AWD #545 : There's No Sitting Down On The Deck
There's No Sitting Down On The Deck
Summary: After the celebrations on Leonis, Kelsey bothers Toby at work
Date: 18/12/2016
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Hangar Bay - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Each hangar deck is divided into five one-hundred yard sections, each divided from the others by massive blast doors that close vertically from the floor and overhead. Each hangar section houses all of the Vipers, Raptors, and Predators that the wing operates as well as the vital work areas to support and maintain these fighting platforms. Each bay is large enough to accommodate one of these frames and still get heavy work done, though the fore- and aft-most sections are dedicated to overhauls and major work to be done. The bays along the center section are located across from launch tubes and elevators in order to provide scramble and Alert-Five capabilities. The second-to-aft bay provides major elevator and transport access to the starboard bay as well as the major manufacturing facility. Due to the nature of the work, the hangar decks are major hubs of activity at all hours of the day and all but four hours overnight.
AWD #545

The party last night went til midnight and Kelsey probably closed it down, as she will. No surprise there. She had a mission this morning that she flew, a simple Raptor pick-up, and then something with a Marine in the backseat of her Predator. When Toby see's her next, its just after that mission to Luminaire. No sweat this time, but she's wearing a bit of lipgloss and eyeliner. A small change for her, but something that adds a little life to her. The smile on her face shows a little more life and there's the hints of the sorority girl and cheerleader. She unzips the survival gear and her suit, letting some airflow work its magic and cool her off. Not a single mark on the Predator, both missiles still hanging. Not a round fired.

Having not been at the party, Toby has been suffering through the tales of shared experiences from his fellow deckies, but has at least been able to get some satisfaction from seeing how hungover some of them are. It's probably a good thing he's got a clear head though, for there's an ejector seat that’s been giving all sorts of funny errors to diagnostics, so it's ben craned out and he's now methodically disassembling and testing it off in one corner of the bay. As he's in his coveralls he doesn't have on the piraean armband he's been wearing a lot of late, but he is still gloved, just work ones this time, rather than his own.

Kelsey spots Toby as she moves past. There's a little smile and she turns directions with a skip and ambles his direction. She drags a cart of stacked crates with her and ends up putting it between her and the rest of the bay, creating a little 'bay within the bay' for her to sit in privately with him. She sits on an upside down bucket and smiles over at him. "Hey Tobes. Missed you last night. I -really- wished you had been there. I almost came to hunt you down when I got back but I think you had already dozed off for the night." She shrugs off her survival gear and drops it to the floor beside her.

Toby glances over his shoulder as he hears the cart move, then raises an eybrow at Kelsey. It'd almost be accusation if it wasn't for the faint hint of amusement in his eyes. "You used to work here, you know there's no sitting down on the deck." Health and safety don't you know. As for the party, he shrugs once, half heartedly, "not my kind of event, but I'm glad you had a good time. Gods successfully celebrated? Or placated? Or whatever it was you were up to."

"There's also no laying down or all fours but didn't stop you the other week with me." Kelsey's smile shines. "Its why I moved the cart, doofus." She laughs and unzips the flightsuit, crawling out of the top half and tying it around her waist. "Apollo is both placated and worshipped, yes. It was a festival to wish us good fortune in our future war. Apollo is the God who lends his hand down to us when we are in impossible situations. I think maybe that might be worth helping." She crosses her legs and watches him. "Besides, it never hurts. Especially if there is a chance to blow off steam with it."

"Well," Toby replies, reaching a point where he can put a part down and stop without messing things up or loosing track, "I'm not exactly known for following all the rules exactly am I?" Turning so he's facing her rather than the seat he listens, politely, to the explanation of the celebrations, then shrugs, "sounds like rubbish gods to me, if they need to split the jobs between them. Can't manage on their own?" He's teasing, and trying to be clear about it, which probably comes across as trying too hard. It's not something he usually does, but he trusts her to take it as he means it, not as an insult. There's a hint of anxiousness in his face once he's done though, incase he's wrong.

