ALT #315: This Doesn't Bode Well For My Survivability
This Doesn't Bode Well For My Survivability
Summary: Newb Ensign Darius Knight has a couple of faux-death-non-defying encounters with simulated Raiders. Phin goes along for the ride.
Date: 17/11/2013 (OOC Date)
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Darius Phin 
Flight Sims — Deck 2 — Battlestar Orion
The Air Wing has access to flight simulators to train pilots off the ground in combat maneuvers and situations that are hard to replicate with regular dogfight practicing and this is their home. A rectangular room, the hatch opens up beside the bank of computers that control the simulations and what is seen by the individuals when training sessions are in progress. The sims are actual cockpits cut out of old frames and installed here to function exactly as the real thing, right down to oxygen plugs for suits. In front of each cockpit, complete with armored glass, are LCD screens that cover most of the front view to the front and above. There are two Vipers, two Predators, and one full-cabin Raptor available.
AWD #315

The newest member of the squadron, Ensign Knight, is in the simulator room. He's got a particularily challenging solo mission up and running as a way of keeping his skills sharp and at the same time, a way to relax. He's definitely a rookie though, and makes mistakes that veterans would never make against the Cylons and it costs him dearly when he's lined up and killed in a perfectly executed crossfire by two Cylon mauraders.

Phin is on the list of having the sims booked for some practice time later. He arrives early for it, though. Kitted up in his flight suit. It's not required, but he's likely one of those who tries to go for 'realism' in the simulators. He notices another person using a Viper pod, and goes over to the control panel to watch. And wince, when the Raiders make that kill.

The pod opens and Darius can be heard swearing, "Frack! Those fracking junk heaps…" He continues on this vein as he awkwardly (due to his size) manages to extract himself from the pod for the next person to use it and kicks the floor in frustration. He sighs then and starts to head to the screens to review his performance and figure out what exactly he did wrong that got himself killed.

"Ensign." Phin actually goes for a vaguely authoritative voice. Like he's experimenting with it. He stands up straight, once he's had a good look at the control panel and gotten some idea of how the sim turned.

Darius walks up and then when he hears that voice he immediately jumps to attention (literally jumps) and salutes, "Sir, yes sir!" He says s he notices Phin then and says sheepishly, "I didn't notice you there… Are you next in line to use the sims?"

Phin acknowledges the salute with one of this own. This one far straighter than the quickie he tossed off in the mess the other day. All Academy issue correct, like he still practices it in the mirror at night. "As you were. Yeah, but I'm not down for a little while. Thought I'd show up early and browse the programs. But. Since I've got some time. Tell me what you did wrong there."

He snaps his own off smartly and then falls at ease and then sighs as he thinks, "I think I lost my situational awareness going after that one Raider in front of me, his wingman picked me up and I didn't even notice that he was getting a bead on me until I heard the missile lock tone and went evasive… That allowed the third Raider to catch me in a crossfire that I couldn't avoid."

"There was that, yeah," Phin agrees. "Also, you got seriously cocky. If you're ever in a situation where you're flying without a wingman - and if you, you're seriously frakked - go defensive and just try to get out of there. Flying alone in a Viper's a death sentence. I know there are guys who think they can bring down an entire flight of Raiders with the sheer power of their own awesomeness but…yeah, no. They just die real quick. I don't like flying without Raptor support for suppression and extraction, personally, but sometimes it can't be helped."

Darius frowns and says, "I suppose you're right… I guess I should have tried to run, but I was low on fuel and they had me cut off, I thought if I took out a few, I'd punch a hole in their net and be able to make a break for it." He drums his fingers on the console, "Guess I need to work on my tactics more…"

"Sometimes you get into situations you're just not going to be able to win. Ejecting's better than getting blown up along with your ship," Phin says. He starts working the computer, going through the list of scenarios, pondering. "You want to try another one? If you don't have somewhere else to be, I could use a partner. I was just going to use the one the computer supplies, but it never feels quite right."

Darius blinks and then says, "It would be an honor to be on your wing sir, gladly." He looks almost pathetically eager to learn from a veteran of the war, at least so that he'll learn to survive out there in real space.

"Honor?" Phin can't help but snort a laugh at that. "I would not go that far. I mean, we're going to be flying together anyway. Just a sec." He picks something out, and loads it into the computer. "We'll do an asteroid recon. Tight quarters, chance of not having Raptor support along…good times." He half-grins. "C'mon. It's Hyper, right?" He heads over to slot himself into one of the pods while he waits for a reply to that.

