for more than a few minutes. Ticking an EEBD off his list after a quick check of the pressure and casing he eyes the deck plan and considers if it's the hose reels at the end of the hand tool isle next, or the CO2 extinguisher by the PPE. Decisions, decisions.

Squeak squeak squeak squeak. It’s one of the handcarts used by personnel to move something larger than could be carried in arms, but too small for a forklift. Kelsey pushes the orange flatbed down the row and turns the corner to see Toby about ten feet away. She has a few boxes of fuel injectors and a junked fuel cell from a Viper. A coil of rubber piping. The woman is in her green dungarees and looks bored until she sees Toby. Her face lights up into a smile as she squeaks on closer. "Meeeeester Shackleton," she greets playfully, in a whisper, assuming they are alone for the second. But never know who he might be down here with.

Toby eyes Kelsey, eyes the contents of the flatbed, then eyes Kelsey again. "You know they revoked your certs when you defected upstairs right?" he greets jovially, "or is this some weird airwing prank that I want to know nothing about, raptor versus viper?" Ditching the clipboard on the nearest shelf he pockets his pen then casually folds his arms, "recovered from the hangover I take it?"

Kelsey pushes the flatbed handcart to a stop beside him and cocks a hip out as she leans on the handrail. There's her own sort of knowing smile there as well. "This is for a missile, thank you very much, and I'm not touching anything! I'm just signing out from ships stores. It's gonna be next level sexy. If I don't blow myself up." She laughs a little. Toby can see that her smile seems much brighter since her birthday. There's that positive energy back around her. For once she really looks like she is just fine. "Yeah, hangover from the birthday wasn't fun. Luckily the rest of the birthday was." She reaches out a hand, finger playfully tapping him on the chest as only a lover might. "You are a tiger, sir. You made that everything I wanted. I only felt about fifty stone lighter afterwards." She waggles her brows but its easy to see she is casual about it with her own hand resting back on the cart's pushrail.

"No blowing yourself up," Toby replies with a faint frown, "wouldn't do to do the cylon's work for them." Then his expression lightens again, "I forbid it, do you hear me, no boom." Shifting round so he too can lean against the side of Kelsey's handcart he raises an eyebrow at the tap to his chest, then smiles in that tolerant way that older siblings often do to their younger counterparts. Lifting one gloved hand he feints confusion, makes a paw shape and gives a questioning "grrr?", before dropping his hand again and smiling. "I'm glad it worked for you, it certainly worked for me." Then, since he has her rapt attention he asks, "you mind if I bounce a quandary past you by the way? Nothing that’s going to come back to bit you, just maybe me."

"I'll do my best, Commander Toby. Can't go disobeying orders like that." Kelsey's voice sounds light and friendly. Happy, even. There's a lightness to her that's been notably absent for some time. The Grr gets a scrunched face and a honest giggle out of her and she sighs, leaning to the side as she watches him. "Definitely. And I wouldn't mind doing that again. So you just keep that in mind and if you're thinking the same thing, leave me a note or come find me." Kelsey smiles sweetly, twisting touch at the hips and putting on her best 'Im cute, damnit!' face for him. But she doesn't push the topic and transitions smoothly to his next point. "Sure thing. You know I'm good for it. What's the cheese?" she asks, still looking every bit as friendly, just a little less personal to a single end.

Stupid people who can't make sure that they have all the right parts for a job is what has Niamh coming down into the depths of the stores, in search of said parts. She's mumbling softly under her breath as she makes her way through the stacks and shelves, as usual, not really paying a /whole/ lot of attention to where she's going. Though thus far she's managed not to actually walk into anything today, but is still sporting a new scrape on her chin, freshly cleaned and still a little red from the scrubbing it got, because dirty grease and open injuries are not friends. Familiar voices draw her attention, but their owners as yet still hidden by a few crates of things, and a shelf that she needs to stop at anyway, blinking down at the list in her hand.

"Commander?" Toby replies with full on mock horror, "are you suggesting I'm an.. an.. Officer? Please, I have -some- standards." His own gait is relaxed, possibly even ranking as high as cheerful as he leans next to Kelsey. "Again? Not sure I'm recover4ed yet from the last time," he notes with an amused grin, "we're not all as young as you, you know, I might not have the stamina." By which he means 'sure, why not', "same goes the other way mind, if required." Then, engrossed in the conversation and not noting the arrival in the vicinity of Niamh he addresses his quandary. "You know I've been looking for a place to use as a Mithraeum? Well, I think I've found a place, up in the hills, but not too far so as to make it an inconvenient hike. Only problem is, when I looked at the rock, I reckon I can see tool marks, meaning it's a mine, not a cave. Now, there's nothing left in there, it's entirely cleaned out, but half of me reckons I should tell Dr Thanos, but the other half points out that if I did it'd likely get turned into a new site for the archaeologists and I wouldn't be allowed anywhere near it."