"And I am a happier girl for it. So I will take your rule bending and help conceal it." Kelsey winks. She scoots the bucket closer to him, though. It’s not quite intimate distance, but close enough that if anyone could see them, they'd know they were more than friends. Or suspect it. Luckily hearing someone coming is also easy. The words from him have her shake her head. "You could always ask me why I still follow a system like this," she laughs. "Or offer to teach me some of yours. I do admire your spirit, though." There's something a little different, a little happier. Maybe a little more free.

Toby puts his tools down, although doesn’t deglove. "Spirit?" he asks, amused, "I think most people call it shear bloody mindedness, although I guess some might plump for bloody arrogance. Be careful before you try it though, I suspect it'd lose you friends." He doesn't seem to be about to ask why she still follows the Lords of Kobol but instead tilts his head towards the survival gear, "last flight of the day?"

Kelsey doesn't seem deterred. He might make his remarks, but she can see through them. "And you wouldn't follow your own God unless that being was a good person. You might think you have everyone else fooled, Mister Shackleton, but I know the good man you are. I know you wouldn't worship some blood-sucking deity that advocates genocide. Besides, I don't have to tell people if I like what I hear. Not like anything else we do is public knowledge." Its not an oblique reference to sex so much as the facts of it being private. If anyone suspects or knows, there's no hint. The question to her gear gets a shake of her head. "No, not yet. I just… blah." She rests her forearms on her crossed legs, leaning forward. "I love being a pilot I just wanna wear something else." A finger lifts and extends, aiming at her face. Eyeliner and lipgloss. Just enough that nobody would really say anything.

"I've got a spare set of coveralls in my locker if you want," Toby replies, utterly deadpan. As for the rest, well, he gets a tad cagey there. "I can tell you some of the basics, but not too much I'm afraid, not unless you become initiated, but no, no blood-sucking genocide." He's fairly certain that that isn't covered by the oaths of secrecy demanded. "If you want the quick overview then it's about strength, courage, endurance, and community. Not just in the physical sense mind, but all aspects, and I guess you can throw in a bit of loyalty too, but community kind of covers that I reckon."

Kelsey rolls her eyes a bit. "I mean like colorful stuff. Flattering. Flirty. Everything seems kinda drab lately." No surprise, really. She's till in her early twenties and a little glamour might help brighten her life. She does listen, though. One palm cupping her chin, she watches him with interest. "I'd like to know more than just that, but you know I couldn’t go leaping away from my comfort zone without knowing more. But I guess that's part of the strength and courage, mm?" The smile holds. "I can see why you like The Captain. So much of her seems to be all about that. The Piraeans in general, really. Ever think maybe you're really Piraean? Or maybe there' something to the religious parallels?"

"Orange is a colour," Toby replies with mock hurt, "and are you trying to tell me this doesn’t make me look good?" He waves a hand down his front as he says that then just shakes his head slowly, "no pleasing some people.." As for the rest he considers then nods slowly, "maybe, but not now. This isn't the time, or the place." He's not sure what would been but this certainly isn't, the comment about The Captain gets a slow nod though and he notes, "she doesn't judge, and we can talk." Kind of like Kelsey in that respect. "I can't say I reckon I'm one of them mind," he adds, almost regretfully, "there's that neat mind trick thing they do an d I don't for example. No, I reckon I'm stuck with the rest of you lot, but given what she's said about their faith, yeah, they're related, I'm sure. Mine and her's, your's is the odd one out. I guess our's is the original and at somepoint yours was founded and grew to prominence instead, but there's still a few of us who remember the truth." He had been serious, right up until that last moment, then he smirks and actually ducks the swipe he figures is coming his way.

"Orange makes your ankles look fat, Toby," Kelsey reply-deadpans to him. "Nobody else's. Just yours." She seems to have something she wants to add but doesn't. She sits up a moment and looks down at herself, flattening the sides of her tops before looking back. "I can respect someone that withholds judgment. Just chats. When I was in high school all I did was judge. I was the queen bee bitch and miss perfect. Learned my lesson hard. I know a lot of people were happy to see me drop out of school. I heard it first hand and was made fun of by all the kids I used to bully." Kelsey learned a lot, quickly. "Yeah I've heard the Piraean people ghost things can do weird mind stuff. Always wanted to try it. Unlimited possibilities." the religious points do seriously interest her, though. Her way of conversing just involves commentary. Or trying to playfully doff Toby on the head. "Jerkface." She grins, eventually rubbing his hair all over the place. "I hope you don't feel so alone as you used to." The last is meant well, but spoken seriously. It isn’t clear if she means her company or the Captains.

