AWD #329: There Is No Hatch
There Is No Hatch
Summary: The initial examination of the captured raider prove.. interesting.
Date: 17/05/2016
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Hangar Bay - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Each hangar deck is divided into five one-hundred yard sections, each divided from the others by massive blast doors that close vertically from the floor and overhead. Each hangar section houses all of the Vipers, Raptors, and Predators that the wing operates as well as the vital work areas to support and maintain these fighting platforms. Each bay is large enough to accommodate one of these frames and still get heavy work done, though the fore- and aft-most sections are dedicated to overhauls and major work to be done. The bays along the center section are located across from launch tubes and elevators in order to provide scramble and Alert-Five capabilities. The second-to-aft bay provides major elevator and transport access to the starboard bay as well as the major manufacturing facility. Due to the nature of the work, the hangar decks are major hubs of activity at all hours of the day and all but four hours overnight.
AWD #329

Having found himself with some free time towards the end of his shift, Toby figured he'd make a start at the report on the suport systems of the captured raider for Dio. Said raider can be found in a sectioned off area of the port hanger deck and anyone observing the tech as he set to would have noticed him enter, spend a short while behind the screens, heard him swear inventively in tauran, then reappear and head for a deck phone. One call to engineering, one to medical, then a quick report flashed off to the said PO and Intel later and he's back at the enterance to the secured bay, being very careful not to pace as he waits for the personnel he just asked to attend.

When the call to medical comes through Cassandra is the lucky person that gets sent down to the hangar to see what is needed. Even though it wasn't put through as an emergency she makes her way there within a pretty short time period.

Anything related to the Raider is going to cross Skyler's figurative desk. The Map Table, likely, which means the Major will see it as well. One of the handful of projects handed over to the newest member of the Fleet Intel team. To be patently honest, she'd almost forgotten about it even after seeing the report that it had been retrieved. Mostly due to planning for a trip down to investigate something on Piraeus. Still, news is news, even if it's bad and Toby is good at nothing if not writing some… creative memos. While Medical is nearing the time they'll release the jig to just the brace and no more cane, that time has no come yet. It just means that even once Skyler has entered the hangar, it still takes a couple minutes for her to make her way over with clipboard tucked under one arm and the other occupied by the aforementioned cane.

Elias did in fact see the note, though he must have taken some round-about way down to the hangar bay, as he arrives somewhat after the slow-moving Skyler. Toby at least might notice a difference in the Major's appearance, as his fresh and pressed appearance from two days ago is gone, replaced with his more typical rumpled uniform and cigarette-smoke sheen. And while he smokes just about everywhere on the ship with a certain amount of impunity, Deck is not one of those places. Perhaps that plays some part in the tense and hurried set to his shoulders as Elias moves over towards the Raider project, and those gathering there.

You know what's interesting? Cussing. It tends to draw a crowd like flies to rotten fruit. Maybe that's why Dell, fresh off a CAP, has started to buzz in that direction with her post flight checklist. Is there any reason that she and her clipboard have migrated near the secured bunker and away from the Bird she's supposed to be reviewing.

Toby had been hoping for a representative from engineering, and his fellow deckie to get here so he only had to do the explaination once, but given he has both Int officers and a doc he figures he's best to start, and if needs be, catch the others up later. He knows Skyler and ELias well enough to need no introductions, but does offer Cassandra a quick catch up on the background. "Doc, just so you know, back there," he points over his shoulder, "is a neutralised cylon raider. I know that's not usually your department's concern, but I'll get to that I promise." Then, to Skyler, "I started the survey of the support systems like I promised, and.. well, you should probably form your own opinions." That said he moves back through the screen, which is effectively tarps hung across a bay, and gestures for them to follow, not yet having noticed that Dell has tagged along too. Once though he leaves them to stare, or whatever they decide to do, and heads over to the crack he's made in the armour plating and starts to open it up for them.

Cassandra nods to Toby when he explains, at least partially, what's going on. She glances past him in the direction that is indicated, then she glances towards Skyler and Elias, giving them both a nod in greeting before turning to listen to what's being said.

