AWD #001: Think Primal Thoughts
Think Primal Thoughts
Summary: All in need of blowing off some steam, Holtz, Afton, Leona, and Augie converge on the fitness room. Facepunching ensues.
Date: 06/01/2013
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Fitness Center
Smelling of sweat and grease, the Fitness Center is a place where individuals can come to work out or just work off stress. The area closest to the entrance is taken up by two very large sparring pads with a pathway down the center, each pad removable to reveal a Pyramid court beneath. The walls beside the pads hold lockers for everything from pugilist sticks to boxing gloves to rubber guns, though deadly weapons are strictly prohibited in here except by authorized personnel such as on-duty Military Police. Standing goalposts for Pyramid are also kept against the wall. Past the pads are a vast number of nautilus machines as well as free weights to lift. At the back of the room are workout bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, and stairclimbers. There is an entrance to the pool at the rear as well as a locker room to the side.
AWD #01

A short while later, Holtz finds himself down in the rec center. He's shedded his green fatigues jacket and tucked his dogtags in under his tanktops as he approaches the sparring pads. Before stepping into the impromptu 'ring', however, he takes a minute to stretch out and get loose. Finally, he brushes his lips against the tips of his fingers, and lightly touches the tattoo of Athena that covers a large part of one of his upper arms. The movement has a habitual, almost ritualistic look to it.

Hair pulled back in a braid, once more orderly after a shower, Afton is already finishing up her stretches. Same shorts and tanks. Rising upon seeing him arriva, she nods her head to him and watches the kiss he gives to the tattoo. "The Wise Lady…a good Patron." There is, not far away, a set of prayer beads with three medallions upon draped haphazardly over a towel. Turning, the PJ takes up her gloves and begins to pull them on, tightening them into place as she speaks from over her shoulder, "Did you jump on board at the anchorage a couple months back or were you here for the eighteen before as well?"

Oh, right. Gloves. Holtz hurriedly grabs a pair for himself as well, and tugs them on. "She's done well enough by me, I suppose… may the Lords keep us all." Though they haven't been doing an especially good job of that the last few days. "Anchorage. Came on with one of the very last replacement rotations." He gives a chopped-off snort of laughter. "Frak, eighteen months ago I wasn't even wearing the uniform."

Afton seems surprised by that, hesitating as she lofts a brow. "Athena smiled on you then…" More or less. He's breathing and safe to an extent. Her fingers curl, causing the gloves to tighten as she look sat him, rolling a shoulder bak and stepping closer. "I came at at the Anchorage too, suppose it was either or a curse or a blessing…no middle ground on that decision." Pause. Her face darkens for a brief moment before she waves him onto the mat and then gets into a ready stance.

"Reactivated my commission," he says by way of explanation, lips quirking in a half smile. "Ain't my first go-round at the rodeo." He finishes lacing up the gloves as his eyes meet hers. "Yeah, you got that right. Not much middle ground anywhere, anymore." An appraising glance is directed at his opponent as Holtz steps onto the mat and matches her stance.

"Aye, well I suppose we are going to walk a great many lines soon enough." Survival means dirty fighting and Afton is focusing on the one at hand. She lowers, lifting her hands to block and protect herself as she adopts a continuous movement from foot to foot. "I invited you sir, at your go." She nods to him, pushing her braid back from her shoulder to rest against her back.

Holtz shrugs. "As you will." His eyes narrow slightly, and his expression goes hard. The pilot pounds his gloved fists together, and with a sudden shout, charges forward, aiming a series of powerful blows against Afton.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Holtz=melee Vs Afton=melee
< Holtz: Good Success Afton: Failure
< Net Result: Holtz wins - Solid Victory

Not expecting the vocalization with the sudden rush, Afton ends up taking a step back is rushed right off the mat with one strike hitting her shoulder and the other her stomach, causing her to double over slightly and grunt. Sucking in a deep breath that gets caught off, she has to wait for her muscles to relax before she takes a step ack and readies herself again, marching herself around him and back on the mat. "Alright.." She brushes off the ache of her stomach. She steps in, throwing a punch inward for his side around his rips, basic strike to test him.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Afton=melee Vs Holtz=melee
< Afton: Good Success Holtz: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