Kelsey leans her head back and gives another throaty laugh, but keeps her voice low so it doesn't carry. Though given how close Niamh is, there's no question the other deckie in the room can hear it. "I know, right? One day they'll figure out I'm just an imposter and toss me back down here." Kelsey's whole face glows happily, though. "Oh, well, if that's the case then maybe afterwards next time I should take some time to make sure you feel extra good. Or maybe before. Hmm. Limber is good." She looks him over a moment, finger tapping her lips with a playful smile. In the end, though, she tilts her head another way and this /also/ does seem to interest her, but to Niamh it doesn't quiet sound like Kelsey is a Mithrain, but she has some keen interest. Possibly because she cares about Toby? Interest in the religion? "Whoa. Yeah, no, don't tell anyone. Unless your Captain friend shows up there and tells you that it’s a gift to fleet command again, you need to keep that to yourself, hon. They shut down everything they find relating to the Piraeans. And, well, I get it. They are afraid of pissing off the original residents and their ghosts. Given what they did to Shepherd? I don't blame command." Ghosts executing people is a little.. unnerving. "Tobes, you need a place for yourself and the Chapel isn't exactly the best bet for you. I think you should keep this for yourself and whomever else you're taking out there."

Of course, butterfingers over here behind the stacks. Niamh's attention is completely caught by Toby's words. She might not know a whole lot about religion but she's passingly familiar with most. Blink. The packet of bolts in her hand slips and she fumbles for it, but doesn't quite manage to catch it before it clatters to the floor. Loudly. <Frak….> Niamh curses softly, but then, she's not given to raising her voice much so that's not surprising, as she scrambles to pick up all the bolts before they vanish forever into the depths of the storeroom, never to be seen again. Whacking her head on the edge of the shelf in the process, though that doesn't seem to slow her scramble down much as the conversation is temporarily forgotten in the OCD-driven need to make sure every piece is accounted for.

"Just me," Toby answers with a faint one shouldered shrug, "statistically there might be others amongst the fleet, or the Minoans, but I've not found any yet." This seems to trouble him, what with the focus on close communities in the faith, but he doesn't give voice to those precise reasons. The mention of the Captain gets a grin though and he just shakes his head slowly, "she's not shown up there yet. I guess I could ask her next time I see her mind, but no sign of her or her's yet." He's just breathing in to continue when the clatter is heard and he freezes, genuinely freezes for a second or two before he's pushing himself upright and turning sharply towards the sound, body tense.

Kelsey nods slowly, seemingly fine with having abandoned the rest of the line of discussion. She said what she wanted to. But she also knows how important his beliefs are to him so there's no concern with a focus there. "Statistically, sure. But you've also probably talked to one or two who just were shy about it. Have you tried anonymous posts? Like leave a note posted up and tell people to mail you if they are hiding their beliefs. No names unless they want to. At the very least it might give you some goo-" there's the clatter and she stops. Her eyes go wide. Wow, they'd been talking about some pretty private stuff. She clears her throat and takes a few steps back to look around the wall of crates to peer through a low-stack. "Niamh" she mouths to Toby.

Must. Get. Every. Bolt. Niamh is like a bloodhound, seeking out all the errant bits and gathering them up, mumbling under her breath as her green eyes scan under the shelf, gloved hand reaching out, feeling around for what she's looking for. But freezes as she sees Kelsey's boots. There's a pause, a mad confusion of indecision warring with the obsessive need to find those bolts. The OCD wins out, at least momentarily as her fingers inadvertently brush against the part. Snatching it up, she scoots backwards too quickly and bumps into the crate behind her with a thump. Quickly counting and pushing all the bolts back into their bag, then closing it securely as she pushes to her feet. And since she wasn't /actually/ being an eavesdropper on purpose, she slides out from behind the stack to face Kelsey and Toby. Though, she's careful to stay well out of reach, and the Crewman can't quite keep the guilty look off her face, even though she didn't /technically/ do anything wrong. That guilt mixed in with a healthy dose of fear, like there might be some painful retribution for hearing a conversation that was clearly private…

Niamh. Well, that’s something at least. Toby relaxes a fraction, but that's not to say that he's still not noticeably tense. "Callaghan," he greets dryly, he's trying to sound calm and natural but fails on just about every level. It then takes him a few breaths before he can formulate into words the question that's careering round his skull, "how long have you been down here?"
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Kelsey takes a step back as Niamh comes out from her aisle on the other side. The Lieutenant is in her green dungarees but looks a little more ashen than normal. The pins are apparently forgotten considering the topics of conversation. Mithras isn't exactly a friendly topic for a lot of people for a variety of reasons. Nor is the explicit frat of an officer and enlisted. Kels glances to Toby and lets him take the lead on this one, not about to make a leap here. She's been the cool-headed pilot and seeing how this unfolds.

