MD #141: Three Candles
Three Candles
Summary: Lleufer seeks out Randy to talk to her about Clara's death.
Date: Tue 29/Aug/2017 (OOC Date)
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Obs Deck, then Chapel, Deck 3, Battlestar Orion
The Obs Deck is one of the more quiet areas on the ship where people can come to get away from the hustle and bustle that goes with the rest of service in the fleet. The front of the room is a very large armored glass window to allow a dominating view of whatever is out ahead of the battlestar. Seats rise up at even levels, plush chairs and couches provided for the crew to relax in. During Condition One an armored plate is lowered down to cover the view and prevent the room from becoming a hazard and sealing it tight.
Wed 14/Mar/2029 (IC Date)

Lleufer quietly arrives. He steps through the hatch and into the Observation Deck. He's still in uniform but the top few buttons of his uniform shirt have been undone and his sleeves rolled up to bare his forearms, clearly marking him as going off duty but hasn't gone and changed yet. Ynyr glances around to see who else is in here and has a tall glass of iced tea in hand from the Mess Hall. As it happens, he's looking for a certain Lieutenant and catching sight of some Arpay ears that look like may belong to her, the Master-at-Arms adjusts his course to intercept.

Randy is still in her blues, but she's already off duty. She's slumped down in a chair facing the view. She could be doing anything at all. Dozing, though by the looks of it she certainly isn't smoking a joint or drinking anything. A flask or bottle is nowhere to be seen. When Llefuer gets to her, maybe she's sleeping? It's unclear and sure would be an awkward way to fall asleep. She's slumped a little, eyes closed, perfectly still. She doesn't look dead either.

Oh. Lleufer stops when he realizes that Randy may be asleep. So, he looks around and finds a place to set his iced tea down and then he leaves for a few minutes to pass out of the Observation Deck. In a short time he comes back and takes a seat a little ways away where he might not disturb her, but he has something he settles into his lap. It is a guitar of all things, one Randy will have seen a few times over the years back on Piraeus and gotten to hear Lleu play before. Softly, he begins to finger the strings and think about what he might like to play, and then he settles into an old favorite that in this time, can't help but be poignant. A song of his beloved Piraeus (to the tune and similar words to 'Oh Shenandoah'). Softly Lleu's baritone takes up the words to sing along, but he keeps the volume low and muted so not to rouse Randy too easily. A song of rivers and mountains near to Sheridan.

The soft notes begin to drift into Randy's projection like an inadvertant secret weapon. Randy is in the middle of a rowboat on its way out to an island. She's busy mindlessly rowing when the song begins to reach her. It's clearly inviting to her, but it begins to spur some painful memories too as her mind skips between recent events, what Pireaus has become and what it once was. Her eyes flutter open, escaping all of that only to be confronted by something real. "Lleu," she croaks a little and clears her throat. "Hey. Sorry. I didn't know anyone else was here."

The sound of his name makes him glance up and over in her direction where she's nestled back there. The words he was singing die off to fade but his hands continue to play softly. Lleufer smiles a little, "I thought I would play real softly and maybe not wake you." The last notes trail off as well and he studies her, though he's not very close, "Since you are awake, may I join you? I hoped to talk to you a little, but there's no rush."

"No worries. I wasn't awake. Just meditating." Randy shrugs, offering a fleeting smile. "It's a nice way to come out of it. Much better than someone tripping over me or yelling in my ear, though sometimes those don't work." Her attention drifts into a melancholic stare between sentences. "Of course. What's up?"

The Gunny picks up his tea and guitar to come over and take a seat much closer. Tea glass is set on the low table next to the chair and the guitar is resettled into his lap. Lleu looks at her and keeps his voice real low. "Mostly, I wanted to see how you are doing. I hear you and Clara were real close." He licks his lips and lets out a sigh, "So, I've been kind of worried about you. We've been friends a long time. You're kind of like a sister to me, these days. So, your 'brother' knows you are hurt'n and … I doubt I can help, but I want to try."