Toby using one gloved hand, the one with the least oil and grease on it, to smooth his hair down again then leans back so he's just out of Kelsey's reach. Round two appears to be delayed though as he eyes his ankles, then shakes his head, "they should ground you til you've had your eyes tested." He can't really comment much about school, not having engaged much with the formal education system in his youth, but does manage, "we've all changed a lot since we were kids. Don't know how you did it on Picon, but you were an adult at thirteen on Tauron." He eyes her for a moment then almost winces as he realises, "I don't think you were even born then. Oh now I feel old."

Kelsey sticks out her tongue at him playfully. "They can't ground me. I'm too cute." Another rarity for Kelsey, but one comment she seems to wear well with the smile. The rest has her listen and take that in. His remark gets a middle finger. "Well you're the one frakkin' me, old man. Cradle robber." She scrunches her nose and grins. "Take solace in the fact that the girl you're sleeping with is a mother. That should get you some points there." Sagenod. "Tauron is someplace I never wanted to go to until I met you, hon. I'm not interested in being your wife or your whatever and meeting family. But I want to know where you come from. I was a mom and done with breastfeeding before I could vote. Left election day after I could vote my girl was running a fever. Never had a chance to vote in my life. I was told what to do and sheltered from the worst as best my family could manage. I never made a decision on my own until after Warday." She notices, though, "You dodged my question about feeling alone."

"I never voted either," Toby replies quietly, eyes flicking about to ensure there's no casual onlookers before he expresses why. "By the time I was old enough there was no point. It didn't matter what our government decided, if the other colonies didn't like it.." he doesn't finish his sentence, instead just breaks off and offers a shrug. It's dampened his mood though, and he only manages half a smile as she mentions not wanting to meet his family. It's something he can latch onto though and he replies, "good. I'm fairly sure I've already told you that I had no idea if they were alive or dead when the attacks came. Would've made introductions hard even before the cylons decided we were too much of a threat to live." He's quite for a few moments after that, the jovial mood of a few minutes ago gone as quickly as it came. He tries to pick up up again though, valiantly, as he answers her final question, but it's a struggle. "A bit, I guess. The colonies, the fleet, they're not and can never be my home. Piraeus could though, perhaps," another shrug, "we'll have to see I guess."

Kelsey listens, watching him. If he didn't already know, he can tell by the unfiltered look on her face that she cares deeply about him, and the respect is large enough that she doesn't crowd him with being a girlfriend or needing attention. In some ways she seems to regret the line going more serious, but it does let her look at him more honestly. That low hint of a smile for him never changes. Its like she knows something nobody else does and it tickles her. "I remember a long time ago I tried to convince you that maybe they could be your home. After the contact on Piraeus, I don't think I could honestly make that effort again. I know that if they offered to let some of our people settle there, you'd leave us all behind in an instant. I wouldn't blame you. I'd just want to come visit sometimes, annoy the crap out of you with jokes, try and get you to smile. Maybe play a boardgame. Or take ya flying." Its all meant as truth, but to lift his spirits back.

"There's nothing for me in the Colonies," Toby notes with a level of quiet certainty that indicates it's something he's thought on before, "but there might be there. Our faiths, the distance from the Colonial Government. Besides, the Minoans are there, and they're about as close to home as I'm likely to get unless all the other surviving Taurans all settle in the same place." Which is unlikely by his reckoning. "You wouldn't stay there?" he asks, genuinely curious, "your daughter is growing up there, she might end up thinking of it as home," formative years are like that.