Darius moves to wiggle himself back into the pod he just vacated and says through the comm, "Yes sir… Flight Instructor Margrave gave it to me because I was always a little too eager to fly… sorta drove him nuts asking for more sim and trainer time." He says this sheepishly as he starts to switch on the simulator and turns serious, "I have green across the board and my reactor is hot."

Phin goes through a quickie pre-flight which, of course, reads 'green.' Into the little wireless mic in the sim cockpit he says, "Hyper, Dolly. Systems green. Launching. Form up on my four o'clock low."

Their Vipers are thrown from the computerized 'launch tubes' into an area of space crowded with asteroid debris, and they're in the middle of it almost directly after they've left the ship. It's a lot of flying in close quarters and dodging rock particles in addition to searching for Cylons.

Not that they have long to wait before encountering those Cylons. A pair of blips appear on their instruments direct ahead several clicks. What could they be?

Darius is fairly competent and after launching forms up as ordered, just below and behind Phin after launching from the simulated Orion. He stays with Phin during the difficult manuevering in the asteroid field and as they enter, the blips appear on his screen. He sees them and says excitedly (doubtless partially the reason for his callsign), "Dolly, Hyper, I have 2, repeat 2 contacts on sensors at range 7 klicks, looks like they're Cylon Raiders."

"Hyper, Dolly. Copy that. I see them. Weapons hot." Phin warms his own cannons, and flies as straight as it's possible to fly toward the two bandits. Who, probably because he's taking lead, fix their weapons onto him. "Looks like they're ready to play. Let's split up our fire, see if we can weaken both of them before they hit us. I'll take bandit one, you go for number two."

"Dolly, Hyper. Copy, weapons are hot, engaging bandit two" He takes a deep breath and upon command breaks away from Phin to give him room to engage one of the Raiders trying to kill him and shifts to try and get on the other Raider's tail to pour some hot laser death into them.

Phin falls into evasive maneuvers. As well as he can. It's tricky dodging incoming fire while also trying not to bounce off nearby rocks. But he seems to have had some practice at this sort of thing, so he manages some semblance of it. "Hyper, Dolly. Copy that. Weapons free when you've got them in your sights."

<COMBAT> Darius attacks Raider2 with KEW but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Raider2 attacks Phin with KEW but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Phin attacks Raider1 with KEW and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Raider1 attacks Phin with KEW but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Phin has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.

The first volley of fire from the Cylons misses Phin's Viper by a wide margin, lucky him. Not that the two Colonial pilots fare much better, but they come out unharmed. So far. The Viper Darius is targeting does take more interest in him once he starts shooting.

"Dolly, Hyper, Weapons free… Man… these guys are good and these asteroids aren't making it any easier…" He whistles as he tries to line up Raider 2 but misses due to the hard manuevering to avoid hitting asteroids. He notices that his target is now going after him and he says, "Ok toaster, you want to play… let's play…" With that, he switches from full attack to a more evasive stance and calls out, "Dolly, Hyper, how about we save ammo and see if they can really fly…" With that he hits the turbos and makes a stomach dropping hard G force wingover deftly attempting to use the asteroids as kinetic missiles and shields increasing his speed.

"Hyper, Dolly. Copy that. Let's see if they can dance." Phin stays in evasives, for this part, quite happy to play the long game of pinging with the Cylons if it keeps him unscathed. He dips around and over the rocks. Even making the occasional attempt to use them for cover, though his ship is moving too fast for him to linger in any place for any length of time.

<COMBAT> Phin attacks Raider1 with KEW but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Raider2 attacks Darius with KEW but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Darius attacks Raider2 with KEW and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Raider1 attacks Phin with KEW - Moderate wound to Nose (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Phin has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.

This time one of the Raiders is more on target, getting a lucky shot in on the nose of Phin's plane. It's not a particularly grievous hit, but it'll more than scratch the virtual paint. The Raider in pursuit of Darius can't seem to get past the ensign's evasives and misses.

Darius sees that Phin gets hit and calls out, "Dolly, Hyper. How bad are you hit? Do you need help?" He says a bit worriedly, although with the Raider on his tail, he can't exactly come help all that easily, it's all he can do just to avoid being hit himself not only by the weapons fire, but by the asteroids as well. He loops around a bigger one and tries to get a bead on his target, "Damn you, fracking toasters, why don't you just die!"