Niamh looks between Kelsey and Toby, eyes wide, blinking once. "Uh… well… um…" Her mouth opens and closes a few times and she shifts restlessly on her feet, like she can't decide whether to stay put or run like hell. "I just came down to get some things, I didn't know.. I mean, I heard you, but…Then the packet fell and the bolts went everywhere and I didn't mean to hear. I just did but I won't tell anyone." Her already thickly accented Standard is even worse when she's speaking quickly. Finishing with a flinch that makes her step back. "Promise I won't. I don't care.. Really…I mean you do what you do. That's okay. Everyone does…" The Crewman looks like she's prepping herself for a beating or something, gloved fingers crawling into the folds over her coveralls, shoulders hunching forward.

Toby given the reaction from his fellow knuckledragger Toby flips instinctively into their native Tauran. Sorry Kelsey. «Steady. I'm not going to hurt you, and the Lieutenant won't either, I just need to know how much you heard.» His tone is serious, but he's keeping stern out of it as best he can in the hope she'll relax a little, «please Callaghan, just tell me, and do you need a hand with the bolts by the way, or did you get them all?» FOD is a serious concern after all, even down here.

Kelsey hears the unfamiliar language but knows what it is right away. Her eyes move between the two, clearly not understanding a word being spoken. Her hands hang by her side but there seems no intent to attack. But seeing Niamh react that way seems to flip a switch in Kelsey. Blinkblink. Kelsey clearly wants to go over and do something to comfort her. The pilot has been there too many times. Abused and beaten down, waiting for another hit. The look on her face goes to one of concern.

Niamh focuses on Toby when he speaks in their native language. She blinks at him a couple times, «Nothing… I mean, just something about you not being recovered from the last time and that you found something that might be a mine and you want to use it as a temple for your faith. Which is cool. I mean, better than it being excavated for science or something.» Even her Tauran is still fast, like she's trying to get everything out in one breath. «But I won't…I mean… you two are… it's fine. I'm glad. Just um… be careful. That's all. I won't say anything.» She bites her lip, and while she still shifts a little from one foot to the other, the tension in her shoulders at least eases some…

Toby almost asks 'the last time what?' but figures if Niamh isn't being specific she likely isn't sure, or didn't pick on exactly what, and he'll take that. He nods slowly along with the rest and forces himself to outwardly relax, even if the adrenalin is still very much pumping. «It's okay Callaghan, really, it's okay, just yeah, please, keep it to yourself. I've had enough shit over the years to know that not everyone is open to the idea that others might not believe in their Gods and rituals.» That said he drops back to standard, remembering that Kelsey isn't fluent, "it's okay." He half wants to offer her some form of physical reassurance, a hug, but then he's a big man who has a reputation for using his fists, so figures it's safer to just keep his ground and not startle her.

Kelsey watches, but her eyes are mostly on Niamh and her own concern there. When Toby finally flips back, though, she glances to him before approaching the female crewman. Kelsey reaches an upturned hand out in front of her as if offering it to be taken. "Come on. Its okay, hon. If I'm gonna be breaking rules, its going to be so I can have fun or help people. Not hurt people like you, doll."

Niamh lifts one shoulder in a slight shrug, now that they're not so tense. "Other people's business is other people's business. I um… well… it doesn't pay to get involved… I mean, that's not what I mean. Just um… well, sort of. I've just learned not to get involved with other folks business." Probably painfully. She eyes Kelsey's offered hand and after a moment, untangles one of her own from where it's knotted in her coveralls, and reaches out, taking the Officer's hand for a moment and giving it a quick, tentative squeeze. "It's fine.. I mean… you do what you do." If nothing else, Niamh is a rule-follower to the enth degree, or at least tries her very best to be that. "I should um… probably finish picking up what I need and let you two… um… carry on…." So she probably picked up more than what she said, but she's holding true to her word and not getting involved.

Toby watches the interaction between the lasses carefully, silently. There is a moment when he imagines what might happen were he ever to meet anyone who'd ingrained that reaction into Niamh, but they're likely dead, so he doesn’t dwell on the thoughts of the violence that would ensue. "I'll see you topside soon," he notes to her, "only got a few more things to check on the audit, then it's onto whatever the Chief has in plan next." Nothing is yet said to Kelsey, but he does move back towards where he'd stashed his clipboard.

Kelsey squeezes the hand in reply and nods. There isn't much she can say to Niamh right now. They have other things they need to get done together. So when Niamh moves off, Kelsey watches her go before her eyes move back to Toby. She watches his movements before takes a few slow steps back towards him. "I hate that she reacts like I used to. I want to find the motherfrakker that ingrained that response. And when I find him, I want a length of pipe," she sighs to herself, standing beside him as she looks to the cart.

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