AWD #348: They Came Back to Warn Us
They Came Back to Warn Us
Summary: Bran and Kelsey report in upon their return from the Anchorage.
Date: 04/06/2016 (OOC Date)
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Bran Epiphany Kelsey 
CAG's Office
This nine by nine space is largely dominated by filing cabinets and a desk. A coffee maker is perched atop one cabinet, but the others are rather barren of decor or personal items. There are a pair of uncomfortable, molded plastic chairs facing the desk. The last vestige of open space is occupied by a lounge chair. It's one of those old, well-loved beasts that was likely pulled off of somewhere on Piraeus.
Tue Dec 20 2005 (AWD #348)

Bennett had to go get oxygen treatment. Someone should probably be told about the results of the recon. So Kelsey grabs Bran and all their collected goodies and heads for the CAG's office. Kelsey sure hasn't bothered to get out of her flightsuit. Just a quick stop in the bunkhouse to put her helmet bag away and strip off the survival vest. She meets Bran outside the office before giving it a knock.

The hatch is cracked. Barely. It's a 'yeah, I'm in, but don't bother me unless you have to' sort of open. But with the knock, there comes a voice from within: "Enter." It's the CAG's voice, at least, so no one is lurking in the space. The woman herself is in her blues… sans jacket. That's draped over the desk chair. She's currently in the plush (well, it once was…) chair, lounging back and flipping through some reports. There's a pen captured between her teeth and she drops a few pages down within a file to glance up for the two coming in. The office, at least, has gained some semblance of order since she took over. There's finally a system.

There is a sequence to the life and times of Lukas Bran during post-flight. He has to attend to his bus. Then, he has to attend to his wife. Then, he needs to prepare himself for the next mission at hand. Kelsey disrupts most of that and for damn good reason. This just explains why he looks less than amused, or pleased, and on some level irritated and stuffy when entering the CAG's office. His smile is brief. He's still in his flight suit. He wears it better than his flat expression. He socially lags but dutifully carries a folder of documents. "Sir," says Bran, "The kid and I, well, you will enjoy this. Fresh from the Anchorage- have a moment?"

Kelsey moves inside carrying a book that Pip might recognize as being from a CIC. It's a logbook. They're also never supposed to leave CIC. She holds it in her left hand, up against her hip. The term 'kid' has her glance up and over at Bran. She looks like she wants to call him a mildly childish name but does not. Her attention goes back to the CAG as she stands in front of the desk. At least Kelsey came back from an important mission without being shot down. "Captain Saint Clair is in Sickbay getting a short oxygen treatment, sir. One of the life support systems we had to deal with wasn't operating at peak efficiency." One way to put it, right?

There's an arch of brow and Epiphany removes pen from mouth, leaning to the side to toss the files she was reading atop a filing cabinet. There's a gesture to the chairs that face the desk. "In person, rather than a report? Must be an interesting find." She looks from one to the other. There is the beginning of a query as to the status of the Captain, but Kelsey handles that well. She tilts her head in a nod, reaching out a hand. For the book, likely. "I see. But everyone made it back in one piece? Where did you get the log book?" She wouldn't expect such a book out of the Anchorage.

"I prefer to talk in person than waste paper," distractedly answers Bran. He's only distracted by the idea of dumping the information on the desk in an orderly fashion, ridding himself of copies of flight logs, charts, pictures and a data strip or two. Ragnar Anchorage, a still-mysterious object, and a derelict Battlestar. He remains standing for the time being, briefly wrinkling the bridge of his nose in wanting to attack a rogue itch. Back to the conversation, and answering the question posed, "I stole it from the remains of B-S-Seventy-Five. Galactica happens to be docked at the station."

Kelsey lofts a brow, tilting her head into a grudging nod. "Aye, sir, yeah. You could say that. If 'interesting' also includes 'terrifying' under its broad heading." The book is handed over. BS-75 Galactica - Tactical Log. "Everyone who left has returned home without injury, just some oxygen shortage in a few cases. We returned plus one, I think he was a Captain. Right?" She glances to Bran for confirmation, then looks back to Pip. "He's in bad shape."

Pushing upright from the easy chair, Epiphany takes the log from Kelsey. The woman moves to her proper desk chair and sits down heavily as she starts flipping through it. Towards the end, the final entries. "The log stops six months ago. Halfway through this." There's another question forming, but she looks up to Kelsey when the 'plus one' is mentioned. There's a look from JG to LT. "Only one survivor? Were they surviving on the Anchorage? How long did it look like the Galactica was there?" She's already starting to sort through some of the other information, looking over the charts and logs.

"Right," nods Bran to Kelsey, "A Captain Hoshi. He's in medical now." While he does refrain from snagging a seat or three, he does place his hands at the back of the one in front of him and leans some of his weight against it as he watches Epiphany's reactions. Her first question fetches a nod, and her second, and the third has him glancing in the junior Lieutenant's direction. She can do the heavy talking. He doesn't mind.