Randy leans forward and scrubs her fingers through her hair before straighten up again with a sigh. "Aye. We were. For longer than most know," but she doesn't seem inclined to get into it, maybe because she was married not too long ago? Maybe because none of it seems important now. She doesn't explain herself. "I'm just trying to do my job, be not the shitiest mother. I just had to let my little girl know her mom and I are divorced. I figure the best thing I can do is not tell her I'm mourning for the woman I left her mum for and do my job." She clearly /clearly/ sees Lleu the same way. Randy isn't the one to normally let down her privacy walls everywhere so frankly with strangers. "Can I have a sip of your tea? It looks really good and I'm not even sure how long I've been sitting here for." She smacks her parched mouth softly.

"Of course you can." Lleu reaches for his tea he's hardly touched yet and leans over to give it to Randy. It's not sweatened but if there is any frozen but genuine lemon to be had in the Mess, there's a sliver of it added. "Well, Clara wasn't the easiest person to get along with, though I got along with her fine myself. I'm glad if you were able to bring her some happiness." Ynyr continues to keep his baritone plenty low enough not to carry. Idly he picks out a few notes on the guitar softly, "I wouldn't write her off just yet though. She might show back up. I hear the Cylon were moving two resurrection ships to give to us, and … we don't know that the Skath don't also have something within range of Piraeus, even if nothing situated on it." The latter option however could be real tricky and dangerous if Clara popped up amongst them.

"I'm trying not to, but apparently," Randy pauses to take a sip of Lleufer's tea. The faintest smile forms for such a simple pleasantry. Then she hands it back over. "Thanks. Anyways, apparently the skinjobs are all busy debating the finer points of whether they should resurrect right now. I'm not sure that Clara is really on the forefront of their minds." There's a sour, dark look that takes over Randy at the thought. "If the Skath had something, she's better off dead. I don't think it was her life's dream to become a Cleric," she says with a dark laugh, obviously not thinking Lleu meant that at all, but taking advantage of the subtle semantics of their conversation. "If she's a Cleric. I'd have to end things for her. It's what she wanted….so…" so she's clearly trying to prepare herself for anything. "I just don't know why they haven't tried to get her back yet!" Randy's smart, and although she's good at thinking outside the box in a close-looped scenario, there's a reason she's an EOD and people like Lleu are in security. She's a cowgirl.

Lleufer takes a sip of the tea himself and sets the glass where they can share it if Randy wants another drink. "Clara's smart. If she resurrected among the Skath, and if she could keep anything of her own mind in doing it, she could keep low. More likely she's alive and well back on Piraeus and she'll find a way to go to ground. She's smart. I don't think there is any going back for her anytime soon though. Going to need to let the bee hive we whipped up settle down for a while. But," Ynyr holds up a finger, "If she's alive, the Ys'rali would look out for her, Randy. I think you are forgetting about them. I have a hunch that she's alive and will only have to bide her time a while. I haven't given up on her." Lleu watches her, "She saved my life not long ago. Did you know that? A cleric /somehow/ managed to sneak up on me. Gods only know how I didn't sense his heart beat up in those mountains on Calumet. I was too focused on the fire fight we were in, but Clara seemingly shot right /at/ me and hit him."

Lleufer adds low, "Right before he put his hand out and could have touched my leg."

"Lleu. I hear you, I do…but…Not long after Clara passed, Kelsey came to visit me while I was projecting. She showed me Clara's death. She showed me all of the ghosts that witnessed it. They buried her body on the ridge. The truth is, that doesn't bode well. I heard they did the same thing for Kelsey when she passed over. Why would Kelsey show me that if she wasn't really gone? What good would it do? Wescott said it was so that I could find peace." Randy looks down and sighs, her eyes haunted by the memory she stepped into, the blood, the damage, Clara's last words. "I hope you're right. I hope she's okay, but the more I sit here…the more…I can't just sit here you know? If she is out there, if she can be revived or has been revived? We need to go get her. Not in two weeks from now. Now now. The longer she's away from us, the more chance she'll be frakked." She nods softly as he brings the memory of Calumet to bear. "The ambush. We were flanked by that last skinjob. I remember." She takes a deep breath. "She's saved a lot of us over the years. We owe her a lot…more than…than this." Presumably she means their response? But Randy isn't exactly the clearest of jarheads.

