MD #223: Things You Should Know
Things You Should Know
Summary: Toby has news for Petra, not all of it welcome.
Date: 17/11/2017
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Petra Toby 
XO Stateroom - Deck 2 - Battlestar Orion
The XO's Stateroom is not nearly the size of the Admiral's, but the allowance of personal space is not taken for granted. There is a small couch that has been pushed against the wall by the bed at the rear of the room. To the side are several lockers next to the entrance to the personal head and on the other is a desk against the wall.

Despite the rumours of an impending suicide mission, the ship is down to a 'relatively normal' rhythm, if relatively normal is 'the world has ended and we like to say we're fine'. Petra has been spending more time in his stateroom stuck at his desk working on maps and his datapad, and has gotten into the habit of leaving the hatch open and using the MPs as advanced warning when someone approaches his and Robin's rooms, which leaves the Map Room to Mara and Liza's use. So at this particular moment, he's looking like he might have been up for a while, the vest tugged open a little while he taps away on the datapad, stopping after a moment to rub his face and steal a drink of coffee from that obligatory huge mug.

Toby is fresh from the gym, where he'd failed to get anything of use from Adeliza, so has decided to go straight to the top. There’s still a towel round his neck, and a water bottle in his hand as he is let past the MPs to the point where he can give a quick rap on Petra's hatch and step through so he's waiting just inside. "Commander," he greets cautiously, "you got a minute?"

Petra glances up at the sound of footsteps in the hallway, then does a doubletake when he sees who it is and Toby knocks. One scarred brow goes up, but he nods, "Sure, c'min. Clos'a hatch if this is something you don't want the MPs talking about later." Swiping his fingers across the datapad to put it to sleep, he straightens up a little and reaches for the mug again, "Coffee's over to the right if you want some."

Toby looks back to the hatch for several moments after Petra's comment, then apparently opts for the privacy as he closes it. A chair is taken, but only once coffee has been achieved, and Petra offered a refil of his own. "Two things," he says simply, "shouldn't take long." Probably about the length of time it takes to drink the coffee all things considered. "First may be nothing, but there's rumours about, and if they're true then there's something you should probably know, so I'll cut to the chase. Is whatever mission you've been practicing for to do with the Erfriki?" Item two can apparently wait til this is finished with.

Petra folds his arms across his chest to listen, relaxing a little in his chair. He rumbles softly when asked about the Erfriki and purses his lips for a moment, then unlinks his arms, to run his fingertips along the edge of that datapad, "It might. The people our last team talked to, the ground signal, are using a dialect of Erfriki, and they know about the Arpay. Why do you want to know?"

Toby takes that for a 'yes', or at least, close enough to a yes that he's going to continue. "Because twenty years ago I spoke with Dr Jimenez about the Erfriki and she told me something which interesting. Then, a couple of months ago, just after we recce'd Ostia, she spoke to me again, and I got the impression she hadn't told everyone. I challenged her on that, and she argued that it might be bad for morale if it came out, but if we have a solid lead then I can't with any degree of conscience just sit here and not at least let you decide if it's important or not."

Petra shifts his weight a little, a furrow starting to crease his brow, "Well, that's potentially disturbing. I had hoped the Diplomatic folks we had on the ship were being a little more open, at least with Robin and myself. So what is it she chose not to share with us, then?"

Toby puts the mug down for a moment so he has time to point to the tattoo that runs around the upper part of his left arm, the one he got in the last war saying 'Sol Invictus' with a little dot in the middle of the 'o'. "They're Mithrian Commander. She recognised the words and the symbol, showed me old footage of it. Part looked like Captain al'Yamoah's lot and their rank insignia, but it went deeper. She called Mithras 'Soldier', said I was 'marked with soldier', seemed really very happy to see it, like old friend at a reunion you haven't seen in decades kind of pleased to see." Another sip of his coffee and he shrugs. "More recently, she didn't want to say anything in case it caused some kind of crisis of faith amongst the crew, didn't want to distract them. She had a convincing argument while any contact was a nebulous future perhaps, but if you are about to go say hello, it might help establish a common ground."

Petra grunts softly, "As much as rumour might say otherwise, it IS entirely possible for the Admiral and myself to keep a secret from the crew." He smirks a little at that, then lightly shakes his head, "I don’t know that we're going to actually get a chance to say hello. The team indicated they needed the power station hit. Apparently it powers a prison, and the supposition is that they are trying to free their people or sew discord with the enemy, and right now, their enemy is the same people that attacked us, so even if these people ARENT Erfriki, I don't mind sticking it to the pricks that ambushed us. There is a chance, a SMALL chance, that while we recover our pilots, we MIGHT be able to recover this away team, and that's where it will get interesting.. but then we'll have them back on the Orion and can try to be careful with it."

Toby shuts up as Petra talks, doing the Commander the decency of listening and not interrupting. He frowns a little at the details of the mission, but most likely it'll be nothing to do with him directly, so he doesn't press for more details, just nods along to show his understanding. "Alright then, doesn't sound like it'll be too much of an issue then, but I thought you should know. In case."

Petra nods slowly, still looking a little contemplative, and lifts a finger, "If you don’t mind, I might try to get you back up here in another day or two. You're making me wonder just what exactly we are still running blind on, and we're in an area of space we know almost nothing about. I don't like making decisions that can kill us when we're that blind. So if we do get this away team…well, it might get interesting fast. Either way, I appreciate the heads up."

Toby nods once to show he doesn't mind, but then adds, "I can't tell you much more about the specifics of how they follow the faith mind. It varied a bit across the colonies and with this much time and space?" He shrugs, then takes a slug of coffee. "I did talk with Captain al'Yamoha about it a fair amount though, during the last war, so I have an idea on their take on it at least." Comparative Theology, who knew that'd be a Toby thing? Since he's talking Piraeus though, he moves to the second topic. "Point two isn't related to operations, but again, it's something I reckon you should know, if you don't already." He pauses to take a breath before figuring that direct is best and going for it, "Kelsey Wescott's son. She named him Tobias Marcus."

Petra might have been in the middle of another thought entirely, as his mouth was already parted as if to say something to the first point, when Toby gets to the name. His expression shifts and he looks a little surprised, or shocked, or well, its hard to say, but the scarred face pales a little and the expression is vaguely akin to someone that doesn't feel well, "I didn't know that." His fingertips tap on the edge of his desk a few times, then he finally shakes his head once and glances at the hatch behind Toby, "Thanks for letting me know."

Toby takes the glance to the hatch to be an invitation to go the frak away, so he drains the rest of the coffee and stands. "I've spoken to her husband," he notes, "and the kids want to get to know me. I've no idea what she told them about you, but when we're back at Ostia I'll be heading down. If you want to come, or want directions to their tent, let me know." Turning to leave he first puts his mug back by the coffee machine, then makes for the hatch.

Petra shakes his head slightly and murmurs, "I don’t think someone responsible for some of their mother's damage really ought to be introducing himself. Melissa…I’m trying to help. Maybe it’s just an act of atonement, but…good luck with her kids. She deserved a lot better than she got." With that said, he takes in a deep breath and waits for the hatch to be empty.

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