MD #000:Things Could Have Gone Better
Things Could Have Gone Better
Summary: Toby reports to Orion's Master at Arms after his arrival onboard. He and Lleu promtly manage to annoy each other. It could have gone worse though.
Date: 08/04/17
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Lleufer Toby 
Master-At-Arms - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
A small nine foot by nine foot office. Most of the floorspace is taken up by a desk and filing cabinets.
MD #000

It's been a long, long time since he set foot on the Orion. Lleufer Ynyr hasn't worn a CMC uniform in at least 18 years. He's dropped off his duffle at his newly assigned bunk in the enlisted berthings and now has come aft to the Security Hub. So many faces here he doesn't know. The seal is broken on the hatch to the office he'd formerly occupied only briefly, now his once more. It is bare at the moment, mostly gutted and crisply redone with fresh paint on the bulkheads. It even /smells/ like fresh paint and plastics. The entire Orion smells new, shiny inside and out with her recently finished refit.
Ynyr produces keys he'd just been given and starts opening files to see if there is anything at all in them, or if they are entirely empty. No, there are at least blank forms ready to be filled. Boxes and boxes of new files to be added as personnel arrive on ship and lots for him to read.
Lleu looks things over, then steps around the desk to power up the computer terminal. So weird to have a networked computer system on board the Orion. He lets out a sigh and takes a seat to log in and start downloading the mass of messages awaiting his attention as Master at Arms. Soon as he gets that going, Ynyr gets back up and checks out the coffee carafe to get a pot making. Lleufer himself doesn't hardly look any older than he did 22 years ago. He looks like a man in his mid thirties. His uniform is newly issued and shows no wear. The scars on his head however are faded with decades, his skin well tanned, his sandy-blond hair very sun bleached. Laugh lines lend him faint crow's feet about his Arpay eyes. The smell of coffee begins to fill the small office as Lleu digs around to find where a few cups are stored beneath.

Toby on the other hand does look older, he’s pushing sixty now, and while he’s still clearly in reasonable shape, there’s definite greying in his hair. He’s clean shaven of course, but the slightly difference in skin tone between his cheeks and his chin suggest that that’s a very recent occurrence. Dressed in a pair of greens that still smell of stores and boots that don’t flex in the way worn in ones do he sticks his head into marine country with an air of wariness as he’s pointed in the direction of Lleufer’s office. He takes a moment to mentally prepare then steps through the hatch. Seeing Lleu unchanged is.. odd, there’s no getting round that, but he pushes on. “Ynyr,” he greets, his voice is heavily accented in a way which suggests he hasn’t spoken Standard much in a while, “you got your old job back I take it?” It’s kind-of small talk, kind of a serious question, for he then grabs a small folder which had until then been tucked under his arm and offers it. It’s quite clearly got his name on the front, and service number, “got to give this to the Master at Arms, and report in.”
Inside is at least some of the details regarding the conditions of return that he’s agreed to. The relevant bits for Lleu being that if he’s brigged, or done for fighting, then it has to be escalated upwards immediately, that he’s had a subdermal chip implanted so he can be kept track of, and that he has to have a marine escort at all times when on Piraeus.

Lleufer was just about to retake his seat and look at the messages that downloaded on his screen. Coffee cup in hand, his arse has barely touched the chair when he looks up at the new arrival. One blink of surprise. Followed by a stare. Toby is almost the very last person he expected to see ever again, let alone here. The cup is set down. Lleu moves to stand and reaches to accept the folder.
"Shackleton. I have to admit, I never expected to set foot back here again myself, let alone see you." Ynyr's seen lots of sun. Years of it. After a look through the folder, taking his time to be sure what's in there, Lleu asks low "This a copy I can keep for my records?"

"Can't say I was expecting it either," Toby replies with no hint of pretence, "but sometimes weird shit happens and you roll with it." He's not seen much sun, and if Ynyr is good at picking up accents his has changed slightly, more Minoan, much more Minoan, which indicates a good deal of time spent underground. The question gets a nod, followed by a "I think so, they just said to report in to you and make sure you were aware. I know what I agreed to, so have no need for it. The last part though, about Piraeus, I'd like to ask, if possible, to have some say in who that gets assigned to. There's stuff down there, religious stuff, which I can't just go showing to anyone." Mystery cults, what can you do? "I couldn't get them to write it into that document, but I'm asking you if a bit of lee-way might be possible. An agreed shortlist perhaps? Any mithraens you might have on staff? Something we can work out between us."