She can see that Lleu is taken aback. His mouth opens, then closes. He waits to hear her out and his hands have quieted on the strings. "I'm sorry, Randy. I didn't know." He frowns and looks down at the deck. "If the ghosts of friends showed you that view then I would believe them. Nor do I think they would show you that if she had been resurrected either. They'd know if she was alive and went to another body. The Ys'rali would know." He leans closer and lays a hand on Randy's knee and watches her closely. A slow nod, "She won't be forgotten, but now … I guess by what you've just said, there's nothing to go back for. Even if she did resurect, we'd have no way to know /where/." He shakes his head, "But no, if Kesley's vision was real, they'd not show that to you if she had."

"I'm fairly certain it was real. Seemed like a memory of sorts." Randy feels more familiar with such things these days. She inhales deeply and nods. "That's what I thought. They'd know. Maybe Kelsey didn't want to tell me outright. I get that, especially if she wanted peace for me." Her eyes drop sadly, hollow. She takes a deep breath and tries to keep her emotions in check as a wave of it hits her. "I promised her I'd find her children, so there's that at least. I guess," she skips around, "I guess her brothers and sisters think she's dead too. Oh gods." One hand reaches up to grip her hair and the other goes down to Lleu's. "I chewed out Rance so hard. I shouldn't have said those things. I said horrible things to him…I just-" As repentant as she sounds, there's a deep stubborn part of her that doesn't want to accept that the Three is truly dead. "You know it's frakking horrible. I /literally/ see her face everywhere." Threes are especially prevalent in Medical, and no Marine escapes Medical. "Lleu I don't think I can let it go if I don't try everything."

Seeing Randy grip her hair like that, like she might start ripping it out? That moves him. The guitar is set aside quickly and he shifts to sit right down beside her and put an arm around Randy. Damn it, he can feel the pain and hurt rolling off of her, feel some of it himself. Gently but firmly he gives her shoulders a squeeze and she can lean against him if she wants to. "Rance will understand. Don't you worry about him." Lleu tries to rub Randy's arm, "It's going to take time. /If/ she's still out there somewhere, we'll find her. But, sometimes … you … just going to have to wait and see. Same with Bennett and me. We do not know if our eldest son, Sean, is dead or alive. Viper pilot on Picon? He's probably dead, Randy. I know that. But I can't give up on him. Maybe I can't go looking for him on Picon any time soon either. I have to suck it and wait. So does Bennett, but it doesn't mean we have abandoned him, either."

Randy's frame is tense to start when Lleu touches her and it takes her some time to ease, but she does. She nods at Lleu's reassurance about Rance, wanting to believe it. Her eyes widen when Lleu mentions his eldest son, no doubt reminding her of her youngest, who is also still missing. "I'm sorry. At least Julian was still a civilian," though she's not sure that means much either. She nods softly, eyes cast down as she realizes she was preoccupied enough with Clara's death that her son's whereabouts, his wellbeing slipped her mind…again. "How is your son? The one you recovered? I heard you got one back?" she looks hopeful for some good news for her friends, her family.