There's a tilt of her head in a nod to Elias once Skyler notices that he's shown up as well. "Sir." When Shackleton speaks of forming her own opinions, the jig arches a brow and glances sidelong to the Major. She does follow suit, yes, but her eyes are mostly for the Raider. Few of them have had the chance to see one up close without being distracted by the 'deadly' aspect of it. Thus, Almaeda is looking it over even as she follows (albeit slowly) Toby to the crack in the armored plating. Yes, time for a looksee.

Elias chooses to wait, perhaps a tad impatiently, while Crewman Shackleton prepares to unveil his find. There's a glance toward the others, and a nod for the doctor and the pilot, before the young Major turns to Skyler. "Any idea what we're supposed to see here, Lieutenant?" Could he be reconsidering the need for both of them to be present? Likely yes.

As the group disappears behind the tarp, Dell gives a casual glance in but then returns her eyes to her clipboard and makes further notations on the hexagonal paper. It's a secured bay. Secured means clearance is needed. Clearance that the pilot hasn't been given. However there's no breaking regs by loitering just outside to accidentally eavesdrop.

"Apologies for the rather crude method of entry," Toby notes as he hears the click of Skyler's cane approaching, "but there's no frakking hatch." That should mean something to the ex-pilot, but he says nothing more until the panel is removed and set to one side revealing the raiders innards. And innards is an apt description, for what is revealed is a thick membrane that sits above what appears to be some form of organic nervous system. Brains, blood pumped by hydrolics, the works. No space for a pilot. Glancing across to Cassandra he asks, "in your opinion doc, would you say that this ship was alive? I mean, before it was killed. There's no space for a pilot, and that looks remarkably biomechanical to me."

The big reveal causes even Cassandra's usually calm demeanor to crack a little, her brows shooting upwards before she moves a little closer, "Well…" She replies slowly, taking a second to really consider her response before she nods, "As far as a cursory inspection goes…it does, in fact, appear as though it was alive."

"I've seen the same memos you have, sir," Skyler replies to Elias, one shoulder lifting in an 'I dunno' shrug. "Whatever it is, the Crewman thought it important enough to summon us both." When Toby apologizes, he looks to him and there's an arch of both brow. "No hatch? Are you certain there's not simply a hidden panel somewhere?" Someone is incredulous. No hatch? On a plane?! When she gets around and sees what's been revealed… The woman just stares. She does try to lean in and touch a bit of it. Just an edge of the membrane. As if not quite certain what her eyes are seeing. "Major? I don't recall any intel that hinted at something like his."

"We shall see," Elias says in response to Skyler. He decides to remain, since it looks like things will be proceeding quickly, though he doesn't crowd in. Which means the young Major has to crane his neck to try and get a good look at what Toby reveals. The sight produces a vaguely unsettled and disgusted expression that flickers across Elias' face, banished as he tightens his jaw and frowns. It's only after Cassandra has offered her professional opinion that he answers the question from Skyler. "No. It's hard to imagine that no one else has examined one yet, but nothing like this has been reported. I assumed they were robotic." Which was clearly incorrect, or at least mostly so. "The question is, how does this help us kill them."

Toby steps back to let anyone who wants to have a look, although anyone staying to long will start to be assaulted by the smell. Picking up the panel so he can replace it once everyone is satisfied he keeps quiet as the initial speculations begin, then offers to Elias' query, "might give us a lead on that cylon detector that was being looked into a while back. There's a whole load of bio materal here that I don't think anyone is going to have any quarms if medical dissect." Not that he personnally would have minded a skinjob being dissected, but that's an argument for another time. "As for figuring out how it works as a ship, I reckon we're going to need to work with medical, maybe engineering as well, but I'm sure PO Alexios will have his own ideas."

"We'll be more than happy to uh…nec…au…" Cassandra trails off for a moment, then goes with, "Disect the biological material. We'll just have to have it transported to medical where we'll have the tools we'd need for this."

Once there's a bit more space to take a look, Skyler does lift her cane to push at some of the material. Mostly to try to get a deeper look inside. Disgusted, yes. Between the looks of it and the smell, well. But curiosity over all of that. Upon finally stepping back for some fresher air, the Lieutenant leans on the cane. It'll need to be wiped off, but that can wait. "My first instinct is something alien. Perhaps on one of those worlds past the Red Line. But… if the Cylons have a way to craft humans," skinjobs, yooooooo. "Maybe they can make… other creatures, too?" She sounds increasingly skeptical even as she says it. Sort of a 'I can't believe I'm saying this.' But then the doc speaks up and the woman looks from medical personnel to the Raider. "Deck can work some miracles, but fitting an entire Raider in medical might not be one of them."