"Religous stuff." Ynyr glances at where he knows Toby's Mithras tattoo resides even if he can't see it. Lleu closes the folder and lays it on his desk. "At this point I'm not going to agree to anything, Shackleton. Not until I know more about what's going on, and what business you might have on Piraeus. But I am willing to discuss it as it arises as long as -I- have as full a disclosure as possible. Doing my job comes first and neither of us owes the other any favours, I think." Lleufer studies Toby, "So, let's see what happens. We'll follow our orders, Shackleton. Likely enough that will include reasonable discretion but I can make you no promises."

“Nothing sinister, I give you my word,” Toby replies. His expression reads low level disappointment, but not in any way surprise. “Just the equivalent of you going to temple on a Sunday. I don’t know if anyone has founded anything formal since I was last there, but if not I started, either would work depending on the situation on the ground.” Which he won’t be sure on until they’re actually there. “And my business on Piraeus, bar that, will mostly be R&R, although if she’s willing I do intend to have some long chats with Captain al Yamoha. I understand she’s not been hanging around much these days though, so that’s on her I guess.” He stuffs his hands in his pockets to stop from fidgeting and then comes out with, “Look, Ynyr. I think it says in there somewhere, but if not, what I get out of this deal, is that if I keep my nose clean for two years, I get to settle on Piraeus. It’s something I’ve been trying to do for over twenty years, but I haven’t been allowed anywhere near. It is not my intention to frak that chance up by doing something dumb, this is basically my only chance to ever be allowed to go back to the only place I’ve called home since Tauron was destroyed.”

Lleufer thins his mouth as he listens and lightly rests his fingers on the folder Toby had given to him. "You've always struck me as an honest man, Shackleton. But clearly the Fleet does not entirely trust you, and you have given reason for concern in the past. I don't know what you have been up to the past two decades or where you really stand in all of this. I'll be keeping an eye on you. I'm not going to give you any preference in MP assignments other than to be sure no one is assigned to escort you that I -know- has a beef against Taurons. You've made it very clear in the past what you think of the CMC."
Ynyr takes his seat, "You keep your nose clean and don't start shit with my people and I'll see they don't give you shit either. But that's as far as it goes." Lleu studies Toby before he adds low, "Now I have a lot of work to get on top of. You have anything else, Shackleton?"

"I could bore you with the details," Toby replies, not really expecting Lleu to take him up on the offer, but edited highlights, EVA salvage work, killed APF on Picon for a while, then been working keeping miners safe on Minos, and where I stand is exactly what I just told you. I want to go home. It's not a Tauran thing though, please, don't make that assumption, this is religious. There are elements of my faith I can not practice with outsiders present. Assign me someone who shed tears of joy when they found out about the nukes if you want, I don't care, just make it someone, MP or rifleman, I got that much of a concession, some who understands that there are some places I might go where they can't follow unless they're initiated. Places with only one entrance mind, so they don't need to worry about me doing a swift one, frak, even if I did you can check my location any time you want so what’s the fraking point? So yeah, tauran hater or not, just give me someone who isn't going to shit all over my religion. A fellow initiate, a Line, someone with a brain and an ounce of discression. Other than that, no, I have nothing else."

Lleufer looks Toby dead in the eye. "If you are to have MP escort on Piraeus, you /will/ have MP escort at -all- times on Piraeus, Shackleton. I don't give a rat's ass what your religious beliefs require. We will follow orders. If you have a problem with that, then you will do your religious practice somewhere other than Piraeus." Ynyr draws a slow breath, "-IF- I have any MP's who are of your faith that you find acceptable and would not offend you to be present, I'll take it under consideration."
Lleu points a finger at Toby, "Let me make it very clear that I'm not about to fudge the details of any Security concern, or my orders, where you are concerned. You're the one who soiled your bed with us and now you have to sleep in it, Shackleton. Suck it up. We have a war to fight. Get out of my office."

"I'm not asking you to fudge it," Toby replies, an edge of annoyance creeping into his tone, "I'm just asking you to read what's in that file, not what you -think- is in that file. It says marine escort, not MP, if that means that copy needs to go to the S2, or whomever then fine. I have every intention of keeping my end of the agreement, just please, do the same with the fleet's." He's not going to push it further than that though, recognising he's already at real risk of losing any good will he might have had to begin with. Fighting to keep a frown off his face he turns to duck back out through the hatch, offering on a "see you round Ynyr," as he leaves.

Shackleton doesn't get a response and aye, he's already pushed and annoyed Ynyr. Great start there. Lleu glances at the folder and opens the desk drawer to drop it in there. It's not exactly his highest priority at the moment, but he'll get around to reading from cover to cover soon.

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