A wolfish grin spreads across Holtz's face after the first exchange. He stands in place with his guard up, allowing her to recover before he charges in again. Wholly focused on the attack, he's unable to quite block her strike in time; he grunts as the blow catches him in the side, but it doesn't quite knock him offstride enough to deter him from his own attack, as he aims another strike at her midsection.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Holtz=melee Vs Afton=melee
< Holtz: Good Success Afton: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

"You need to get a muzzle for your yelling.." She says as she strikes, catching him but not getting a good enough hit. Afton slides her foot in, attempting to get it hooked and is momentarily thrown off from her attempt to trip him up when he strikes. Her arm lowers, taking a stinging blow but protecting her vitals as she says locked. WIth a twist in, she throws her weight against him, pulling her foot up against the back of his calf at the same time.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Afton=melee Vs Holtz=melee
< Afton: Good Success Holtz: Great Success
< Net Result: Holtz wins - Solid Victory

Stepping into the gym, likely for some catharsis, the rather stormy looking new DI turns her eyes toward the fisticuffs in progress. Leona draws up a little ways from the spar and folds her arms, maybe using the spectacle as a distraction from where her thoughts are running, some effort spent in getting her emotions back under lock and key, or failing that, sweeping them under the rug, for the moment.

"If you don't like it… do something about it," Holtz taunts, his Tauron accent thickening as he advances once more. His attitude in the ring seems to be the same one he takes into the cockpit - get on the offensive and stay there. In this case, it's nearly his undoing; Holtz's balance nearly buckles as Afton hooks him with a well-executed trip maneuver. Somehow, though, he manages to stay on his feet… and winds back, sending another punch screaming at Afton's head.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Holtz=melee Vs Afton=melee
< Holtz: Great Success Afton: Success
< Net Result: Holtz wins - Solid Victory

Talk about shell shock. Her arm comes up, but not enough, her teeth clatter and she feels the sting and ache run through her jaw at the jarring turn of her head. She stumbles, her foot still caught up in his leg. She growls faintly, heaving a breath. "Do something?" She takes a moment to blink, getting a few steps away before she twists in and tries to aim a strong direct slam into his stomach, meaning to knock the wind out of him.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Afton=melee Vs Holtz=melee
< Afton: Good Success Holtz: Success
< Net Result: Afton wins - Solid Victory

Hrm. The exchanges spark some curiosity whist Leona's mind goes about it's business. Her footing shifts slightly and she manages to come closer to spectacting Drill Sergeant than morose Private, but she doesn't root for anyone in particular, yet, though the shoulder rush from the woman comes close.

Well, he asked for it. Holtz's attention flicks to the newcomer at just the wrong instant, as a gloved fist buries itself in his gut. With a jerk and a muffled "Oof!", he stumbles a few steps back, and he's clearly breathing heavier than he was a moment ago. It's a testament to his strength that he isn't curled up in a ball on the floor after the blow. "Well played," he wheezes, circling warily as he tries to catch his breath. A determined cast settles onto his features as he advances on the petty officer — but this time, with no accompanying shouts.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Holtz=melee Vs Afton=melee
< Holtz: Success Afton: Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Afton watches his reaction, following his gaze only after she lands the blow and hops ack. A nod is given to the other woman before the PJ shifts her footing and waits for him to rebound. She beams at his compliment, "Thank you, sir." But there is a faint coyness to it, a mirth that falls away when he steps in. Her hand lifts, trying to send the blow high but he slides in, catching the tip of her jaw just a little and this close, she sends her own right uppercut in, twisting to get some strength.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Afton=melee Vs Holtz=melee
< Afton: Good Success Holtz: Good Success
< Net Result: Afton wins - Marginal Victory

Looks like the momentum's in the woman's favor, atm. Leona gives a little chinlift as eyes come her way, but the fight's been too interesting to risk muddling it up by barking out anything, yet. Something grinnish starts quirking her lips, though, as the distraction seems to be taking wresting her mind into the here and now.