Lleufer tries to give Randy some comfort, like family should. Been friends a long time. "Llewellyn's fine. A little … disoriented, what with having been in stasis for years. He's about 20 now. Still wants to join the CMC so I gave him my blessing but warned him, they'll almost certainly assign him to another ship. So that like with Shay, Bennett and I won't have all our eggs in one basket so to speak. Not sure if he'll go MP or not. He had his eye for trying out for Special Forces if he could make it, but I couldn't even tell him if … the Fleet will still be doing that sort of thing anymore. Everything is kind of up in the air right now." A slow breath, "So I told him to go and speak with his mother and make sure he still had her blessings before he signed the papers. Though, he's old enough to make his own desicions now." Lleu tilts his head over to better see Randy's face, "Do you have news of Julian, Rowan, any of them? I was laid up in sickbay and .. a lot of the news escaped me initially."

Bennett slips onto the obs deck with a mug of tea in hand. She's in her offduties, which is rare enough, and her hair is pulled into a haphazard ponytail. One that barely brushes her shoulders - she's taken the liberty of chopping a few inches off, fairly recently too. A smile when she spots the pair of marines, though she doesn't waltz right in on their conversation just yet; instead, she wanders toward the armoured glass at the front of the room, and gazes out at the starfield. Near enough to overhear snippets of conversation without being awkward.

"I'm glad….and that's a good idea. Not having them all on the Orion…and that you're having him get her blessing I mean. I'm sure he'll make a fine Marine. I bet he's twice the man you are already," Randy teases with a soft, if still sad smile. Randy nods. "Aye. One of the ghosts told me they were both alive. Apparently her ghost guardian made an exception for her even though she was so old. I got lucky. She's 21 now and she has it in her head she wants to become a pilot like her mum. So she's still here on the Orion, training. Had to tell her about Ellie and I splitting up. We were trying to do it, then all that shite with the core went down. Julian..wasn't among the children. Rowan said he didn't make it in time. He was on Leonis studying computers or something at university apparently, so I'm not sure what happened to him." She looks over at Bennett when she hears someone on the approach, straigtening up a little, but relaxing again when she sees who it is. "Bennett. You don't have to be a stranger. I was just asking after Llewllyn. Seems we both got one back. I'm glad."

Someone else can't help but notice his wife's arrival and Lleu gives her a soft smile, then his attention goes back to listening to Randy. "We are very fortunate to have two of ours with us, but they are both military and share the same dangers we do. If Sean is still alive out there somewhere, we'll find him. Some how. And you'll find Julian, if he's still alive." Another last squeeze of Randy's shoulders, then Lleufer reaches for the tall glass of tea they'd been sharing. His other hand lightly pats the couch they are sitting on to invite Bennett to join them. Quietly he says, "Randy and I were discussing Clara, first. Try'n to look out for each other, you know."

When it's clear the discussion concerns their children, Bennett's expression tightens a fraction. Randy may not spot it, but Lleu certainly will. "I do not want to intrude," she observes softly, with an apologetic smile to Randy. Nonetheless, she steps in closer and takes a seat next to the Gunny. Sips her tea. "We talked last night, in the mess," she says of Llewellyn. "He did not mention wishing to enlist." Her amber eyes linger on her husband a few moments, then drift back to Randy. "I will guard your daughter with my life," is not spoken lightly. The same, of course, goes for the rest of her squadron. Her baby birds.

"Clara who?" Bennett mentions after a moment, looking like the name rings a bell but she can't quite place it.

"Mine too now. So I guess we're all in the same boat. At least I can sort of keep an eye on Michael and maybe Ellie can keep an eye on Rowan." Though it's not like either of them can apply any favoritism or anything. "Please. You aren't intruding," Randy tries to say graciously as she straightens up a little, immediately reacting to that Virgan presence like a trigger. Her demeanor shifts and she takes a deep breath, not looking up when Clara's name is first mentioned, but only as Bennett speaks about her son. Bennett's pledge causes Randy to blink, eyes softening slightly. "Thank you. If I have a chance to do the same…" she says in return. More opportunistic, but no less earnest. "She was a Three. The one who woke up her Line…She didn't make it back on the Piraeus mission," Randy says tightly.