Kelsey waits for Bran to speak up first since he's ranking officer here. Her hands fold casually behind her back while she waits. It's a look she seems comfortable with and actually seems a bit more in line with how an officer should behave in this situation. When Bran looks to her, she looks over to him and then starts explaining. "The Captain was on the Anchorage, yessir." Her eyes go back to the CAG, starting to feel the adrenaline crash. "The life support system on the Anchorage was functioning at a pretty low level, but its operational. The Galactica, however, is a different story. It's probably been there a good while. To put it simply, the ship was massacred. There was blood everywhere but no bodies. It looks like they were ambushed when they cracked Ragnar. The blood was long rotted, though. Flaky. The ship is in piss-poor shape, too. It looks like it went through hell and back. They'd been through some serious fighting, sir, but you'd think if another Battlestar had suddenly appeared and got into the fight on the Colonies, we would have heard about it right?" She shrugs a little at Bran, then looks to the CAG. "CIC was a warzone and someone trashed the whole thing. If it flies again it's going to take a lot of work. The reactors are cold and there is nothing functional on the ship." She lifts a finger, sniffling and then scratching her nose. "Myself, a Marine, and the Captain went to check on a hangar deck. The entire port side flight pod is missing. Judging by the damage, it would have to have been sheared or ripped off. There were zero blast indications. Having worked on Deck, I can confirm that a piece of ordnance that could have removed a flight pod like that would have left some sort of burn scarring and it definitely would have destroyed the rest of the ship when it exploded. The starboard hangar deck has some Vipers and Raptors. They all look like they've sustained battle damage from some major engagements."

The various maps and the like are set down as the stage is handed over to Kelsey. Epiphany perches elbows on desk and laces fingers together, providing a bridge to set her chin on. There's a pursing of lips. "So out of an entire Anchorage and Battlestar, we have exactly one survivor?" She frowns, glancing to the spread of information on the desk before her. "With the flight pod missing, I doubt we'll see her fly. That would take a drydock." Which they simply do not have. "But we may at least be able to strip her for some parts." She takes a long breath, sitting up and yanking open a drawer. From within? Cookies. One is taken out and held out to Kelsey. "If they had fought over one of the colonies, yes, we may have expected to hear, but there's no telling where they went." She looks to the log book and then to the two, "I'd like you two to go over this. Compile as much information as you can from their logs about Galactica's final days. Intel will want to know." She offers a cookie to Bran, as well. "What about the Anchorage? Life support is a good sign. Got a rough number on stockpiles for me?"

Bran is a bit mum. With him being the senior out of the pair, he's more than willing to sit back and allow Kelsey to take the reins of reporting. He can fill in any potential gaps with the information he has. In the grand scheme of things though, they were both there on the mission and he compliments her words with a small handful of affirmative grunts or faint nods of the head. "Ship's dead and looks to have seen some things, well and beyond our known space. Potentially. Just, we're missing half a year's worth of information to glean from." He looks at the offered cookie as if it were a sudden mystery but accepts it rather than anything else. "Roughly, I'd say… oh, I can get back on that. The station itself is in one piece. It's something of a mess- none near to the Galactica herself, but- well- consider it idle, or asleep and with amnesia. It's computer stores are a mess, too, thanks to… ah…"

"One survivor, yessir." Kelsey clasps her hands behind her again. But oh, hey, cookie! She smiles suddenly and that youthful look returns as she bops forward to yoink it. "Thank you." mmmhmm. She does wait for Bran to finish before saying anything else. "Yeah. Computers. Right. Bran's right about the known space thing, too. We heard a recording from the ship's acting CO, some Colonel. He said they came back to warn any surviving military forces about not following them in a search for Earth. Like, they came BACK to warn us about…something." Plus Earth. wtf. "As far as numbers for munitions, sir? Nothing hard. The limited area we saw looked like it had been shifted around but it looked like what I would expect. If the elevators work and there's multiple decks then we've probably got enough ordnance there to fully arm half a dozen battlestars? Maybe more?" She doesn't look like she is too sure about that. "Assuming that the Cylons didn't sabotage or put bombs on the bombs."

There's a look between the two of them and Epiphany leans back. Satisfied, at least, that the cookies are accepted. She laces fingers across her abdomen, elbows resting upon the arms of her desk chair. "I understand it will take time, Bear. But we-" she pauses, processing from Kelsey. There's a blink for the young pilot. "A search for Earth?" She shakes her head, lifting a hand to push at some errant hair, securing it behind her ear. "Frak, who knows where that took them. Yes, please, start processing this as you can. Let Intel know what you're doing, so they can be kept in the loop. They may want to go over it themselves, but as you say-" a glance to Bran. "Half a year's information is a lot to process. We'll volunteer to speed up the process. But this is good. Let's go with optimistic, since I'm guessing the marine engineer looked for traps. Likely we can get a cargo hauler out there soon enough to start bringing munitions back to us and Picon. Good work."

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