Holtz is still panting a bit when Afton launches her next assault. He's unable to block her uppercut, committed to his own attack as he is, and his head jerks back as the strike lands home. He gives his head a quick shake and wipes a glove across his brow. Fists clenched inside his gloves, his features contort into a wordless sneer as he launches a heavy right hook/left uppercut combo of his own at her head.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Holtz=melee Vs Afton=melee
< Holtz: Great Success Afton: Good Success
< Net Result: Holtz wins - Marginal Victory

Working out the tension of warday is helping and Afton's friendly smile gone as she breathes heavily, feeling the pain he gave her earlier. Tensing some, she wets her lips. The next coming attack she tries to lean away from and lift her arm again to shove his blow high but it connects, sending her head slightly sideways. A cut appears on her lip, welling with red before she dabs the ack of her hand to it and engages once more, her strikes coming more swiftly.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Afton=melee Vs Holtz=melee
< Afton: Failure Holtz: Great Success
< Net Result: Holtz wins - Crushing Victory

That same snarl from before is still plastered on Holtz's face as he moves in, not seeming to care about the flurry of blows he takes from Afton. In fact, he steps into them. He seems to have shaken off the worst effects of her well-placed gut shot from before, and this time as he advances, her blows bounce harmlessly off his shoulders and arms. A couple experimental strikes come in towards her midsection… followed by a haymaker aimed at her head with all of his remaining strength behind it.

Maybe she should get some of this…. She still has that raincheck, hmmm. Leona's arms relax and she drifts a little closer to the festivities. There's an approving nod as the woman seems to be holding her edge. The grin blooms a bit, though as man decides to glacier his way through them and really go upside her head, "…oops."

Blows made, she has little wiggle room to defend and Afton leaves herself open with his bold move. Utterly unprepared for his bold act, his strike slams into the injured area already hit and she doubles over only to feel the crushing slam of his fist that lands on her cheek. Afton makes a sound and stumbles back, unable to recover and lands on her ass, rolling to her back and lays there a moment, dazed and confused.

Holtz takes a step towards his suddenly prone opponent, but them remembers himself. Breathing heavily, he stands in place, looking down at Afton for a few long moments before he extends a glove, offering a hand up. "You got some punch in you," he grunts, muttering something under his breath a heartbeat later about being out of practice. He allows himself another look over at Leona, curiously studying the spectator — a Marine, obviously — before looking back to the stunned-looking petty officer in front of him.

Propping herself up slowly, Afton catches her breath and lets the room stop spinning a moment. Deep breaths to get that oxygen moving. "Thaks.." She murmurs and takes his hand, grinning finally again as she rises up next to him. Her own heart is racing and she rubs at her neck, starting to take off her gloves. "I would say lets go again..but I don't want to risk further injury.." In fact a nice red blotch is forming on her face where he hit her.

Holtz yanks Afton to her feet, and removes his gloves as well. There's about a half-dozen open cuts on his face, including a particularly noticable one on his chin where she caught him with that uppercut. His breathing is still slightly labored, but more steady than it was even a few moments ago. "Thanks, Sergeant," he mutters to Leona with a jerky nod. "Glad to put on a good show." Another look back at Afton. "Well…" he says, eyebrow quirking amusedly, "was it as good for you as it was for me?" His tone couldn't be any more droll if he'd tried.

Leona gives the two a somewhat studious lookover, likely appraising injuries, "Ya frakked each other up enough for th'moment." She looks into the woman's eyes, maybe guaging how 'with it' she is after that hit, even as she asides, "How's the gut?" to her opponent.

Apparently Augie hasn't worked off all of his frustration yet. He steps into the fitness center, the large man already starting to pull on his gloves as he beelines for the sparring area. Noticing the others, he gives a jerk of his head in greetings and checks to see if the heavy bag is freed up.