The smell reaches Elias eventually as well, and this does not make the experience any more pleasant. "It's well outside my area of expertise," is his only conclusion, delivered without further speculation. "Doctor," he addresses Cassandra, with Toby included by implication if not name, "I'll leave the decision on how to … extract the specimen to you and the Deck crew." And that seems to be the extent of his immediate involvement, as Elias then turns to Skyler. "Looks like an interesting project, Lieutenant. Let me know how things progress."

"Granted…but there's not much that can be done here under sterile conditions, and while I'm clearly not worried about infection…I don't want any testing to be compromised. I think that we can just take sections of the material, honestly." Cassandra replies, frowning a bit thoughtfully, "We'll do what we can here, of course. I just.." She pauses, pondering a moment, "We can do what we can here, of course. We'll worry about anything else after, unless Doctor Kostopoulos says differently."

"I'm way out of my depth here," Toby replies to Cassandra, "my expertise at life support is all external. Samples of the stuff near the top should be easy enough to maintain, we can even crack open another section if you're worried we might have contaminated this bit. I'll deal with the PO in charge if you deal with Dr Kostopoulos, I'm sure we can work something out between us on how to proceed."

There's a light roll of eyes to the ceiling as Elias 'officially' hands it off to Skyler. It's not that she wasn't expecting it. The expression is more of a 'typical' response. The woman leans a bit on the cane, squinting into the thing again. "Its weapon. Does it appear biological in any way as well? Is it like… one of us holding a gun or is it more a part of the whole?" She sighs in the wake of the query, lifting a hand to rub at the slowly-regrowing section of hair on the right side of her head. "Frak, I doubt that even makes sense."

"I wouldn't say that I'm worried, so much as…overly cautious." Cassandra replies, her hands tucking into the pockets of her lab coat, "I'd like to take samples of what is exposed already, and then something deeper as well. Are you going to be dismantling the structure?" She glances over at Skyler, "No, it makes sense. I'm curious if the weapon is an extension or a separate part. In fact…how much of this is connected tissue or how much is one…piece with many parts. I'm not sure if that makes sense…"

With no one actively poking at the innards, Toby reattaches the plate, which, when you think of it, is basically a chunk of skull. "I'll add that to the list of questions Lieutenant," he replies as he works, "I didn't get anything like far enough to check that sort of thing. Just made sure it was very dead then called in the cavalry." Or Cassandra, as she's also known. "What I saw, looked like one.. I want to say organism? And yes, we will be dismantling it, well, Alexios will, that's his expertise, but I expect we'll want some people from medical to be here while we do."

The intel officer just shakes her head. She doesn't even stop to put notes on her 'board. Nope, this will take some further processing before she knows how to word it. Skyler draws a breath, looking up and over the side of the Raider to stand on. Know thy enemy. Hard, when it's so terribly foreign. She sucks at her teeth a moment before looking down to Toby and Cassandra both. "When you begin working on it, let me know. I would like to come watch if I am available." Otherwise, she seems about set to depart.

"I'll make sure that there will be someone from medical here when you start taking it apart. I might just have some medtech's take samples and transport them to medical…" Cassandra replies, thinking, "Or I'll take them myself. Someone, though, will be here with Alexios when they begin to dismantle it."

Toby nods once to Skyler as she requests to be informed, "I'll let Alexios know. If you could though Lieutenant, it might not be the worst idea to have an MP stationed here, keep out prying eyes?" Not something he can easily order, but she can. Then, another nod to Cassandra before he notes, "not much we can do until then," and starts to make for the tarp himself.

"That should be something we can arrange, Crewman." There's a nod for Cassandra as well before Skyler strikes off. Likely to try to decide how to proceed.

"I'll make sure that Dr. Kostopoulos is informed." Cassandra assures Toby, giving him a nod before she turns around and starts making an exit as well.

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