Lleufer adds low after Randy speaks of Clara, "She was formerly a Corpsman in the last war. I've known her quite a while. Then she became my boss in the CMC so to speak, working with Penta. Lieutenant Piers. She wasn't … terribly social." Understatement. "But she was still a friend, and she is missed." Now Randy no longer looks like she's about to rip her hair out and hurting as much as before, Lleu slips his other arm around his wife's shoulders. But he is keeping an eye on Flynn.

Sit straight, legs crossed, eyes demure. Things drilled into the mind of a Virgan girl from a young age, and yet years in the military have tarnished Bennett's decorum slightly. She never crosses her legs. And she likes to look people in the eye, chin up, like she's daring them to argue with her. "Thank you, is enough. There is no need to reciprocate." The shift in Randy's demeanor, though, does not go unnoticed. "I am sorry." The words are soft. "There is a memorial wall set up, in the chapel, I think. One of the sisters will usually say a prayer, if you are.. willing." There's a slight lean into Lleu as she sips her tea, still watching Randy.

"Yeah well I wanted to," Randy says as if Bennett will just have to deal with it. Though as Lleu goes on talking about Clara, Randy's eyes drift down to the side. A deep melancholy the EOD can't hide (not after speaking with Lleu) washes over her. She reaches out to take his ice tea again and steals a sip, putting it back as if no one should be the wiser even though everyone is. It hangs around. "Thank you. I should probably do something for her…" Her thumb grazes over the edge of her new tattoo at her knuckles. Not exactly regulation…as in not at all. It's still swollen, but healing. "I'm…I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable there alone. Would one of you come with me? I mean if you don't want to I understand. I just…" It's not like she can ask Elena.

The Gunny shifts his left hand back to lay it on Randy's knee again, "I'll come. I've been going to the Chapel a bit more regularly myself than I ever used to do." Lleu glances aside to Bennett, then back to Flynn, "While I'm not so sure how much I still believe in the Lords and Lady's of Kobol, I have been thinking of our sons a lot lately, and people we left behind generally. And all the strange things we've seen, and ghosts of friends who have gone ahead before us. So… I guess, in some ways I'm a little more religious than I used to be, but in a new way." Thinking on that same line of thought, sort of, Lleu looks back to Bennett, "I think I'm also going to get a new tat I hadn't told you about yet. Of the mountains with a sun coming up, like the peaks that rose up behind our cabin on Piraeus." No mention though how that symbol of mountains and sun is also an emblem associated with Mithras. Wouldn't Toby be livid?

Bennett smiles a little when Lleufer mentions his renewed interest in faith. For her part, she still wears the symbol of Dionysus in one ear - despite how tricky that must have been, with her arpay modifications. "You.. are going to have to tell me more about that later," she muses, and nods for him to go. A glance at Randy's hand, and the fresh ink that hasn't even begun scabbing over yet, but she doesn't comment on it. Instead: "Clear skies, Flynn." She smiles, and eases back against the couch with a bit of a faraway look in her eyes.

"Clara didn't believe in the gods and all I ever did for Hermes was just kind of a crossing my fingers sort of thing," but still, something about doing something reverant for the Three feels right and it shows on Randy's face. There's an earnestness there she's never had before when it came to anything religious. "I don't really know of anyone else to recommend," Randy says after she lets Lleu share his moment with his wife, "But Miri did my tattoo for me. It's not as complicated as mountains and stuff, but I think she's pretty capable." Three simple chevrons are staggered in a flying V formation across her knuckles and a deep blue color. The whole tattoo idea of Lleu's possibly pissing off the deckhand goes right over the Aquarian's head. "Thanks Lleu, yeah, I'd like that. You think it'd still be okay if I wasn't like…a regular chapel goer?" She looks to both of them, but mostly Lleu since Bennett seems to be in her own reverie.

