AWD #246: Think Outside the Bag
Think Outside the Bag
Summary: Talk of pyramid, dogs and fighting in the fitness centre.
Date: 09/Sep/2013
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Toby Lleufer 
Fitness Center - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Smelling of sweat and grease, the Fitness Center is a place where individuals can come to work out or just work off stress. The area closest to the entrance is taken up by two very large sparring pads with a pathway down the center, each pad removable to reveal a Pyramid court beneath. The walls beside the pads hold lockers for everything from pugilist sticks to boxing gloves to rubber guns, though deadly weapons are strictly prohibited in here except by authorized personnel such as on-duty Military Police. Standing goalposts for Pyramid are also kept against the wall. Past the pads are a vast number of nautilus machines as well as free weights to lift. At the back of the room are workout bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, and stairclimbers. There is an entrance to the pool at the rear as well as a locker room to the side.
AWD #246

It's afternoon, although not particularly late on, and the fitness centre is not overly busy. There's a small group of marines sparring and a few assorted fleet personnel dotted about at the various machines. At the bags, as is his habit, is Toby. From the looks of things he's been at it a while and is not punching particularly hard or fast, just keeping up a relentless rhythm of right, left, right left, right, left. From the looks of his form he's starting to tire, but that doesn't mean he's stopping an his focus is pretty much entirely on the bag and it's movements.

A certain MP arrives. Lleu's dressed in a single tank with shorts and has a carry bag so he can swim after working out. Man's got the bandage off of his left bicep now though the healing gunshot wound is still an angry red. The cut on the right side of his face is scabbed and healing, and the small burned patches on his face and neck where goggles, clothing or helmet didn't protect him from a blast of heat are now peeling. Overall, he's well on his way to being recovered aside from regaining strength slowly in that blasted arm, all over again. Bag set down, he goes to the matt and glances at Toby, "Crewman. Don't you ever do any other workout besides the bag?" Lleufer starts with some stretches.

Toby catches site of Lleufer out of the corner of his eye, but doesn't acknowledge the man;s presence until he spoken to. There's a very slight glance in the marine's direction, but his attention is still very much primarilly on the bag as he replies between breaths, "sure I do. Sometimes I play pyramid."

Lleufer moves to doing a nice, large set of squats to get his leg muscles warming up, "True, I saw that. Saw how it ended too." He grins, "Once my arm is back on track, spar with you sometime if you will. A bit more interesting than beating on the heavy bag." Talking peters out somewhat as he works through the long series of squats. No point in adding weights to that exercise if his arm can't support it. But there are other things he can do in his exercise routine. "I should try playing pyramid. Never have much."

"That game is on pause," Toby replies as he works away, arms definitiely starting to look tired now. "Not often I find someone with a thicker skull than mine," he then offers, apparently having concentration to spare for converation, especially if it's about pyramid. "You follow a team?" he asks, finally starting to slow, "it's good exercise, or so I'm told, enjoyable though more importantly."

"Nope," Lleufer admits, "Though everyone… back home was … totally /nuts/ … about the game." breathes between squats, "For a lot of folk… back home… " Lleu stops his squats to get his breath for a moment, then continues, "there's not much to do but watch crops grow. So pyramid helped pass the time. But on our ranch with horses 'n cattle up in the mountains, we had our hands pretty full most days." He goes on over to the free weights and finds something woefully light that one of the gals would use. A 5 lber which the Marine starts to carefully do curls with using his left arm. He keeps an eye on it so not to twist out of line and watch the play of the healing muscle, feeling how it pulls and aches even with only a few reps. Then he pauses to rest his arm, "Pyramid looks like good exercise. Good cardio workout."

Toby doesn't generally talk about 'back home' to people who aren't either close friends, or fellow Taurans, but this time he offers a "same here, although mining rather than farming. Only thing we'd have been able to farm is rocks." That's all said between breaths, which are getting steadily harder, but he still pushes on for a bit longer. "Next time though, someone asks that, say Bulls." No bias there of course. "There's a few of us here who play, someone can teach you the basics at least. Just watch for Captain Llywarch, she's a hustler."