Phin has to take a moment to make some quick, corrective moves. It's not so much the damage to his plane that's his concern, as is getting thrown off balance and nose-planting into an asteroid. He gets it sorted with some sharp veering, though. "Hyper, Dolly. I'm good. Hit didn't do any damage to anything vital. Keep at it. Let's see if we can hit something."

<COMBAT> Phin attacks Raider1 with KEW and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Raider1 attacks Phin with KEW but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Darius attacks Raider2 with KEW and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Raider2 attacks Darius with KEW - Critical wound to Weapon.
<COMBAT> Phin has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.

The Raider tracking Phin continues to play the dodging game, and this time the Colonial pilot is successful at keeping himself from getting hit. Not that he does any damage to the Raider. The second Raider largely leaves his partner to it, and goes straight at Darius, veering under him at a pivotal moment and getting in a nasty hit on the Viper ensign's weapon. Lots of red lights start blinking in Darius' cockpit, though the ship isn't brought down. Quite.

Darius was surprised as somehow the Raider managed to turn abruptly and get off a shot that damages his weapons and he is forced to break off as Phin can hear the alarm klaxxons and static in his comm, "Dolly, Hyper… I'm hit… ..d, Wea..ns: out, T…eti.g: malfu…, Sen…s: damag.., Ins….ents: da..ged… I'm a si…ng duck o.t h..e, all I ha.. l..t is a.d m..nue…ing…"

Phin winces when he sees Darius take that hit. He quickly redirects his fire, and takes a slightly more aggressive posture in defense of his wingman. Slightly. He's not too keen to get hit. "Hyper, Dolly. Keep evading. I'm going to give you some back-up on this guy, see if we can take him out if we concentrate fire. Keep it together as best you can."

Darius emits a terse, "C..y th.."

<COMBAT> Phin attacks Raider2 with KEW - Serious wound to Right Wing.
<COMBAT> Darius attacks Raider2 with KEW and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Raider2 attacks Darius with KEW and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Raider1 attacks Phin with KEW - Serious wound to Right Wing (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Phin has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.

<COMBAT> Viper-9570k has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Phin has been KO'd!

That Raider after Darius doesn't let up on him, even when Phin moves in for the attack. It costs the cybernetic pilot, who's taken out by a scathing hit to its wing from Phin's cannons. That also gives the Raider in pursuit of Phin an opening to take him out, though. Which it does. With a very similar hit to Phin's own wing, which sends the Viper pilot off-balance and spinning down toward the rocks.

There's a quick, static-y, "Hyp…Dol…hit…I'm hit…" and then Phin pounds his ejection seat, before his Viper crashes. He makes it out, given the blip from his transponder. Not that it'll matter much if that Raider after Darius has time to finish him off. Its attention is still on the ensign for now, though.

There is a sense that they're not going to get out of this alive and when Phin is hit, he calls out, "! E..ct!" Even though he knows this is just a sim, it doesn't matter, this could be real at any time and he acts accordingly. It's good that only one Raider remains and so with a barely functioning Viper, he's going to take it out so that Phin can be retrieved by the S&R Raptors from the Orion. He says, "Ok… I'm not going to get killed in this scenario!" With that, he turns and dives towards the last Raider that's moving to attack him.

<COMBAT> Phin passes.
<COMBAT> Raider1 attacks Darius with KEW - Moderate wound to Body (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Darius attacks Raider1 with KEW but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Phin has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Viper-9053y has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Darius has been KO'd!

Darius sighs as the sim shuts down once the Raider hits him in the body of his ship, sim-killing him and he opens the pod. That was spectacularily unsatisfying, and shows him just how much he still has to learn. He climbs out and says, "This doesn't bode well for my survivability out there when it comes time for a real fight."

It's a valiant effort from Darius, in his crippled Viper. But it's not enough. The Raider bears down on him hard, delivering a punishing round of fire to the body of his Viper. And that's enough to deaden it, controls going clean 'off' in the sim pod to simulate the ship exploding. That done, the Raider is free to shark around the asteroid field until it locates Phin's blinking ejection pack transponder and kills him off, too.

Phin grimaces as he pops his pod open, taking off his helmet and wiping some sweat off his forehead. "Ouch, that got nasty there at the end."

He glances at Phin and says, "Nasty? We're atoms in space at the moment, I'd say that's worse than nasty." He sighs, "Frack… I thought I HAD that Raider too. He shakes his head, "Well, I'm going to go grab a shower and maybe get some food. All that sim fighting has made me ravenous."

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