Lleufer leans over and gently presses his brow against Bennett's for a second. His hand idly strokes her hair and his brows knit with a hint of his distraction at realising that his wife has cut her hair shorter. Noooo! But, now she's returned to wearing flight suit helmets, it probably makese sense. He gives her a nod and gets up from the couch, "Of course it's all right. The Chapel is there for all of us to use whether we are regular goes or only show up once in our lives. I don't go to services. That wierds me out a bit too much, but I go there sometimes to burn a candle. Or I come here, to the Obs Deck, to offer up a prayer if I feel the desire. Where I can /see/ the stars, if I can't get out beneath the sky." He picks up his guitar and his glass of tea they have drunk half of already. He finishes off the tea and sets the glass on the side board and waits for Randy so they can go together.

He adds low, "Miri's been working on some drawings for my tat. I hadn't decided if I was going to get it on my right upper arm or over my back, yet." There's a glance at Bennett as she too rises and slips off, her mind clearly on her duties.

"Okay," Randy reaches up to rub the back of her neck as she's apt to do. It's a gesture that hasn't left her after so many years. She finally pushes up on her feet. "You should have her lay it out, see which placement you like most. I mean it's got to go with your body too right?" Randy really has no clue. She just got her first tattoo and she's turning fifty this year. "Well how would you get it if it were over your arm?" she asks as they move out. She holds the hatch open for Lleufer, but likely ends up having to step through first herself, and she does so before he can insist. Pre-emptive! After that, she's following Lleu's lead, because she's not even sure if she remembers where the Chapel is.

"I'd get it here, if I got it on my arm." He taps his upper right arm on the outside right below his shoulder, "To balance the CMC tat I have on my left upper arm from years ago when I first joined the Corps. Or across the back of my shoulders, though then nobody would probably ever see it except for Bennett, or if I was using the pool." The Chapel isn't far at all. Lleufer leads the way through the ship's corridor to the correct hatch, which is labeled, then opens it for Randy to go on in and he'll come along with her. Lleu carries his guitar in his left hand.

"Well, and everyone in the barracks or at the head, but it's not like anyone who doesn't want to get socked in the mouth is really going to be staring long enough to appreciate the beauty of it." This is good for the little Marine officer. Being with friends. The effect on her is obvious even if it might feel short-lived later. She follows after Lleu and helps close the hatch behind them so Lleu doesn't have to wrestle with it given his guitar in hand. She immediately quiets up once inside.


Chapel, Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion

The chapel is one of the few quiet places to be found on a battlestar. Even rarer still, it's one of the few places that doesn't look like it's part of a battlestar. Heavy blue curtains have been hung from the walls, obscuring the bulkheads. The lights are kept low, adding a certain mystery and gravitas to the space. The central altar is made of a pale grey wood, as are the several rows of pews which extend from it. The ceiling is still constructed of heavy oak beams as support with the flat face airbrushed to a blue and white. Laid against the far right wall is a long, low table with several rows of simple white votive candles to be used as vigil lights. Centered among them is a brass plate for burnt offerings from supplicants. Several cushions rest on the floor before the table, where the faithful may kneel to offer their prayers to the Lords and Ladies of Kobol. On the left wall are several compartments which have been sectioned off for private use.


Lleufer chuckles, "You might have noticed that I don't walk around naked in the berthings as a rule. That's what a bathrobe is for. It /is/ good to dog the hatches everywhere. Good Randy. The guitar is gently set aside against the deep blue bulkhead curtain and out of the way where it'll be safe enough. Ynyr lays a hand on Randy's shoulder and asks her low, close to her ear, "Did you bring anything to burn as an offering? You don't have to of course, but you may. Sometimes I do, but usually I only light a candle." There are a few already burning and the scents that mix are thinned by the ship's air filtration, but there's a scent of wax and softer fragrances of things that have been burned. There are also a number of small vases and dishes laid out with various offering iteams. Wheat for example, certain herbs, incense, tiny wooden carvings to represent various things. Small hexigons of cut papers and writing impliments to write things down and fold into any shape before burning with each of the colored papers lightly scented. His hand slips from Randy's shoulder and Lleu remoes his boots and socks until he's bare foot. That may be an Aerlion thing. Then he walks up to the long table and kneels.