Aye, Lleu's usually careful not to mention Tauron, since the war. He gives a nod and quirks one side of his mouth, "I bet good rocks pay a lot better than corn." He lifts a brow at that, "Llywarch the JAG? Heh, I wouldn't have pinned her for a pyramid player. Duly noted." Hustler in general though? Yeah, he could see that. The Marine does another set with the 5 lb weight, then switches to a 50 lber to work through curls with his right arm - more his usual weight. Though if he used his entire arm, shoulder and back he could easily life three times that with his right arm. Not quite the same as isolating the bicep as he works on now. There's barley a mark left where a round had grazed that arm recently. "Maybe I'll join you in a game later then. Need to learn the rules."

"Depends," Toby starts, a hint of old anger catching in his tone, "if your the Tauran digging it up or the off-world corporation that owns the rights." While he had been previously winding down, that particular series of thoughts leads to a few quicker, and much harder hits, although they're not particularly controlled so the bag jerks around and he has to stop to steady it again. Once thats done though, he doesn't feel much like starting again and so rests his head against it for a moment or two to catch his breath then steps back a pace of so and starts to strip the bindings from his wrists and hands. "Yeah, the JAG," he confirms, "she's good, but she'll have you believe she's no good if you let her." One hand done he drops the wrapping then starts on the other, "we played together on Picon before we both ended up here," he explains, "was damn hard goingup against her at times."

Sets of ten with that heavier weight, four sets, then Lleufer goes back to the 5 lber for a few more smaller sets of 5 on his healing arm. Carefully, carefully so not to set his progress back, yet pushing, always pushing until things ache. "Corporations are notorious for using people and paying as little as possible. Doesn't matter what job or where. Seasonal pickers are treated the same on Aerilon." The Marine listens to the rest about playing against Rhonwen but has no further comment. The weights are put up and Lleu moves over to a padded bench with a bar to lay himself down on it. Folding his arms, he starts doing abdominal crunches. See how that wound to his gut has healed up. It's harder, making him start to sweat some and pushing through the stiffness and pain. You know the Jarhead mantra, that pain is weakness leaving the body. Kick it's ass OUT.

With his second hand now free, Toby taks a few, steady breaths then starts some gentle warmdown stretches. He learnt the hard way about why they're needed and doesn't particularly wish to repeat the experience if he can avoid it. It does seem though, that he's done talking about Tauron, for he makes no coment at all on Lleufer's mention of the seasonal pickers. He's content to stretch in silence for a while, but then states informatively, "I spoke to Dr Nadir about the plan with the sniffer dogs. She wants to give it a try, so I told her to talk to you as I didn't know who on planet was responsible for them."

"Damn, I suck." Lleufer can barely do a hundred before his muscles say no more. He lays there a moment thinking that's pretty pathetic and knocking out his usual pushups is right out, for now. He turns over, drops the back half of the bench down and with feet hooked into the bar and hands behind his back, the Marine changes to doing a set of 100 backwards Roman 'sit ups' by lifting his back over and over again. It doesn't take long for him to be working up a good sweat, dog tags swinging. A glance aside, "Sure," he grunts between lifts, "I can find out." Huff, huff, "They'd … need to be … trained."

Toby appears to have no intention of moving onto another form of work out as he reaches to the floor for his hoodie and wraps. Once they're on and pocketed respectively he turns to watch the marine a moment, nodding to the clarification as he does so. "Probably a good thing, if they're trained with a skinjob and some of us then there's more chance of 'em picking out the toaster surely."

"I don't… think it's …. going to … work actually." Lleufer breathes between his back lifts, "But we … don't know … until it's tried." A few more reps and he pauses, stretching his back out and reaching as far forward as the bench will let him, "Problem is only having two skinjobs to train a dog on, and how to isolate their 'type' from humans. Dog will more easily pick up on how to identify those two /individuals/ but not why they are different. So it's not likely to work without a slew more skinjobs to train'm to pick out of crowds." The MP thins his mouth, "Further a difficulty when we have only visually identified a few models, and don't have access to most of'm." He looks at Toby as he half lays there, "You know they are biologically nearly identical to us all the way down to chromizomes, right?"