"I think the only thing left for you on the colonies are bad memories," she whispers, which is said sadly. "And me." She shakes her head and then its as if she'd forgotten Melissa for a few minutes. Or days. She smiles to the side and shakes her head. "Its not out home. I'd want to take her back to Picon. Or Leonis or Caprica." There's something akin to romance in her eyes, just hinting there. "Libran if it turns out things aren't too bad there." She takes a breath. "A family would be nice. I mean a husband or wife, lots of kids." She shrugs it off and dismisses it away. "But that's many years from now. Maybe by the time we can make the choice, Melissa can make her own. She'll be six in a few months." She tilts her head, watching Toby. "What about you? Where do you want to be in ten years? What’s your ideal?"

Toby screws up his face a little at the mention of Caprica, but he says nothing. She doesn’t judge him, so he tries not to judge her. At the mention of lots of kids though he smiles faintly, "if you do have a brood, does that mean I get to be the crazy uncle no one likes and who cautionary tales are told of at gatherings?" As she asks the question of his hopes he has to stop and consider. "Assuming the war is over and we won?" It's a big assumption, but the only way the question makes sense in his head. "Well, I'd hope that by then I'd've managed to find a Pater at least. Beyond that? I don't know, I only started thinking that there might be a future beyond the war once Lilah mentioned that some of the dead were finding their peace already. I'd always just assumed that with so few of us left we'd be avenging them until we died, there didn't seem much point in planning beyond that."

Kelsey beams a smile at the idea, a passel of kids underfoot while Uncle Toby spins tales. "Don't be ridiculous. I would bring them to you and let you tell them your tales yourself. Uncle Shacks, the Bull. I'd hope my kids have half your strength of conviction, Tobes. It means nobody would ever run them over. Caught myself toying with the idea of having some of yours today too, oddly," she laughs quietly, tilting to the side with the idea. Kelsey knows he is not going to share her same dreams, though. The words confirm it. "It sounds like no matter what, you're going to be pretty busy. If there's no Pater, would you step up to lead? Do you think the Piraeans would listen?" She quirks a brow. "If you did, what if some of your followers were Lines?"

"I'd make a terrible father," Toby replies flatly, pushing back thoughts that try to rise from his memory of his own dad. He also has strong opinions about any kids he might have in the future being raised as Tauran, but that doesn't get mentioned. Instead he just smiles a little and shakes his head, "I couldn't, there are.. levels, and Paters come from the highest. I might have made it up there one day, but I doubt it. If any of the lines are interested then I could talk with them, we could manage to a degree, but it's… it's more complicated then just decided to appoint yourself." He doesn’t seem bothered by the idea of the Lines being potential converts, nor Piraeans, but does add, "I think, the 'ghosts' at least, have their own beliefs, that while similar are not the same. Some might, but they've had what three thousand years? And that assumes they won't see peace as a time to end their watch. I don't know, it's not something I've spoken to them about, but I certainly wouldn't go after converts. The Lines? I guess that depends on how much they remember in time, and how much their lives with us have shaped their thoughts. I know Knox has said the Piraean faith appeals to him, so I guess they might revert back to that?"

Kelsey shakes her head. "No, no I've just been thinking about my own pregnancy the last day or so. I wasn't thinking about you being a father so much as me being a mother again. It just sort of slipped in there. Like I said, nothing serious. I have too much work to do." Maybe she met someone at the party last night. A member of Aphrodite’s sect? Anything is possible. She seems happier and more relaxed for it, though. What he has to say on it does interest her, though. "I'd think these ghosts know more than we do. If they really are dead, then whatever truth they follow is the truth. The final. I just- I don't think I've heard them say anything except 'Just have faith in something.' so it makes me nervous. I don't want to be wrong. I don't want my girl to be wrong, or any other kids I have. I think I just sleep well because I have faith in -something-." Her eyes drift back to him. "I never thought I'd see the day where you'd potentially find peace with the Lines."

"Faith in something," Toby repeats, "that’s largely what Lilah has said yes." He considers her for a moment, silently, then in an attempt to allay her fears he shares a bit more. "When she showed me Shepard's death, or the moments leading up to it, the dead who were with her, the hundreds of them, probably thousands, they were fleet personnel. They can't all have been Mithrean. I don't know what exactly it was, or how they do what they do, but if she says that all it takes is faith, then I'm inclined to believe her." That's his thinking anyway and at her comment about the making peace with lines he just shrugs once more, "they’re not cylons. Any that decide to side with the cylons can die along with their metal masters, but those who have turned now they know the truth, well, they're just Piraeans a step distant aren't they." He's entirely casual in that, as if the flip in attitude was as natural as the sun rising in the morning. No big deal. "Mind, in his case," meaning Knox, "he's still a marine, so frak him."