"Eh, is that what those are for?" Randy says quietly as she secures the hatch. Then she turns, holding her breath, something Lleu can easily pick up. "I don't know. I wasn't planning on anything." Though Randy gets an idea and reaches down to her boot to pull out a knife. With all the recent incidents on board, it's become a common trend for some officers to be seen with their sidearms while on duty, or in Randy's case, apparently she's gone a step further. She straightens up and takes a lock of her hair. Before anyone can protest, she shears some of it off and dips back down to slide her knife away. No hesitation. It's not like she's staying pretty for anyone anyways now. "That should do it." Randy's eyes are drawn to all the details, the get lost in them, that is until she notices Lleu dipping down to take off his bare his feet. She blinks and stoops down to do the same, slipping the lock of hair into her pocket along the way. "Where do I go? Do I take my own candle and burn it there or give my offering to a priest or priestess or-" Aquarian was never the most traditional society. No doubt their worship of him was a bit different too, or Randy's family just wasn't religious.

From where he kneels, Lleufer watches her, "There is no right or wrong, Randy. You just do what you feel is right … for /you/. There's no priest or priestess here just now. But if you wanted to speak with one, you can pull that cord over there and whoever has the duty this shift will come. Unless there are services or they are tidying up, they don't intrude." So many Gods and Goddesses, and sect variances, it may be hard to keep up with it all anyway. When Randy comes to kneel with him, Lleu smiles and keeps his baritone soft, "Don't need to take your boots off either. I just do, because it's how my father showed me when we were children. Feel the earth with our bare feet, because the earth is Dimeter's domaine, back on Aerlion. You burn your offering and say anything you wish in your prayers, and I'll do the same. Don't need to direct it to any particular God or Goddess either. Just think about Clara. That's enough."

Lleufer gets quiet and kneels there in silence, probably thinking about his eldest son. For now, he pays Randy no further attention, his own thoughts becoming focused elsewhere, his hands resting on the worn wood of the table, his gaze unfocused.

"Oh." Randy doesn't move to call anyone on duty. Next to him, she stays soft herself. It's easier for them not to bother anyone else, given their enhanced hearing. "Oh. Well my dad never really taught me anything about Hermes. Not anything formal at least…or anything I'm sure is really right." Randy doesn't elaborate, but simply moves quietly, leaving Lleufer's side to bring her offering to burn. She takes it to the brass plate and reaches to take a stick to light it with one of the nearby candles, then plants both scarred knees on the ground, her feet folded behind her. She bows her head for some time and then lights her offering. Burnt hair is a horrible smell, but luckily her and Lleu haven't had that sense enhanced. "I know you aren't real and Clara if you are a ghost, you're probably shaking your head right now," she says as quietly as possible, but in this quiet place, everything is magnified. "But may you watch over her Hermes, or whatever you are…Fate. Whoever of you frakkers has it out for me. It's the least you could do." She takes a few long deep breaths and falls into silence for some time before she returns from the offering plate to sit back down next to Lleufer, back on her ankles.

Lleufer takes his time. His prayers, whatever they are, and whom ever they are directed to, he keeps silent. His prayers are whispered thoughts in his head. He lets his eyes drift closed and he is quiet for a while as he kneels there. When he opens his eyes, he quietly reaches for a taper that he lights from another andle lit near by. Then he lights not one, but three candles. Then he softly blows out the taper and lays it down. Barely audible, he says low, "One for Sean. One for Julian, and one for Clara. I will keep them lit, every shift of every day until either they are found, or we run out of candles." He touches each one lightly and stares at the slowly dancing flames.

Randy watches as Lleufer lights the candles. At his soft words, she nods. It seems right to her. "Till we run out of candles," she murmurs softly as if completing a pact with her friend and whoever they are praying to. She knows there's something, even if she doesn't know who it is.

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