"So good I'm seeing stars, Kurt." Afton grins, blinking a few times and managing to stay upright without too much trouble. Touching her stomach, she grunts. "Think I may have to rebandage myself. You like a woman with a fat lip?" The PJ licks her mouth, tasting the salty blood. A smile curls as she takes her gloves off. "Lieutenant."

"Let's just say I don't plan on sleeping on m' stomach anytime soon," Holtz grunts, his gaze shifting from Afton to Leona. Heart still pounding in his chest, he gives a quick shake of the head, sending a couple drops of blood from his chin to the floor. He starts to head off the mat; his first couple of steps are a little uneven, but he seems to steady out as he walks. When Afton replies, he laughs, shrugging coyly. Then, a nod in Augie's direction. "I'd offer you a moving target," he calls out, "but I think I've had my fill."

Leona frowns a little, "Walk it off some, see if yer head clears any." The intonation of 'Lieutenant' brings her attention around, and, spotting Augie, she gives her little chinlift, "Hey, Loot." Then, to the pair she's with, she introduces herself as, "Leona, nice to meet you." As the fella starts walking his beating off, and it's sort of on the table anyway, "Aug, still want a piece?"

Augie is feeling single-minded for a moment. And this is probably a good thing. Finding the bag empty, he lays into it heavily, shaking it with each blow. And as he does so, he snaps off, almost like a cadence…

"There once was a doctor with huge boobs,
"who had a fondness for booze.
She gave her bottle a nip,
and her knife took a slip.
And now a medic is up her ass without lubes."

As he smashes into the bag harder and harder, he finally snaps out of his angry reprieve for the moment. "Jumper." he greets Afton first. "Glad to see ya didn't get too frakked up on the ground last night." he comments, and lets out a long and slow breath to walk it of. "'s fine." he says to Holtz, and glances over at Leona. "Ya still want to dance?" he asks to her question. "I'll try to be in better spirits fer it."

"Me too, sir. Still in one piece despite their best efforts to shoot me in half." Afton taps hwr stomach lightly and steps off the mat. Giving a look to Holtz, she smiles. "Let me take a look at your face, likely have something." The jumper is perpetually ready, small medpack with her. Glancing up between Augie and Leona, she smiles. "Be glad to see you both pound each other." But she is keeping a space open for Holtz to sit on the bench in front of her.

"Kurt Holtz, Vipers," That's offered to Leona. "Maybe next time." And that, to Augie. Finally, his head swivels back to face Afton. "It's nothing. They're already closing up." And just then, a single drop of blood falls from the (still open, despite his insistence) cut on his chin to the floor in an act of silent contradiction. He sighs darkly, dabbing at his chin with one hand.

Leona rolls her shoulders and closes her fists, a short burst of popping knuckles ensues, "Could use the excercise." she replies, looking back Augie's way. She pulls her tape from her pocket and gets to work on her hands. If he's down, awesome, if not, she'll frak up some of the bags for a while. It was, sort of why she originally came in. She steps off the mat and, once the first hand is complete, she removes the jacket and tosses it someplace out of the way before starting the other.

"Alright." Tapping his gloves together, he holds the rope to the sparring area open for Leona before Augie passes through it himself, and ohs. "But yer still gonna have to finish that story on how ya got that through and through on yer stomach." he points out. He's not a brawler, instead he sets into a lose boxer's pose.

Giving Holtz a long look, a brow raises and she clears her throat. "I would hate to have to address you as 'Sir'. Get over her, Kurt." Afton points down at the bench, gauze and cleaning tips out already as she waits. Her attention briefly diverts to the next two up to fight.

Holtz throws up his hands defensively. "All right, all right. He sinks down onto the bench with a long exhale, his shoulders slumping. A short barking chuckle escapes his lips. "Guess it's only fair that you fix me up, since all this — " he gestures at his face — "is your fault."