The story of Shepperd’s death was something she'd not known about, though. just that he found the body. She goes very still while she listens. The point of thousands of fleet personnel, though, has both hands move to her lips. "They're at P?" the girl whispers. Part of her I worried. Other parts concern. A lot of awe. "Toby, how many fleet people have died at Piraeus? Not thousands. They came from somewhere.. whose to say the ghosts or others can't leave? Or be anywhere?" Its a little concerning in some ways. Like Santa knowing all your crimes until you realize he's a farce. But this is the reverse. The point of the Lines turning does make sense to her, though. She looks down and considers it. "I'm still worried about them, but I think that's cuz I don't know any." She looks back at him. "By the by… Our little late nights are partially legal now. I'm doing Liaison Officer Quals. It means I'm an E1 most of the day." She waggles her brows at him. "I know you hate Marines. …I could wear my CMC uniform?"

"I think," Toby replies cautiously, and putting a lot of stress on that second word, "I think they're the ones who died because of him. That was the impression I got anyway, from the ships we didn't find until it was too late." Not a cheerful though, but there you go. "I think there’s some connection in death. She said the dead of Tauron were starting to find their rest after all, so how would she know that if there wasn't some link. I don't know what, or how, or why. It hurts my brain to even start trying to fathom it out, but there must be." Any further thoughts along those lines are cut off when she says they might not be breaking the rules anymore. There's curiosity in his face before it clouds a little as she explains why. "Why can't you just wear your own uniform?" he asks, looking markedly less comfortable now than he had been, "I mean, you're still air wing right? Just working with them? So why do they need to get their claws in you like that?" The comment about wearing the uniform gets a frown though, however much it was likely meant in jest, his reaction is not.

Kelsey listens patiently again while Toby puzzles all of it out. There's so much that has happened… But what he does seems to hit her with some comfort. "Oh thank the Gods," she sighs quickly. "Knowing we'll all be together is- that takes a huge weight off. Or at least connected somehow. I really miss m'mum and dad. I'd give anything to see them again." To seek their approval for what she's done with her life. "M'dad hated war." Something that probably weighs heavily. "Mum helped me enlist, not him." The last has her eyes flatten at him. "Oh Lords, Toby, its just a joke. There's a lot of reasons I have to wear their uniform. I have to get deployed with them a couple times. I'm not a Marine. Hell, I'm still waiting for the Wing to find out their mistake and kick me back to Deck." She pulls her bucket closer and grins up at him. "C'mon. It was funny. You can laaaaaugh," she teases, leaning side to side.

Toby doesn't mention his own families opinions on such things, infact, he doesn't reply to anything she said along those lines, it almost like that part of the conversation never happened. Instead he just considers what she says about the marines in silence, looking unhappy at the entire concept. "Some jokes aren't funny," is his initial reply, then, with a bit more feeling, although certainly not as far along as pleading, "just promise me one thing would you? Promise me you won't become like them, won't start thinking like them, acting like them. I know it might seem funny, or weird, or whathave you, but please, promise me."

Alright. Sometime it just isn't funny. She's probably missing or forgotten something about him. The girl relents, though. His request certainly holds her attention and heart, though. She reaches out to take his hand and kisses his knuckles. Hold it to her cheek, she smiles at him. "Nothing's more important than being the person I'd had to frak up this badly to be. Its brought me amazing things. I don't want to be a Marine, Tobes. Just a better pilot." She kisses his palm again and lets it go.

Toby doesn't resist as she takes his hand, but he's certainly still off-kilter a little. As she holds his hand too her face he leans in, just a fraction, not much, but enough to be noticeable. "Thank you," he replies simply, then once his hand is free, he moves back again. He's still not back on completely level pegging, but it's better. Figuring he still needs some time to process that though he tilts his head towards the partially disassembled ejector seat behind him. "I.. I should get back to work, or they'll wonder what kept me."

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