"Dr Nadir reckons theres a chance," Toby replies, almost defensively. This is his big idea damn it, no shooting it down. He listens to the concerns about only have two skinjobs although there's not a lot he can say in response to that beyond, "we've had more though, might be some samples in medical that are useful?" Unlikely, but still, it'd add at three more to the pool. Sticking his hands in his pockets he nods again at the comment about the similarities, "so I've heard it said." Okay, so the word 'chromosones' wasn't used, but then given his degree of biological schooling, that doesn't really matter.

The Marine turns back over and gets a 25 lb weight. Lleu gets back on the Roman chair set up and holding the weight out from his body, legs hooked into the bar, starts to slowly bend to the left, and then the right, holding the weight out from himself. Yes, his core is up for it, but no, his right arm isn't really. So he can only do a couple of twists to each side. When he pauses and sets the weight down, Lleufer wipes his brow, "Well, unless someone's working with the dogs 'n training them already, it's probably going to be me. Unless you know someth'n about training service animals and are volunteering yourself."

"I know which end is the tail," Toby offers deadpan, "used to know a few people, but that ain't going to be much good to you I'm afraid." He doesn't state why, but the slight hardening of his tone as he remembers is likely enough to indicate the reason clearly enough. "I'll help if I can though," he then offers, forcing a lighter tone, "even if it's just as a human for them to compare to a toaster."

"I'll look into it. If I do it myself, maybe I'll nab Lance Corporal O'Connell and teach her to help me handle the dog, or dogs. Depends on if I get the project cleared first, and find out what we have to work with in dogs. It'll need to be a young animal and it'll take time." The MP goes to working his core more with Roman situps now, "Good … to cross train … the dog … for other … uses too… while we are … at it." If higherups approve any of it.

"I assume Dr Nadir will help with geting things cleared your end," Toby replies, it'd be a stupid no to he she doesn't strike him as stupid. "If you need me for 'this is a human' training, or whatever, let me know," he then offers, "I know frak all about it, but sometimes extra pairs of hands are useful." He's made a similar offer to Sam, but in the grand scheme of things there's likely even less he can do from the medical end of things.

Lleufer has moved off of the chair/bench and is standing, bending over to stretch his sides until his finger tips can almost touch the floor without bending forward. He does a few of those and pauses to give Toby a nod, "I'll see what she says. If you'll excuse me, I'm going to hit the pool for a while." Lleu pulls off his shirt and uses it to wipe himself off as much as he might without hitting the showers in the head first. He then moves to take the bag with him, "Spar with you next week. My arm should be up for it by then."

Toby gives the marine a faintly wary look when he mentions the pool, but then nods absently at the mention of a spar. Turning to head for the heads himself he then suddenly turns back and eyes the marine a moment before giving him a firmer nod. "Seven days, same time, I'll see you here. If your arms up for it then fists only, first to unconciousness or yield looses. If not," he shrugs, "we can figure something."

"Fists only? You only know boxing, Crewman?" Lleufer looks amused, "Why limit yourself so much?" The Marine has stopped and looks curious, "You know /all/ of us are supposed to have basic hand to hand and it's not just using your hands, but your whole body, feet, everything. That's how I fight. What boxing I know its mixed in with all that." The MP chuckles, "Maybe you should learn to think outside of the heavy bag." Lleu considers, "Sparring rules we aren't supposed to beat each other senseless but someone unbiased can keep track of good, solid hits scored and first to a preagreed number would do. After all, fitness for missions is my priority."

Toby raises a slight eyebrow at Lleufer's answer before offering back, "I've done the training. Call it a.. tradition." Although he doesn't seem to be volunteering from where or about what. He does offer a faint smile at the offer of ammended rules though and adds, "that's what the yield option is for Sergeant."

Lleufer gives a nod in good humor, "All right. Assuming I'm not off somewhere on assignment, and don't get hurt again before then, you're on. We'll discuss the finer points when we meet up next. I look forward to it." He smiles, pleased to have a partner to practice with and far less concerned about it being competetive. The Jarhead turns and heads for the pool.

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