Sure enough, without the jacket, a few more scars, such as a few bullets across the abdomen, including the mentioned through and through become visible on Leona's body. "I remember." She gives the previous dancers another quick look while they tend to themselves and she digs up a pair of gloves before stepping back onto the mat with Augie, pulling them into place. She slams a gloved fist into the other palm, then does likewise to the other to make sure they're seated properly, then offers a fist his way, but doesn't take up her guard, yet.

Augie taps his fist against Leona's respectively and then drops back, preparing for the upcoming attack. "Yeah, you were on a drug raid, and in some intersection.. and then I got called to drill." he chuckles.

The PJ looks pleased, only a little. Never smug. "Thats better. And yes, that is my fault and I hope you enjoy them sweetheart." Its offered back in a light croon before she places the cleaning swac against a cut on his cheek. Aniseptic might make that sting. She's still breathing heavily but starting to catch her breath. Her pulse slows and she works away those little memories of their dance. "Nice moves earlier." And then more antiseptic before the PJ looks back at the two.

"Fair enough." Augie says, moving in time with the woman as they circle each other warily. Finally, the DCO decides to make the first move and feints in with a step to the left as his left hand reaches out, he jabs at her, looking to test out her defenses.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Augie=melee Vs Leona=melee
< Augie: Good Success Leona: Success
< Net Result: Augie wins - Solid Victory

"Its not that bad," she says in regards to the hiss eminating from Holtz. "Glad my beating you is not at the bottom of your list." That amused tone carries all the way to to her eyes, green hues settling on his. "It was a lucky shot on my part but it did get you to stop yelling at me." Grin. Her head turns to watch the first blows.

"You beating me?" Holtz looks at Afton askance, his tone dripping with mock indignation. "I wasn't the one curled up on the floor when all was said and done, dearie." He can't play serious forever, though; slowly, a matching smile tugs at the ends of his mouth… though he does make a quiet 'pfft' sound at her last. And suddenly, there's a commotion in front of him as Augie strikes. Like Afton, Holtz turns to observe.

The feint goes off largely as planned. Leona moves to keep her guard to his original vector before the psyche-out becomes evident. Pop! There's a wake-up call. Her left foot shifts back and she turns a bit to counter the transfer of momentum, then she decides to hunker down a little further and go for the floating ribs with a jab-hook to either side.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Leona=melee Vs Augie=melee
< Leona: Success Augie: Good Success
< Net Result: Augie wins - Marginal Victory

Augie watches the hit land, and he gives a grunt in satisfaction. "Weren't ready yet?" he asks her in a little tease as he moves around quickly, pulling back in defense as he watches for Leona's move. As she moves to strike, his side curls up, offering his large shoulder for her to smack her glove against. It collides with his side, but doesn't seem to phase him very much as he pushes back and smirks. "Good." he comments, as he bounces about.

Then he watches her defenses, and considers. Working in on them, he aims a few body blows at the side opposite of her through and through. If he knows anything about wounds, she favored the wounded side more when healing which means the reactions to that side will be quicker. So he purposefully aims for what he hopes is the slower side.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Augie=melee Vs Leona=melee
< Augie: Great Success Leona: Good Success
< Net Result: Augie wins - Marginal Victory

As Holtz grin breaks past the serious expression, she laughs and smirks at him before gently pressing a few small bandages over those lacerations. "Trying to be gentle…don't want to hurt your pretty face." She continues on, glancing back again at the fight. What might be noticeable is the wet stain in the stomach of her shirt. The bandages seem to be sticking and when she angles to get a better look she winces.

Holtz snorts at the woman's teasing. Whatever he was about to say dies on his lips, however, as he looks down; he does a doubletake at the slowly spreading stain and the mirth fades from his face. "Hey. Hey, that doesn't look good." He stands up with a frown. "Come on, we're going to sickbay. Docs need to stitch that up again." He sends one last look at Leona and Augie on the mat before he reaches down and pulls Afton to her feet, guiding her to the door.

<Scene continues from this point, but this was all I had before I left.>

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